Vanessa Lachey Shares Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Note

02/14/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Vanessa Lachey Camden Valentine's Day
Courtesy Vanessa Lachey

Baby’s first Valentine’s Day!

Vanessa Lachey shared a page from her journal on her website Thursday, specifically a letter to baby Camden John on his first Valentine’s Day.

“I know he won’t understand it now, but that’s the beauty of a journal!” she wrote. “It’s a book we will have forever as a family … And when I look back and read all my past entries, I get excited about the ones to come, who the pages will be filled up with, and what memories we will make as a family.”

In a photograph of her journal, Lachey has scrawled a message to her 5-month-old son.

“Cam,” she writes. “This Valentine’s Day you’ll be 5-months-old, but I feel like I’ve loved you forever. I have wanted to be your mommy for as long as I can remember. Nothing in this world could ever compare to the way you make me and your daddy feel everyday!”

She continues, “Words don’t even begin to express how much more beautiful you make our life together. As you grow and take in this world around you, know that you are loved today and EVERYDAY all because you’re you! Sweet precious little you.”

— Maggie Coughlan

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sidney on

Mixed babies look weird.

Daniel on

I bet you look like hell. Happy valentines day! 🙂

Kim on

Hahahaha! Your comeback was hilarious! This baby is adorable! It’s amazing how he looks Asian like his mom but has Nick’s features! I love biracial babies 🙂

Kelly on

As if you would make such an ignorant remark!!! Get a life

Katy on

You know that saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?”

You should really do that. Not say anything at all. Just let it pass you by. That way you don’t come off as a nasty a-hole.

Brandi on

You must have a face that only a mother could love. No need to take it out on their baby…he’s gorgeous, end of story 🙂

Mila on

Really! Your weird for even posting the rude comment.. I think their baby boy is adorablelly cute..

gagirl on

Racists like Sidney are the reason why this country is in shambles. What a loser.

Angelica on

Your a idiot.

guest on

People like you make me really mad. You are looking at his race, when you should be looking at who he is and who he will become some day. Is he taken ocare of? Is he loved? Those are the important things not his race. And for the record my friend who is a mix of Italian, Chinese, and Jamaican blood married a beautiful native American girl and they have four of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

leonkitty on


Vanessa on

Ther is no such thing as “mixed”. There is only one race, the human race. Humans can only procreate with other humans, dumbass!

Monika on

Seek therapy

Emmy on

Barf! Let the games begin…

nlb on

Oh, Emmy! Doesn’t anyone love you? I guess not.

kim on

so very sweet. hes one lucky little baby to have such loving and great parents. and hes adorabe too!

Angie on

He is sooo stinkin’ cute!

GDP on

What a precious baby! And a nice mix of both parents. Happy for them

Erin Courtney on

Aww, that’s so sweet! He’s looking like his daddy. So adorable!

AnyPenny on

Their baby is just so stinkin’ cute! I just want to kiss his cheeks and cuddle that cutie pie! 🙂

Ashley on

Looks like his father.

Shhh on

He’s a beautiful baby!

Romy on

He really looks like his dad and uncle Drew here.

Noelle on

He is the spitting image of his daddy! So adorable.

Lauren on

Go play in a wood chipper, Sidney. Mixed babies are beautiful…unlike YOU.

k w on

I bet yr fugly too…

leonkitty on

Mixed babies are wrong. I bet I support mixed babies since most of their noms are on welfare

Renee on

@leonkitty- your comment is just ONE of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read.

Karma is a beast. Watch what you say and think before airing said thoughts…..

Sara on

He looks like Uncle Drew!!!

ava on

He is darling ❤

wendy on

I can’t imagine taking a page from my journal and/or a personal letter to my child and posting it online for everyone and strangers to see. That’s a cry for “look what a great mom I am.”

cee on

I couldn’t agree with you more.

Brandi on

I think she’s totally in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and head over heels for her child and being his mother, as any new mom would be. I don’t think she’s trying to pat herself on the back at all for being a good mom. Lighten up.

Angela on


KIM on

He’s so beautiful. I can see why she’s crazy about him.

k on

what’s the point of putting this on her website? maybe a personal blog, but her website…isn’t that really advertising herself?

monicaandrea2012 on

Poor little baby, looks just like his ugly dad!

zeee on

i’m gonna puke

Anonymous on

what a beautiful baby!!!!!!!

