Steve Martin Welcomes First Child

02/13/2013 at 01:30 PM ET

Steve Martin Welcomes First Child
Michael Buckner/Getty

Surprise: Steve Martin is a dad!

The actor and wife Anne Stringfield welcomed their first child together, his rep tells PEOPLE.

According to the rep, the two “are new parents and recently welcomed a child.”

No other details were provided.

According to the New York Post‘s Page Six, which first broke the baby news, Martin and Stringfield welcomed the baby in December.

“They’ve had a baby and how they’ve kept it secret, nobody knows,” a source told Page Six, which reports that the new parent have been spotted around their Los Angeles neighborhood with their newborn in tow.

Martin, 67, who is notoriously private when it comes to his personal life, dated Stringfield, 41, for three years before tying the knot at his home in 2007.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Sarah S. on

Kudos to them on keeping it secret for a few months anyway. He seems like he would be a good Dad based on the roles he’s chosen: Parenthood, Father of the Bride, and Cheaper by the Dozen. Congrats to him and Anne! 🙂

ME on

He married Tina Fey! Lololol

Jen DC on

Awww! I love Steve Martin. This’ll be a cute, funny, musically-gifted, well-loved baby.

Grant L on

With a dead father by the time he’s 9

Dottie on


Really ! on

Lets see ,
1. diapers for baby , check, diapers for daddy, check.
2. Teething gel for baby, check, Denture glue for daddy, check
3. Formula/Milk for baby, check Ensure for daddy
4. Walker for baby, check Walker for daddy

Ajm on

This is hilarious!

Andrea on

LOL seriously!!

Carolyn on

That’s mean he can be good dad on wheel chair get a life jerks

Selfish on

Wow, he waited really late in life to finally have one. Poor Child. Grandfather for Dad.

Pat on

More like the age of many Great Grandfathers. The child will want for nothing financially, but for an active and energetic parent….maybe not. She’s even on the edge of the bio mom age, but well within the healthy range to physically raise a child. I do wish them all the best.

Really ! on

Lets see:
1. Diapers for baby, check Diapers for daddy, check
2. Formula for baby, check Ensure for daddy , check
3. Teething Gel for baby check Denture paste for daddy check
4. Walker for baby , check Walker for daddy, check

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I love Steve and it seems like they really wanted this baby. Plus, at least she’s in her forties and isn’t in her twenties or something.

“Father of the Bride Part II” will always be one of my favorite movies.

Lindsey on

Oh no!! The nerve of these people bringing a baby into the world. Shame on them! They’ll probably love him and care for him and lavish him with attention. Crazy Steve will probably want to play with the baby and make him laugh. That poor kid.

Seriously, you people are so stupid and judgmental. Kudos to him for not having 5 kids with 5 different women and waiting to do it with the person he thinks of highly enough to make her his child’s mother. What’s it to you?

Karen on

Father of the Bride part II….not really but kind of!!!

No Name on

Sorry I LOVE steve martin but him and elton john both men are practically 70 yrs old at that age to have babies is DISGUSTING!!!!!! you wont live to see your kids grow up!

Karolina on

I love hos everyone was bashing Alec Baldwin for being a late in life dad (2nd time around) are what 54 or something? And no one seems to have an issue with a 67 year old guy as a parent to a little baby? Ugh.

Jeeze on

Wow…he”ll be a bag of bones by the time his kid graduates high school.

katty on

wow…he’s 67? he’s looked the same since…forever. he’s sort of old, but I have no doubt he will be anything less than a fantastic father!

Sammi on

I love Steve Martin, good for him. Who cares how old he is?

Luanna on

Good for them! My dad was 65 when I was born, my mom was 35. It would have been nice to have him around longer than the 20 years I got but he did more with me than most of my friends younger dads combined. I have wonderful memories of camping, hiking, fishing, going to the ballet and each of them includes my dad.

Brandi on

I’m sure they are just devastated that they don’t have your blessing in the birth of their child. Lol God forbid that two loving, stable, caring people want to have a baby and give it everything it needs. Yes, they are an older couple…so WHAT? I’m thrilled for him and think he’ll be an awesome father 🙂 Obviously having a kid earlier in life wasn’t for him…and sadly, you would be congratulating him if he’d had a kid 25 years earlier in life (but wasn’t ready to be a father) because of his age. Do what works for you and let others do what works for them.

Melissa on

Very well put!

ruby on

congratulation to them age does’t matter if it the first child or not it just nice to have a child to carry the name on someone to love for ever

Jessica on

Congrats to Steve and Anne!

Ralory on

Albeit late for Steve, I am so happy for them. He is such a terrific guy and I wish them all the very best.

Linda on

I agree with Lindsey! At least they are not like the lose Kanyedashians.

Mary on

Who are you to judge? If he’d had a baby with some floozy he’d just divorced a month later you’d be on his case about that as well.

Melanie on

Wonderful news! Congrats to Steve and his wife. Steve has always seemed like a he’d be a great dad, and I’m so glad that’s finally happened for him.

Anonymous on

old dad!

Lilly on

Honestly, I didn’t even know what to comment about this initially. So I’ll just write that parenting comes in all forms albeit young or old. Best wishes to them.

crazymeme on

When the kid graduates high school “Dad” will be 84 or 85. A bit selfish, and yet…Cary Grant had a daughter with Dyan Cannon when he was about the same age, and he lived into his eighties. Father and daughter were very close, it seems.

nina on

CBB should get rid of comments.. You people are mean, disgusting and sad… I fear for my future children. A world of hatred.. makes me sick

Gina-Nicole on

I can’t believe all the naysayers here. In case you missed the memo, people are living longer and Steve’s wife is still young enough to be there for the baby in the child’s adult stages. The baby could add years to Steve’s life and he would probably live beyond 90!

angelina on


sarah on

so unfair to that baby. losing a dad is painful for anyone, and that baby certainly will before he hits 20 or 25 so.

atlantiscats on

67? …… 67!? Are you OUT of your mind? Okay, so you are okay with your kid never having a dad around for advice on parenting or marriage…. first car? Do you have any idea how important a dad is to a child?

reva on

Oh, Alec Baldwin (and Elton John, and so many others) was bad but this is just execrable. I thought maybe he had adopted a 12 year old or something, but a newborn? Disgusting. He and Victoria Tennant were such a cool couple. This is just wrong. No Steve, no. Don’t think of Tony Randall, think of Larry King. ICK!!! ICK ICK ICK. I have lost regard for this very talented man.

