Molly Sims: Why I’m Not Breastfeeding

02/15/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Following the birth of her baby boy, Molly Sims was ready to sink her teeth into breastfeeding.

The only problem? Her son Brooks Alan had beaten her to it.

“Early on in the hospital, they really want you to breastfeed, so I’m trying everything,” the model mama, 39, shared during a Wednesday appearance on Anderson Live.

“And I’m like, ‘Gosh, this really, really hurts.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, we know.'”

Determined to find the root of the pain, Sims went searching in her newborn’s mouth — and was shocked at her discovery.

“I’m like, ‘Is there any way a baby could be born with a tooth?'” she recalls. “And they went, ‘Oh sweetie, I know you’re a model, but … babies aren’t born with teeth!'”

She continues: “Come to find out, my baby was born with a tooth!”

Molly Sims Breastfeeding Anderson Live

Despite countless attempts to successfully nurse — “I did nipple shields, nipple guards, supplemental nursing system, it was horrible,” the new mom says — Sims eventually decided to call it quits.

“He was literally like a vampire on me for three months — it was unbelievable,” she says with a laugh. “Cut to I’m not breastfeeding and I’m proud of it.”

Now Brooks, 7 months, has moved on to other milestones — including crawling — and is already taking after his dad, Scott Stuber.

“He has the hairline of my husband. It’s like an Eddie Munster kind of hairline. It’s not so attractive, but [he’ll] end up growing into it,” Sims says.

— Anya Leon

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huh on

I have a cousin with three kids, all of whom were born with teeth. Last one had TWO. So, yes, it’s possible.

toi on

Breastfeeding any amount of time is wonderful for both the mom and the child… I wish she didn’t feel the need to justify her reasons for discontinuing especially with “oh my child has a tooth”, if you found it painful or unbecoming just stop, but do so with the understanding that whatever else you give your child is inferior by comparison, and move on.

I have seen women breastfeed 1 year old’s with a mouthful of teeth, Iv’e seen women back at work pumping like crazy because they are away from their children, its hard work but can be done but when it can’t or when you want to stop and ween, do it, you owe no one an apology.

Liz on

Shut up! Look at your comment! That is the exact reason she felt the need to explain it. Inferior…you’re inferior.

Jessie on

Well it’s true. Formula companies write it on the label. If she doesn’t want to nurse good for her but BS on the tooth. Baby had a bad latch. Millions of people nurse babies with teeth. It’s recommended to near till a year and almost all babies have teeth by then. The reason people get annoyed is she is making excuses for something she didn’t want to do and acting better than people who just plain don’t nurse like she is some special case. And I am saying this as someone who both breastfed and formula fed.

Regina on

My 2nd girl was born with one tooth as well. How silly it was to see on a newborn! Luckily I had been through nursing once before and it all worked out for us to be at 11 months and 6 teeth later – still nursing! Good for you Molly to be proud of what you both tried for and decided would work best for you both:)

Caral on


Where in this article does Molly offer an apology? She is simply offering her experience with breastfeeding and that fact that her son was born with a tooth. She doesn’t make any apologies or seem to have regrets about doing what is best for her.

J on

“Oh sweetie, I know you’re a model, but…” What is that supposed to mean?

Brandi on

Lol I’d take a wild guess and say the nurses equated being a model with not being the sharpest crayon in the box. Bet they were the ones feeling pretty stupid when her baby ended up having a tooth 😉

Tasha on

This is absolutely no reason to not breastfeed. How dare her for saying oh it hurt my child was born with a tooth and i can’t deal with the pain of my baby biting. Get a grip on life. You do what is best for your child and go through the necessary pain. There are so many other justified reasons for not breastfeeding. A tooth is not one of them.

Mela on

Screw you! She doesn’t even need a reason to not breastfeed. Great for you if you do but stop judging people who don’t.

Brandi on

Umm you aren’t the mother of her child so how dare you try to scold her for deciding what was best for her and her child! You don’t even know what she chose to do in place of breastfeeding…for all you know, she could be pumping to make sure her son can still receive her breast milk. I can’t stand hypersensitive, condescending women like you that think you deserve some kind of metal for breastfeeding. I hope you kid bites the hell out of you during its next feeding!

Amy on

I suppose a mouthful of blood is ok for you then? Her baby, her body, her choice

Really?? on

Tasha, you may have done “the best” for your baby by breastfeeding. But your hateful, down right judgemental attitude, I am sure will be an awful disservice to your breast fed children.

Your a bully. Plain and simple. As a breastfeeding mother knowing what’s good to put in your baby, you would think you would be more wise, in your attitude and judgement calls towards other parents. Your kids see that too and will emulate it.

Tasha on

A tooth is not a reason to not breastfeed. There are so many other reasons that are actually logical. This is disrespectful to so many women that have went through months of pain and perseverance to do what is best for their child. Clogged milk ducts, mastitis and thrush just to name a few.

Very offended by this. If every woman that breastfed quit because of their child having a tooth that would be ridiculous. There are so many people that breastfeed well beyond their baby’s first tooth. Hello there is such a thing as a lactation consultant!

Just me on

Lighten up a lil. Jeez

Ann on

Yeah well i am sure if she wanted she could find something else that you do to criticize. Try to be a little more understanding and less judgmental.

kh in sj on

Why are you “very offended”? Who are you to be offended by HER choices in raising her child? It’s not any of your business at all. You only get to parent your kids, no one else’s.

Carmen on

Does it even matter! It’s her child her life,she can do what ever she likes. Would you like it if somthing that hurt you and someone told you to keep doing it over and over,wouldn’t that hurt. Everyone has their own limits to pain everybody is different don’t hate on her just because she choose not to breastfead

Keira on

Disrespectful? For the extremly uptight maybe. Every mom knows how it feels to be a new mom so why judge others? Only she knows what’s best for her child so how is that offensive? I find people like you offensive.

Ram929 on

Aaand here come the breastfeeding sanctimommies! Breastfeed YOUR child and mind your own business. Newsflash, not everyone breastfeeds, get over it and get a life.

Melissa on


amy123 on

good for her! i stopped breastfeeding as well.too damn hard, trying to nurse and pump and work full work was not giving me a private place to pump. i thought i was the only woman who, like molly, i had a c-section and i was so tired after that and in so much was hard to nurse.

klutzy_girl on

Hey Tasha, stop being offended she was talking about what she did for HER and HER child – not you. Get over yourself already…..

Women are so vicious to one another. Just stop. No wonder children are growing up being bullies to one another.

joan on

“do so with the understanding that whatever else you give your child is inferior by comparison, and move on”
Thats one of the dumbest comments I have ever read.

joan on

“do so with the understanding that whatever else you give your child is inferior by comparison, and move on”

that’s one of the dumbest comments I have ever read

Melody on

Tasha, why the heck are YOU offended by this? If this is all it takes to offend you in life, then I feel for you indeed.

A woman making her OWN CHOICE about HER OWN BABY is perfectly fine. Plenty of mothers do not breastfeed, either by choice or by necessity, and it’s people like you who give them a complex. This “I know what’s best for everyone’s child!” culture of motherhood at the moment is rather distressing.

T on

shut up Tasha…honestly you are such a troll

kirsten on

Why would you be offended because a women chooses to no longer nurse her child?! It has nothing to do with you. How a woman chooses to feed her baby is a personal choice. As long as the baby is happy, healthy and loved who cares how he or she is fed?

Lauren on

This woman is an idiot. People all over the world breastfeed kids with teeth. Breast milk is BEST and Tasha is absolutely right, everything else you give your baby will be inferior. If a mom is willing to give up on something so important, she does NOT care about what is best for her baby.

