Hugh Grant Welcomes Son Felix Chang

02/16/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Hugh Grant Welcomes His Second Child, A Boy
Gareth Gay/Landov

A little over a year after welcoming daughter Tabitha in 2011, Hugh Grant, 52, is taking another stab at fatherhood.

The actor recently took to Twitter to announce that he and Tinglan Hong, 33, have added another baby — a son! — to their brood.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, their baby boy is reportedly named Felix Chang.

“In answer to some journos. Am thrilled my daughter now has a brother,” Grant Tweeted Saturday. “Adore them both to an uncool degree. They have a fab mum.”

Never shy of being a tad cheeky, the Love Actually star added: “And to be crystal clear. I am the Daddy.”

Becoming a father may have come as a bit of a surprise for the actor, but he’s quickly adjusted to daddy duty.

“Now that I have [a child], it is life changing,” he shared during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I recommend it. Get some.”

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Jen on

Wow one of each, good for him and her. They’re really good at keeping pregnancies a secret. But then again, it’s their business and no one else’s.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Can’t wait to hear his name.

Anonymous on

The name is in the article

who cares on

How about you read the entire article?

bj on

Lovr your acting. Congratulations on having two children and am so glad your life is full of nothing but smiles and gladness.

Tara on

I know he has a reputation as a ladies man, but he has always been a favorite. So happy for him!!!

gyl on

Nice to see that fatherhood agrees with him and he added another little one. I still wish he had stayed with Liz Hurley, but good that he is having his kids. He is not exactly a spring chicken.

ves on

Wish him the best … wish marriage would have come first though!

Children really do improve your life!

Marky on

I think Hugh Grant must be a very “fun” dad, who enjoys his children to the max. He is a very “tongue-in-cheek” kind of person who has a great sense of humor, and that seems so important when raising children…and Brits (by and large) are somewhat good at realizing what’s important in raising their children to be the best they can be. My Brit DIL is about the best mom I’ve ever known. Good luck with your precious family, Mr. Grant! Can’t wait to hear the name!

lisaisalefty on

Cheeky Brit. I bet he has a lot of fun with his kids. Congrats to the happy family.

Cooper on

His name is Felix Chung, read it somewhere else.

Amanda S. on

Wow. Did not see that coming. Congrats to them!

JR on

What? When his daughter was born, he’d told the press that his relationship with the mother was “a fleeting affair.” And made it clear they were not together any more. Classy. So she decided to have another child with this jerk? Wow.

Eva on

To klutzy_girl: Read again…his name is in the story.

Eva on

How many read the story and don’t read it? The child is named!

Sharon on

Because they updated it, that’s why…..

klutzy_girl on

Ooh, if the update is right, I love that name! Felix is one of my favorites, so yay!

JR – Why is he a jerk if it was the truth? It was most likely a one night stand that turned into something more, which rarely happens. I think it’s great they’ve managed to make this work.

Anonymous on

Congrats. As for the baby’s name, everyone should actually read the article!!!!!!!!heading and all.

ME on

Um calm down. The editor added the name AFTER. At first the childs name was NOT posted in the story so take a chill pill and let others off the hook. Geesh!

K on

Lol..what are, 80? What does a piece of paper have to do with parenthood? Why would he marry her, so she can take all his money and sue for millions in child support? Get out of the dark ages. Marriage is usually not lasting and every married couple I know have already cheated. Marriage doesn’t matter anymore and it doesn’t work!!

Jess on


K on

Because they wanted to build their careers and sleep with everyone they could! Duh!!

Anonymous on

I don’t like him as a person, but enjoy his talent. Hopefully fatherhoon will make him a better person….

Erin on


tina on

hope the mom plans on spending most of the time raising these children alone…lover boy has WAY to much seed to waste on one woman.

I’m happy for her – but I’m sure she could’ve done better than this pig. he so full of himself.

tina on

omg! I though he was older that 52! lol!!!

Sandra on

I believe most people of sound mind have children when they believe that they are financial, mentally and physically ready to deal with them. Having them at a young age makes you no better a parent than someone that has them at a later age.

g2-2be86066a2ab48995494a5815a60fa86 on

Aww, would ove to see baby Felix! Meanwhile, his co-star from Love Actually, Martine McCutcheon, has been going through hard times lately and I’d love to see an article on that in People.

Mabby on

It always concerns me when men over 50 keep fathering babies. (Not too great an idea for women in their late 40s doing so, either.) I see there seems to be no news of the couple getting married. Of course that’s their business, but especially when the dad is old – I hope he has sound future financial plans in place for these kids.

judy on

wow. How wonderful for them. but are they even a couple? I thought they only had a brief affair the first time around and never reunited.

smiller on

Sorry but I still feel that if people are going to bring kids into this world they should be a lil more dedicated to the process besides “bumping uglies”, it takes a lot more than the physical aspect , he said after his daughter was born that him and the mom didn’t have a relationship per say, so why did they have another child…seems to me something had to be having a relationship, guess it was just the groin areas? it would be nice if people did go back to the “stone ages” and make a commitment before bringing kids into the mess or use better birth control, and have some moral fortitude for a change.

dsfg on

His relationship with the mother has nothing to do with being a good father. It sounds like they have some kind of arrangement. Perhaps they were never really in a relationship and did this with IVF. Two parents who get along but aren’t romantically involved are better than two parents who marry, fall out of love, divorce each other and fight each other all the time.