Andreas on


Kitty on

Fortunately, people are allowed to make their own decisions about having children and don’t have to consult jealous judgemental haters. Somehow I doubt it was a decision that was made lightly. Best wishes to Steve, his wife and their very fortunate little one.

anna on

Congrats on the birth of your daughters baby. Steve will make a wonderful grandfather 🙂

kimberly on

congrats to both of them! personally id rather see an older person having a child and take care of them than a younger person who has a child/children and doesnt care for them .

also it is not a guarentee that anyone gets a lot of time with their kids- my mom passed when i was 21 and she was 47..

CJ on

YOU SAID IT LINDSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoeAbreo on

Steve you dirty dog, at your age. I guess there is hope for me. Congrats to you and the Mrs.

Rachel on

um @ klutzy girl.. what is wrong with having a child in your twenties? they say its BETTER to do that. having a child in your 40 is much more risky. Please educate yourself

Cheryl on

Congratulations to them. I lived next door to Steve’s aunt and uncle in Waco, Texas. Steve’s parents would come and pick them up for a road trip to see Steve in California. They were always so friendly and helpful. This is the nicest family I ever knew. Steve will make an awesome daddy.

Brian on

Congratulations Steve and Anne!!! Much joy, satisfaction, and happiness for you…

David on

Good for him.

Rachel on

@ ruby.. yes having someone to carry your name and “love you forever” are TRULY the right reasons to have a baby. how old are you?

Aly on

That poor child. If Steve Martin lives to 100, his child will only be 33.

Gerry on

Aly, at 33 the child won’t be considered a child. Furthermore, I have first cousins that lost their mom when she was 35 and lost there dad when he was 45, so life has no guarantees. If Steve Martin lives to be a hundred, at least he will have given his child the best 33 years they could ever hope for.

Congrats to the new parents.

Gina on

Sounds like they adopted, kinda hard to keep the expanding waistline of a famous person’s wife a secret.

jon on

Are you sure its “Stringfield” and not “Stringbean?”

Jerry on

At the very least Steve and HIS WIFE, not a live in ,not a same sex partner chose traditional marriage to concieve and have a baby. Congratulations to the new DAD and new MOM, Great to hear recognition to a new baby that has two parents that are a male and a female as the childs parents.

Anonymous on

It is very sad that all of you are so full of hate and ugliness. It is not by choice that he waited all this time to meet his soulmate, i’m sure he would have loved to meet her 40 years sooner but that was not to be. So to have a child at this point with the woman he loves, GOOD FOR HIM!!!

msk on

OK, so is this like the first baby born on Medicare?

Cara on

70 year old men should not be having babies. That’s not fair to his child, there is a high chance he won’t even live to see his son turn 18. So selfish!

Anonymous on

Everyone should just mind their own damn business. Nobody has a right to comment on the decisions of people just because they are in the public eye. Keep your opinions to yourselves and allow people to live their lives without the commentary. In other words mind your own business!!!!!!!!!!

Teena on

Congrats to Steve and his wife. He’s a funny guy and a good actor. I do hope he still has many years left to see his kid grow up.

Kat on

See celebrities can keep a secret WHEN they want to.

T in Texas on

The poor kid won’t have much time on earth with his DADA ! OMG !

Hattie on

Congrats Steve.better late than never and you won’t be alone in your old age.

shirl on

sound like the movie he made with Diane Keaton – i love it – congrats to the happy couple !

not so wild or crazy guy on

exactly when people choose to have children is their own personal business of course, at least people like Martin will be financially able to raise a child. But people likely will always assume Martin is his grandfather.

Autumn on

I am very happy for the two of them. Yes, it’s a little later in life for him, but it is none of our business. And, at least he’s not living off the government!

Anonymous on

Blah Blah Blah what a bunch of aholes who are you to judge him?

robert on

good for you steve and god bless the three of you dont let them scum jerks get to you i just know you wont be yourself you are a better man then most ot them

Duane on

Well, Excussssssssssssssssssse Us! Great news Steve, good luck!

chhristinefelix on

i like steve martin

Luran on

Sorry for the haters! A child is always a joyful and wonderful thing to welcome, at any age. Congrats to the happy parents!

Darlene Rhoads on

You would almost think that with all of the divorces today you would be happy they make it work.

All of you people who are putting them down would holler if you got hung by a new rope they are happy let them be.

juney07 on

Congratulations; great news for them. Nice to see a Hollywood celeb keep a private life “private”. Guess he’s too old for the disgusting paps to stalk; happy for the three of them.

Mia Mama on

I thought he already had children. My mother had her last of 11 children at 48 and lived to 89. She was a grandmother and great grand mother from her youngest child (20 year old and 1 year old respectively).

Laura on

I’m glad he is happy. Thanks for all the laughter your movies have brought into our lives.

Wendy on

if tina fey and kristen davis had a baby?? yikes. she looks just like them. mazel.

Kaylin on

How swell for them! With someone like Steve who has kept so much of his personal life personal, I’m not surprised he didn’t rush right out and buy a billboard or try and sell the little one’s first pictures. It’s none of our business if they don’t want it to be.

Lonzo on

Did she have the baby or did they adopt? maybe that’s how no one knew before the baby arrived.

Jill on

If it makes Steve and his wife happy …. why shouldn’t anyone be happy about that? …. or …. different strokes for different folks ! …. Steve will be a great dad !

Justine on

You guys beat me to it! I was going to say that after he gets done diapering the baby, when said baby is potty trained, baby can then diaper him. And at age 82 he can teach his kid to drive! Oh joy!

Buffettgirl on

People be nice! My Dad was a month shy of 52 when I was born (Mom was 27) and while he did pass away when I was 12 I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This kid will have just about everything life has to offer, and with a father that has a lifetime of experience to handle with patience and love anything that comes along. Congrats to Steve and Anne! 🙂

JFKnfddg on

Congratulations on the new parents! They look like they’ll make great parents.

Chance on

Shes 41?! She looks 25, i’m jealous. You people bashing him are so dumb. My dad was 27 when I was born and died when I was 9. So, it even if you are young, death is still a possibility. He is a member of MENSA, an incredible musician, famous actor, avid art collector, and just a nice guy. I wish more people like him would have kids instead of 22 yr olds that are undeducated and jobless. Besides the fact that he takes great care of himself, he can afford the best doctors in the world. Also, who’s to say it wasn’t an accident. I mean if i were 41 with a 67 yr old, I wouldn’t think I was gonna get pregnant so maybe they didn’t either. But, planned or not I wish my kid could be in the same play circle!