I don’t understand women who consciously choose not to breastfeed, they are making the biggest health mistake of their life, and I have no remorse for idiots like that, sorry but I don’t! Boo hoo it hurts, get over it. You’re a mother now. Do what is BEST and deal with it, the pain doesn’t last forever. This country is so backwards its sad! Women who gets mad about moms who do breastfeed and speak out about it are just insecure because they know they made the WRONG decision when they gave their kid formula!

Mela on

Must be awesome being you. Look at you being the most perfect mother ever.

Ann on

Yeah well it probably erases the benefits of breastfeeding if you feed them a steady diet of chicken nuggets, pizza, and loads of food full of pesticides. Oh wait, that sounds just as rude as your comment, huh? Maybe instead of criticizing you could congratulate her for trying for 3 months and quit being the mommy police.

K on

Well said

laura on

I tried to breastfeed my first baby for three weeks. Everyone kept telling me to not give up and that I was doing what was best for MY baby. Turns out that he was STARVING! When I had my second child, I tried for 2 days and stopped because I could not go through all of the extra doctor’s appointments and testing again. I have two healthy and active boys now.

To all of you who are upset that some women don’t breastfeed, please don’t take it personal. Some of us can’t, and I am one of them. You have to do what is right for you and not anyone else!

K on

Same thing happened with me. My newborn lost over 30% of his birth weight, I was told to supplement, then thrush struck and he wasn’t nursing well so I lost a lot of my supply. Pumping was useless, i would only produce an ounce if lucky. I would pump and nurse and offer a bottle all day long, finally after two months of this i had to relieve myself of the stress and realize I tried my best and gave him all I could for the first two months.

JPE on

So let me get this right – because I was medically unable to breastfeed my child (due to a double mastectomy at age 25) – my child was given an inferior product and will now suffer for the rest of her life. That’s a lot of pressure on me for the rest of my life, maybe I should have never had a child. After all I couldn’t possibly be a good mother if I fed my child formula.

You judgemental women are the worst – mind your own business and keep our opinions to yourselves. It’s amazing that someone actually wanted to procreate with you. Sick.

Keira on

I hate it when people think they’re the best mom in the world… You are only the best to YOUR child. I’m sure there are parenting choices you’ve made that others wouldn’t agree with but it doesn’t matter!

MollyF on

Oh here we go again with the ‘perfect” moms who think breatfeeding is the only thing and if you don’t breastfeed, you’re a monster. Give me break people.

Jen DC on


I’m honestly confused how her decision not to breastfeed (whether because her son had a tooth and the inference that it hurt her too badly to continue or some other reason) is *disrespectful to other moms*. I mean, honestly: GET A GRIP. If anything, it’s deeply self-deprecating: She couldn’t stand the pain! She gave up! and is happy about it. (I’m happy for her too; there’s only so much suffering one should endure if the upshot is resentment, infection and pain.)

Cute story – pretty funny. The model comment by the nurse was most likely meant to be a “gentle way” to tell Molly Sims she wasn’t that smart – that only dumb people think babies are born with teeth. It’s unusual, yes, but it does happen.

dilitant on

I breastfed both of my kids – the first until he was 13 months old, and the second until she was 18 months old (I let my kids wean themselves, and my daughter took longer to do so). Needless to say, both of my babies had plenty of teeth by the time we finished nursing. It’s not really a reason not to nurse.

However, some of things Molly says she tried tell me that maybe she didn’t have enough milk or that she had flatter nipples which made nursing harder. It also sounds like the emotional roller coaster of getting nursing down and the accompanying pain were really hard for her.

The bottom line is that every woman has to do what is best for her and her child. I would never judge anyone for making the best decision for themselves. As women, we should all be supporting each other instead of attacking each other. Come on girls, we’re better than this!

Congratulations Molly on taking care of yourself!

mamato3littles on

You are ridiculous Tasha! Just because you went about things a certain way does not mean others have to. Everyone parents differently and makes their own choices. If you don’t want to go through that amount of pain then why should you? If you want to push through it, you should. And yes a newborn having a tooth is a valid reason to not push through and continue breastfeeding! Babies who get teeth months down the track know how to suckle and are more aware, newborns are just learning so it would be very difficult!

No one should have to explain and defend how they feed and why they do it, it simply does not matter.

kpmonkeymommy on

I agree with those who say a tooth is no reason… however, she wasn’t saying the TOOTH was the reason… she said she was having pain… pain is not normal… it’s sometimes uncomfortable, but shouldn’t be painful. She went searching because she was trying to figure out if he was latching properly or not probably thinking maybe he could be tongue tied or something… found a tooth… and realized that was causing at least some of the pain… she didn’t just give up when she found a tooth… she tried things to help her while the nipples get used to being used this way (and yes, nipples go through a toughening up during those first months)…

As a mom who has breastfed a child with a mouthful of teeth, but also had a baby where my milk never came in and another where by then I was on meds where no safe for breastfeeding alternative worked for me… and I had to choose not to breastfeeding for my own health and the wellbeing of my whole family, I can honestly say that I believe she is doing her best and is actually trying to encourage others… saying… I explored options, I tried all this… you can, too, before just giving up.

Jennifer on

A happy, healthy mom can take care of a baby – a mom who is suffering from pain from breastfeeding or just plain doesn’t like it can’t be a happy, healthy mom. Breast is best, yes, but it’s high time we stop acting like formula is rat poison!! It’s still feeding your baby. Good for her for making a sane choice for herself and taking care of her son, and if anyone dares to criticize, they should be ashamed of themselves. There are some “lactivists” out there who are truly insufferable.

Anonymous on

“proud” of not breastfeeding? That is a very strange thing of which to be “proud.”

lots of women nurse kids with teeth, newborns or toddler or wobblers. it’s her choice but wasn’t this show cancelled (and don’t we now see why?)

WhyHate? on

Seriously people? Fighting over a woman’s own personal decision to not breastfeed her child? I’m 16 years old and pregnant with my first baby [don’t even start with the ‘stupid teenagers not using contraception’ argument because my unborn son’s conception was not my fault as I didn’t consent to it but I’m going on with it] and I don’t plan on breastfeeding because of how painful it’ll will be as I’m only seven months pregnant and my breasts are already very sore, so sore that I’m on medication for pain relief and that I plan on going back to school as soon as I can so nursing isn’t an option.

If you nursed your child, good on you and if you didn’t, good on you. You know why? Because you did what you thought was best for YOUR child, not anyone else’s. I’m 16 and I realise this. Some of you women might be double or even triple my age and can’t realise this. Grow up and don’t hate on other people’s decisions, it will make you into a bitter person, I of all people should know that.

Alicat on

I won’t start on the “stupid teenager” stuff. However, please realize that the pain you are feeling in your breasts right now is because your body is getting ready to produce milk. The pain will subside. Now being a student might make it hard for you to find time to pump but don’t let the fear of pain stop you from at least giving it a go. Even if you only breastfeed for a month, the benefits are worth it. Bottom line is that it is YOUR decision. Best of luck!

Michelle W on

Wishing you the best of luck with your baby. Yes you are certainly young to be having one, but you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. Make the best decisions for you and your baby, and you’ll do great! I’m happy to hear you’ll continue with school!

Ashley on

This is terrible. So a woman chose not to breast feed, why does it affect you??? I breastfed both of my children for a year, pumped for almost 6 months straight and exclusively for one because she wouldn’t latch, that doesn’t make me holier than thou.

Some women think they are perfect or better than someone else just because they breastfed their kids. So sick of them. If I feel this way, and I breastfed, I can’t imagine how these other women feel. It is your kid, your choice how to feed them. Of course breast milk is the best option, but not the only option 🙂

Bethany on

Some of you are judgmental B’s that really seem to be getting off on something that is none of your business. Why do you care how other people choose to feed their child? No one cares how long you breast fed. I was a formula fed baby and I didn’t/ still don’t have health problems like they say formula fed babies will. I also have met sickly people who were breast fed. We all know “breast is best” so you lactation loving pecking hens need to give it a rest.

kim on

wow. what idiotic nurses. they should be embarrassed.

