Beyoncé: I Communicated with Blue During Her Birth

02/12/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Beyoncé Vogue Cover Talks Motherhood and Daughter Blue Ivy
Courtesy Vogue

Motherhood was a calling Beyoncé heard loud and clear.

While in labor with her first child, the songstress formed an instantaneous bond, an experience that was music to the mom-to-be’s ears.

“I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door,” Beyoncé, 31, recalls in Vogue‘s March issue.

“And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn’t think about my own pain. We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication.”

Surrounded by close family and friends — including husband Jay-Z — for the birth of Blue Ivy, Beyoncé managed to find strength in her support system, allowing her to embrace the moment … and the pain.

Everything that scared me just was not present in that room,” she explains. “So for me to really let go and really appreciate every contraction … it was the best day of my life.”

Now the proud mama of a 13-month-old daughter — who she calls her “road dog,” “homey,” “my best friend” — says life has new meaning. “I feel like I have something that has grounded me so much more.”

The star also opens up about her life in her upcoming HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream, which premieres Saturday, and she addresses the rumors surrounding her pregnancy.

“That was very odd. Who even thinks that?” Beyoncé says of the speculation that she used a surrogate. “Like, who would make that up … You can’t take it too seriously.”

Instead, the working mama is focusing her attention on finding the fine balance between her personal and professional lives as she plans her upcoming tour with plenty of downtime built in to spend with Blue.

While the tight-knit trio gear up for life on the road, the proud parents hope that, one day, they can give their baby girl a chance at a normal childhood.

“At some point it’s very important to me that my daughter is able to experience life and run through the sprinklers and have slumber parties and trust and live and do all the things that any child should be able to do,” Beyoncé says.

“School visits and lemonade stands and all that stuff. It’s very important to me,” she adds.

But a more laidback lifestyle with her little girl isn’t the only thing Beyoncé is looking forward to. Eventually, she and Jay-Z are hoping to make Blue a big sister.

“When I was younger, there were moments when I said, ‘I’m not going to have children,'” she recalls. “And then moments when I wanted four. And now I definitely want another, but I don’t know when.”

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

She’s a baby…not a BFF. Oh the problems that poor child will have.

Hayles on

You guys are unbelievable. This woman is sharing an a beautiful experience and expressing her love for her baby and any mother that has posted negatively should know different. Any woman for that matter. I find her real and refreshing

jena on

I totally disagree. I tell my babies all the time that they are my best friends. I am exactly the person I want to be when I am with them, and its beautiful because they don’t judge, they just love their mama. Of course when they get older, it will be time to be their mother first and their friend second, but for now it is one and the same and its a beautiful thing to be cherished. Don’t be so judgemental!

Syleinia on

I completely agree! My daughters are 5&6 and as of now, i tell them they are my besties and vice versa. I still have to take the friend hat off when need be and i am momma first, friend second. I love that my girls love me no mater what. We are honest with each other (yes i am pretty honest with them) and they don’t judge, their love is unconditional & there is no drama. I love spending time with them & just playing. For anyone to not have that relationship with their children is just kind of sad. I say kudos to you.. (:

michele on

The baby needs a mother . Yes she will be her daughter’s best friend..but as she grows, she needs a Mother…

Tinisha on

All parents are different. Just as I’m sure you wished to be able to provide something more for your child at some point in your life she has the right to want whatever it may be for her child

Teresa on

Time for a lemonade stand??? Beyonce is going on tour and JayZ is talking about touring with Justin Timberlake. Really?

Gina on

Of course she will never admit she used a surrogate. The child doesn’t look like either parent.

Anya on

Using a surrogate does not mean that Blue is not their biological child, it means that another woman carried the child to term for them and gave birth to her. But whose business is that anyway?

Tinisha on

Honestly I don’t believe she used a surrogate but if she did why does it matter to you.,? Its still her child and none of your business. If you can’t find anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. It just belittles you.,!

tne on

Probably easier to communicate with Blue while coaching the surrogate

Hanna on


Tinisha on

I call people like you judgemental haters.

KIM on

Blue is a dumb name but she’s a sweet looking little baby. Looks like her daddy.