Anonymous on

I would have kept it a secrect too. Really at your age Steve? When the kid is in high school everyone would think your the kids’ great grandpa,or the first father and daughter dance would you be able to stay up?In my opinion I think it was selfish of him wanting to have a child at his age. He will die many years before that child will become a young adult. Sad that he’s so desperate to be immortalized. Its not the child’s fault you could not find a decent partner when you were younger(his track record). Happy that he finally found someone that made him happy but having children this late in the game….pathetic!

Donna on

Glad to see there are at least some “Hollywood people” who understand that acting is a JOB and should be kept seperate from their personal lives. All you wanna-bes…just do your job and go home! We don’t care about your love life, extravagant lifestyle, drug use or drunken parties.

Anonymous on

Nice. 67. Maybe he will still be alive when she is 10

ohrandy777 on

WHY???? He is 67 years old. 67! It is rediculous. I think there comes a point in a persons life when they are much too old to be able to care for a child. Even at his wifes age, which she will be the one having to spend the time raising the child because he is at the Grandpa age, the kid will have 2 old parents when graduating high school. Not a good move.

Cindy on

However he became a father, I wish the new family well.

Cindy on

I wish the new family all the best.

MommyBunny on

Why are people calling them SELFISH? Seriously? And the whole “Poor baby, grandfather for a dad” comment– my biological father was a self-absorbed douche, but my grandfather helped my mom raise me and WAS way more like my father, and I consider myself SO lucky for that relationship with him. So I find that offensive.

Anonymous on

Good for Steve and his wife. Who really cares how old Steve is as long as he is happy who are we to rain on his day in the sun?

MommyBunny on

I bet the kid will end up being the quiet, studious type. 🙂 And adorable. 🙂

Bill on


klutzy_girl on

Rachel – Nothing’s wrong with having a baby in your twenties. I was just getting ahead of the “She’s too young for him and they’re having a baby! EWWWWWWWWW!” comments that we see every time a situation like this occurs. And I was pointing out that hey, she’s in her forties, not twenties, so the age difference isn’t really that bad this time.

Anonymous on

Wonderful! Love to hear things like this. His life is surely complete now.

Anonymous on

Really stupid to have a child at 67.

Pamela on

People criticizing should read about how Cary Grant was as a father to his only daughter. He was 62 when she was born and he absolutely doted on her and she considered him a wonderful father. My dad was 27 when I was born and absolutely terrible. I’d take 20 years of great over the 39 years of crap I had any time.

Selene on

I don’t think it will be pleasant for a child who will probably grow up most of it’s life without a father. Already, the mother will be 61 when her child is only 20. There is a reason why the child birthing years are best in the 20’s and 30’s.

DennisTheMenance on

25 yrs Dif?
Great, Then I still have a Chance with Kate Upjohn?

Maleficent on

Do people ever think about the child when they decide to have procreate at such advanced ages? That child will likely be fatherless before he/she enters adulthood, and their mother will be grandmother age by then.

loonysuse on

Good for them! Nothing wrong with privacy.

BOB on


Andrea on

I have mixed feelings. On one hand I want to say “why???” and on the other hand I want to say “congrats”. I mean, he’s lucky if he lives to see the kid turn 10. I just don’t think that’s fair to do to children, but that’s just my viewpoint.

B.Mary on

My grandfather was 72 when my mom was born, grandmother in her mid 40’s! He lived to be 96. I’m glad they had her, or I wouldn’t be here. 🙂 Congrats to Steve Martin and his lovely wife!

RobJoy on

Congratulations to you and your lovely wife(assuming you will read this news). I know you will cherish this child and enjoy every moment. My very best wishes to you.
(I live near the Steep Canyon Rangers)

Ida Spencer on

Funny I get the feeling he’s hiding something…check the closets.

Sarah on

I love him! He is probably going to be the funniest dad ever. Congrats Steve and Anne!

Bettie on

Congrats! Love him, all you perfect people that judge. Shame on you!

Edward on

Thought he had children already…..let’s see, at 67 and the way many celebs having been leaving us in their mid seventies and eighties, Martin might be around to see the kid enter college, or the kid will be around to see Martin take his real “Leap of Faith” to his Creator.

Bill on


Anonymous on

i am jealous on the kid by the time she is a teen ager

she will inherit alot of stevo dollars

Daretta Paul on

I dont see why so many people are throwing such a fit over this. The man waited for the right person to come into his life. She obviously wanted a part of him to celebrate their love. If, for some sad reason Mr. Martin doesn’t get to see his child’s bigger moments in life because he passed; he at least left him or her a legacy of love and commitment with his beloved wife. It is almost like saying it is irresponsible for going out to work and causing yourself stress because it could lead to a heart attack! Life will end for everyone. For all we know this man has a lot of time or a little. But if his wife wishes to take that chance knowing she may have to raise the child later on by herself they are the adults and wish to take that chance. I wish them joy and happiness!

Edward on

Having a kid at 67 should get him one of the biggest laughs of his career…..let’s see, that’ll make Martin 87 when the child is ready for college, and that’s if he beats the odds of still being here..!!!

clardyp on

Oh me, a great-grandfather for a dad!!

Will on

Congratulations you crazy guy.

ND on

I wish more people understood about the genetic deterioration of sperm as men age. I hope they did not use Martin’s sperm.

For people who don’t know, his old age is a concern not only for being a low-energy dad who may die before his child reaches adulthood but also because he has permanently degraded DNA that the child then passes along to his/her children and ends up in the human genome. There are specific birth defects and developmental problems, like autism and lower intelligence, that are linked to older fathers, and also there are micromutations in DNA that can then be very vulnerable to even further degradations in future generations.

See Dr. Harry Fisch’s writings for more info. This kind of science could not be done well until the 1970s, when paternity became provable, so that is why new discoveries are being made all the time about the problems aging fathers cause for their children.

This is why

heather on

Fatastic. 🙂 We also welcomed babies this december, triplets. We are 26 years apart, my husbad will be 60 this year ad we couldn’t be happier. Older dads are more grounded. Good for him!

ND on

Feel bad for the kid. Older men have degraded DNA.

See Dr. Harry Fisch’s writings for problems old dads cause their kids.

Lisa on

I love Steve Martin, but that is too old to be having babies. Not fair to the kid.

Anonymous on

Twenty years with a great dad is better than all of your life with a deadbeat… in my opinion…

Anonymous on

why did she let that happen??? You are suppose to enjoy your golden years not raise kids

Anne on

I say congratulations to both of them. I am 56 and raising a grandchild. Sure, I don’t have as much energy as I used to, but I think I am less selfish, more loving and much more patient than when I was younger. I wish them the best of luck with the newest member of the Martin family.