Cammy on

There are many reasons why Moms have difficulty breastfeeding – C-sections, inverted nipples, latching issues, etc… although I’ve never heard of newborns with teeth as a reason, if she chooses not to breastfeed it’s her choice. Period. We all know there’s a great deal of evidence showing the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding, and those who can do it wonderful – be it 3 months, 6 months 12 months or longer – every bit helps. But being judgmental does nothing to change Ms. Sim’s decision.

arg on

it is common for babies to be born with teeth. Not sure why the nurses would say otherwise. And did they not do an overall exam on the baby after it was born?

Renee on

My mom didn’t breastfeed me or my brother because her body didn’t produce the milk, I’m gonna be 21 next month & my brother is 18 & we’re both doing fine. Just because someone doesn’t breastfeed doesn’t make them a bad mom.

Tara on

my daughter was ferocious when she nursed. The lactation consultant called her a “little velocoraptor” – not something you want to hear when someone is headed for your nipple! Every time I nursed her it was excruciating, like a cheese grater on my nipples. I only lasted 2 months, so I commend anyone who does it longer. Totally different with my other daughter, who didn’t hurt at all and I nursed much longer, btw…

Liz on

I got a push present for my c section! It was an emergency c section and was nessecary for the health of my child. My recovery was worth a million push presents! Have you had a c section? I’m sure you were all natural right? How can you judge what’s worth a push present. C sections are much harder than natural!

Alex on

“I know you’re a model…” That comment right there would have gotten that nurse slapped. Just becuase the woman is a model doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a brain in her head. That’s number one.

Number two, this woman is not causing her child irreperable harm because she chose to stop breast feeding. Chose to stop, not never breastfed at all. If you read the article, Ms. Simms said that she tried everything for three months before she called it quits. She did everything that she could because finding that nothing worked. I don’t think the woman has a hot seat in hell waiting for her.

Those who feel that this woman is an unfit mother because she didn’t breast feed her child until you deemed long enough, get three or four lives. As long as her child is healthy and happy whether or no she breastfed for long enough means nothing.

Anna on

Breastfeeding a 9mo old w/6 teeth while reading this. Fyi – Teeth don’t equal pain during breastfeeding. I was in agony the first 8weeks, then it’s easy. It just hurts at first, but it gets better. New moms – stick it out, it’s worth it!

Ann on

I know a woman that breastfed her baby til almost 4 and she said when he got his teeth she would say, “dont bite mommy” and he would stop and grin and be nicer. A newborn is not to that stage of understanding. I dont think you can quite compare that.

Jac on

I didn’t breastfeed my child. I CHOSE NOT TO BREASTFEED. I don’t feel the least bit selfish about it either. I wasn’t comfortable doing it, so I didn’t. I do agree that breast is best, but it’s not the only option available. I was formula fed and I’m healthy. My daughter is 100% healthy. My youngest sister was breastfeed and she’s been sickly since day one. She’s the only sibling I have that was breastfed, by the way. Also, if a nurse dealing with OB issues doesn’t know that babies can be born with teeth, she needs a new job.

TLS on

This article is just asking for a “war of the Moms”. You have the understanding ones, and the die hard ones that just push it down everyone’s throats. Molly Sims should just keep her mouth shut, only she has to be good with her choice. No one else needs to weigh in. Unfortunately, now that she has made her struggle public, she is being judged, and everyone feels the need to weigh in. After all, they put a comment section here.

For the record, I have 2 kids and breastfed them both, for a length of time that I was comfortable with. I am very pro-breastfeeding, but each Mom needs to make their own choices without being judged.

Brandi on

I’m glad she didn’t keep her mouth shut…her speaking out on her experiences with breastfeeding may help other new moms that are struggling with extra painful breastfeeding and shine some light on some of the reasons that they are experiencing pain. It also lets them know they are not alone or bad mothers if they choose not to continue with it.

I think some of the comments posted in response to this article are very helpful and encouraging, while others (particularly the Lactationzillas) are shameful and ridiculous. Bottom line – you as a parent are entitled to choose what is best for YOUR OWN CHILD and not the entire child population. Some of you need to stop judging Molly and go put that energy into YOUR OWN KIDS.

Meghan on

I think it’s great that, despite the discomfort, she continued trying for 3 months. It sounds like she was very committed and did the best she could. That’s all anyone can do.

I’ve nursed both of my kids past 1 year and teething is absolutely awful, but by that point, at least they’ve learned how to nurse appropriately and it’s a short (hopefully ) phase. I can’t even imagine trying to teach a newborn with a tooth to nurse. Good for her for trying as hard as she did. She deserves praise, not judgement. I am very pro-nursing, but am ashamed of the nursing nazis on here.

Cbear2013 on

My daughter was born with her 2 bottom teeth, so yes this is possible

Jill on

My daughter was born with her first tooth as well and I successfully nursed her for 15 months. Not one problem.

jennefur on

Oh the judgement, bunch of sad people. As a mom that chose formula I’m amused by some woman who have breast fed there child. They judged me and said I wasn’t doing the best thing for the health of my baby. Maybe I wasn’t, but I was doing the best thing forme. Now that breastfeeding is over they aren’t at home cooking meals further protect there children from terrible additives, hormones or chemicals in heavily processed food. No, they’re to busy so they eat fast food everything night. MMMM, happy meals, french fries, milk shakes, apple pies washed down with a coke.

Dee Jay on

Breastfeeding is not the only way. Some are physically unable to, and I was one of them. No amount of pumping at full speed for long amounts of time could change that.

I finally realized with child 3, a month after he was born, and barely a bottle full of milk the whole time, that I was not meant to nurse. My children would have starved. I couldn’t let my children suffer. So, I did formula. And they are happy and healthy. They are smart, creative, and I don’t regret it. Mothers know themselves and their children. I wish we would stop judging others on this issue. All that matters is that children are growing and thriving.

Catherine/St. Paul on

Cut the crap and get real and say it as it: you really didn’t want to breastfeed

Cheryl on

So because she had a c-section, she’s not considered to have carried a baby for nine months and given birth? News flash: not all women can deliver naturally and it doesn’t diminish their right to celebrate giving birth. If you haven’t been through a c-section, you have no idea what kind of pain is involved during recovery.

I went through twelve hours of very hard labor before delivering by c-section and felt like I had been hit by a truck afterwards but I delivered a healthy baby and that’s all that mattered. All mothers have the right to be proud of the accomplishment of bringing a child in the world.

Gemstone on

Hey, it’s not easy to breastfeed. It hurts.

kathy on

why are women so hard on each other. The decision to breastfeed is personal and nobodies elses business.

As for the argument about push presents and c sections, well I had an epidural when I gave birth to my twins. Does that mean I didn’t actually give birth because I didn’t feel every contraction naturally. Any woman who brings a child into the world deserves a present….as does any woman who may not be able to grow a child in her body but grows one in her heart through adoption.

designedbydawnnicole on

I sure hope all the momma’s who think they’re better because they breastfed never feed their kids McDonald’s or anything with fake sugars or dyes…because you know, those are all “poison” like formula. So sick of the breastfeeding debate. Everyone knows it’s best. Some people can’t or don’t want to. GET OVER IT. I’m pretty sure most ever mom is doing the best she can for her child!

lauren on

So much criticism on here. People will feed their child any way they please. If she was neglecting her son or depriving him of food then I would understand the backlash. All you earth mommas get over yourselves. yes, breast milk is best bu formula is fine too. I was formula fed and turned out fine. Great health, gifted classes at school, and a great job.

Once I had kids, I tried to breastfeed but had problems with mastitis with both my children and as a result was only able to breastfeed for 3 months and 1 month respectively. I felt really sad and disappointed that i could not continue. With my second it was so bad that I required surgery.