Shannon on

He is a gorgeous baby boy! The Lachey’s are a great family!

Lisa on

He looks like Nick for sure

Julie on

Oh my…..he’s scrumptious!!!!

Sidney, your comment was not nice….not nice at all. Shame on you!!!!!

KiKi on

He is a living doll! Lord, look at the head of hair!

Vanessa Lachey on

Really?? Why do some of you have to be so mean??!??!?

Victoria on

People are mean because they are unhappy. Ignore the negative V and enjoy your family.

decapr on

I don’t understand why she needs to share personal family memories. It cheapens them.

Anonymous on

He’s so cute, he has Nick’s eyes.

Lulu on

Looks a lot like uncle Drew here! Funny how genetics work.

Brit on

People can not just be nice can they!

Margo on

They aren’t necessarily my favorite celebrity couple, but Camden is absolutely adorable.

Carrie M on

Picking on babies and the way they look isn’t cool. Go pick on someone your own size.

BTW – he looks darling and his mother (and dad) loves him. End of story.

shidley on

@Sidney- and statements like those make you look atrocious. Fact is, most people are of mixed ethnicity…and it’s only gonna continue!

Paula on

Beautiful picture!!! Stunning..

Shari on

sweet! I actually kept a journal for my son after he was born and gave it to him on this 13th birthday – he has said its one of his most prized possessions – he’s almost 17 now.

tikka on

For the people making negative comments about his looks or criticizing her for posting this letter – shame on you! I’m not a huge fan of either of his parents, but this baby is precious, as all babies are. And I think it’s sweet how she feels about her baby boy. She is obviously a proud mama, and ALL proud parents, famous or not, like to share the love and pride they have for their children. That doesn’t mean that she’s doing this for attention. And this child is blessed to have devoted parents. There are so many mistreated and abused children out there who would give ANYTHING to have parents like these who cherish them at all times.

Amanda on

Cute kid.

She will do anything to stay relevant or in the news though.

Alexis on

The kid is cute, but when will celebs stop over-sharing? You need to draw the line on your personal life somewhere and not make the internet your diary. Same goes for non-celebs (Facebook wall=diary).

ccct0304 on

But yet you get on a CELEBRITY WEBSITE to be nosey and read about what they’re up to and what’s going on in their personal life!!! If you don’t care for CELEBRITIES, your on the wrong website!!

Tammy on

Every mom out there knows exactly how she feels. The love you have for a child is indescribable. You can only feel it.

dani on

what a wannabe she is……………..

by the way,he looks like uncle Drew on this pic!!


OK … Here’s the deal. The baby is ADORABLE. The letter????? BARF!!!!!! It would be sweet if it stayed in her personal family journal to her son. The fact that she made it public just uses her son to put herself in the spotlight and makes it kind of sickening because she’s fishing for attention. That’s the deal.

gyl on

Beautiful baby. But this girl needs a life. She is just such an attention seeker. It is ridiculous.

makafortune on

I feel pity for those of you who come here to crap on such a beautiful little baby. Such a testament to what must be a sad pathetic life you are leading.

Anonymous on

Hey Sidney, I;m pretty sure you’re a MIX, too. A MUTT lol

and I bet you look even weirder than comment. Such a hater. Get a life DUDE MUTT….lmfao

Mia on

He is so cute!

Anonymous on


hellsfire on

He looks like Vanessa not Nick.

Denise on

Just beautiful!!!!!!

architectureanimal on

If she’s writing it to him, why is she “posting” it for “us”? When he is 18 it will embarrass the hell out of him, and when he’s four it will mean nothing to him. Basically this is about HER (believe me I know, I’ve had a five month old; most of us are enchanted with our babies). It’s for HER, and maybe for her husband, but it’s not for him. He doesn’t give a rip. He wants food and warmth and stimulation and sleep. That’s all. Apart from that, she’s a terrible writer. Maybe we’d be interested in seeing what Sylvia Plath would have written to her babies, but this woman? Gack! And please, don’t “share” — what would you have done before the Internet, Vanessa? Sent out 10 million telegrams? 10,000 passenger pigeons? PLEASE!

