See Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Daughter Blue Ivy

02/16/2013 at 11:30 AM ET

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Photo HBO Documentary
Courtesy HBO

Daddy’s little girl, indeed!

Following her big debut at 4 weeks old and loads of adorable sneak peeks from her parents, we’re finally getting a good look at Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

new photo — apparently leaked from the songstress’s upcoming HBO documentary — shows the proud mama holding up her little girl, who bears a striking resemblance to her famous papa.

“When I wake up in the morning, the best thing in the world is seeing her face,” the pop star said earlier this month.

“She’s starting to talk. It’s just such a beautiful time in my life to have a child and every day see something new and see her learn something new.”

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rose on

Her baby has such a pretty hair color

Megan on

Super cute. She’s the perfect blend of the two of them!

Alaina on

She looks just like her dad! What a cutie pie!

I can’t wait to see her documentary. I hear it has a visit to her OB while she was pregnant & we get to see an ultrasound for all you ridiculous ppl who said she didn’t give birth. I mean, would you want someone to say you faked your pregnancy?!

& the person who leaked this picture, however, should be ashamed of themselves. Is it really worth it?

But I do believe we should get to see her more often, maybe a website like Mariah & Nick’s twins?

pep on

a real cutie !!

Maddie on


loren on

The baby is adorable looks like Beyonce (to me) and I can see Tina Knowles in her pretty face too. I am glad to see her. I am a grandma and the wrapped up pics were annoying since basically I come on this site to see the children and babies 🙂

Elisa on

even though she looks just like her father, she’s such a cute baby!!

Melissa on

What a cutie!! She’s a good mix of both of them. No denying who her parents are.

merry on

Wow, it’s amazing how much she resembles Jay-Z.

Karateleshi80 on

Looks just like Daddy!

Isabel on

She’s her dad’s clone.

Marky on

She looks so much like her daddy, but look at her eyes….just like Beyonce’s. Love her curls!

julianna on

My favorite celeb baby! Blue is a cutie!

Tam on

I had a feeling Blue would inherit her daddy’s lips! Beautiful baby!

Faye on

Aww!! ….this little punk in is too cute, she looks like both of them , what a cute little peanut!!

Anonymous on

Alaina- Glad to hear about the OB visit being included in the documentary and that I’m not the only one who’s sick and tired of the “she faked her pregnancy!” crap! Geesh, people (the general “people”, not the magazine!), let it go already!

Anyway, Blue is a cutie! 🙂

Cara on

She looks exactly like her Dad.

A. on

Ehh, I’ve seen MUCH cuter.

Paula on

Adorable..looks just like the both of them, as it should be.

J on

Alaina how can you scold the person who leaked the photo and then in the same comment say that they SHOULD post more photos of the baby. Get over yourself…

Lisa on

When I first looked I said WOW Blue Ivy is all Jay-Z but her coloring is very similar to Beyonce’s. Very cute baby I actually think she looks a little like Stella (Ellen Pompeo’s daughter)

Niko on

Umm yeah, this effectively puts to rest ALL those surrogacy speculations once and fot all. Baby looks just like Jay-Z. I see a little Beyonce too, but there’s no arguing who Blue Ivy’s daddy is…

Niko on

Blue Ivy is quite cute, IMO. She shares features of her parents equally: Jay-Z’s eyes, ears and lips…Beyonce’s eyebrows, nose, oval face and skin tone.

MollyF on

OMG, Blue is a cutie. 🙂

Anonymous on

She’s a much cuter version of Jay-Z.

Lola on

Such a cutie pie, perfect blend of mama & daddy! I love Beyonce even more after the documentary, it was awesome!

Anonymous on

Niko- Actually, in most surrogacy cases, the baby is the biological child of the intended parents, so while I don’t believe for a minute that anyone but Beyonce carried Blue, the baby’s looks don’t prove anything one way or the other.

DaisyDuke67 on

She’s cute! She looks like her daddy.

Reesca on

For such a stuck-up “power couple”, that is one ugly kid.

Ayla on

Cute? Are you serious? I mean, she’s cute in terms of ‘she’s a baby, babies are cute’, but that’s not a beautiful child at all. If she wasn’t Beyonce’s kid, half of you would be calling this baby ordinary, normal or even ugly.

Cacao on

I agree!!! 100%

Bella on

I agree with Lea. She is cute in the terms of “all babies are cute” but not a beautiful child by all means. If her parents were not Jay Z and Beyonce everyone would be saying what an ugly baby.

Cindy on

Why does anyone feel the need to comment negatively on the baby’s looks? Appearance-obsessed much? Feel free to move along if you’re a stupid asshole with nothing constructive to say.

J on

You too, Cindy…

Anonymous on

Bella- No, not everyone would be saying she was an ugly baby if she wasn’t Beyonce and Jay’s kid. I would still be saying she looks adorable…because she does! 🙂

And for the record, even if I DID think she looked ugly, I wouldn’t say so in public (including on Internet message boards). There are some things you just don’t say, especially about an innocent baby!

Ayla on

@Cindy – well, why would anyone feel the need on commenting positively in this baby’s looks? Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you have no right to insult those whose opinion you don’t agree with. I guess honesty is only appreciated if it means sharing your POV, right?

Brea on

Blue is a beautiful baby with a great life ahead of her, she didn’t inherit any of those pesky “CAMEL” genes as far as I can see.. smh some people are just on a mission to hate on her mom … smh WHYYYYYYYY? *in Nancy Kerrigan voice*

Anonymous on

Ayla- I’m sorry, but Cindy is right. There are some things that you just don’t do, and insulting an innocent BABY’S looks is one of them! Remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

Ayla on

Hey Anon, not insulting. I just don’t think the baby is cute, how is that an insult? Cindy, on the other hand, thinks that it’s appropriate to call “stupid assholes” to those who don’t agree with her. Why don’t you give her your friendly little reminder about being nice? Oh, right, because she does agree with you!

M3 on

Blue Ivy is a Gorgeous baby girl regardless of who her parents are. She looks just like Beyonce with undeniable touches (beautiful full lips some adults pay for) of Jay Z – definitely a beautiful blend of a beautiful couple.