Jay on

When this article was first posted they didn’t include the baby’s name. They just updated it. So wow, all of you commenting about “reading the article” should feel SO brilliant. (sarcasm of course!) 🙂

Sam on

His name is Felix Chang, not Chung. ******** His name wasn’t included in the earlier story here. The story has been updated to now include his name.**********

Anonymous on

I hope his kids never find out about that prostitute from years back.

Marky on

Okay, everyone; when the article first came out there was no name listed, but several hours later, the name was announced. Hugh has said he regrets having made the comment that they had a “fleeting affair”, though it was true, because he didn’t want a negative reflection on the mother of his child(ren). They have a cordial relationship and have decided to have another child, which he supports financially and physically. That’s more than many guys do who were married to the mother of their child. For that matter, it’s more than many women do after their child is born. There is a marvelous young man who married into our family and his mother left when he was in grade school and no one even knows where she went. His father left when he was in high school, and he was on his own except for a friend’s family.

I would have loved for my GSs father to have even acknowledged him, let alone spent time with him, ever! Some of you need to look up and recognize that at least Hugh Grant spends time, and supports his children, talks about them, and honors their mother, instead of calling her names. Being honest about the type relationship they have isn’t terrible, it’s honest!

Anonymous on

K- Marriage doesn’t work? Trying telling that to my parents, who have been (very happily!) married for close to four decades, or to the many other couples I know who have been happily married for several decades!

It DOES work if you’re actually committed to making it work (most of the time, anyway. There ARE couples that realize in the end that they just aren’t meant to be married)!

Sandra- Not everyone is fortunate enough to meet the “right” person for them to have kids with whe they’re younger. And there’s also this little thing called infertility. There are many legitimite reasons why the celebs you mentioned and others had/are having kids later in life!

Also, how do you know they’re “too old” to enjoy them, or that they will be “too old” to do much with them when they get older? Just because someone’s older doesn’t mean they can’t be active or enjoy many of the same things a younger person (look at Dick Van Dyke, Steve Martin- who incidentally just welcomed his first child- and Betty White, for example. Age doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for any of them, and they all seem to have more energy than a lot of people half their ages!).

Eva- Chill out! PEOPLE probably hadn’t posted the baby’s name yet when klutzy_girl made her comment. They don’t always have all the information when they make the initial post, so they update later when they do (and when that update comes later the same day the post went up, as it did in this case, they don’t tend to mark it as such).

klutzy_girl- I agree with you completely regarding JR. Obviously they got back together…which many couples do after breaking up! I fail to see what’s wrong with that, provided that the reason for the first break-up wasn’t something like abuse, which it doesn’t seem to have been.

Anyway, congrats to Hugh!

Sharon on

Amen on your marriage comment!! My grandparents were married 56 yrs when my grandfather passed away, my parents are married almost 39. I am married going on 7 and love my husband more everyday. Marriage DOES work, but you have to be committed and work at it, as with everything.

Anonymous on

PEOPLE, why isn’t Tabitha’s middle name, Jīng Xǐ, listed (Hugh mentioned it on the Ellen DeGenres show once, and you even did an article about the interview)?

Terry on

Grrr he had a casual relationship with her but after the DNA tests of his daughter he must have rekindled it. The mothers dating life while she was seeing him was all over the news. Opportunistic? maybe I enjoyed his fluff movies but he is not a brilliant actor. He is in his 50’s and still his conduct smacks of insincerity and recklessness. So why not go have more babies what else is left for him? At least he can afford them.

lovely123 on

K – “What does a piece of paper have to do with parenthood”, it means commitment. You have a “piece of paper” for EVERYTHING important in your life – a car, a home, birth, why not to the person you have a child with? That “piece of paper” is VERY valuable to people that can’t have it. I love when adults justify their decisions and think their selfishness won’t effect their child. This should be called bad parenting.

Cara on

He does have that very British tongue-in-cheek dry wit and I really used to like him.

I can’t stand him though since he started whining about his privacy etc. and then goes on to talk shows and discuses his …. private life… Ugh, twat.

That being said, it just does go to show that if celebrities want to keep their kids out of the papers, they absolutely can do it, so good on him and the Mom for managing to do that.

Millie on

I see the marriage police is out of the underworld again! Congrats to Hugh!

merry on

@K, I’m with you. I am for marriage, but how does a piece of paper make a better parent?

Hea on

Married parents are not neccessarily good parents. It is definately not a must. The only reason my parents married when I was 5 was because of a legal change in the system in our country. They are still happy together after 30 years and have always been the best of parents to me and the fact that they are legally married never did change anything between them or so they say.

