Bryan Adams Welcomes Daughter Lula Rosylea

02/14/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Bryan Adams Welcomes Daughter Lula Rosylea
Courtesy Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is in heaven — again!

“Bryan Adams and Alicia Grimaldi welcomed their second baby girl in London earlier this week,” Adam’s rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The rocker and Grimaldi, who cofounded his charitable foundation, named their new bundle of joy Lula Rosylea. She joins big sister Bunny, 22 months.

“Lula Rosylea decided to arrive at tea time,” Adams tells PEOPLE. “Rosylea is cockney rhyming slang in London for ‘cup of tea’ and the name Lula comes from Gene Vincent‘s song ‘Be-Bop-A-Lula.'”

The two-time dad’s latest project is his photography book, Exposed.

— Marisa Laudadio

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Snowbird on

this man is in his 50’s – he will be in his 70’s by the time his kids get to high school – like really – come on have some common sense.

Sue on

Too late…. Might as well enjoy it!

JohnWicks40au on

You again, Snowbird. Do you ever have anything nice to say, or as usual, you comment to draw controversy. Please, go back to the corner of the playground and hang with the bullies, as we adults wish to celebrate the birth of a new child.

Tanya on

My husband is 50 and our youngest is 18 months. How does it personally affect you that he will be 70 when the kid is 20. Thankfully he is a wealthy charitable man and won’t expect the government to pick up the tab for raising his child while he wastes away. Really, how shallow! Congrats to the couple, what a blessing and joy

Kim on

Good lord they need help in the naming department…

Julie on

Congratulations Bryan and Alicia!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

It’s definitely better than Bunny, but I still don’t like it.

jones on

Lula is a much better name than Bunny.

Sharon on

Congrats….the name is pretty bad, although not as bad as Bunny! I knew it would be another girl

Agata on

Bunny it’s not a full name, her name is Mirabella or something like that – Bunny it’s only nickname 😉

JMO on

Congrats from your hometown of Vancouver! I’m sure your girls are gorgeous!

Stormy on

Congrats love the unusual name … I enjoyed your
show in San Diego in 2005

meghan on

His oldest is named Mirabella.

Kirsha on

Bunny’s name is actually Mirabella Bunny. I do not understand why they call her Bunny with a pretty first name IMO. Mira or even Bella would be better then Bunny.

Lulu on

Congrats to the parents.
Re: his age: Don’t worry; he has a healthy life style. Acts and looks like 40. He might live till his 90’s. he’ll be around for kids’ 18th. birthday or many more. His kids will be well care for. Same for Steve Martin.

Anonymous on

Snowbird, just shut up. Let him be happy.

kim on

lula? BUNNY??? does nobody even care anymore what their kids will go thru growing up with these names???

Tara on

His first daughter is Mirabella Bunny, they just nicknamed her Bunny.

Anonymous on

I love him, and wish him all the best!

Tara on

His wife Alicia is about 20 years his junior.

Dreamer on

His first daughter’s first name is Mirabella. Bunny is her middle name because she was born on Easter weekend. Mirabella is a beautiful name.

mamato3littles on

Congratulations! I like their names. Lula or Mirabella are not unusual and Bunny and Rosylea are super cute. My 10mo nn is Bunny (her name is Ebony)

Marky on

My father called my younger sister, “Bunny”, all our lives, and our whole family thought it was a ute nickname. What’s the issue? Congrats to the parents on the birth of Lula Rosylea!

stef on

Oh, STFU Snowbird. He could also be a young 30 years old and get run over by a bus tomorrow and drop dead.


I hope his kids don’t end up with his horrible skin!

amy123 on

always liked his music.congrats. i just don’t like the idea of kids out of wedlock.

Shhh on

This man doesn’t age. So handsome!

Kris on

I had a major crush on Bryan years ago, I wanted to be the mother of his children! Since that did not work out I wish him and his girlfriend all the best with the growing family.

lauren on

Mirabella and Rosylea are very pretty names. Bunny and Lula sound silly. FYI lula means squid in portuguese.

Erin on


One of these days I WILL see him in concert.

tori on

Have no respect for a man who continues to have children with a woman he doesn’t feel is worth marrying. He should be setting a good example for his daughters if he really loved their mother!

Steve on

Why the big fuss about his age? What if they had problems getting pregnant? Would that change your mind?