Denise S. on

Too bad he won’t be around long enough to see his child graduate unless he has a long life ahead of hin.

Anonymous on

Hey most of you poster should mind your own business

Susan on

Good for him and them. This is how we should treat all celebs. It’s fun reading stuff, but the Kartrashians have proven just how disgusting it is to make money off of being bad.

Deb on

Congrats to both of them on the wonderful north of their new baby!

My friend is married to a much older man. He was 65 when his kids were born. He has been the most wonderful father to them for the last 15 years and is still going strong. As he is at home, he can play with them after school and spends far more time with them then the average Dad! They are well developed boys and I think Steve will do a great job too!

amy123 on

wait, they’re married and had a baby?! isn’t that like illegal nowadays?

anonymous on

How incredibly selfish. Their child will barely remember his/her father. His ship sailed in the parent department. This makes me sick.

Rachel on

I can see why, with some of these hateful comments, they decided to keep it quiet as long as they could before announcing their news. They probably wanted to enjoy the arrival of their child a little while before having to defend it.

Anonymous on

So glad they kept it a secret, We did not have to hear about the baby bump. Glad for them

TM on

I know a sixty-two year old woman that has the most beautiful body I have ever seen (and I’m in my twenties). If you take exceptional care of yourself, you can live for a really long time, and look amazing to boot! In other words, congrats to the new father, and may he have a long and healthy life with his wife and child.

w on

love him, but that is just too old to have a baby, and too much age gap between the parents, but good luck! I hope to be traveling and relaxing at his age!

Bonnie on

Better late than never. Congratulations to both of them. Bringing a child into this world is a life experience I think should not be missed. It changes your perspective on life and where you fit in this universe.

Jack on

Wow that kid will be 10 and he will be 77 and tired while that kid will be pump full of energy. That’s sad.

amlunar on

My father was 33 when I was born. He unexpectedly died when I was 12. Yes, it is painful to lose a parent young, but I have wonderful memories. One never knows what tomorrow will bring so enjoy the today. Congratulations. Steve Martin and his wife will be great parents.

WickedOne1414 on

Nothing like knowing you probably won’t live long enough to see your kid graduate high school. Selfish much?

wsr on

LOL by the time the kids 5 he will be dead

Sharon on

A child needs a parent more than material things they can give it. This is a very very selfish thing to have a child at their age. They are only thinking of themselves and very little about a child that will be parentless before too long.

Risley on

When you are rich it does not matter how old you are when you have a child you know the child will always be taken care of with your money whether you are around to see it grow up or not.

Sharon on

Such a shame people are that selfish to think of themselves more than the child. Material things in the long run won’t matter but not being there when a child needs you will. This child will grow up realizing they gave him life but werent the parents that were they when the kid needed them.

Andy on

He will be 80 when the kid becomes a teen…What a peice of work this guy is.

Anonymous on

No fool, like an OLD fool!

Momma D on

First, I am a huge fan of Steve Martin, the man and actor. I am disappointed that a man this good looking has such a plain Jane on his arm. Second, Usually men that decided to have children at this age have them to leave behind a little something of themselves. It’s a I was here status. Silly and selfish? Yes, but thats human nature. I do feel sorry for the child, because parents are embarrassing to teens as it is without having old thrown in. However, this is a Hollywood child and it stands a better chance of acceptance than the average kid next door. I wish them the best and I do hope he lives long enough to enjoy the child. Take lots of family vido’s Steve of dad and faily days..

Anonymous on


Patsy Ann on

No fool, like an OLD fool!

Karen on

Who are we to judge someone for having a child in his 60’s… Most younger men never stick around long enough to be a father… Stop and think people… A child is a blessing no matter how old you are… God Bless

Gina on

A baby at sixty seven? He should be enjoying his retirement years.

Lydia on

Good for Steve and Anne. They are a married couple, so that baby will never have to worry about being called a “bastard” ike so many other famous offspring. You all seem to forget how old Cary Grant was when he and wife Dyan Cannon welcomed their daughter into the world. Mazel tov to the new parents!

Bud Maxwell on

Congrats to the Martin Family! We love to hear that another “Wild & Crazy” addition will carry on tradition!

carl on

when the child is 10 he will be 77–if he makes it–i don’t think he did the math

saywhat on

My mom was 37 My dad was 62-it’s all good. Congrats Steve!

Bud Maxwell on

Congratulations to Steve and Anne Martin. We love to hear that an addition will carry on the “Wild & Crazy” tradition!

Margaret Leonardi on

Wow , I didn’t even know he was married. Congratulations to them!

bob on

way to go steve so what if he is a dad at 67 im sure that kid will be loved no mater how old steve is there are to many younger dads out there that could care less about there kids so its ok for young men to knock up and run and the kids dont have a clue who there dad is ? steve will be there no matter how long he lives and he will love that baby the whole time

Zoe on

I find it entertaining that we are all so sure we know what a family should look like. He’s old, yes. But on the plus side he’s financially stable, so the child is set for life. They can hire nannies and travel the world and since he has enough money without working, he can stay with his child 24 hours a day until the child goes to school. That child will probably know his father better than I knew my father, even though my father was wonderful, because my father worked long days and came home exhausted at night and fell into bed. And as many posters have commented, there are no guarantees. Young healthy parents sometimes die in car crashes; there are no guarantees. You people who are being so hateful are basically saying you should never bet when the odds are against you; how boring your lives must be.

Pam on

My husband met Steve Martin while working on a movie with him in GA years ago. It was a cold, raw, windy day for GA (17 degrees) and all the extras were waiting outside at a rock quarry, around a burning barrel, for the next scene. Mr. Marin was in his trailer nice and warm, yet he came out and played his banjo and entertained the extras while they all waited in the cold. Everyone wound up with the flu, but they had a great time. My husband had great respect for him after that and said he was a nice and decent man! I am sure he will also be a great Dad! Congrats and enjoy your new life, in more ways than one!!!!

Anonymous on

Looks like Steve’s just being a “Wild and Crazy Guy!!”

Brad on

Gonna be a “Wild and Crazy Baby”!

Anonymous on

congratulations Steve. i really admire how you stay away from the silliness that surrounds celebrities while still being a major talent.

Anonymous on

Best wishes Mr. and Mrs. Martin.

sis on

Good for them. God Bless. Comments mean nothing, not even mine. Just love one another and the new baby. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

Matt Z. on

My family and I sat 8 feet away from Steve when he did his King Tut skit on SNL back in the 70’s. That was the nite they introduced the Blues Brothers. What a show! This man has talent oozing from every pore of his body. He’ll make a great Dad. One very lucky baby, indeed. Our very best wishes to you!