Melody on

So HE’S the jerk because they had a “fleeting affair”? Last time I checked, an affair involved two consenting parties.

Also, marriage might be a prerequisite for parenthood for some of you, but guess what – your personal choices are exactly that! Why on earth should you ‘tut tut’ somebody for making their own adult choice?

Marriage is actually irrelevant to parenthood. You can have two amazing unmarried parents and two terrible married ones!

I like Hugh Grant. He’s refreshingly honest and quite funny. Congratulations!

Anonymous on

Congrats to him and his family, lovely news for them.

And to all of those people complaining that he isn’t married, let me just clear something up. Luckily he and his kids live in Britain where no one bats an eyelid if two parents aren’t married. We are not as conservative and 19th century and are just a little bit more modern. We realise that good parenting comes from how you behave not from a piece of paper describing you as someone’s husband or wife.

it may be shocking in some parts of the world but people are here are just a little bit more open minded and not so uptight, they don’t feel the need to stick their nose into other people’s business and tell them how to live. so just butt out, and accept that not every single person on the planet has to subscribe to your backwards belief system.

suzy diamond on

Why doesn’t he take a stab at MARRIAGE! Two kids and still can’t commit! The woman is a dope!

Pots and kettles on

Why do I have the feeling the people saying marriage doesn’t mean anything come from broken families and aren’t in the most stable relationships themselves? Not judging, just feel sorry for people to have zero hope in forever.

pep on

He was such a loser for so long .. Its so nice to see he is a good dad .. and that he is happy .. I really do think he is a great actor Congrats !!

LM on

Pots and kettles – I have to disagree. I’m not a big marriage advocate (don’t care if I ever get married and dont’ think it’s a requirement for raising a baby). However, I come from a family of “successful” marriages. My parents have been married for over 40 years and both of my siblings have been married for 15+. I think in today’s society, it isn’t necessary for women to get married. So the ones who do, do it because they really want to and the ones that don’t are still very happy. I really like living in a time where marriage is a choice, not a prerequisite for a happy life.

lovely123 on

Just rile things up a bit…If those of you that think marriage is no “big deal”, and is a CHOICE do you feel the same way for a woman to have a CHOICE?

FussyMadam on

What a notorious elitist and arrogant jerk! Wow can stand this guy? Don’t you even read his comments? VERY full of himself.

Tiffany on

Bridget Jones movie please!!!

Gia on

Congrats to Hugh. He seems like he has come a long way on his path to fatherhood. Mind you this is the man that said he liked his infant daughter “okay”. From okay to “I adore them to an uncool degree” and recommending parenthood. It was pretty obvious that his first child was an adjustment for him. But now he seems to enjoy being a dad so much that he wanted to have another!

Plus I give him kudos for shouting out the “fab mum” like that. I know married man that don’t do that.

And honestly it doesn’t bother me one bit that they are not married. They seem to be on good terms with each other (enough to make another baby) and are actively co-raising their kids. I think a marriage should be about love and it was pretty clear that he didn’t feel that way about her (their fleeting affair”) but he does care and respect her as the mother of his children. I much prefer this arrangement, than the couple that have kids together, call either fiance/e but has been “engaged” for 3+ years.

kiddipunk on

Congratulations Hugh Grant!

Being married to the mother/father of your children doesn’t make a scrap of difference to your ability to parent your child. Those who think so need to take a hard look at the world around them.

So you are married when Junior comes along? It won’t stop you from separating or divorcing down the track. A child doesn’t automatically make a marriage work – and in many cases are the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Ignorant people who think that marriage equals children, and vice versa, please think about the rubbish your dribbling before you click post

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Hugh and Tinglan! I’m sure the baby is gorgeous. After all, both parents sure aren’t ugly. One of my favorite movies is Love Actually. He is great in it. As for his age, so what? A lot of men are better fathers when they are older. My husband was 53 when our youngest was born. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Hea on

lovely123 – If by “a woman to have a choice” you mean the right to have an abortion then yes, absolutely.

Melody on

kiddipunk – Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Pots and kettles – Maybe realise your assumptions are also irrelevant. I came from a broken family unit. My parents divorced when I was nine and my mother remarried an abusive man. Their marriage ended after 5 years. I however married my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together exactly ten years now, and married for four. Our relationship and marriage is incredibly strong (not in a delusional, happy-pixies way) but strong in the sense that we have dealt with innumerable personal and relationship challenges and come out stronger and closer.

I don’t think that my ability to be a good mother, or my husband’s ability to be a good parent, would have been at all affected by our marriage, or lack thereof. Marriage, essentially, is about the man and wife – not the child. It’s also about the individuals involved. Marriage simply does not guarantee good parenting. You can have a watertight relationship without marriage and a shaky one with it, or vice versa.

Nobody here is saying marriage isn’t important. They are simply saying it is a CHOICE. And that it is irrelevant to parenthood.

And, to the poster asking about women’s choices, YES. I am for choices. Choice to marry, choice to procreate, choice to abort. It is not my place to suggest what another should or shouldn’t do with their lives.