KIM on

She can’t help it if her daddy looks like Joe camel.

Tinisha on

&& Kim is a redundant name ! Grow up already!

Kim on

Oh brother……….*rolling eyes*

gyl on

I do believe that Beyonce carried the child because I will choose to do so. But this story just makes her sound like she is trying too hard to talk about her natural birth. She has been on this mission to do damage control and it almost makes me want to believe she is covering up something.

Hanna on


sc on

“So for me to really let go and really appreciate every contraction….

Really anyone woman that has given birth doesn’t say the above statement. I didnt appreciate being torn apart. Just saying!

Tinisha on

That statement wasn’t against you personally. Its a personal experience that you don’t have to understand but should respect., she never “tore” you a part.,! As a of fact she didn’t direct ANYTHING TO YOU.,!

Nicole on

What a crock of ****

Tinisha on

If you don’t like it move along with YOUR life. Why sit around && write nasty comments when its some much “shit”? Pathetic I tell you

CM on

School visits….yeah….along with 10 bodyguards….typical family stuff you know? LOL!!

Tinisha on

So if you were her you would have body guards.,????? Just get a life!

inthemood on

Oh dear God – this woman has seriously lost her mind. First she makes comments on how much power she has and now she’s communicating with her baby while she’s supposedly giving birth. What a whacko. This kid is seriously going to have issues, or be a complete spoiled brat. She probably thinks she gave birth to the female version of Jesus.

Jennifer S on

Lol. Best comment yet!

ME on

Exactly! Shes becoming more and mire bonkers!

Tinisha on

&& what gives you the right to think so highly of yourself.,! Your the wacko.,! You don’t know her life.,! You only think you know what media portrays.,! Wacko!

Crystal on

Seesh people!!!! Please stop with all the surrogacy talk. She had Blue the old fashioned way. It’s hurtful to the Carter family and frankly it’s sickening. I am so happy for Beyonce and Jay Z for finally fulfilling their dreams. Especially after the devastation of her miscarriage. ♥ them!!!!

@Gina- have you actually seen the baby????? She looks like Bey’ s mom and her cousin Jules.

Tinisha on

Thank you.,! Finally someone with common sense && consideration.,!

Misty on

Who cares. Is her business. What matters is this child is well taken care of and loved. She will live better than anyone of us.

kd on

Well said. What’s wrong with a loved child?

Jamie Marshall on

My goodness! Haters are among us! You’d think people who have more to do than worry about whether Beyonce used a surrogate or not. Sheesh!

Ini on

@ Gina: Using a surrogate doesn’t mean the child isn’t genetically both hers and Jay Z’s..

Tinisha on

Gina is ignorant. (She’ll even get mad at that statement because she doesn’t know what that means) she’s totally uneducated on the FACTS of surrogacy! Its still jay z Sprem && bey eggs !

sue on

She is so phony, she really wants people to believe she gave birth!! I dont for a second

Tinisha on

Nobody asked you to believe her so why do you think your opinion is important for a second!

Anonymous on

Oh come on guys. It’s easy to be hateful, I don’t understand why we can’t just throw all suspicion out the window. Also, even if she did use a surrogate it would still look like her and Jay-z, because they would have inserted her egg inside of the other woman. I’m thirteen and even I know that. Some people just need to calm down.

anonymous on

@ sc, not every woman thinks the way you do. I’ve given birth five times, naturally, and loved each and every moment of each birth. I have several friends that also have had similar experiences. It’s called having a mind/body connection. Perhaps, you’ve missed out on a very enlightening experience. I’m sorry.

sc on

No need to be sorry! I had my babies naturally as well no drugs(not saying u did) n I too was of mind/body…and I enjoyed my experience of childbirth after I gave birth n held my babies. I also have lots and lots of friends that have given birth n its not a walk in the park! I was stating how many more of really feel. I am so glad that you had a pleasant experience 5 times…wow! Glad to share different views!

Claire on

Kudos to sc for handling differing points of views happily and maturely! So nice to see people who act like grown ups on this site!