LuvBear on

Anybody remember Tony Randall? He was married and could never have childeren with his first wife. He meant a much younger woman and they had two children!! He said he loved every moment of it, from changing diapers to bottle feeding! He didn’t mind the crying or fussing at all!! He didn’t live long enough to see them grow up but, and they knew this and you could tell they were deeply in love!! Why know a person for having something so special???

sullyharth on

and i thought he was gay. but congrats. hell, if Larry King can have a child at 66 and James Brown can have one at 64, so can he. if you can afford ’em birth ’em, regardless of age.

Steve B on

Great so when this child is 15 Martin will be 82 How selfish can you get?

Purple Shell on

My Dad lived to be 98 and took care of himself.He was dancing up a storm (polkas, salsa) at 85. An Aunt had a surprise memopause baby and she and her husband lived to see grandchildren. Cling Eastwood is still around for his last child. One never knows when they will die. We lost a 15 year. This child will be well loved.

Rob on

67 and a dad. Sigh. He’ll probably be dead by the time the kid gets to 15. Thats just wrong.

D on

If this was planned then it was selfish. If it just happened, then there is nothing you can do.
My children lost their Dad 4 years ago and its a daily painful thing. This child will have a similar experience. It’s a bitter sweet thing. At least the child will always have enough money .

william on

Nice…. could he wait just a little longer to father a child. I feel sorry for this kid… Martin will probably die of old age before the child graduates high school

JoshEwe on

Gee, and for all these years I thought Steve Martin was gay

barb on

Why do people bash him because he’s 67? What makes you think he isn’t going to be around long? My brother’s kids were 4and 6 yrs of age when their dad was killed in a car accident at the age of 29. So what’s the difference?

JoshEwe on

Gee, and for all these years I thought Steve Martin was gay.

Diana on

Bet you’d have a different outlook if it was the mother who was 67 Lindsey.

esymmons on

I hope the child gets the father’s humor and shares it some more.


My father-in law married at 50, fathered 7 children, lived to see 14 or 15 grandchildren … I don’t think a single one of his children were damaged by him being so much older. They actually turned out to be great people … except for one. I’m sure Steve and Anne gave this a lot of thought before creating this heir. There is no happy like the happy of your own baby. Not to worry: they get mischievous so their smiles are sweeter.

I spent many hours talking to him and now I miss him like crazy.

Holiday on

Love Steve Martin but he is literally 20 years older than my kids grandparents ( when my first was born!!)

taradawes on

Congratulations to them both. I for one had older parents and loved it and wouldn’t have traded them for younger versions ever.

Cheryl on

Congradulations to the Happy Couple..despite all the negative comments on here, your age, your going to die, etc. I think it is wonderful knowing you are enjoying looking at your bundle of joy, little fingers, toes, hair, and changing diapers is not so bad after all. Both of you I’m sure discussed all of the pro’s, and the con’s. It’s not selfish what so ever to give this child what you have to offer at this moment in your lives! Enjoy it, treasure it, best of wishes! I think its just great..the Lord is your judge, not the people on here.

alex on

Mr. Martin, I doubt that you will read this but now you can play the banjo under the yellow tree and leave out the last verse. And don’t forget to teach the child how to play. Best wishes.

Julie on

Wow! Congratulations Steve and Anne! I think he’s going to a wonderful father!

Sally on

Father of the Bride part II come to real life …. just laughing so hard … so very happy for them! I guess he had a lot of practice getting ready for his real role of a late in life father! Too perfect!

anonamous on

Congratulations Steve and Anne! A baby is a blessing and I believe you will be good parents. Please try to overlook the comments of the judgemental individuals who apparently are not very sensitive, accepting, or smart…….. if they believe all their unkind comments to be true. God bless you and your new family.

cashel on

No one can predict how long we have here. It is pretty ridiculous to blast them for having a baby. They are married. They are wealthy. If the baby is wanted and loved and cared for then that is what matters. And why are people acting like the mom is ancient? 41 is NOT old thank you very much! I guess baby daddies and teen moms and broken homes and loser guys who have 5 kids with different crack shores are much better as long as they aren’t gasp! 40 or over!

CTG on

Yikes. I’m thinking weird.

Newbaku on

I wish them the best–I think Mr. Martin is a good man. That said, I personally feel it is selfish to become a father at age 67. Statistically, it’s unlikely Martin will live to see his child graduate high school. Our children love us regardless, of course, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for their child, when only age 10, to have a 77-year-old dad. When I was 10, my GREAT-GRANDPARENTS were 67!

Jen DC on

“too old”
“too poor”
“too uneducated”
“too self-centered”
“too young”
“too busy”
“too lazy”
“too immature”

all these things are opinions and you are entitled to them, but luckily Steve has his life to live and now a baby and wife to love. he’s active, creative and, oh, rich. and he’s probably done everything he’s wanted to do with his time EXCEPT this. y’all bemoan fathers who aren’t involved. bemoan parents who work more than they see their kids. bemoan the lack of marriage between parents. bemoan the parents (and their pasts) themselves. Steve is married, will probably hang out a lot with the baby, he’s semi-retired (at least from acting; he seems to have a decent music career going). he’s married to the mother and doesn’t seem to have a terrible, drug-or-other-disaster-specked life.

nothing would please you people.

Anonymous on

Like I have always said: HE’S A WILD AND CRAZY GUY!

Steve on

Better late than never; hopefully” a wild a nd crazy baby. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Pope Vinnie III on

Fer Chrissakes, they’re acting like they are the first couple to ever poop out a kid. “Notoriously private”? Give me a break. Steve Martin has thrust himself on the American public for decades, hamming it up at every opportunity. Now that he knocked up some librarian-looking gal, it’s a state secret? He’s turning senile, that’s what.

Anonymous on

YAY for the Martins, Congratulations, and for those making fun or who thinks it is wrong…. oh well, not your business or your problem anyway!! This child will be well loved and cared for, isn’t that what really matters?? Always has to be those who find something wrong in every thing, never will understand that! And as for experience, who EVER has experience when they have their first child, at least he is mature and has lots of experience in life!!

zenny on

Steve Martin is one of my favorites…a classy man and congratulations to both of them…

Anonymous on

67 years old with a newborn….all I could think while reading this was wonder if he reacted to the pregnancy news the same way he did in the movie “Father of the Bride 2.” LOL

Bev on

Wow are you people judgemental!! My father-in-law is 84 years old. He was 60 years old when his son (my husband) was born. How dare you people judge what kind of father he is going to be simply because of his age!! My husband has the BEST memories of his father while growing up and even at 84 he is still such a hilarious and fun man to visit! No he can’t run around playing football with our two kids, but he reads them books, plays lighter games with them, makes me laugh and they LOVE him! To all you clueless people, I know of more distant, immature fathers who are in their 20’s. And 30’s. Age does NOT define what kind of parent you are going to be!