Ali on

He’s so, so cute! Wow! Beautiful baby!

architectureanimal on

Put it in a journal, not in an announcement to the world. ICK! Think about what it is “I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m wonderful, look at me.” That’s what it is. It’s not to the baby, he can’t read it and doesn’t care. Maybe he’ll care when he’s 37, but he would assume his parents loved him, eh? It’s just silly to post such simplistic piffle. And by the way, Valentine’s Day isn’t anything significant! Read up on just who “Saint Valentine” was!

Kimmie on

Sidney, what the f__k man. Camden is really cute.

Lydia on

What a beautiful letter to her son, and adorable picture! I agree with others who have said he looks just like his daddy too. Such a cutie!

Merlin on

… and you want to make a private note to your son public because why … ??? Wouldn’t it just be more meaningful to keep your sentiments between you and him?

Just Me on

Sidney, you don’t have a clue. When you say “mixed”, are you referring to race? Mixed with what? Vanessa is Phillipino/Italian, what would you consider her race to be? She’s a beautiful woman, Nick is a handsome man, they have an adorable baby. You are the weird one.

mimi on

Mixed baby? Just because she has Philippino somewhere in her blood line? Wow.

Kassie on

Most of us have kids. We all feel the same way about our children. Get over yourselves. I do actually like this couple..but tiring of this constant banter about how “special” everything is. You have fame..other than that, you’re no different than anyone else walking this planet. You’re doing yourselves a disservice now.

Guest on

Wow, Sidney! I feel like bi-racial babies are the most beautiful. Especially this one…SO adorable

Amy on

I really weep for humanity. Can’t people just be happy that a child is being raised surrounded by amazing parents who adore him? There should NEVER be anything negative to say about’s meant to be shared…with whomever!

Ann on

Let them enjoy their baby, children grow too fast. Why be so negative about a happy, loving family. Don’t read & post if you’re just going to hate.

Amy on

I really weep for humanity. Can’t we just be happy that this baby is being raised surrounded by wonderful parents who adore him? There should never be anything negative said about’s meant to be shared..with whomever. And anyone talking about an innocent babies’ looks is just a sad individual. get a freaking life! All the best to a wonderful family.

seriously on

sidney, who said mixed babies look weird?

… i don’t know where to go with that but to give my condolences. You must have been bullied, your parents probably hated you and your probably alone..

Jess on

Hahahahahahaha!!!! I like this comment very funny

Trae on

Such a sweet letter. AND Camden looks A LOT like his daddy!!

Kara on

Yeah Sidney, They have a nose, mouth and eyes, so weird.
He looks like a normal baby, a cute one. You must have issues.

Jessica on

IF anyone is looking for attention, it is his ex wife Jessica.

I don’t see Vanessa tweeting photos of her tits hanging out.

If Vanessa wants to have her own blog, she can.

lanatanton on

It’s sad that writing this for her son, her message is filled with mispelled words and improper grammar. Funny. It’s also sad that from about the age of 14 on, he won’t care what she wrote because she’ll be past her sell-by date…..

loveblue2 on

So adorable! I can see both Vanessa and Nick in him. Wishing them all the best!

Amy on

He is absolutely darling!!!!!

Marie on

I don’t see the need to share with the world what you write to your children, but the baby is beautiful.

lei286 on

these people are such attention whores. Stop pimping out your son to the media.

Ashley on

Really Sidney? The first comment and you leave crap like that? I have a mixed baby and she is the most beautiful little girl in the world, every parent thinks that about their child. Garbage like that comment are what creates bullies.

LIsa on

I love the Lacheys!!! The baby is SO cute…looks alot like his Daddy!! They are a BEAUTIFUL couple with class!!

LIsa on

This baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! The Lacheys are amazing….they made such a good looking baby….he looks like his Daddy!! I wish them well & am SO happy for 2 people with so much class!!!

MamaT on

I think he is absolutely gorgeous. He doesn’t look weird at all!

sharon on

What a gorgeous little boy and what a great little family , I wish them all the best!