WhyNot on

Congratulations, Bryan and Alicia. Your children are blessed to have such amazing, caring parents. Age is a number. You are only as old as you think you are and the girls will keep them both young.

To those who think he’s too old, do you have kids? Can you give them the life Bryan and Alicia can? Did you also post your disgust about first time father, Steve Martin who is how old? And if you think this is a new age thing, Tony Randall fathered child in his 70’s. And obviously, none of them are too old to have sex… so… there you go.

Anonymous on

I don’t know what middle aged people are thinking when they have babies. Adams will be 71 when this new baby graduates high school.

megan on

“His wife Alicia”

Alicia isn’t his wife. Or girlfriend.

Elanor on

I was also born at tea time to British parents. If I had been named for something that had to do with the family tea time I might have been named Egg and Chips

Singsong on

He hasn’t married Alicia for a very obvious reason that seems to elude a lot of his fans, perhaps because of his past extensive ‘dating’ history covered by the press.

Look, just because you have children with someone or even live as man and wife, doesn’t mean that behind closed doors it’s a genuine relationship.

Just ask T.C. It’s worked out quite lucratively for his two ex-wives.

It doesn’t make Bryan a bad person, he’s just not ready to air his personal life to the press and the world. But he wants kids and he’s a millionaire.

Anonymous on

tori- From other articles I’ve read about him, this sounds like it might be another Clay Aiken situation (i.e., that Bryan is gay, Alicia has been his friend for several years, and they both wanted children so decided that rather than the man using a donor egg and surrogate and the woman using donor sperm, they may as well have them and raise them together).

If that IS indeed the case, then I’m glad that they aren’t entering into a romantic relationship that will never work!

Anonymous on

And I don’t think it’s at all unusual that they call their older child Bunny. One of my aunts went by that nickname, even as an adult!

dudley doright on

b adams is a good guy

Diana on

So happy!!! Congrats!!

christine ingram on


meghan on

so, is the final word that they are just friends having babies? or did they ever say they were a couple?

kitty62862 on

Bunny’s first name is Mirabella.

kitty62862 on

My daughter’s nickname is Bunny. She is 20 now, and when we call her Bunny (at home only) she grins and wiggles her nose.

Debs on

Love the name..congrats to the Adams family!!

Debs on

I love the name Lula and sweet.

Congrats to the Adams family on their new baby!!

Linda on

Jeez, what’s with so many people posting about how they don’t like the name or that he’s in his 50s and has no business having a baby..or that they don’t approve of children out of wedlock! HOW STUPID! It’s nobody’s business but theirs how old they are, what the name of the kid is and if they are married or not. An opinion is one thing..a judgement is another…the out of wedlock thing is the dumbest judgement. Keep your religious beliefs out of People magazine. It’s a gossip magazine, not Christian Monthly!

MotorCityMama on

52 and he’s fathering children? Is he out of his mind? What is he thinking? He’ll be 70 years old when this child graduates from high school.

Selfenchanted on

Congrats to the family. Hope all will be well …

Don’t like the baby names or how old either one of the parents are or the lack of a marriage? Tough. Go eat some chocolate, go to church, hug your cat(s), start your own family, whatever.

Sam on

I love the name. Didn’t like Lula until I read the reason behind it, now I can imagine him sitting there crooning be-bop-a-lula, she’s my baby, to his little one. Adorable. And I totally love Rosalea. So happy for this family.

claudia on

Do these “adults” ever think that someday these children will go to school and have to tell people what their names are?

Selfenchanted on

“Be Bop A Lula, she’s my baby” – sweet as can be! Hope they can help keep the rock of the 50s alive!

Sunny on

I know he is a bit older than most men are when they become fathers but people live longer nowadays. Also, he has more money than the average person and I am sure the kid will have a nice inheritance someday.

Anderson on

No business producing babies at that age.lts not fair to this child to have an old father who may upfront not see her graduation day. How old is the mom 22? Go figure.

Anonymous on

Singsong- T.C. has THREE ex wives!

Anonymous on

Anderson- Actually, odds are he WILL be around for both of his children’s graduations. As others have said, he’ll be 70 when the youngest one graduates, and most people live well beyond that!

Sunny- That money may also help him live longer (since he’ll be able to afford procedures that many people can’t), which is something that apparently no one else has thought of.

meghan- No, they’ve never said they’re a couple.