Kman on

Why the hell would anyone have a child that they can not even hope to see them graduate from high school?

LM on

Congrats to the lovely couple! To all of the naysayers, I’m sure SM will be a fantastic father. Steve is in his 60s and will be around for 20-30 more years. That’s more than enough to raise a child. This kid will have two parents who will love and care for him/her. That’s a lucky child regardless.

MollyF on

I’m a huge fan of his. LOVE him on Twitter. *lol* So happy for him and his wife. 🙂 Yeah, he’s an older dad, but who cares. 🙂 Congrats to them both. 🙂

Brian from DC on

Oh Lord. Steve Martin will be 80 when his child is 13, and 100 when it’s 33. This is really, really sad and creepy.

SitKane on

Wow I could of sworn that Steve Martin was a grandfather now. Anyways, I would like to congratulate him! He’s one of the greatests comics in history, and he’ll make an awesome father! I don’t understand why people are hating! Some people just choose to have a baby late in life and there is nothing wrong with that! At least the baby has two loving parents. Many kids don’t have that priviledge. Men could obviously keep a secret like this better than women. Plus Steve looks healthier than most 30 year olds. Kudos for him on having enough juice to make a baby- with a woman in her 40s at that!

Kathy on

Some of the comments on here are really mean and crazy.

His age has nothing to do with how long the child will have him around. Fathers in their 20’s and 30’s and 40’s die every day.

Some people actually said he is too old and has no experience raising a child. News Flash… No new parents have any experience raising children. We learn as we go…

I am very happy for them…

SitKane on

Steve must have strong swimmers!

Cartyr on

So disappointing. Its likely this man wont live to see his grandchildren born, and this child will be fatherless before he hits 30. So, so selfish.

Shelly on

I think it is terrific! It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you can love and care for a child that is all that matters! I am happy that Steve finally found the right person to share his life and is bringing a baby into a loving family…what could be more beautiful?

tami1228 on

Wow…at 67 I hope he’s around long enough to attend the child’s High school graduation,he’s nearly 70 years old…..strange…I don’t know about this one :/

telvis on

Congrats you wild and crazy guy.

Susan on

To bad he made her wait 3 years to marry her. At 41 all kinds of health issues can appear. I always thought he was a self centered man. He’s so private, I don’t watch his movies…ever! No even trains, a car and a plane. Obnoxious human bean he is!

Dad G on

Wat da hell is THAT? Wat da hell IS that? I know, Wat da hell is that?

Faye on

So happy that they are going to be parents….it is a wonderful ride that I would not trade for anything else in the world and mine are in their mid-twenties.

Sharon on

I am so very thrilled for them!!!

Anonymous on

You commenters suck…..I’m 39 and have only seen my father all of 4 times in my entire life and he and my mother were married!! No man knows the day or the hour. Steve just might outlive us all especially you judgers. No wonder he and his wife kept it quiet. Congrats Steve 😉

Sharon on

Congratulations to the new family. Such a blessed time in life you feel “anewed”. Refreshing. All the moments are so sweet. The baby is very lucky to have parents like you.

Anonymous on

Congrats to the Martim Family!

Mama on

Congrats to them. As for not living to see his child grow up….there are a LOT of young men who died too soon and never got to see their children grow up.My grandmother-in-law lived to be 98 years old. We never know how much time we have on this earth. So make the most of it. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Enjoy your family, Mr. Martin!

Dick Johnson on


Irene on

We also had an un-expecteded child after having 3 nearly grown daughther’s off doing their teenage thing.. were a lttle schocked. Many asked if same marriage and yes it was. Serveral yrs after that little boy was born his dad was DX’ed with a rare early onset Lewy Body Dementia, if you could only see how that child lite a room for his Dad when he walk into it. We were all there when my husband passed but I know that child was sent to us for a reason as I believe most are.
So I Belive this child for the Martins may be just what th DR ordered !

jed on

I did not know the stuff would still work at age 67

drjohn on

Sorry, but at 67 it’s just stupid

Cynthia on

Wow, a miracle that he could keep the baby off the tabloid pages for even a minute. Now, for all the ugly people making ugly comments. Some kids never know their dad, some lose their dads when they are young..we have no guarantees, so if this child has a loving, happy home while growing up he’s a winner.

Barb on

My dad was 34 when I was born and died when I was 8 at the age of 42. Life gives you no guarantees. Good for them!

Jack on

He’ll be a great father! I’m sure he really cares if you don’t think he should be a father.

Danie on

AS an older mother myself (50 to a 4 year old) I can only say that they will have the time and patients to really enjoy this time.
We were so blessed to have kids later in life and did all of our traveling etc. and now have the money to enjoy it all….they will too. I highly reccomend being and older parent….
Again! Congratulations to Stene and Anne!!!!!


At first glance at the picture I though the story was that she was his daughter. Wow, 27 year age difference..ugh! Thanks to the little blue pill he is now a grandpa! Nature never intended men to become fathers at 67. Yes, I am aware of the biblical story of Abraham and don’t believe that either. Well, at least she and the kid are set for life.

Danie on

Amazed at the negative, not to mention nasty comments here.
I congratulate them. They are married and doing what married people do….have a family. I guess Brangelina garner more respect because they are not married but young…gak!

jeff Weiss on

I thought he was much older than that! Hope he and his Banjo group will keep performing. Do you think he will let the todler see his “Walk like an Egyptian”?

janice on

i think it is wonderful! congratulations to both of you. i know your baby is lucky for having two parents who wanted he/ she so much.

Toni H on

I think he is a great actor and decent person. Best wishes to the new parents!

Lacey on


Liz on

Are you kidding making comments about his age, Sadly a lot of kids loose their parents at a young age. I’m sure that kid will be loved and will have a fun time. It’s quality time not quanity time which is something a lot of you seem to forget. Congrats on your new baby!! And to rest of you who think it’s wrong,..get a life. No one can say when your blessed with a baby.