Growupbeyonce on

Beyoncé please wake up! Your child will have no shot at a regular life where she will be running through sprinklers without the paparazzi taking pictures and every stranger knowing her name. Also please enough with the my child is my best friend nonsense. Your child is your child and you are the parent!

Carrie M on

I think she’s gorgeous woman and I’m sure she loves her daughter tremendously. But please! Enough with her already! Every freakin’ time I turn around lately, there she is in my face. When will it stop?

unknown on

Right so you communicated with your daughter while the surrogate was in labor. Got it.

Alexandra on

Beyonce and Jay-z used to be so private and I really liked that about them….. I mean it took MONTHS for them to acknowledge they even got married. Lately, she seems to be such a media *****. Am I the only one who thinks so??

jane-mo on

Wow- I feel so sad for all you people that are filled with such hatred and jealousy towards someone you don’t even know. She is talking about an beautiful child. Maybe spend more time trying to improve your own self worth and you will see how pathetic it is to waste so much energy hating on others.

ReallyPeople on

LOL. Wow. Now i will admit to a certain level of distaste for Beyonce, but I am really not inclined to believe that she didnt have this baby. And to those who say how can your child be your best friend, i say to you how can they not be? I am the mother of two with the youngest being 4 months old and my kids are indeed my best friends. Nothing strange about that at all.

As to the baby not looking like either parent, have you seen a full on face shot of Blue Ivy aside from the one when she was a month old? Probably not, a leg here, the back of her head there. My oldest looks like her father spit her out, i am nowhere to be found in her looks (attitude is something else entirely 🙂 )

As much as i can’t stand Beyonce i dont know that all the ridiculousness surrounding her having this baby is necessary.

Mommy on

Yeah, I talked to my baby during delivery too….

I said It’s about time…get the freak out..

lauren on

lol me too. I like Beyonce as a performer but find her to be so fake when she talks and the way she talks. It seems like she tries so hard to talk so softly and act all demure. Common Bey, look at where you came from and who you are married to.

bec215 on

I think you just nailed it for me…when average people get fame and money they start thinking and talking like they have some special wisdom to impart on the world. Journalists clean up theirlanguage, and they start believing their own mythology… This is a woman who at 32 made a documentary about herself! Humility is not her virtue…so why expect her to make her birth experience out as anything less than the second coming?

CestLavie on

OMG, this woman is so full of herself. I pity this baby. There was a baby girl name Blue, she was so poor that the only thing she had was money.

Kay on

Appreciate every contraction? Child please! All you can think about with each contraction is getting that baby out ASAP. I guess she wants props for having a natural birth.

Guest on

This woman is getting crazier by the minute…

Anonymous on

That picture on Vogue is over PHOTOSHOPPED! Look at her lips, teeth and eyes.

guest on

Not trying to be rude, but her whole “pregnancy” seemed off. I def think they had a surrogate. Which is fine. Its still biologically their embryo, usually, just implanted into the surrogate. The baby is too old to start talking about childbirth now. She just seems like a liar with all these specifics. She really never looked pregnant either. Or acted it.

Guest on

Gina! Find a hobby!

guest on

You guys are all assholes. To really believe she used a surrogate is hilarious. It makes you look like idiots for believing that. She obviously gave birth to her baby and her baby is going to have the same life any other celebrity’s baby is going to have. Give her a break.

Tammy on

OMG, go away!!! I am so Beyonced out! You’re not the virgin Mary… you’re a mediocre entertainer.

BG on

A lot of holes in her story. Her being the birth mother, lemonade stand(that will never happen) and why no photos of her pregnant and not gaining a tad bit of weight. She would have blimped out just aliitle as she’s a big girl. People just don’t buy it. Lip syncing over rated.

Yuck on

Overcompensate much?

Anonymous on

Use to like her, but she is so full of herself these days.

Anonymous on

Lying Scum

Truth on

Blue Ivy already has a big brother that Jay Z doesn’t acknowledge.

lauren on

What ever happened with that paternity claim? It seems to have been hushed up pretty fast.

esymmons on

come on…what science fiction crap are you unloading today? it’s childbirth, nothing more, nothing less.