It is people like Tasha that add to the unnecessary guilt that many mothers feel from society. I felt bad enough myself and others commmenting that I should have continued through the pain are both ignorant and unrealistic to my situation. People need to learn to not judge and let mothers make their own decisions guilt free.

Formula has come a long way and is sometimes actually better for your kids. Studies have shown that mothers who have poor diets are actually producing milk that is less nutritious for their babies than formula. So next time, suck on that before you judge and discriminate.

lauren on

Very well said. Totally agree. Stop the guilt trips people. Good for you Molly for sticking to it for so long. You can tell you are a caring and devoted mother.

Hateful People on

Wow you people are so darn hateful. And we wonder what is wrong with our country? We all know best for everyone else right? We know so much our country is in the crapper so we want to attack and be hate FILLED to total strangers because you know better? A great big WTF is a matter with you people.

She didn’t breastfeed, BFD, the kid is not going to die over it. Look at the photo and see how happy he is, and even his mother. OMG a happy family everyone feels they need to pick apart because they know better. Good grief!

pixy14 on

I tried and tired nursing. My little guy was a preemie and we just never quite got the hang of it. I ended up pumping and bottle feeding for a year.

Kerry on

Breastfeeding isn’t for everyone. I have found that pumping and putting my milk in a bottle helps me. That way my husband can do the middle of the night feedings.:) But, again it isn’t for everyone. Just like natural childbirth.

PS on

I had felt bad about going only three months with my oldest (I wanted to go a year, but her demand outgrew my supply and I had to go on long-term medication for a health condition around the same time) until a midwife praised me several years later on doing a great job with staying at it that long. It was a relief to get that support.

I don’t think anyone should judge how a mother takes care of her baby as long as it’s not destructive. Having to stop early or choosing to bottle feed from the start is not exactly child abuse for Heaven’s sakes.

Tiffany on

She could have pumped.

Anna on

Didn’t you read that “she’s a model” – everyone knows models don’t pump, that would require her to be one tiny bit unselfish in her self-absorbed narcissistic day.

PS on

As an aside, to WhyHate: If you can see this… I’m sorry for what happened to you. I’m also a survivor. I didn’t get pregnant from the attack, but I know how awful the aftermath can be.

Please know you have my support. It sounds like you’re going to be a good mama.

BTW, if you need additional support, look up Pandora’s Project. They offer resources and an online support community that’s free, confidential, and safe. They also have a parenting forum where many survivors talk about raising a child conceived from rape, so you would be welcomed with open arms.

Angie on

WOW! to all of you SANCTIMONIOUS women that are condemning this woman for not breastfeeding. Who do you think YOU are to judge what is best for her and her child?? Shut your stupid mouths. Good for her!

I breastfed my sons for 2 months and had to quit because they refused to nurse and my daughter nursed for a year. Shut the hell up!! GAWD I can not STAND to listen to you idiots!!

hannah on

Hold on everyone…I think you all need to calm down and chill out…everyone and every mom is entitled to do what she wants. It’s her body and she carried this child for 9 months and gave birth and because she doesn’t breastfeed for a “sufficient amount of time” according to you-then you give her grief…that’s a little harsh ladies…

nicolei77 on

2 of the 3 of my children had teeth. The 2 bottom ones.., I still nursed….I didnt know any different,

Amy on

Oh boy…women suck!!! Breastfeed or don’t…just feed your baby, love him and keep him safe. That’s what makes a great mommy!

On a side note, my sister has 3 kids, first one she didn’t breastfeed, the last two she did for gosh, 15-18 months. The young one’s have had numerous sets of tubes, had adenoids and tonsils removed, have had numerous bouts of crupe and throat infections and the list goes on…and on…and on. Her oldest, none of the above issues. SO, breast or formula? Hmmm…it doesn’t look like the breast milk saved the second two from illness, does it?

Just take care of your baby the best you can and live on. Who gives a crap what anyone else has to say about it!!!

Cocosmama on

Well, she could have breastfed her son as long as I breastfed my daughter, 4 years!!! Go ahead and critize me now for how long I did it. You people are crazy!!!

Karen on

Oh good Lord. Why must EVERY mother, celebrity or not, feel the need to tell everyone whether or not they breastfed their children. I breastfed mine for a little bit, then they were formula fed… Who cares?? The one who was breastfed more actually has more health issues by the way… But why can’t we as mothers just come together instead of tearing each other apart??

Marky on

What is worse than Molly Sims not breastfeeding is the judgmental attitude of so many of you posters! I was a lactation consultant, and nursing mother, as well as an L&D nurse, and had no difficulties other than one brief plugged duct, but there is no way on the planet I would freak out the way you people have and say I was “offended” by the fact that someone else didn’t keep BF after 3 months of intense effort! Who the H do you people think you are??! Seriously, what issues some of you have!

One of my daughters tried so hard to BF because she didn’t want to “fail her child”, and even though her baby went into severe liver problems, was seriously jaundiced for weeks, was in a light box for 4 weeks in their home and even being evaluated for a liver transplant because she was so ill, my daughter felt so guilty because of twits like you. I watched her work so hard, giving it everything she had, and ultimately even I said, “you did the best you could, let’s go get the bottles!”

Shame on you! I even re-read the article and her quotes, and frankly, I have no idea what else she could have done, and none of you do either. What the H makes all of you so high up on the chain you have a right to judge ANYONE else? It is appalling to read your crap and to even think for a minute you think you’re that much better than anyone else, let alone someone you don’t even know!

lauren on

Very well said. I’m sorry that your daughter went through that. I too felt the pressure and it is the last thing someone needs when there are other serious health issues involved.

Anna on

It’s ridiculous how people are trying to act like she is actively depriving her child of something because she is no longer breastfeeding. There are people who were breastfed who turn out horribly, and there are people who weren’t breastfed who are healthy, intelligent, and well-adjusted human beings. It’s her choice, so why are people acting like it’s such a big deal?

Brandi on

You are an IDIOT. Blow jobs and breastfeeding are HARDLY comparable…what a stupid comment. And no one forced you to read the article…the header clearly illustrates that the article is about breastfeeding so if the subject bothers you so much, then why did you read it, Einstein? A little common sense goes a LONG way.

Molly on

Honestly, this story upsets me. During pregnancy, I heard nothing but negativity from other women about breastfeeding and I was terrified to try it! However, I did because I wanted my baby to be healthy and I wanted all the health benefits too (hellooo…huge reduction in the risk of breast cancer). I needed a lactation consultant to teach me, but none of the difficulties are as bad as people say.

My son’s 8 months now and has 7 teeth and we’re still breastfeeding. Yep, they bite, but there are lots of ways to teach them not to. If she can afford a nanny, she can afford a lactation consultant to show her how to breastfeed. So so so disapointing to see yet more negativity out there about it.

Brandi on

Dude…she didn’t want to breastfeed! It’s not for everyone! She tried for 3 months and it didn’t work out for her…GET OVER IT! If her choice upsets you that much, you have some serious issues! And how do you know she has a nanny? Just because she can afford a lactation consultant doesn’t mean she should hire one! I’m sure there are quite a few things she can afford, but it doesn’t mean she should buy them all just because she can afford them! You are a whiny idiot – end of story.

Max on

Toi could you be anymore of a condescending twit. You’re a breastfeeding Nazi.

Jo on

Oh, my. The anger and judgment are sad and pathetic. She tried for 3 months. She didn’t go “oh no he has tooth, I can’t possibly breast feed him” – no she tried all the tricks in the book. There are a dozen other reasons why she might have quit – and if it was right for her – hallelujah!

