Alec Baldwin: I’m Experiencing Pregnancy Pains

02/15/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Baldwin Pregnant Expecting Baby
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Dad-to-be Alec Baldwin certainly sympathizes with his expectant wife Hilaria Thomas Baldwin — he’s experiencing all the aches and pregnancy pains too!

“My boobs hurt. My boobs are killing me, so sore,” the actor, 54, jokes with Extra. “My jeans don’t fit. My pants, I can’t buckle them.”

But, according to Baldin, it’s Thomas Baldwin — due with the couple’s first child together late this summer — who has the crazy cravings.

“She was eating troughs of pineapple. I mean like tanker containers of pineapple,” he shares.

Quips Thomas Baldwin, “I didn’t eat pineapple before. It was bizarre. I really wanted pineapple.”

With the recent series finale of his award-winning show 30 Rock, Baldwin is excited to dive into daddy duty full time. “My dream is to be home with the baby, standing in the doorway, saying goodbye to Mommy,” he explains. “‘Mommy is going to work now. Bye Mommy … don’t work too hard!'”

While the newlyweds are still unsure of whether they’ll be welcoming a son or daughter, either way it looks like Baldwin, already dad to daughter Ireland, will eventually be juggling more than one baby.

“I want to have at least one of each, so whatever this is going to be, I want to have the next one [be the opposite sex],” says Thomas Baldwin.

— Anya Leon

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Faye on

Alec is hilarious … “His boobs are killing him”!!

J on

He IS a boob…

Kelly on

He is a big jerk. Not funny either. A few years down the road the kid will be taking care of him.

Sandy on

he is handsome and funny- two good traits! hope he has his anger issues under control now!

Norma on

Alec waited a long time to re-marry, at least doesn’t have kids scattered about. I wish him well with this marriage. Hilaria is a much younger woman so he had to have known this was part of the deal – starting over with babies. He seems to be excited about it after being a dad of one for so long. Hopefully older daughter Ireland will take well to the baby. Having an older sibling comes in quite handy when you have little babies! lol. Hilaria might have some help. 🙂

AShley on

eye roll ….wonder what Kim has to say? lol

sarah on

Unless you adopt, you can’t choose the sex of a child. And he already has “one of” the xx so if this one is male he can stop. He’s old enough. Don’t be another Tony Randall!

Noodles on

I was always craving strawberries with my daughter. I thing sometimes your body craves things it might be deficient in or needs more of, pineapples area not a bad thing to crave!

As for his parenting, sometimes I have seen a couple have a baby way after an older one, they are a different place in tehir life, maybe have learned something along the way, let’s hope this is the case for Mr. Baldwin!

A on

Oh God say it isn’t so! He is gonna reproduce and torture another, in his words selfish pig??

susan schweitzer on

What is wrong with these young women marrying old men. They’ll be taking care of the kids because their old husbands will be laying on the couch! Alex, you are a fool. I seriously doubt you really wanted another kid at your age. You were just succumbing to your wife who is a fool for marrying an old man….$$$$ is the only answer to that!

Anonymous on

Most men do not want to be stay-at-home dads if given the option. I think Alec is just kidding when he says his dream is to stay home with the baby. I highly doubt he’ll give up his high paying career to become a SAHD. If he does, maybe he’ll set the new standard for dads since he’s famous and people will take notice.

KH on

He did a great job parenting the first one. ” I’m going to let you know just how I feel about what a rogue little pig you really are. You are a rude, thoughtless little pig, okay?” What kind of parent says that to an 11 year old. Now some silly young woman thinks that he will be nice to the kids they have together? Not likely. Once a jerk, always a jerk.

Ariana on

Hilaria will be around for a long time so the kid won’t be an orphan any time soon. He’s older but chances are he’ll get out of a lot of the diaper duty, etc. They can also hire a nanny. It’s all good.

Comquat on

I agree KH. The only think I think when I see him is how he called his young daughter a pig. Why any woman would marry a guy like that is beyond me. I understand kids can test your patience, but leaving that in a voicemail? Disgusting. Hoping he has apologized & grown up since that incident.

Karen on

He is an idiot. I hope he doesn’t eventually treat this child like he did his other daughter. So sad.

mommy2three on

I thought fresh pineapple wasn’t good to eat in pregnancy? Something about the bromelin in it that can cause premature labour. Maybe a myth?

Marky on

Alec Baldwin was put through the wringer by an ex who is “troubled” to say the least, and as far as what he said to his daughter, he regretted it, she got over it, and like many other parents who are perfectly good parents…he shot his mouth off like parents sometimes do when there is WW3 going on between the mother (who usually comes to believe she’s actually the only important parent), and forgot that nowdays everything hits the front page of whatever rag likes to publish that sort of personal business.

Love how judgmental so many of you are when your own lives couldn’t bear the same scrutiny you so frequently shower on everyone else.