Teresa on

No one who has ever given birth would ever say they “appreciate every contraction.”

Let it go. Most people don’t believe you anyway and you look just plain ridiculuos saying things like that.

Nothing wrong with a surrogate if you needed one to help you have a child.

Amanda on

Really? I have given birth 4 times. It was painful but I welcomed each contraction because I knew each one brought me closer to meeting my baby. To each their own. I thought giving birth was an amazing experience, the pain was really insignificant in the grand scheme of it all. I feel badly for women who remember their childrens’ births as nothing but painful.

kim on

I communicated with my baby too. I said “get out!”

Anonymous on

Gina, do you have some inside connection? Sounds like you have pics of Blue Ivy and ready to write a memoir lol lol. I can’t imagine any woman LYING about going thru nine months of pregnancy so until there is REAL proof that Beyonce used a surrogate, I will continue to believe her. Soo many haters…too bad people just can’t get a life and let it go !!!

Brandi on

Amen! Maybe if people put the same effort that they use to speculate about Blue Ivy into their OWN kids and families, there wouldn’t be so many kids with abuse and neglect issues…

Anonymous on

the name Blue Ivy backwards in latin word means Lucifer’s daughter!

Pamela on

“So for me to really let go and really appreciate every contraction”…OMG. I never doubted she had this child herself until i read this sentence. She totally doesnt know what shes talking about.. Never heard any mother say something this silly. The dumb crap celebrities say sometimes.. trying to appear cooler than the rest of us…. Wait til u actually have a contraction Bee… SMH.

Kel on

To Anonymous that said “She’s a baby…not a BFF. Oh the problems that poor child will have.” what’s wrong with her calling her child her best friend, she can be her mom and her best friend. I know that My mom is my best friend and i didn’t have problems. My mom knew when to be my mother and she knew when to be my friend growing up and she still does that. There are moments in my life that I just need my MOM and then there are times that I just need my Best Friend. So i don’t see where you think the child will have problems because her mom is not only her mom but also her best friend. Most daughters are Best Friends with their mom!!!

Anonymous on

Changes to a woman’s naval tells whether she ever gave birth or not.

Tiffany on

Soo tired of hearing about this over and over…really, who cares?

ann on

Well, I’m glad she feels connected to her daughter and all, but it sounds like she could use some time around every day people instead of just artistic types.

Anonymous on

What an insufferable tool this woman has become.

Anonymous on

Wonder when she is going to walk on water or part the seas… She is really full of herself. Used to love her – can’t stand her anymore. She is very self-centered and self-important.

Jane on

She sounds so dumb every time she opens her mouth. That’s what you get when your parents push for fame instead of an education.

lauren on

Totally agree. It explains the nonsense that comes out of many celebrities mouths. Many didn’t even finish high school and fewer have college degrees.

Brandi on

Lol how sad that some people can’t let go of this whole surrogate rumor…lol it’s like a r&b conspiracy theory! Who CARES?? Children have many different paths and journeys taken to come into the world but the important thing is that they are HERE and they are happy and healthy…nothing else matters! #GetOverIt

keilanisma on

I don’t understand why she puts herself in the media so much lately….shes always been extremely private about her life. As far as giving birth, i will give her the benefit of a doubt. We’ll never know the truth tho.

martine on

Beyonce’s comments about the birthing process are just strange. And what parent considers their 13 months old their ‘best friend’?? I don’t even know what to say.

freya on

Well whatever makes you think that you fooled us Beyonce. But coming from someone whose been there and experience childbirth You have no conscious of anything except for that excruciating pain your in every minutes your contraction starts. and especially when they become seconds apart. until your epidural kick in . then you can think of anything even fairies and goblins.

Anonymous on

You’re right, Beyonce. It does sound crazy. There doesn’t seem to be much that is real about you, so it’s hard to fathom your child will have a “normal” existence.

Sharon on

I think her baby is adorable, but seriously enough already, woman have babies everyday and it seems like we are hearing a lot about Blue and her birth.. Time to move on and enjoy your child.


This article is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!! Beyonce is a piece of work!!!!! Her daughter is her homey? I needed a good laugh!!!!!!