Anonymous on

Doesn’t he have a love child with Cindy Sherman?

peggy on

I wish you the best in life Steve Martin and your lovely wife.

meghan on

There comes a time when your chance at parenthood has passed. It is sad, but that’s life.

Red Sam Rackham on

To all those making negative comments about Steve Martin finally becoming a dad all I can say is … Excuuuuuuuse Me !!!

Carolyn on

It’s their life let them be happy. Jerks make mean messages

parisgirlxxx on

Steve & wife don’t CARE what we think! This is why he’s so private! It’s his life, & he will go crazyin love w/ this kid. Look at Letterman.

A. Nonny Moose on

One lucky kid to have a dad who plays the banjo. That alone makes up for Martin’s age (to all you ageists there with your snarky comments).

My dad played the banjo and memories of him playing that thing and singing have stayed with me forever.

JT on

CONGRATS to Steve and Anne!!!…Not all people can find the PERFECT MATE and start making babies at age 20. Life is different for everyone and you can’t live your life according to what the (so called) average person does. There are a lot of young dead beat dads out there, and just because they donated sperm doesn’t mean that they make good fathers! I believe that life is great when you add life to your years instead of years to your life!

Anonymous on

Steve sure is a wild and krazy guy…wooo hoo…congrats man

parisgirlxxx on

he fell in love, got married, had a child and doesn’t care what you think.He’s rich and maybe hates you too. That’s why he’s so private.

Lou on

Everyone is so excited about this birth, and I congratulate the parents but, from the childs point of view someday, he or she will be left young without a father figure in the future no doubt. I was one of those children many yrs, ago, and I can tell you it is not easy growing up with out a father. I could write a book of the many times my heart would ache from his loss through my life.

Donald on

This guy truly deserves his success and a happy family. Good luck Steve, I know you will do great as a father.

Juliette on

I thought he already had a child – isn’t that his daughter in the photo with him????
Like they say, there’s no fool like an old fool….

sun on

Congrats to the Martin Family! He will be best dad and maybe some day they could have more children

Juliette on

I thought he was already a dad – isn’t that his daughter in the photo with him?
As they say, there’s no fool like an old fool….

sandra on

Congratulations to the happy couple. He is old, but waiting until you find the right person is best. He looks good for his age. I personally believe having a baby makes you feel more youthful. Definitely keeps you on your toes.

jim on

its his business not yours congrats to him and his wife

ME123 on

Yes, kudos to him, family and the friends for keeping this a secret. I loved him as an actor. But after meeting him in Santa Fe last summer. He is one of the rudest people I have ever encountered.

BrianW517 on

Steve won’t live to see the graduation!? SAD!!!

Anonymous on lets hate on Steve but love those peeps having babies at 16..

BrianW517 on

Steve won’t live to see the Graduation!?

steve on

if i looked like steve martin at 67, i would be all about nailing some hot 18 year old looking 40 year old chick and have a child… i think at 67 ill be mature enough finally.. wow, god bless steve, and his babys mother.. they are kind of a symbol to me of the new age and the new man.

Juliette on

I thought he already was a dad – isn’t that his daughter in the photo with him?
Like they say, there’s no fool like an old fool…

Liz on

Have loved all of Steve’s movies. Glad for he and Anne. Hope to see pictures soon of the baby.

Everybody keep your comments to your selves.

K on

My father ignored me, my mother was beaten by hers. My ex husband left our daughter at 3 mo old and I was left to raise her alone. Trust me; any loving father is a good father, no matter what.

Anonymous on

The whole story is way too vague…I don’t believe it.

Mechelle on

I love SM and congrats but holy s**t!

Marky on

Most likely half you posters railing about Steve Martin’s age are making sire that your parents and/or in-laws are have your children half the time or all the time. I am upper middle-class, living in a nice city, and I can tell you most of my friends in their 50s, 60, and even 70s, are either taking care of their grandchildren every day or raising them and paying their medical and dental bills as well. It is just sad to see some of you making rude comments about his age when many grandparents are doing all the things you’re talking about older people NOT being able to do. If you are raising your own children 100% of the time, never asking grandparents to babysit, not living with your parents, and handing your children over to them, and all the other stuff I’ve seen happening, you have nothing to say about decisions anyone else makes. As for talent, Steve Martin has more talent in his little finger than 95% of the people commenting on here, and is well known to be a really nice guy!

Patriot on

Wow, He’ll be 83 when the kid turns 16. What fun. Thankfully his wife is somewhat younger and can keep up with the kid.

El on

Congrats to Steve and Anne. All you have to do is look at their picture to see how CRAZY HAPPY they are. I think it is hilarious how many posters are so concerned that Steve won’t be there for the high school graduation. How many parents book out of the picture before the child ever makes it to kindergarden and could care less?

genia on

Good for them. I wouldn’t want to have any in my 60’s but everyone is different. But he will be mistaken I’m afraid for the grandfather instead of father, but he will laugh it off.

Anonymous on

All the negativity in here in absolutely bothersome. I know lots of families that waited until later in life to have children, and they’re parents are still alive, round into the 90’s, walking about normally and still raising their kids.

Congrats to the two of them, I’m extremely happy for them.

Steve is a young spirited, in good health guy.

What does it matter what his age is?

He’ll be around to raise his kid and give them all the important lessons they need in life and all the love they could ever want. He’ll be an amazing dad, and his wife an amazing mother.

Seriously, people. This is a new day and age! Grow up, and have some respect…

If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Learn from your parents!

virtuallyme on


anais on

My grandfather and my grandmother had my dad at the ages of 60 and 35 years respectively. His mum died 5 years later at the age of 40. His dad died 35 years later at the age of 95.Well enough to see my dad getting married and having children of his own. My point, age is no guarantee in this life…

Cara on

The women are this board are such hypocrits! If this were a story about a 45 year old woman having a baby people would have a field day about the risks she’s putting her child through. The double standard is in this society is ridiculous… It is wrong to be a 70 year old man having children. Do you really think his money can replace the lack of time he will likely have with this kid?

Colleen on

come on guys, ease up on the judgment…If it werent for my 63 yr old great grandfather, I would never be here but more than that I would never have had the opportunity to know the greatest person in my life..selfless giving christian woman that was the most humble nice person you would ever want to meet…my point is this…sometimes greater things can come from “strange” situations.. having said that, congrats on your baby!

Susan on

Way to go grandpa!

Bonnie on

Now wonder they kept it a secret, expecting negative comments that some jerks (loved the movie) are posting. Read that article without their AGES and just be happy for them…much happiness to Steve, Ann and baby:))

josie on

Are you sure she actually gave birth to this child and they didn’t adopt it. I have yet to see it noted she gave birth only that they became parents in Dec, not that it would matter if the baby is adopted.