I fought tooth and nail to BF my son as long as possible. I put so much pressure on myself that one day I was digging through the freezer trying to find one more ounce for my son’s bottle with tears streaming down my face feeling like such a failure for not being able to produce what he needed. That day I realized me like that was not me being a good mom to my son and I started using formula. Luckily he would still BF, so I did formula for daycare and nursed when we were together, supplimenting with formula when he was still hungry and I had dried out. I wanted to BF. But if I hadn’t – so what? I tried all sorts of things for my supply – but it didn’t help.

Women like toi, Tasha, Lauren and the rest of you sanctimonious BF mongers – you shame others without any idea what is going on for them. Shame on you.

purelybaby on

Guess my 2.5 year old should stop nursing since she has a mouthful of teeth! I wouldn’t mind if she did but it doesn’t seem to be an appealing option for her at this point.

Lucille on

Of course we are all quick to judge and everyone knows “breastfeeding is best” but notice it doesn’t say she stopped breastfeeding and started formula feeding. Celebrities can afford to purchase breastmilk for their babies and they do, because they know breastmilk is superior and want that for their children.

Michelle W on

I never breast fed my child, she’s 10 now and has done well her whole life. It was the choice that was best for me, and best for our family. It certainly isn’t the best choice for everyone, but as mothers, we should be supporting each other, not bashing those who formula feed, or those who are passionate about breast feeding.

We each make our own decisions that are best for us at that time, and it isn’t anyone else’s business as to why we chose that. There’s no right or wrong way to feed a child, there’s just different ways, both of which are perfectly healthy and acceptable.

frank on

little monster from a woman’s womb

Dany on

My Uncle was born with 4 teeth – 2 upper and 2 lower – very weird pics, they’re from the 1920’s – no one is smiling – it’s like they couldn’t “be more devastated” – everyone lol’s at them now.

Kudos for giving it a go….

Dany on

Lot’s of “Holier than Thou” comments in here – you don’t know her entire medical history, nor does she needs to explain or justify what she choose to do for her own child, seriously??

Get over yourselves – Laughable!!

I had a breast reduction at 19 – they PROMISED I would breastfeed – “never had a patient that couldn’t” – had my baby – Lactation Nurse told me that was total B.S. and just about the opposite was true…

I/Ya’ll don’t know enough to pass judgement – she was just sharing her story…

guest on

I had a difficult birth with my son and almost died giving birth to my daughter. Because of the trauma to my body, I didn’t have any milk. I felt like the worst mother in the world because other mothers kept telling me that I was doing something wrong and I needed to commit to it. Finally, my doctor told me that it was not possible for me and that it was okay. Although I would have loved to have breastfed my children, it is not always possible. Please have compassion for women who either can’t breastfeed or choose a different path from yours- it is not always a black and white issue.

ron e on

I find it hard to believe her statement that qualified experiencd nurses were not aware that it is relatively common to for a new born to have a tooth or 2. And the comment “I know your a model” but… these all reflect poorly on the medilca provider she used.

piter on

Despite countless attempts to successfully nurse — “I did nipple shields, nipple guards, supplemental nursing system, it was horrible,” the new mom says — Sims eventually decided to call it quits.

melissa on

My mom didn’t breastfeed with me and I turned out just fine.

CCex on


Yes, you can nurse babies with teeth. WHEN they aren’t born with them. When you baby gets teeth you usually go through a day- a week of getting bit. Generally you remove the breast right away so baby learns the connection that bite means no more boob. A newborn cannot grasp that concept. She probably was bleeding and was painful.

And yes, we all know “breast is best”. Blah blah blah. Part of feminism and having individual rights is to be able to choose our path. Who are we to sit here and judge her for what she does or does not do with her breasts. I’d love you to go in public and try to point out to me which people were breastfed or bottle fed as infants…oh wait, you can’t.

I breastfed for 17 months. I still don’t understand the need to harsh on another woman. You don’t know all her circumstances. She could’ve had ppd or maybe this was making bonding hard. Some things do take precedence over your breastmilk.

She could be buying donated milk for all you know.

CCex on

Breastfeeding is not nasty. That’s very ignorant. And discreetly nursing in public is not nasty either. It’s called feeding your baby. That’s what your breasts are for. Grow up. I see girls showing more boob in their little tank tops than I ever showed while breastfeeding in public.

sidney on

OMG! give the girl a break, I like her sense of humor.

Zoe on

My preemie didn’t want to breastfeed since she was started on bottles first to preserve her energy. It doesn’t matter the reason. A mother should NOT be stressed to feed her child. The most important thing is that she feeds her child.

stockdale on

she could have used a pump. but i daresay she tried and one never knows the whole truth through these articles anyway. bottomline, this is not like not being able to afford a toy for the child. breastfeeding is something that will give the baby lifelong immunity and a far healthier life. imagine your baby grown up and being ill, for example, various allergies, and now imagine you have a magic wand to reduce the days he or she is ill and voila, that magic wand is breastfeeding. best gift ever!

Agatha on

Mothers now a day’s are so complaining..

Get over yourself! You wanted a baby, take care of it! My grandma had at the age of 39 7 childeren, never heard her complaining..

*that are other times bladiebla* they al looked nice, took care of there houses and had lots of babies. Time to go back to that age!

And my sister had teeth too, even got a haircut at day 3. And she bit my mom, she joked about it but still feed her.

lauren on

Breastmilk obviously didn’t increase your intelligence. I am hoping that English is not your first language because otherwise it is a serious concern that you can not spell and compose a sentence.

Agatha on

And i’m not complaining about to breast feed or not, that’s your business.

But I always hear mother complaining about her child..

junk on

Good God! There are so many rude and insensitive women who comment! Some women choose not to breastfeed for particular reasons….that doesn’t mean they are bad moms. Go Molly!

holly on

thanks molly for making me feel better about my decision as well. i got a little down when i found out that i was not making enough breastmilk, i tried everything and my child screamed and screamed because he was hungry! i was so torn up about it.

im glad to see another woman come forward and share her personal story. makes me feel better about my decision, the docs told me, happy mom, happy baby! and he sure is happy now!

lauren on

Great advice!

Serenamom on

I have no problem with people who need to use formula for whatever reason: unable to breast feed, no way to pump while at work, etc.

However, I don’t understand why someone would “choose” not to breast feed. It’s just part of motherhood – same as pregnancy. You conceive, you’re pregnant, you deliver, you breast feed. At least in the beginning. Then, if it becomes impossible due to work/school limitations, you switch to formula.

I know of an 18-year-old girl who has a newborn & lives at home with a complete support system. Instead if breast feeding, she’s using formula (that is being provided through welfare, by the way). She had no problems breast feeding – she just decided to use formula. That’s what I don’t understand…

I won’t condemn or judge… I just wish people would see it as it is – just another part of having a baby. Sometimes it can be difficult or even painful – so can pregnancy; so can motherhood. I applaud those women who at least try to do it. But, as I said, I just wish attitudes about it would change. It’s not “gross” – it’s a part of life.

lauren on

Pain does not have to be a part of life. Poor girl was going through all the hormonal changes, bleeding, abdominal pain and adjusting to having a child. She is allowed to have one less thing to deal with. I breastfed my kids but will not judge others for choosing not to. To each their own. Every situation is different.

Athena on

I see it that way as well, but a lot of women in America don’t. The tide is turning though, so it’s a win for babies that moms are educated and ready to face bf challenges. The boomer generation and the generation following it were marred by detached parenting and formula marketing, we are wiser and are doing better now.

And for those of you getting all defensive—Molly knows what she’s doing when interviewed so I’m sure she can handle herself! Stop projecting.

Nancy on

Both of my children were born with a tooth. It’s called a “milk-tooth. I was told 1 in 1000 babies are born with milk teeth. Someone told me once that it was a sign of intelligence. Of course since my kids are so intelligent (wink) I say it’s true!

KW on

Tried and failed at breastfeeding #1, couldn’t with #2 (failure to thrive), and didn’t bother with #3. They are now 13, 11, and 7..none have ever had ear infections, they are in gifted programs, and are lean. Formula did them just fine, thanks.