Kat on

You know if she came out and said she chose a surrogate because she was scared after the miscarriage, we would understand. But she wants to put herself on a pedestal, like Beyonce Almighty or something. Good luck with that, it’s so hard being perfect, it’s impossible!

ok reality! on

there was and interview where beyonce was sitting down and you can see the pillow bent in. Sorry a real pregnacy doesnt do that

Anonymous on

This girl needs to stop with this nonsense..

Fatima on

If Bey were to show a video of her giving birth ya’ll would still say that’s fake too.

Jennifer on

i’m sure she mentally sang her the star spangled banner!

TunechiGal on

I think it’s funny how people talk about Blue Ivy’s name but Drew Barrymore named her baby Olive and no one said a word. I think she carried little Blue and I love the relationship she and Jay Z have and Im definitely watching her special on HBO.

Fatima on

Watch this video of Beyonce performing on the Jimmy Fallon Show in july 2011, look closely you will see that she had morning sickness and a tiny baby bump.

Charli on

I read the headline and came strictly for the comments.

Jeeny on

The more that comes out of her mouth the more it makes her look like she is trying to coverup a non-pregnancy and the use of a surrogate. The folding stomach, a very light skin tone baby and now this crazy conversation is really too much….give it up already and stop trying to convince us, because the more you do, the more it is obvious you are full of sh*t!

Brandi on

You are an IDIOT. The skin tone of the baby means NOTHING. My skin tone is lighter than BOTH of my parents and I am definitely their biological child…I look just like my mother and inheritated the same heart defect that both my paternal grandmother and my father have. I also saw the video you are referring to and in my opinion, it looks like the fabric on her dress folded when she sat down. I’m also wondering if even if Beyonce did try to fake a pregnancy, being as wealthy as she is, why would she buy some half-ass prosthetic belly that folds when she sits down instead of one that was of the best quality and the most realistic? It just doesn’t make any sense. I believe that Beyonce is used to being loved by the press and viewed in a positive light and all this talk of her being dishonest about her pregnancy is especially hurtful because of her previous miscarriage so she’s opening up about her pregnancy because she isn’t used to being attacked or hated on this level and feels like she has to defend herself. I wonder why nobody talks about the bikini pictures that came out not too long after her pregnancy came out where she is clearly pregnant. It’s sad…it’s like people only see what they want to see. I’m sure when her HBO documentary comes out and people see more into her pregnancy, the naysayers will have nothing else to say. I do agree that these stories in the press about her right now are a little overkill, but I understand why she’s defending herself. I love being a wife and a mother wholeheartedly and I would feel like a cornered animal if the world started questioning if my pregnancy was real and if our baby was really ours. I don’t care how Blue came into the world, really…I’m happy for Bey and wish her, hubby and baby many blessings and all the best ❤

Porch Times With Memaw on

I am so sick of her acting like she’s the only person in the world who has ever had a child. I used to like Beyonce, but she will just not shut up about it.

BabygirlDanni on

Seriously childbirth is a beautiful experience and for myself I was thinking of seeing my baby! Whether she had a surrogate or not is her business & her business alone! Its really sad though that she has to feel like she has to prove it to others! Well Beyonce, you do not have to prove anything at all! Just enjoy being a new Mother and remember only God can judge! Don’t pay any attention to any of these judgemental fools! If they have such a problem they shouldn’t read the articles about you

Teresa on


guest on

i do understand what beyonce is saying about communicating with her child during labor — i had a similar sense of connecting with my litlte guy during the 20+ hours of labor. it was a gradual process of him coming into the world, and while it was overwhelming at times, at the very end i was so focused on helping him out, that i honestly didn’t have time to register the pain. i understand that natural childbirth isn’t for everyone (and it doesn’t make a mom more of a woman to go that route!), but it was a great choice for me to be able to feel every second of my son coming into this world. so, i think that for those of us who are interested in what beyonce has to say, this vogue article will give us some an interesting perspective on her, and for those of you who don’t like her/care what she has to say, then stop critiquing her and read some other article!