Me and my husband are in our late 50’s and have 5 grandchildren, the thought of having a baby at his age would make my husband lose it although we love having the grand kids visit.

Hopefully Steve will live to a ripe old age and not pull aTony Randall and die with 2 small children who will probably hardly remember him.

ldg on

sometimes.. it’s hard not to be jealous of the possibilities for men– no woman can even dream of having her own child after 40-something (obviously, varies for each woman).

here’s Steve Martin who, granted, is worth a great deal of money and can promise a kind of financial security for his child most men cannot.. but what a wonderful, blessed, lucky event for him.

however many years they enjoy as a family, more joy to them.

Norine on

Did they use a surrogate?

dsfg on

” As for not living to see his child grow up….there are a LOT of young men who died too soon and never got to see their children grow up.My grandmother-in-law lived to be 98 years old. ”

Ok . . . but a 30-year-old first time father is WAY more likely to see his child grow up than a 67-year-old first time father. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Just because your grandm-i-l lived to be 98 doesn’t mean most people live to be 98. Most people live past 70 but most don’t live past 80. That’s a fact.

John Chisolm on

congratulations to them Both, Anne you were so kind and sweet in Ms. Lloyd AP class in high school ,,, I’m not the least bit surprised to her how well you’ve done for yourself..Your going to be a wonderful mom

SAM on


Emilly on

He could be a grandfather not a father , sorry but not really happy about that…strange and stupid!

T on

It’s a proven fact that young children with elderly parents have serious issues when grown up. All the money in the world isn’t going to fix that.

Susan on

It may sound ok now, but in 10-20 years, it will get nasty. We know a couple, he’s 20 years her senior, she’s now still a vital 65, he’s 85 and unable to venture far from home. It’s quite sad. She gets away now and then with friends, and having money helps, but it will be a long road. And as for his patience with kids, it’s been gone for a long time. Sad.

Tams on

For all the naysayers. Who cares about Steve’s age. He could pass away in 20 years and leave the child fatherless. However, a 25 year old dad could also pass away 20 years from now causing the same outcome. Let the couple be happy.

susi on

Wow, how selfish. Statistics prove that he probably won’t see the child graduate from high school…. If you’ve only got 10 or 15 years left, why not foster a child(ren) who could really benefit from such a great guy?

Athena6515 on

Congrats to both of them. Why is everyone so obsessed with his age. Who cares, it’s their decision not yours. Nature (god if you believe that)made it that men can have children until they die. Who are we to say differently or to question.. The child will be well cared for and he (unlike most full time working parents) will have quality time to spend with his child and that will beat quantity any day of the week! Besides Who are we to guess/comment “how long he’ll be alive for the kid?”.. I don’t believe that is up to any of us. As for the Genetic issue- yes the odds of disorders/etc goes up, but it’s not 100% so move on. Look at Betty White.. 92 and on the move active then some 40 year olds..Sean Connery.. 82 George Burns lived to be 100.. 4/6 of my Great Aunts lived to be 100 and acted like they were 18 until their dying day! Let them be!

Anonymous on

What a lucky child to have such two adoring parents. Wishing them all the best and enjoy all your time together. Such a gift.

jrgiancola on

CongratulationsSteve! Has anyone seen Steve in “Leap of Faith”? Steve, you were so great in that flick. I still watch it. You should’ve won an Oscar. Joe

Jilllouise on

How is it that I didnt know he didnt have kids already!?!…….Anyways…..CONGRATS to the new parents!

Joe on

Congratulations! Steve, you were great in “Leap of Faith.” I still watch it. Should’ve won an oscar. Joe

Tom on

Saw him live in Huntsville with his Banjo Band. loved it!!

When he came out he said ( this is a band with a celebrity) or ( a celebrity with a band) show was great!!

Sally on

There’s no fool like an old fool.

ken on

That WILD AND CRAZY GUY You Rock go Steve!

judy imhoff on

i am so happy for him-he should have yelled to the world about his baby-he is a great kid actor 🙂 love all his movies-good luck to all of them 🙂 ps-men are lucky-they can have a baby at any age-he will be a great dad at any age 🙂

Brenda on

Whether a person is 67 or 27, what matters is the kind of parenting the kid receives. There is nothing written that Steve will not be around for the next 25-30 years, by that time the kid will be an adult. Everyone deserves happines and if this makes him happy who are we to judge? Congrats Steve & Anne, I loved FoB 1 & 2 and BDH

Nancy on

I like Steve….but I thought he was gay !! Doesn’t matter..,just surprised !! Did they adopt ? I think he will make a great dad. He’s like a kid himself…I’m sure the kid will be laughing alot & want for nothing ! Congratulations …..Hope you live a long life !!!

Hazelsjam on

I love Steve Martin…but a first-time Father at 67 is nutty…

Melody on

Okay, people-bashing-Steve-Martin-for-being-a-Dad-at-67: riddle me this. Would you be objecting if grandparents took in their grandchild at, say, one month old (let’s say something had happened to the parent, or the parents were unfit to care for the child)? I suspect probably not!

Age actually means nothing in the long run. Two loving parents is all that counts, and I don’t think we can be in doubt of that here!

pamela on

He did what most celebs should do!! If you don’t want your business out for everyone to talk about, you keep your mouth shut, or keep it simple!

Steph on

While I think his age is too old to become a first-time dad, I’m happy for them!

jaQ on

i’m with nina. there are some really hateful, judgemental people here. disgusting that anyone would feel it’s okay to say these things in public.

Janet on

congratulation Mr and Mrs Martin on your new arrival. I wish you lots of joy and happiness with your new baby.

Angela on

Well, at least I’m not so far gone that I cannot be glad when good things happen to good people. I hope happiness abounds for their new little family.

Kenni on

Such a genius of comedic talent finally finds the lady to make babies with ! Hurrah for thems ! I’m certain they will be great parents, and will have great kidlets ! I do hope he teaches one of his kidlets to play the banjo as well as he plays it ! Well done to them both !

Anonymous on

Congrats! Have always liked him.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on


folgermama on

How wonderful! Congratulations to the couple!

me-me on

I don’t believe it’s anybody’s business if a husband and wife bring a child into the world regardless of age. The child will obviously be well taken care of and he now has a child to motivate him to eat right and take care of himself. It looks like he’s in great shape and If he does take care of himself it’s possible that he’ll live well into the 80s or even 90s. By then the kid will be grown.

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