MLH on

Why is she sharing this with the world? She just wants attention. The journal should be for ONLY her son!!!

ugh. on

He is precious, but why does she have to divulge everything?

lola on

What a beautiful baby boy!! I wrote letters to all of my daughters while they were growing up and now I am writing them to my granddaughters. I enjoyed reading her note to her baby boy. Maybe she just wants to share with those of us who find the writing adorable. To those of you who don’t want to read them, DON’T! Who cares if you approve or not? That’s right……. no one. Keep writing to him Vanessa, he will not be embarrased about it, he will cherish it. He will enjoy reading about all his up coming adventures : )

Jess on

So true!! Couldn’t agree more!

JRock21 on


Your baby is gorgeous and how exciting to be able to share your love and joy about your family!

Anyone who has a negative Comment to post about a mother showing and sharing so much love for her family really needs to stand back and take a look at their own life!

Keep posting your cute stories and enjoy every second with your little man! They grow fast!

PH on

VERY RUDE comment, SIDNEY. Just plain Ignorant. I’m sure YOU are the one who looks weird.

jamie on

Such a adorable baby

Jenna on

That is the most handsome, adorable, beautiful baby I have ever seen. He is so loved by his family. They should be proud and excited on this Valentines Day and every day to come. He is such a handsome little man.

karen on

The baby is beautiful. He does look like Nick. Got bless all 3 of you. What a wonderful family

Terri on

Mixed babies are beautiful. I don’t know what planet you are from Sidney, but please go back if you can’t say anything nice.

TerriMarie on

Why is this news and who cares? Talk about trying to use your kids to be relevant. Move over lohans here is lindsays friend trying to clean her act up by getting married and having a child. Then pimp him out to get back in the news? Pathetic!

Yo mama on

Just wait until he’s 3, good luck!!!

IRM on

He is one handsome baby…he looks just like his father, nice!

Maren on

The baby is super cute and everyone STOP being so rude they r a wonderful family

rhonda on

Another photo op so we will remember the Lachey’s. Let’s here the tirade of angry fans now. But sorry my opinion is that in order for you to get out there and be remembered. All you have to do is slap a picture of your kid and suddenly your all the talk again. Your child should not be used for this purpose. I have no doubt your a great parent but come on take some cues from the parents that don’t have to and will not use their kids to keep in themselves in the public eye.

cj on

What a gorgeous baby!! He is going to be one beautiful little boy. Happy for their family!

katrina on

Beautiful boy!

NickyAngel on

Camden is one beautiful little boy 🙂

jessy on

Aww I think Camden is sooooooo cute!!! .. I know the feeling I have a 5 month old had him a day after u had yours and I’m in love with my little one !!!!

Dayna on

yeah its all adorable and heartfelt, which I believe to be genuine…. but honestly? Are you THAT hard up for attention that you sell you’re private messages to your infant son to a tabloid magazine?

Dayna on

mixed babies are very unique … look at Terrance Howard, Halle Berry, Halie Berries daughter, gorgeous

Tisha on

Vanessa is a wonderful mother who loves her beautiful little baby more than words can say…I wish that all mothers everwhere were this loving, devoted and kind…she is not only a beautiful woman, but a loving wife and mother…God Bless the Lachey family

Anonymous on

Gorgeous baby. However, I wish his mother would go flair her nostrils out of the public eye. I can’t stand her and everyone preferred her husband with his first wife.

Cara on

Beautiful baby !

Michelle on

He is adorable! 🙂

Allie on

Beautiful Baby, but a journal is meant to be private. Telling the world how much she loves her child, looks a little desperate. You love your child without having to tell the whole world about it. It’s like telling everyone you see, how much you love your husband.. It shows a sense of desperation and insecurity. The fact she had to share something so intimate, with the world, proves to us all that there is something not right with her relationship with her son, or with her husband, or both… Sounds like this diary entry is trying to convince the world that she isn’t a mother who is experiencing some kind of post natal depression. I don’t speak in hatred, but in concern & personal experience, by me, and others i know. Hope she gets the help she needs, because her boy is so precious not to have a mother around who is slightly unhinged.

bette on

Adorable, he looks like Nick!

Anonymous on


dudley doright on

cute baby

starbbycat on

very sweet note – he looks like Nick!

Norah on

Though I don’t understand why these personal and private thoughts would be made public… that picture is of one cute little baby.

