Megyn Kelly Expecting Third Child

02/14/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Megyn Kelly Pregnant Expecting Third Child
Andy Kropa/Getty

News flash: Megyn Kelly is pregnant!

The America Live host, 42, and her husband Doug Brunt are expecting their third child together, she announced on air Thursday.

“Every Valentine’s Day we always struggle to find just the right gift, and yet this year I believe that we found the perfect solution. Happily, Doug and I are expecting another baby,” she told her viewers.

Moments after her big announcement, her coworkers lavished Kelly with a pink boa, balloons and a bouquet of roses.

The new baby will join big brother Edward Yates, 3, and sister Yardley Evans, 22 months.

— Anya Leon

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Leigh Ann Reid on

I do NOT like this woman, but either way congratulations to her and her family.

Bob in Ga. on

I didn’t like her at first but she is growing on me. Bet she wears the pants in her family

e97 on

I hope she only gains a healthy 15 pounds with #3. I was 8 months pregnant when she was going off on how it is only safe to gain 15 to 25. I gained 55 and lost 60 in 6 weeks after the baby. It can be done and its not right for her to assume only her way is right.

Carole on

Huge congratulations to one of my favorite news analysts. She is an excellent on-air reporter with great looks to match her great intelligence. I’m sure she’s a great Mom too. What a super role model for young women! I’m so happy for the entire family!

Anonymous on

A pink boa. Hmmm…another girl, perhaps?! šŸ˜‰ Anyway, congrats to them! I hope, if it’s a girl, they choose a better name this time, though. Ordinarily I’m pretty easy-going when it comes to mind, but “Yardley” is a bit too “rough” and masculine for a little girl for my taste!

Anonymous on

Love Megan. Congratulations! There is no way I’d ever believe by looking at her she’s 42.

Jessica on

Who is this??

Meg on

Is it just me or does anyone else out there hate the way she spells Megan….?

bette on

Congrats, you have a beautiful family!

Denise on

Love her. Congratulations to everyone.

Ashley on

Congrats, LOVE HER!

amy123 on

i really like her children’s names,especially yardley.

josy0710 on

Wow Robert, Classy dude.

Anyway. Congratulations!! Hope all goes well.

and e97…Doctors all say 15-25 lbs too…just because 60 lbs can be done doesn’t mean it should. Ask Jessica Simpson if she’s gonna go do 60 lbs again.

Lori on

Yay! Congrats Megyn!

anna on

I am suprised she had the nerve to say a woman should never gain more than 22 pounds considering she is a risk herself by having kids at her age. I am NOT saying people shouldn’t have kids if they are over forty but they shouldn’t be judging someone if they gain 30 pounds when they themselves are a much greater risk. She needs to get off her high horse.

Sara on

Barf. Self-focused, conservative loon who thinks she and her privileged white friends are the only people who deserve a fair shake in life. Her kids will grow up to be entitled, non-compassionate Barbies too.

Carole on

Can you spell racist because YOU definitely are!!! What a stupid comment about someone you don’t even hang out with. Why not try being nice for a day????

Tee on

No wonder I don’t know her, I had to read through the comments below to find out she’s on Fox News, a station that never gets turned to in my house. Congrats though. Stair-step ages, yikes, and full time outside employment, I’m guessing there’s a employed nanny in their home.

Anonymous on

Can’t stand this woman. She is nothing but a pot stirrer. But, hope she has a healthy baby.

Jessica on

I love her!!! Congrats Megyn you are truly blessed!!!!

Shannon on


Carole on

What is wrong with you people??? Such immature hatred of someone you’re obviously jealous of. Haven’t you heard of saying something nice or just shutting up??? I’m sure not everyone likes you either!

marge on

Jon Stewart did a great job pointing out the many lies this woman has told on Fox News (?). She attacked, when some on the network called her a free loader for getting maternity leave, but she doesn’t mind lying about others. Faux News is going downhill fast, hopefully she won’t have a pulpit to go back to.

Leonardo on

Hope she has a healthy baby but who cares about her. I hate Fox News.

C C on

Congratulations, Megyn…..we love you & your show!!!

Lisa on

Poor kid. Having to tell his/her friends that their mother works for a fake news station. Oh the shame.

Guest on

Megyn is smart, beautiful and a great newswoman. Best of luck to her for a healthy new baby.

MG on

Is there a reason she used EY (edward y) then YE (yardley e) as the initials for her kids? MegYn must have something to do with it… Anyway, congrats to her.

Erin on

Can’t stand her. She went off about how women should be paid less than men doing the same job because of the possibility they may use maternity leave or take time off for their children, but after she had her first child, she said it’s awful that businesses do so. Terrible anchor. She’s a face.

Marcia on

Well, best wishes for her and her family, but I can’t stand her or the lunatic network she works for.

Lesa on

Once again, jealous hateful liberals have no idea what they are talking about. Megan’s husband is a writer that takes care of their children while she is at work. Congratulations to this beautiful, smart woman and her family.

Iā€™m Standing Right Behind You on

Love the names of her older children…classic and elegant.

Joan on

Congrats Megyn & Doug on the new baby waiting to be born!!

Watch ya everyday Megyn love ya show!! Also love ya on O’Reilly

mobile20 on

I find her majorly offensive, arrogant, and rude to her guests that share opposing views from her. I hope she has a healthy baby nonetheless.

Guest on

Ugh..can’t STAND her! Congrats on the new baby though.

Ann on

Don’t like her, but good luck, she’s a little old at 42.

Sean Hannity on

This woman is as dumb as a box of hammers.

Michelle on

Congratulations! I love Megyn!

And, to all the people who “hate”, maybe you should watch before you post comments. One person said they never turn on fox, yet they judge the network as awful. Great way to make an informed opinion.

Carole on

BRAVO FOR YOU! I’ve never heard so many rude and unkind people making some of these comments. We should all be happy for someone who is happy about her new baby. She also happens to be a really nice and a very smart woman who has had a successful career as an attorney and a news analyst. Don’t be so jealous haters!!!!

Esme on

My, how our standards for “star” have been lowered! Who cares about this creep overpopulating the world with her emptyheaded ilk.

Niko on

Can’t stand this woman, or any of those idiots on Fox News either

d on

For Sara who made the comment about white folk, what about beyonce and her husband jay z. They are very privleged people who will have their kids get the same they are not white. And they are more rich than Megan kelley. You know how hard it is for “white folk” these days to get into collegee because of dumb politics. It’s not about who should really get in anymore. So before you say racist things, look at the reality of things.

Courtney on

Congrats! Love Megyn and her show! What a wonderful gift for her family!

Dona Cox on

Love Megan Kelly …congrats on baby #3…thinking names…Yancy Elaine, if a girl…Everett Yale, if a boy…think you are one of FOX’S best…congrats and may GOD bless you and your family

Anonymous on

Congratulations, on the birth of your third child.You are such a wonderful Mom.