TJ on

Hey, if it hurt, it hurt. I don’t know why pro breastfeeding women need to be so hard on her over this. Maybe she continued to pump and use bottles. It’s the benefit of the breast milk the infant needs, not the breast.

bikingala on

I just can’t get over how mean women are to other women. Every women has to do what’s best for her, these hateful comments absolutely amaze me. So sad.

TL on

PEOPLE! If breastfeeding was so difficult we would not have a human race. What did the pioneer women do when it got difficult? They found a way thru it or the baby died. Stop giving excuses for your willingness to give up at the slightest sign of difficulty. You wear 6 inch heels that destroy your feet and back, you pierce every oriface in your body, you tattoo every visible and invisible part of your body all to be hip and trendy–ALL PAINFUL. But you give up nursing the one person in the world you vowed to give your all to at the drop of a hat when you have a little pain or because it’s a little inconvenient.

Real tired of all the excuses. Don’t listen to the so-called lactation specialists at the hospital–most of them have never had a baby and/or have not nursed one. Seek out a LaLeche League group–these are the experts. So get the facts before you decide and do it or don’t. Stop making excuses.

Athena on

Yes, it’s just basic survival of the species! Formula marketing is a powerful thing to overcome 😉

TL on

All the ‘reasons’ why women cannot breastfeed are myths. There are only 3 that I know of that can stop you. A double masectomy (as one woman said she had); a premie who cannot suck, although he can be tube fed your breastmilk until he is strong enough to nurse, and the breastmilk will probably be the best thing for him to get strong the fastest with the least side effects; and a mom who is on drugs (illegal or otherwise) or chemo, etc., that would bring substantial harm to the baby. Everything else may be a setback but can be easily overcome. I assume if you quit because it hurts, that the first time you were in pain because you exercised you NEVER exercised again!

LC on

WOW! I am a Lactation Consultant and for some of the commenters stating this is absolutely no reason to stop, we need to be praising mom for working as hard as she did. I never tell a mom “oh thats no reason to stop”. Each mother is different. She probably offered her explanation because naturally we are all on the defense about why we weaned or in my case why I chose to breastfeed until my kids were 4.

I choose to praise all my mom’s that breastfeed whether its a week or 2 years. I have worked with women that absolutely can’t breastfeed. I have had mom’s cry and mourn the loss of breastfeeding when they are just in the 5% that can’t produce enough milk. I have even had to tell women I fully promote breastfeeding but there are sometimes when yes, we do have to give formula and get this baby fed. Heck I’ve done it right in my office after seeing a newborn so dehydrated and pale that he needed to be fed instantly after mom was exclusively brf. Where I work, donor milk is not necessarily an option with these women as I work with lower income women. We can’t pressure women or make them feel guilty. ONLY the individual knows what will work for them.

Some of these comments are what gives us in the breastfeeding field a bad name. The majority of us know our limits with clients/patients and we want to help them if they want the help. I focus on my mom’s that let me know what their true intentions are. Lighten up, and yes I have a nursed a baby with cracked & bleeding nipples for 3 weeks and that opened me up tremendously to what my clients go through, so when I work with them, I can honestly relate to their pain, I can also relate when they are back at work and stop, I kept going, but again, I understand it is hard work to continue and families now days have so much going on.

Lets work together ladies!!! Any amount of breastfeeding deserves a praise!

Lauren E on

I developed severe postpartum depression shortly after the birth of my son. I was determined from the start to nurse him despite the challenges of him being born tongue tied and couldn’t latch properly and flat nipples. I kept trying to the point where I delayed going on medication to treat the PPD because I wanted to keep breast feeding.

That was a very poor decision in retrospect. By the time I finally had to throw in the towel and go on antidepresants (yes there are certain medications that are said to be safe to use while nursing but those reports are inconclusive and I did not want to risk it) my depression had manifested to the point I was suicidal. Today my son is a healthy ten month old and I am doing much better.

To all the judgemental women, it is people like you who made me feel like even more of a failure as a mother because I had to stop nursing. And I ask you, what is better? A formula fed baby with a healthy mother or a breast fed baby that ends up with no mother???

lauren on

Thank you for sharing. Your last point is so true. Happy mom = happier baby.

Amy on

I hate that women who choose not to breastfeed are villainized. No Mommy guilt! Yes, I breastfed my children but have no need to berate someone who decided not to or quit because of pain. It’s not like the pain lasts for 5 minutes a day, at first it’s like twelve hours a day. Yikes!

cestLavie on

Not everybody is. At least you tried.

Brittany on

My son was never breast fed. 15 months later, he’s a happy, healthy, and very smart toddler. Breast is best, but some of us aren’t cut out for it, like Molly and hundreds of other moms.

ct on

Isn’t being a mother hard enough without everyone scrutinizing whether or not you breastfeed? Yes, we all know it’s best for the baby, but there are multiple reasons why some women don’t. And it’s their choice. And for the record, I continue to breastfeed my 10 month old who has teeth. But it was a very hard road to get where we are and I wouldn’t blame any woman for throwing in the towel.

gw on

You need to keep in mind that by the time most babies start to get their teeth, they’re already 5 or 6 months old and have already had several months to practice nursing, so they know how. A newborn has to learn how to nurse, and it takes weeks for them to get the hang of it, and this is a very painful time for the mother.

Add teeth into that equation, and I can imagine it becomes excruciating. To top that off, you’re breastfeeding every few hours and your nipples just don’t get a chance to recuperate. With that kind of pain, I applaud Molly for giving it 3 months.

Amaryllis on

Have a baby, don’t have a baby. Breast feed, feed formula. Use disposable diapers, use cloth diapers. Her business. No one else’s opinion matters.

Elle on

I was not breastfed as a child. I am still alive, very healthy, and not traumatized in the slightest. I’m sure she and her baby will be just fine without it.

Sandy on

well your option could of been pumping and then bottle feed.

Brandi on

How do you know she isn’t pumping and bottle feeding him breast milk?I swear, people and their assumptions get on my nerves. Even if she chose to feed him formula, she’s his mother…lol it’s her choice to make!!!!!

Sandy on

if she trying to make herself feel less guilty??? I don’t understand why she feels like she needs to explain why she quit b.f. Hey I say whatever works- that is what’s important. Both my kids bottle fed and surprisingly they are healthy and very smart- imagine that? you would never know!!

christina on

My kid is 10 months old and Im still breastfeeding, but I will say its people like Tasha that discourage SO MANY people from breastfeeding in the first place. Instead of COMMENDING her for breastfeeding for at least 3 months, you just shut her down. You set such high unrealistic expectations that it turns other people off! I bet you are one of those people that haven’t had a sip of alcohol while breastfeeding either. Maybe you should try it, probably would make you relax and not be so judgemental! Go Molly! You are a beautiful mother!

Jessica on

So what if she decided not to breastfeed, and who cares what her reason is? Breastfeeding is HARD – for some, it comes easier and for those that it comes harder to, some moms really want to try and do everything they can to nurse or to keep their nursing relationship. If she did the best she could, what more can we ask for? And why are we asking anyway? It’s her child – and there are a million decisions that she will make that will affect the life of her baby, i.e., being a working mom, but will ultimately be what is right for her and her family.

I exclusively breastfed my son for 5 months and it was DIFFICULT – mostly because I wasn’t comfortable doing so in public, and I could not get my son on a schedule. I tried hard to keep it going, and I could have tried harder. But it was exhausting! I slowly switched to formula after trying to exclusively pump – I am glad I did this when I did, but am still pleased that I did what I could to keep nursing as long as I could stand it. I just didn’t like it.

I would never, ever judge any woman who decides to breastfeed or not, or if they decide to switch, or supplement, or whatever. I hope she is comfortable with her decision – I know I am, and I am finally not feeling guilty anymore. My baby is happy and healthy. And his mama is happy too!