Anonymous on

I think journals should be kept private.

Cheryl on

How very precious.

Cheryl on

In answer to the question some have raised as to why Vanessa shared this information from her journal, my thoughts, because she wanted to share her love on her website with her fans. This is an opportunity for her fans to know a little more about the mommy-son relationship. Another reason to give other new moms an idea of a journal. Finally, because she has the freedom to do so. Others may choose not to share this information. FREEDOM!

valeskas on

@ Sidney, they are so much cuter then yours ever will be. And you are a little racist.

valeskas on

We have many racists on here, this is so shameful, for these racists. Because they take the name of God in vain and call themselves christians. You are no christians you are evil.

Anonymous on

This baby is absolutely gorgeous.

Colby on

This baby is adorable…and for all you shaming her for posting her letter, come on! Have you ever been on Facebook, its a vehicle for shameless self promotion, so this is no different. And cut the girl some slack, the feeling you have after your first born, those of us w/ children know how powerful it is, know how all ecompassing the love is. I would at least say she is not pretentious about it.

Cara on


Don’t listen to these negative comments on here. Those people clearly are bored with their own miserable lives. I don’t think I see enough about you and your beautiful family. I am happy that your husband found such a beautful person inside and out to have a family with. Your son is amazingly beautiful. I think your letter is just precious.

tina on

Aww what a cute baby. I bet he melts their hearts when he smiles.

rlb237 on

Why is it SO HORRIBLE to so many of you that she shared this on her website? It isn’t like she sent it to People magazine to publish, they are just simply reporting on something she posted — which there’s nothing wrong with.

And I’d be willing to bet some of you are the same people who gushed over the woman who posted a photograph of her “newborn” 13 year old son to announce his adoption. If she can make something like that and share it publicly and be well-received, why can’t Vanessa Lachey?

just sayin on

Why would you share something so personal, oh wait I forgot she’s a D list fame whore trying to keep her name in the press.

Lori on

Camden is a beautiful baby. You negative people that post ugly comments are disgusting.

Donna on

What the hell does mixed mean, Sidney? That was a stupid and ignorant comment. That baby is absolutely beautiful.

B on

Honestly, I used to really love coming on this site to read the baby blog and see all of the new moms or the ones that are expecting. After having read some of these cruel, simple-minded, and not mention ignorant comments about a small child, I think I will pass on this blog from here on out.

Tori on

Have always loved Nick and am so happy he found the right woman in Vanessa to share his life with and now the addition of his beautiful son whom he’s wished for for so long. Love it that he’s finally getting to be a dad. The babies adorable,love to hear uplifting stories for a change!

Michelle on

YOU are weird looking Sidney!

Cheryl on

sydney – really – are you that much of a pompous ass?

this child is adorable – are you are parent? can you appreciate the beauty of a child? grow up and et a life and get off the computer – go make something of yourself – wow really?

Anonymous on

Very beautiful baby and a beautiful family! Very happy for them.

Anonymous on

That is one beautiful baby.

kamielle on

@ Sidney, really? How weird?


This is sweet, but I don’t understand the need to be so public with such private family moments. Why the need to share a letter to your baby with the world? It’s total overshare.

Jennifer on

He is a cutie patootie!

Robbie D on

He is as adorable as his parents, so precious.

Tam on

Baby Cam looks just like Nick!

mom15 on

Why do celebrities think that we want to read about their private things. This seems like more of a publicity stunt (“come, look what I did for my baby!”) than something sweet. Keep it private. So sorry I read this dribble.

KAR on

He’s such an adorable baby. So darn cute!

Nic on

Supersweet letter for a supersweet babyboy!
nic from austria

Tina on

He’s a cute baby.

Anonymous on

He’s beautiful! >3

texaschickeee on

I am so glad that she is the only Mother that loves her baby this much. I am so glad that this happy family are going to have so many wonderful memories to have…as a family. (as long as that is good in Hollywood)
This lady needs a life. and out of print.


Camden is beautiful. He already look like his dad.

rachel on

He looks like Nick! OMG cutie alert!!!!

Sabra on

@sidney – what a negative thing to say, I mean really?

rachel on

and for the mean folks out there….

How can you make mean comments about a beautiful, innocent child??? You should be ashamed!!!