Dee on

We all have someone we love whom we’ve said terrible things to. Thankfully we’ve been fortunate to not have that splashed across magazines and the net. Wishing you happiness and great health in this chapter of your life Alec!!

Carrie on

I think it’s very considerate of Hilaria to put in her order for the gender of their’ next child. Ummm, yes, I’ll have the opposite of whatever I am having this time with the dressing on the side, please’. Great planning. Dork.

r frances on

why doesn’t anyone check their spelling?

betty on

Egotists like him will always be focused on themselves first and foremost. His idea of a stay-at-home-dad is hiring a nanny so he can do whatever he wants, maybe use the kid for photo-ops and then boinking the nanny.

Anonymous on

betty and maria- You two know Alec personally, right? After all, that’s the only way you could know all about his feelings and the ins and outs of his life!

Marky, Carrie, et. al- I couldn’t have said it better myself. We all say things we regret, and Alec is no different. Also, I don’t get why everyone’s assuming he’ll do a bad job raising this baby since he wasn’t that great at raising his first daughter.

Plenty of people who don’t do the best job raising their first child go on to be a good parent to subseqeunt children, especially if they have those children several years after the first, when they’ve had time to grow and mature a bit.

Look at Michael Douglas, for example. He was, by his own admission, not the best or most present father to his eldest son Cameron when he was growing up. However, from what little we get to see and hear about his life currently, he seems to be a very good, responsible, loving father to his two children with Catherine.

So I say we take a deep breath and actually give Alec a chance to get parenthood “right” (the quotes are because parenthood is one of those things that there isn’t really one right way to do!) this time around before we condemn him!

meghan on

have we all forgotten his SCATHING voice mail to his daughter Ireland? i find it ridiculous how a return to fame can make someone “holy.”

Anonymous on

Also, I’m sorry, but a guy who is 54 does not qualify as an “old man” (old for having children, yes, but not an old man, or an old woman for that matter). That’s a term you use to describe a man in his seventies or older, not one who is still very active and not even retired yet!

And speaking of old people…why are so many people on this site so mean to them? For example, assuming they’re all frail, depend-wearing invalids who can’t do anything.

Obviously the people making those comments either don’t know many old people or they’re just ageist. Because if they DID know a lot of old people, they’d know that a large number of them can do quite a bit (including playing sports, playing and otherwise being active with their grandchildren and/or pets, and even running marathons!), are in reasonably good health, and remain perfectly continent until they die (particularly men. Women, thanks to things like childbirth which cause stress to the bladder, don’t tend to be as fortunate!).

My suggestion to all you nay-sayers: Get to know the old people in your community or church. You may very well be surprised! 😉

Anonymous on

Sorry for getting so off-topic there, but it’s hard for me to be quiet when people (whether a specific person or a general group of people) are being bullied!

Lucy on

Man, if somebody was taping me when I yell at my kids… I’ve called them a lot worse than ‘little pig’… Alec’s ex-wife cut off his access to his child. In my view, he showed admirable restraint. I think he’s great!

jackie2830 on

I love Alec……handsome, funny, etc. However ever since he got married, he looks AWFUL. Gaunt, haggard, OLD………she must be wearing him out.

Nancy on

I like Alec Baldwin. Congrats to both of them. I hope they have a long happy marriage.

LM on

To all those bashing older fathers, Alec is a perfect example of way you SHOULD be older. He has settled down a lot and would probably admit that he wasn’t the best father to his first daughter. Now as he is older and wiser, he gets another chance to be a great dad. I wish him and their family well.

Becky on

Isn’t this the same man who called his teenage daughter an “ungrateful little pig” a few years ago. I would rather not hear about his dreams for parenting. He is disgusting.

Lisa on

I CANNOT stand this obnoxious, politically-misguided liberal blowhard. He is the reason I did not watch 30 Rock. However, I like his brother William.. completely opposite of Alec. Does he realize his wife will move on after having a couple of children with him and he’ll be paying child support until he’s 75? Ugh. I do hope Hilaria is truly in love with Alec and not the lifestyle she is getting, and the career oppurtunities coming her way.

billy on

who gives a sh**

marcia on

I understand that the comments about older people wearing diapers are meant to be funny, but it really is so misinformed. Many older adults are active and in better health than ever before. I just became a grandma for the first time at 66! I take yoga classes and play tennis at least 4 days a week. I take care of my granddaughter 2 days a week. I do not wear a diaper. And even if i did i would not need someone to change it!

Older people can be independent, vibrant, and capable of many things. Is it an ideal age to become a parent? NO… but it’s unnecessary to make these types of comments. You will also be there one day … sonny!

Anonymous on

LM- Exactly! To all you people bashing Alec: Would YOU like it if someone kept bringing up YOUR mistakes? Or, that’s right, I forgot! You don’t make any, because you’re perfect!