Mitzi on

Mommy Nazis… I’ve seen it all.

All of the judgmental nonsense that I’ve just read through is simply sickening. Just a question, but what are regular moms who adopt supposed to do about breastfeeding according to the sanctimonious lot among you? Is an adoptive mother who physically can’t breastfeed for obvious reasons a horrible parent?

Bottom line: Your child, your body, your choices; love and care for your children rather than passing judgement on celebs & other moms for how they raise theirs.

Athena on

Sns-supplemental nursing system, donor milk, induced lactation. There are many options for adoptive mamas.

Mary on

Its her baby and her body, she can do whatever is comfortable for her.

Anonymous on

Good for her for not being ashamed of giving up on breastfeeding. It disgusts me how many women shame other women for deciding it’s not for them

Kelly on

It makes me feel so much better that there are other moms choosing to not breastfeed. I was unable to as my milk supply was messed up by a thyroid disorder. I beat myself up for so long about not doing it. However, my son is thriving, and he’s a much better temperament and never gets sick (unlike his cousins who are so much work and ALWAYS sick, and EBF) and so I am thankful for who he is! Proud of Molly Sims for doing what’s right for her and her baby!

Sonja on

Honestly? I am still breastfeeding my one year old and he has 8 teeth. That is not a reason to stop.

Brandi on

Woo hoo, good for you. Unfortunately she’s not you, and in her situation it didn’t work for her. The tooth wasn’t the main reason why she stopped…ultimately the pain was the reason. It’s not like she tried one time and quit…she tried lots of different options over three months and then decided to stop. Lol I’m sure she’s just heartbroken over the fact that you disapprove that she’s not breastfeeding. Get off your high horse and get over yourself, mama.

Rachelle on

What a healthy and proud Mom showing off her healthy, happy, active baby! Nice to see!

Sonja on

no judgement for stopping just saying that having a tooth shouldnt be a problem

Stephanie on

why is this news? Who cares?! Is she trying to influence other moms to give up breastfeeding because of teeth? Nursing a baby with teeth is not a reason alone to stop, I don’t care what Molly Sims chooses to do, thats her choice…but it does seem to perpetuate that myth…which is lame.

Julie on

Good grief there are a lot harpies on here, she tried breastfeeding and found it painful. Yes we all know its better to breastfeed, but how good is it if Mom is tense and crying the entire time from pain, don’t think the baby will notice (bull) Just because you are a Mother does not mean you are given the right to judge or force your mothering techniques on another mother. As long as the baby is well cared for and loved that is what is important!

Effie on

A tooth?! Big deal! My daughter is 13 months and has a mouth full of teeth and we still breastfeed. My other daughter nursed until 16 months.

This lady sounds like a real premadonna! Get over it. You didn’t want to breasfeed…and don’t blame the tiny tooth.

babylove on

We are of Asian descendant and for a newborn to be born with teeth/a tooth means that the baby will die young because teeth signifies aging and if your newborn was born with teeth/a tooth, the baby has already lived. One of my friend’s cousin gave birth to a newborn that had two teeth and the parents demanded the teeth get extracted so the “belief” doesn’t come true that the baby will die young.

Nikole on

Wow you people are judgy! I don’t usually comment but I felt the need to. How dare any of you act like you’re better than her! Every mother makes a choice. Breastfeeding does not automatically make you a more superior mother any more than not breast feeding makes you a bad mother! Grow up and do what’s best for YOUR child and don’t worry about other people’s

KM on

I would not be “proud” of not nursing my child! There are woman who truly have issues and can’t… but using the fact that your kid has a tooth sounds like a cop out– how about the ol’ pump??? Anyway, it just annoys me when people make excuses. Just say you did not feel like it! Don’t compensate for the fact that you could not handle it with some silly excuse!

dilitant on

@ Anonymous (the Anonymous who got a push present for the emergency c-section) . . . did you ever experience a natural delivery? It’s not something I would ever call “easy” and it is extremely condescending to say that your c-section was “much harder” than a natural delivery.

Here’s my “natural” delivery story: I was induced early due to low amniotic fluid and pre-eclampsia. My labor didn’t progress, so the doctor broke my water. Breaking the water caused my son’s heart to go into distress and for a terrifying 7 or so minutes (which felt infinitely longer), I had a room full of doctors trying everything to get him back on track. Once that was stabilized, I finally was ready to push after 14+ hours of labor. The doctor said I was complete, so my pain medication was turned off with the doctor’s assurance that the medication would still be effective for another hour. Well, my son got stuck and I pushed for 3 hours . . . the last two with no pain relief (which I know some women choose to do, but I wasn’t one of them). Even though my son was only 6 pounds, he tore my cervix and perineum. I then started to hemorrhage, which lasted for an hour. It was excruciating to walk with all the stitches (not to mention use the bathroom). 5 days after delivery, several of my stitches ripped which caused my cervix to heal improperly.

While my son, who is now 12, was worth every bit of pain and discomfort I would never call what I went through easy. My second child’s delivery was much smoother, but it still hurt. Alot. It’s not fair to judge anyone’s experience but your own.

Sam on

@ J – It is an implication that models are stupid, explaining why she thought a newborn would have a tooth before it was actually proven.

illy2007 on

If you aren’t breastfeeding you are bad mother, anyone can do it, if you try hard…that is told by mothers who never had a problem with breast feeding, or had so little trouble that it wasnt too bad to carry on.

I was breastfeeding and pumping at the same time, it was hard, it was exhausting, but I did it because it was best for my baby, but I would be lying if I didnt do it partly because of the pressure we are put on.

As for baby having tooth, my experience, I had nipple bitten after first try, because I didnt do it properly and my boy didnt know how to do it yet, and it was very painful, cannot imagine the pain with little tooth to go with it.

And the argument about bigger babies nursing with full-mouth of teeth? Really? How can you compare nursing newborn- who doesnt know how to do it, just going on the instinct, with 1 year old, who is like a professional, and knows he cannot bite…

Anonymous on

I nursed my (now 12 year old) baby for three months and the entire time was complete agony. I was diagnosed with contact dermatitis. The baby just couldnt learn to latch on properly and I later found out that not all babies learn to suck properly thus causing the mom intense pain. The thing is that when nursing you feed your baby sometime every 2,3 or four hours for 20-30 minutes at a time which doesnt give the nipples time to heal between feedings and sometimes the rawness is so sever that you bleed who wants that seeing the blood all over your babies face and mouth??? Completely normal reasons to quit nursing if you ask me!

The funny thing is that some of us women keep on going through this for longer that we have to because we feel guilty… and I wonder why we are guilty? Oh I know because of the opinions and judgements of others who have not idea because they have never gone through it themselves!

Ana on

My son cut his first two teeth at 5 months, and had 12 teeth by his first birthday. I nursed him until after that. It was painful and hard, and I was also trying to navigate around pumping due to medication I had to take. I stuck it through because it was MY choice, not because some condescending idiots told me I would be a bad mom if I didn’t.

If the nursing is causing anxiety, what’s the point? It ruins the milk supply anyways. I believe in sacrificing for your baby, but if it makes you miserable then who benefits? Do what is best for your child, period. They are still being fed and loved and nurtured. Yes, breast milk is better, but I don’t see children and adults that were fed formula walking around ill and in misery. It’s not like these moms are assaulting their kids! Stop being such bullies and put your effort into raising kids less judgemental and arrogant than you.

mila on

What a weak idiot!

Samantha on

Give it a rest Toi and Tasha. It’s people like you who make women have to justify why they CAN NOT breast feed.

Mom on

I’m a mom of 2 kids, one breastfed and one not. I am sooooo SICK and tired of all the “holier than thou” attitude of you other moms. Mind your business. You do not care for or love her child more than she does. And, for the record, my breastfed child got sick and had a lot more ear infections than my other one so it’s not the end of the world. Just. Stop.