Nicole on

She’s a baby…not a BFF. Oh the problems that poor child will have

Okay Anonymous- give me a break. shes talking about the bond she has with her baby. How many mother-daughters consider each other BEST FRIENDS? I did with my mom – there is nothing wrong with that- its not a matter of blurring lines of parent and buddy or tryingto put yourself on same level its not about enabling unhealthy co dependant behavior. Its the bond you have with your child. itts based purely on love.

Erin on

Oh come on with the surrogate talk. Conspiracy theorists, isn’t Elvis still in need of being found?

I think it’s refreshing and normal for her to want her child to have a “normal” upbringing.

Yasmin on

Such Ignorant people! Really a surrogate! That’s her own child– she has bikini pics of her pregnant– how do you fake that? Plus shouldn’t you just be happy for her… You know Gina– a surrogate uses DNA from both the mother and the father, so the baby can’t not look like her parents!!

Anonymous on

Don’t make the mistake of being “best friends” with your kids, be the parent not the friend!

dee on

drinking the blue koolaid

Nicole on

Anonymous on February 12th, 2013

She’s a baby…not a BFF. Oh the problems that poor child will have.
What;s wrong with Beyonce saying that her baby is her best friend?MyGosh. this is her BABY- she created her she is very bonded with her child. PERFECTLY normal. My motherwas mybest friend and Icame out just fine. Shes talking about it from the point of LOVE not an unhealthy place. Give her a break and let her bask in the glow and light of herbaby.; Let her be a mommy. most mommies worship their children.

lex on

I didn’t believe the surrogate story at first… then I saw the clip of her stomach deflating. No pregnant woman’s stomach should deflate like that. Unless you’re faking a pregnancy.

Nicole on

Why is this so much sad judgement on this board.?? Let Beyonce ( or anything mother) talk with pride about their babies !

JB on

Why do celebrities think their birth stories are so special? Is she aware women have been giving birth for thousands of years….get over yourself.

Nicole on

Why on earth are so many turned off by what Beyonce said? She bonded for 9 months withthe baby that grew inside of her.what do you expect her to feel? Its clear not many people on this board are mothers. Its a shame people cannot express a beautiful feeling without people dumping on it.

Lala on

Beyonce is washed up. Give it up girlfriend. Enough already. Your voice and music is annoying. Go have 4 babies and be done. People clearly dont care…

Mel on

Relax people. Yeah, it is a little crunchy to say she talked to her baby during the birth. Big deal. Does it mean she’s a bad mom? Heck no, it just means she was focusing on getting the baby out. Natural childbirth would make anyone kooky, give her a break.

love4270 on

“Of course she will never admit she used a surrogate. The child doesn’t look like either parent.” ~ Gina

A surrogate is JUST a carrier for the baby. Fertilization happens IN A LAB and is then implanted into the surrogate. So, your statement that Blue looks like neither JayZ nor Beyonce is irrelevant! The baby is THEIR DNA!

Nicole on

anonymous: PLEASE BE QUIET— get off the board ifyou are just going to continue this disrespectful comments!

Amanda on

I’m not a Beyonce fan, but every pregnancy is different. I worked w/ a woman who had a teeny little bump. She looked at MOST 4 months along at a staff meeting. She gave birth the same week. to a full term baby girl. I popped out early and was in maternity clothes at 3 months! Just because she may not have looked pregnant to YOU does not mean that she used a surrogate. Who cares if she did?

GJ on

I love how “celebrities” love to portray everyday, run-of-the-mill stuff like his as a holier-than-tou experience when it comes to them. Please, wake up, you are just as human as the rest of us, and I’m pretty sure it was a birth just like the millions there are every day around the globe. This is just pathetic, and by the way, I don’t have kids but I’m already in communication with my future ones. Grow up seriously.

Stephanie on

wow…she did not have a surrogate….there were pics of her pregnant and in a bikini! also, there are people out there who found their birth experiences to be positive despite (or because of?) the pain! i have respect for beyonce and i’m sure she is and will continue to be an excellent mother.

Sue on

That was a really neat story about the birth! Great article. Thanks!

