Sara Rue Welcomes Daughter Talulah

02/15/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Sara Rue Gives Birth
Giulio Marcocchi/Startraks

Life is pretty perfect for Sara Rue — she’s a mom!

The Less Than Perfect actress, 34, and her husband Kevin Price welcomed their first child, daughter Talulah Rue Price, on Saturday, Feb. 9, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Both mother and baby are doing well and the family is ecstatic to be cozied up together,” says the rep.

On Friday, the proud new mama took to Twitter to share her baby bliss.

“Had the best Valentines Day w/ my husband & our new baby daughter Talulah!” she Tweeted. “She was born a few days ago & we couldn’t be more in love w/ her.”

The Malibu Country star — whose due date was Feb. 8 — skipped the official pregnancy announcement and instead let her baby belly do the talking when she debuted her bump in a black wrap dress while walking the red carpet in September.

— Anya Leon

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Names4Real on

Love the name Talulah! Congrats!

Kaylin on

Such a sweet woman and Talulah is a sweet heart name! Best wishes to the happy family!!!!

amy123 on

that’s an overused name. i mean demi moore already has a daughter named that. and, wait a minute, she’s married?! whoa, that’s crazy! but congrats!

Kalalu on

So she can’t name her baby that just because someone else has that name. Lame. Her baby, her decision.

Tania43 on

I’m pretty sure Amy is more overused than Talulah.

Lexi on

And Amy/Aimee isn’t? Idiot is an overused word too, but it seems to fit you well.

Laver on

Yeah, cuz Amy is originAl

anne on


anne on

So happy for her

Lyoness on

LOVE the name!! It makes me think of the South and sweet tea. Congratulations!!

klutzy_girl on

I like the name. Congratulations to them!

WiddoMouse on

Talulah is an old fashioned name. Reminds me of Talulah Bankhead. So happy for Sara and Kevin. A healthy baby is all that any couple in love could want. I hope they enjoy every day of parenthood.

Rhonda on

Congratulations! Enjoy your baby girl.

Anonymous on

Problematic name. Already among the comments, various misspellings. And sheesh, it’s a variant on the name chosen by Demi and Bruce, eeek!

No one spells it the way this couple is spelling it.

Sarah has a beautiful face. Too bad about the plastic hair color!

Caral on


How is Talulah any more overused than the name Amy?

Tania43 on

Lol! I just said that. Hadnt seen this.

walk on

Where do these people come up with these names? Would you want to go thru life with some of these awful names?

Anonymous on

Dont care for the name at all but congrats to sara and her husband! Love her on Malibu Country!!

Romy on

not my favorite name, would not want to grow up with that one.

Denise on


Lisa on

I remember hearing the name Tallulah for the very first time 19 years ago when Bruce Willis and Demi Moore named their 3rd child that same exact name. I didn’t like then and I still don’t like it. With that being said, its really none of my business. Seeing as how its not my baby.

Onto a lighter note: I am over the moon happy for Sara Rue and Kevin. They are going to be amazing parents. God sent them an Angel from above down to earth for them to love. May both of your hearts overflow of endless and uncontional love. I wish you all the love and happiness your hearts and hands can hold. Babies are a blessing. Congrats!!!!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

guest on

Just love all the negativity…a child was born people…let’s just be happy for the couple that everyone is happy & healthy! It’s her child, she can name it what she wants! Not everyone is as perfect as you all are! & maybe she chose to spell it differently to be different! Backoff people…if you can’t say anything nice…don’t say nothing at all!

Anonymous on

So how do you all feel about her on Malibu Country ? I think she is tryin to hard to be Melissa Peterman and doesn’t have the chemistry with Reba that Melissa had right from the start on Reba.

kay pasa on

Hollywood people wait so late to start having children!

julianna on


Ashleigh on

You say the name Talulah is common? its really not as common as other names. Sara is the most common name in the world.

then you complain about mispelling the name. ive dealt with that since birth. my name is Ashleigh.. which can be spelt Ashley/Ashlee/Ashlie/Ashly/Ashllie/Ashlea and im sure theres more than that.

So lets just congratulate someone on the birth of their child rather than nit pick at every tiny detail about their child.. remember, its her child so she can name her daughter however she wants to, thats her choice. if Talulah doesnt like her name then what is it to you? she isnt gonna hate you for it is she? NO! so quit bitching and get off your high horses and calm down!

Marky on

I love Sara Rue on Malibu country! I think the chemistry with the whole cast is very good (Love Lily Tomlin!!!), and though I liked “Reba”, I think I like this show even better! Sara is more “natural” as an actress and not mugging it up all the time; she’s just funny and enjoyable. I’ve watched the show from the beginning, and the cast has really “settled in” to their roles.

Talulah is an old southern name, and while it isn’t terribly common, she won’t be the only kid in the country named that. Their child, their choice. They may have named her after a family member, for all any of us knows.

MommyBunny on

LOVE Sara Rue! 🙂 Yay, so lucky! Babies are the best…