Samantha on

I got news for all you breastfeeding lunatics. My eldest sister breastfed BOTH her children until they were respectively 24 months. Her children are now 10 and 13 and both have had a tremendous amount of allergies and often have colds. My younger sister could not breastfeed when her daughter was born and my niece is a healthy nine year old who rarely gets sick. Quit your Mommie wars, it’s really pathetic!

Sarah on

newsflash – babies can nurse with teeth! mine does! I don’t buy that her baby’s tooth was the reason she couldn’t breastfeed.

Personally, though, I don’t care if anyone breastfeeds or not. It’s your baby, your responsibilty. As long as your baby is being fed it doesn’t matter. But it’s funny that she makes a ridiculous excuse for why she couldn’t – just say you didn’t want to do it, Molly! It’s ok!

mimi on

‘Oh sweetie, I know you’re a model, but … babies aren’t born with teeth!’” If the nurses were genuinely that condescending I tip my hat to Molly for not slapping them!

MaggieD on

I did not breastfeed my son for reasons that are no one’s business but mine, and he’s a happy, healthy, well adjusted 12 year old.

I’m tired of the breastfeeding crowd treating people like they’re abusing their kids beacuse they choose to bottle feed. It is a personal CHOICE not child abuse. She has nothing to apologize for. She found it painful and decided to stop. No big deal.

katrina on

Funny, i breastfed all of my children and my son was the hardest, he was also my first. I had to stop as i was not making enough milk for him and he was not thriving. Both my girls nursed until right at or over a year, teeth and all.. however, unlike the other idiots out here, i am not going to bash her for making choices for her and her child.

As a child care provider i have had many parents who breastfed and bottle fed.. and have seen no huge difference in them, the babies only get antibodies for the first 6 weeks or so. Ask any doctor. It is her right to do what she wants and is best for her and her child. Not your place or anyone else to judge her. Women are so incredibly judgmental and cruel to others. We are the problem and its sad that these same women are raising children to be just as rude and intolerant of others as they are. That is what is wrong with this country in a nutshell!

Ami on

Breastfeeding is disgusting. I didn’t breastfeed any of my 3 children and they all turned out just fine.

meghan on

Yes, but we are not talking about you mila.

Charleen on

I a little confused about her statement ““Cut to I’m not breastfeeding and I’m proud of it,”. Why did she try breastfeeding for 3 months if she was proud to not be breastfeeding? Maybe she really meant to say she is OK with not breastfeeding or that she is proud of sticking with breastfeeding for 3 month despite her troubles. If she really meant it as written then it comes across as a slam against breastfeeding and I don’t see why she needs to slam breastfeeding just becuase it didn’t work for her..

Memphis on

Man, they’re sure are a lot of judgmental a-holes on here.

Not your child, not your choice.

I love how Nazi moms think (and usually spout off) that if you don’t BF then you just outright don”t love your child enough…cut to 5 years later and they’re the ones stuffing their kids full of fast food and sugar while still criticizing others LOL

joan on

I didn’t breastfeed any of my kids and didn’t want to. formula fed and proud of it. One of three had tubes put in ears, and it has nothing to do with breastfeeding. I know plenty of breastfed babies who have tubes in their ears and are sickly.

Athena on

It will hurt at first–tooth or not–when baby hasn’t learned his to latch properly. Could be a variety of factors. My lo has 6 teeth and we at eat ill nursing at 10 months. If they are latched properly you will not feel the teeth. Sounds like she didn’t have a great lactation consultant.

Give me a break on

I have 4 children all whom were bottle feed. They are all healthy, happy and extremely intelligent. I believe it has to with what is best for you as a mother. If your not comfortable or enjoying it you may loose that bonding time. And yes children are born with teeth, some are born with then already broken through!

kim on

i breast fed my kids and it dosent offend me that she quit–i think it was great she tried. if it were 200 years ago–she would have gotten a wet nurse to feed her child–no one saw that as wrong. today we have lots of choices–i know myself if i had her money and couldnt breastfeed–i would have looked at banked breast milk–for those who can afford it i never understand why its automatically to formula and not banked milk–but thn again they dont tell us that part of the story–maybe she did and it wasnt appealing to her for some reason–in any matter–i am happy for her she tried and made one of her first mother decisions …

i wish us girls werent so catty about all the choices each of us makes—no wonder the demorcrats and republicans can agree–us girls cant even bind together as females and support one another…sheeesh!

jen on

Molly Sims my son is a month a half shy of 3 years, he has all his teeth plus 2 sets of molars we still breastfeed! that is a weak excuse to giving up!

mamanas on

I’m still not making the connection between teeth and nursing. All of mine eventually grew teeth while I was nursing. By time the second baby came along my nipples were so tough I could nurse a great white shark withou any problem.

Jess on

Thank you, Molly, for speaking for many who had a hard time breastfeeding! We are all doing the best we can for our babies, and no one should judge the path you take.

Anonymous on

This just makes no sense. So if the baby had a tooth, why not just pump milk for him? As a poor working slob who had to go back to work 4 weeks after my baby was born, I managed to pump all the time to have milk available for my mom who was taking care of my son. With all of her money and nannies and assistants, she could not manage to pump?

Jen on

I know it is a technicality, but all babies are born “with” teeth, they just haven’t developed fully and broken through the gums yet. I refuse to get into the breastfeeding argument as there is no way to win, either way. However, it is her choice, so let her make it.

Anonymous on

please…I nursed mine for 18 months with a FULL set of teeth….it only hurts if they bite…if they are latched on right it doesn’t hurt..prolly just didn’t want saggy boobs…

Stephanie on

I think the pressure placed on a mother to breastfeed is unnecessary and wrong. If breastfeeding is what you wish to do, great for you. And if a mother makes the choice not to, that’s great too. We have choices in life. Millions of formula fed babies have turned out just fine. Some people need to step off their soapbox and smash it to pieces.

Madia on

Why are mothers so cruel to other mothers? I don’t believe that a tooth alone is is her reason for quitting. She obviously feels empowered by stopping, and who are we to judge? Not every woman that stops breastfeeding “chooses” to do so. Sometimes the choice is made for us. Whether low milk supply, pain, irregular nipples, emotional issues, all of these are valid reasons to quit. Why continue something that could potentially cause you to resent your child, and be an unhappy mother?

I think it’s more important that moms be involved in their childrens lives, than to breastfeed. It is also a crapshoot whether or not kids are “healthier.” Some children can be breastfed for 2 years, and still have colds, ear infections, and asthma. Others are on formula from the start and barely have a sniffle. It varies, child to child, parent to parent, family to family. We shouldn’t make one another feel bad if formula is what we are giving our kids.

Allison on

Reading the comments here only confirms my previous thoughts on breastfeeding Nazis. It saddens me that you all appear to be angry and mean women. I sincerely hope none of that energy was passed through your beast milk to your child.

Roxy on

@ Anonymous. All women who give birth deserve a symbolic push present. Everyone should celebrate their new baby!

Anonymous on

If its me I would get that nurse in trouble, you dont say stuff like that to anyone

Rebecca on

Breast feeding just never appealed to me. The hospital tried to get me interested and I was like no; I’m not doing it and I never regretted it.

Kelly on

I’ve never seen so many self righteous people in my life. Take a look at any baby or child and you tell me if it was breastfed or formula fed. You can’t tell. If you looked at me you would know. I’m a 36yo mum to one beautiful happy healthy formula fed 5 month old. I tried breast feeding but due to issues beyond my control I had to turn to formula. My Ob. was the head in the hospital I had her in. He told me to stop. He said the first 12 days were the most important and then it didn’t actually matter in first world countries as we had brilliant formula, clean water and the ability to sanitize. I can’t believe people are so judgemental and rude. I worry for your children more based on how you show how to treat others.