Shelies on

I want to see just ONE picture of her with an actual baby bump just like everyone else posts. That is truly all it would take for people to believe it. Until then…she’s a fake.

Boke7 on

Crapola. Nothing but crapola.

Natalie on

Are you all really and truly basing your belief that Beyonce did not give birth solely on the video of the fabric of her dress folding? Wow y’all are all excellent researchers. And also great mind readers and insiders to know Beyonce’s actual life. GET ONE, LOSERS. I am sure every single one of you knows the exact situation.

Boke7 on

I also communicated, sniffle sniffle, with the Lord Himself! And my plastic surgeon. Praise the doctor I mean Lord!!!!!

Awwwshucks on

Sure Beyonce communicated with Blue while the ‘surrogate’ bared down in labor, or was B’ lip-syncing that one too.

arti on

Who cares! it was a fake pregnancy anyway.

Anonymous on


Halee on

I am now convinced that she NEVER delivery that baby herself.

The pains of contraction are so very tremendous that logical, analytic thought is almost impossible.

And NO! mothers do not feel the baby doing ANY work Dear Beyonce.

You are making it up as you go along.

Lisa on

So she wants her kid to be normal? Yeah, because locking down the entire birthing floor at the hospital is a GREAT way to start a normal childhood.

Lynne W on

Yes, Beyonce, you are the first woman to ever have a baby. Get over yourself, you narcissistic hag……

Tara on

i generally like beyonce and don’t agree with the haters but i have to admit she sometimes sounds cuckoo when she goes on & on about the joy of blah blah blah. it was labor. every mother who gives birth goes through it. it’s been going on for thousand and thousands of years. don’t have to turn it into a song.

shannon on

The people who still think Beyonce had a surrogate and faked being pregnant are no different than the birthers who are still convinced that President Obama was not born on US soil. Present all the irrefutable proof in the world and they still won’t believe it. Heck, if Beyonce went crazy and decided to publicly share video of her daughter’s birth, these people would say that it’s an actress dressed up to look like her.

MomofThree on

To Amanda – I felt the same way with my first born, who is the only one out of my three children that I got to experience labor with at all. I wanted to hold him and meet him so badly, and I knew labor was going to be painful, so I just kept thinking to myself that every contraction brought him closer to being born. So I would hold on to the metal bar on the side of my hospital bed, say out loud to my husband “I love you, I love you, I love you” and focus on bringing my son closer to birth.

Yes it was painful, but it was an experience that I cherish and I don’t remember the pain as something bad, but as something amazing and beautiful that not every woman gets to share in.

I can understand what Beyonce means about appreciating every contraction and communicating with Blue while she was in labor. Blue is very lucky to have a Mom who feels that way because not every woman that gives birth does. I wish her and Jay-Z the best and hope that Blue is able to have those experiences that Beyonce talks about.

Mimi on

The tour is all three, Beyonce, JayZ and Timberlake.

denise on

I saw her on a beach somewhere in a bikini. She was definately pregnant! I think she waited until she was 6 or 7 months to announce. Period point blank she gave birth to baby Blue……

myuntidydesk on

I wish Beyonce and her family all the best, but really… some of the stuff she said sounds a bit loony. I think you have to be weird to be famous.

denise on

I hate people. They are so hateful and mean, sitting behind their computers and making hurtful comments. I feel sorry for all you haters out there in computer land. U guys are pathetic. Why even comment if you don’t have anything nice to say? I will never get that. I only click on the articles im interested in…..duh! Dumbasses!!!!

Nicole on

Ok people who cares if she used a surrogate or not Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban did for there 2nd daughter Faith Margaret & nobody knew about her until after she was 2months old…I honestly think Beyonce carried Blue Ivy its just people in today society are to quick to judge things…

mama3 on

what a beautiful article. blessings to all!

Srg on

Maybe it’s just me but for someone who has tried so hard to keep her life private has all of a sudden released every little detail of her delivery that was over a year ago. She was so hush hush until recently.. It seems a little odd.

chivalroustee on

A lot of HATE on this post! Yikes. Congrats Beyonce and Jay Z. People know if you really had the baby because they are flies on the wall in your house, and at place of birth! *sarcasm* Live your life, Mrs. Carter.

rockybopper on

FYI B – Saying things like “Who even thinks that? Like, who would make that up?” really makes it sound like you got yourself a surrogate.

