Jessica Alba Loves to Bring Her Daughters to Work

02/14/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Jessica Alba Escape from Planet Earth Junket
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Jessica Alba is slowing down her acting to career to focus more on being a mother of two.

“I used to work basically 11 and a half months out of the year on location, and now I don’t,” the actress, 31, explained recently at the Escape from Planet Earth press junket in Los Angeles. “I’m really much more picky with the roles that I take.”

When she is working — whether on set or at The Honest Company office — Alba usually comes with a mini-entourage: her daughters Honor Marie, 4½, and Haven Garner, 18 months.

“I bring them with me,” she explains. “[Honor is usually] playing in the kids’ corner and running amok bothering everyone, throwing paper airplanes at their desks — but they love it!”

While Honor certainly knows how to have a good time when she accompanies Mom to work, she doesn’t fully grasp what exactly it is Alba does for a living.

“To her, Mommy going to work is her sitting in a trailer and me [filming], or it’s me at my office,” notes Alba. “I think she thinks it’s all my job. She doesn’t know the difference!”

— Gabrielle Olya

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Joules on

I think I can think for many when I say Thank you for not working so much!

Guest on

I am a mother of two, and if I had a 4 1/2 year old at work I would hate it. What a distraction. There are preschoools.

Pamela on

Wow, I’d hate to be your child. You sound like one of those parents who are always trying to get rid of their kids.

Jt1260 on

“I used to work basically 11 and a half months out of the year on location, and now I don’t.”

Um…when was this?

Connie on

What else are your employees supposed to say “stop the brat from messing around our stuff?” This really made me LOL. Look I think it’s great that she is blessed to be able to take her kids everywhere she goes and still make money, but for the rest of us who wouldn’t want their bosses children around or our co-workers, or even my own when i’m trying to work and accomplish something, I just doesn’t work that way.

stef on

I thinking being a mom has also made her smile more…she never smiled a whole lot until she became a mom and it’s nice to see a smile on her face instead of a pout/frown!

Stephanie on

“(Honor is) running amuck bothering everyone, throwing paper airplanes at their desks — but they love it!”

Really? And my coworkers just love it when I pull out all the latest pictures of my 3 kids too.

Dot Walley on

At least they are not home in the care of a Nanny.She seems like a very good mother.yay for her.

Penelope on

I second that, Joules.

Guest on bringing a kid to work. Her “work” consists of waking up at 10, wearing one of her trillions of designer outfits, doing her hair perfectly, doing her make up perfectly (all while the nanny watches the kids), driving in her luxury vehicle to her ‘office’ for a few hours….probably discussing ways to sell her ‘organic products’, then leaving the office, going home to her equally as rich husband and dropping the kids w/ the nanny AGAIN and going out to eat at an expensive restaurant w/ friends or husband.

Your job is probably a REAL job.

who is she fooling on

I agree Jessica Alba should spend more time at home with her kids, but we all know she is not in demand anymore. That is why she is rarely working, and the Hollywood big wigs know Alba is a mediocre actress. She needs to stop lying.

Patti on

Its more like, I take what is given to me because so little is offered to me.

Debbie P on

Guest, some people like their children with them! why put them in a daycare when you don’t know exactly what’s going on? If you have the time and oppurtunity to take them with you, why wouldn’t she? If i had kids, and had the option to bring them with me i definately would! Maybe you should reprioritize. (sp)

abby on

She’s lucky she can take her lids to work, not all of us can decide on that! And we are lucky she’s not working so much!

Becky on

picky? I would not call Spy Kids 4 and Escape from Earth being picky.

Guest2 on

I’m 100% sure her employees don’t “love” having a four-year-old run around their office and throw things, but they act like they do because it’s their boss’s kid. And how many of the employees are allowed to bring *their* kids to the office?

Xan on

I had to chuckle at the idea of Honor running amok and the staff having to grin and bear it. I adore kids, but in an office setting…not so much.

Plus, I agree that the cinematic world is better off with her working less. She seems like a very loving, involved mother, but her acting is a JOKE. Every single time.

Karolina on

She worked 11 1/2 months out of the year? On what? She’s been in only a few movies and they are stunk! So, yea – thanks for not working as much! She is so annoying..somehow always makes herself seem like she’s better than everyone else..intentionally or not I am not sure.

Sandy on

“[Honor is usually] playing in the kids’ corner and running amuck bothering everyone, throwing paper airplanes at their desks — but they love it!”


KJ on

I seriously doubt anyone “loves” being bothered by her children. Who’s going to tell the star they don’t find her kids the greatest thing on earth? Not the person who wants to keep their job! Get a nanny!

Sheryl on

She does seem like a good mom…..well, as much as one can tell from her portrayal in the media. As far as Honor running a muck, well if you own your own company… call the shots. Sounded like she was trying to be playful and joke about her daughter’s “free spirit”.

Jood on

My employer allowed a male coworker to bring his child to work *one time* because of an emergency. Nobody got any work done that day. My coworker totally ignored the child and left it up to everyone to watch the child. She did not want to sit and draw, nope she wanted to be entertained by all of the adults. It was beyond frustrating because some of us actually had work that needed to be done by a deadline. By the end of the day everyone (except the dad) told the boss if he every allowed it again we were all quitting.

ang on

People are so negative and many of you have children&if you don’t have any i hope you never procreate cause you are not worthy.i am not the biggest fan of Jessica but as woman & human being i cannot criticise her like this.she is lucky &you are ignorant!you are horrible bullies &disgusting. Shame on you!

meghan on

ang, chill out.

Anonymous on

ang- Good for you for speaking up and calling all these negative nellies (who clearly don’t like being told the truth, going by the comment from the anonymous before me!) out! Why people have to be so b&*^y all the time on this site is beyond me!

Penelope- And how do you know all that? The kids have a father as well (as you yourself mentioned), and they may very well *gasp!* be watched by HIM rather than a nanny while Jessica gets ready for work!

Also, as far as going out to dinner with her husband..we don’t know how often they go out to dinner. And as long as isn’t more than once or twice a week, I really don’t see how that’s different than “regular” parents going out for date night and leaving their kids with a baby-sitter!

Michele on

Wow, as a mom and a person I am horrified by the judgmental attitudes! Why so hateful? If you don’t like her acting, don’t view it. If you don’t agree with her company’s philosophy, don’t buy from there. She is truly fortunate, that she CAN take her children to work. Maybe, if the rest of you started your own companies you could do the same. Maybe we should return to the adage of ….saying something nice or nothing at all?

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