Teresa on

Beautiful baby. He looks just like his Daddy.

Anonymous on

Why would you share something so personal that is supposed to be for you son to read one day?? She loves attention…

Audra826 on

omg cutest baby ever!

BjM on

Cute baby, but re; her “journal” – that’s a nice thing to do but, it’s not unique so … it’s called a baby book here in normal people land. 🙂

Dawn on

What an adorable little man!

Mel on


Anonymous on

He is such a good looking boy 🙂 All parents should write a letter like that. We never know when our last day may be.

Jessica on

Aw. He looks like both of them. Soooooo cute ❤

skw on

Camden is truly the cutiest baby ever..from the begining! I look forward to future pics of him as he grows.

lpearl on

He’s so cute. I love first time mome. They do all this nice stuff. The second child barley get’s pics taken of them. LOL

Nancy on

They are a sweet coupe and Cam is just a cutie! She’s only said what every mother feels about their baby. Because she’s a celebrity and shares it with the world doesn’t make it any less sincere.

Jennifer on

Camden is gorgeous 🙂

Mary on

Camden is such a doll.

Manomer on

Sidney….you are an idiot and I would bet you look like an idiot.

angie on

Beautiful baby, congrats to the both of them.

Jenn on

He is incredibly adorable – looks like Daddy for sure. So nice to see the love they have for their son – it is obvious !!! Happy Valentine’s Day.

fanofboardwalkempire on

what a darling face Camden has- Just too precious and he is so very loved. Great letter Vanessa!

Courtney on

Cutest baby ever!

Katie on

What a beautiful baby! Not surprised with gorgeous parents like Nick and Vanessa!

I can’t believe the negative comments! How cruel! Unbelievable!!!!

T1111 on

How precious. 🙂

kayakkimi83 on

Sidney you’re a creep

Jen on

he is gorgeous!!

he looks just like nick.

Susan on

Mixed? Like a mix of the mother and a father? All babies are mixed!! And this little guy is just gorgeous.

Sandy on

these are the kind of things your child can cherich one day! I to wrote many details down during my kids first year. I also taped (yes with actual tapes!) them during bath time, prayers, etc… So fun to listen to now. I also write them a letter every Christmas (tell what we did and what they wanted, etc) and on their birthday (telling all about that year) and put it in an envelope with a stamp (a memory for one day too!). I plan on giving them to them on their 21st birthday!

Cindy on

That’s an ugly baby… Afff…

Sandy on

Yes, I get it! You love your son so much you want the world to know. He is adorable!! Having said that, I believe personal thoughts from a journal for you family should be kept private. She could of just said nice loving things without telling us it’s from her personal journal.

justaperson on

I am not a person who usually gets caught up in this kind of thing. However, have we as human kind forgotten that these beautiful parents are just that? Parents. They are a beautiful and deserving couple and how and why there is such hatred that one must talk about how a child looks is sad, shallow and embarassing.

Kerry on

Oh my he looks like his daddy. He is soooo adorable. Such a sweet mommy thing to do.

Jenn on

Fact: Very cute baby

Sidney is an idiot

People are so easy to judge

Marie on

He is a beautiful baby, but he looks like he could be Suri’s little brother! I guess the hair and eye shape. But gorgeous nonetheless!

Anonymous on

He’s gorgeous! If he were mine, I’d show him off every chance I get too! Like everyone else here who shows their kids off on their Facebook page even though none of us are celebrities. Don’t rip Vanessa apart just because she has a much wider audience who actually want to see her baby. It just makes you look hateful and petty.

Kayte on

He could not possibly be any cuter! What a lucky boy to have two parents who love him so much.

Sloane on

I, for one, think this is lovely! When my son’s first birthday rolled around, I wrote a really sweet status to him on my Facebook because I love him and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops to anyone who would listen. Not for attention, but just because love is amazing and I wanted to share it. Vanessa is much classier and prettier than Nick’s bimbo of a first wife. Best wishes to you guys! Ignore the haters; they obviously have no life if they come on here just to be assholes.

Felix Pavish on

May I simply say what a comfort to uncover someone who actually knows what they are talking about over the internet. You actually know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people should check this out and understand this side of your story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular given that you surely have the gift.