Kara DioGuardi Introduces Son Greyson James

02/15/2013 at 08:30 AM ET

Kara DioGuardi Son Greyson James First Photo
Stephen J. Finfer

Home at last!

After welcoming son Greyson James Carroll on Jan. 31 via gestational surrogate, songwriter Kara DioGuardi and her husband Mike McCuddy are safely back at home with their little guy.

But their trip from the hospital to the nursery took a little longer than usual: The proud new parents and their baby boy drove from California, where Greyson was born, to their home in Maine.

“Can’t wait to see the Grand Canyon today. On our cross country drive back to the east with GM,” DioGuardi, 43, Tweeted on Feb. 7.

Less than a week later the new tight-knit trio, who opted to hit the road in a family-friendly ride, found themselves only hours away from their final destination.

“Made it to NY from California in four days. Gotta love a mini van,” she added. “I never thought I’d say love and minivan in the same sentence.”

— Marisa Laudadio

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Tracy on

Love this picture! They are obviously so in love with their new little boy! Congratulations to them!

bette on

Sweet, congrats to them!

Carrie M on

Beautiful boy (from what I can see!). Driving cross-country with a newborn doesn’t sound like fun but that’s her decision, not mine! If I had her cash, I’d be renting out a private jet! Unfortunately, I only can afford to ride with the baggage!! LOL!

Anyway, congrats to them !

Marcee on

Mazel Tov! What a beautiful son. Love his name.

Wow …. long way from home for sure Kara. Glad you made the trip safe and sound.

amy123 on

sweet picture.love the name carroll as his middle name.i would love to copy her.

bette on

Very sweet, congrats to them!

Alanna on

So precious ❤

Jood on

Congrats to Kara and Mike!

I feel sorry for people who are so bitter that they can not be happy for other people.

Tanya on

I agree with Mel, labor is a piece of cake comparing to actually taking care of a newborn. Both my labors were so easy I was ready to go home within hours post delivery. Don’t judge it’s unbecoming



fanofboardwalkempire on

what a beautiful photograph! congratulations to the new addition to the family- Just wonderful

Denise on

Congratulations, he is beautiful!!!!

Tina on

Awww, the baby.

boohoobytch on


rachel on

Congrats to the new family! Bill and Giuliana and Elizabeth Banks brought a little light to the gestational surrogate realm. Great that couples without children have an option.

Anonymous on

wow, traveling with a newborn, cant be easy.

Renee on

I guess you skip over the first paragraph of the article. The baby was born via surrogate. Just like Guiliana and Bill Rancics baby, so of course Kara doesn’t look worn out. I’m sure that all of the joys of motherhood including looking worn out at times have now caught up with her.

Jennifer on

awww! so sweet 🙂 many blessings

Quynh Phuong Tran on

Congrats to Kara and Mike on having theirs’s first baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday on

She is one old first time mom!! 43? Lots of people are grandparents by then

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who commented about her age)- It wasn’t her choice to wait this long to have a child. She has been very open about the fact that she and her husband had been having fertility issues for years.

Anyway, the baby is adorable! And of course she looks exhausted! She’s caring for a newborn!

Marky on

Holiday, do you ever post anything nice? My sister was an older first time mom, and her son grew up just fine! He married the girl he adored, is getting his Ph.D and is a published author and already considered an authority in his chosen field, and Duke University is considering offering him a professorship when he is through with his Ph.D. Older parents often have a great deal to offer, and a 53 y.o. grandparent is most likely a gp who is too immature to have been a terrific parent, let alone a terrific grandparent. I have experience; my mother was 43 when my first child was born when I was 24. I loved my mother, but I would have rather she had been more mature, more educated, and had been able to deal with the issues she had faced while growing up, before she had children herself at 19(she had married at 16). I certainly didn’t want to repeat the story in my own life, though my father (who was older) was an amazing parent.

martine on

Congrats to them. It’s been a long hard road to parenthood. God bless.

Jay on

Kudos to them for taking a newborn on a cross country road trip! I’m thinking couldn’t they have chartered a private jet??

julianna on

such a sweet picture!

Anonymous on

Jay- Actually, I would think flying would be harder on a newborn than riding in a car!

highlanderess on

What a beautiful baby. Blessings to all of them. Someone previously commented how “worn out” she looked? You need stronger glasses or something.

Hattie on

I agree with Carrie but congrats to the family.

Gorgeous Seexxee Mee on

Congrats to them on their beautiful, healthy baby boy! WIshing them the best! Whoever wrote this article- needs to do some research- unless it was a typo. She is not 43.

michael on

I don’t usually read these things but…………Thank you all for your beautiful and positive comments – Kara and I appreciate them – we are so happy and feel so blessed – Much love and many thanks to all that made this journey possible – especailly our surrogate (and her family) – there are no words to express our gratitude, you are an angel.XO

sherrie on

Such a gorgeous family. What a lucky little boy to have such adoring parents. Many many years of love and happiness to you all!

Angel on

Sincere Congratulations! “Good people deserve good things”.

They are young and vivacious parents who will love and adore this little baby boy forever. God Bless .

Anne Davis on

Kara is such a horrendous songwriter. I have no idea why she became famous for this. She was also horrible on American Idol.