Cate on

Not healthy to try to be BFFs with your daughter. My mom took that approach, and we don’t have a very good relationship. I’m not her buddy, and I don’t appreciate it when she treats me that way. Parents need to be loving sources of authority, advice, and guidance.

Greer on

If you have to tell people you are a powerful woman — then you are probably not and you are trying to believe it yourself!! Money, fame and prestige does not make you a powerful person.

Sandi on

The more Bey talks about the birth of her sweet little child, the more she casts a shade on the topic of her using a surrogate. She sounds like she gave birth in a fairytale surrounded by fairies and singing bluebirds and all the Disney Princesses were there making tea and sowing clothes for Blue. Natural childbirth is no childs play – its hard, exhausing and painful. Maybe she was high on some drug or something….cause her account of giving birth is definately one of a kind. I like it – next time I wanna have what she’s having.

meghan on

I liked her better when she kept her private life private. The more she talks, the more of a pretensions douchebag she proves herself to be.

Melodie on

So they want her to have a normal life…maybe they should have thought of that before they started spoiling her since birth!! I pulled this from In Style (People’s sister magazine)”Together they’ve bought a Swarovski-studded high chair by Carla Monchen for $15,000, and a Fantasy ‘posh tots’ coach carriage crib for $40,000… Jay-Z bought Beyonce a solid gold handmade Ginza Tanaka rocking horse for $600,000. They’ve even splashed out on a $30,000 magical windmill playhouse for the garden and a mini Bugatti car, too. They’ve got baby charm bracelets, gold and platinum diamond rattles and from Tiffany & Co, too. Jay-Z and Beyonce have reportedly spent more than $1.5 million on their baby girl.” These 2 people are so out of touch with how the other 98% of the population lives is sad, I’m not begrudging them their success but by making such ridiculous statements about raising their daughter I couldn’t help but point out how they ARE rasing their daughter to be nothing but spoiled.

jessica on

OMG- she is so annoying, could she be anymore annoying with her bs crap about her “perfect” birth experience. PLEASE shut up you phony. First you say you had a csection, now you say you gave birth. Every time this woman opens her mouth, I think more and more that she never carried that child.

starbbycat on

The cool thing is that with them flaunting their wealth around the setting up of her nursery alone – it is comforting to know the only thing they cant buy her is a normal childhood.

melissa on

these fake pregnancy rumors are SOOOOOOO ridiculous. Nobody except for maybe a 14 year old who has no life does a fake pregnancy, especially not a famous person who is being watched 24/7 and if she did have to use a surrogate… that is not something anyone would or should hide. She could bring more awareness to it and be paid even more by companies so therefore… that did not happen. I don’t care if the baby fell from a cloud and honestly… in the big picture… WHO THE F*** REALLY CARES? time to move on!

Aj on

I think the Beyonce surrogate rumors are ridiculous as well. I don’t doubt she was pregnant or gave birth.

Maria on

The crap that comes out of these celebrities mouths just floors me! hahahahaha

galaletsang on

king Bey haters shall swallow rasors, Beyonce is the queen of the world just deal with it.

yemie lucas on

i love that beyonce

Micaki on

When she sings lullabies to her surrogate baby does she lip-sync?

Curious on

I don’t understand people’s negativity. I’m not a huge beyonce fan, but I never thought blue wasn’t hers, and even if a surrogate had carried her, Blue ivy is still her daughter, whether or not she is biologically related or not. Tell that to an adopted mother and see what she says to you.

Furthermore, her communicating with blue sounds just like the visualization technique they teach you to do during delivery. It was her tool to focus through the pain and remember that every contraction was bringing her closer to her daughter. And any wonderful mother I know, would endure anything to see her child, to hold them close, and I don’t imagine labor and delivery is the exception.

People need to be nicer. What do you get by coming on here and trashing a new mom? Regardless of the details, the fact is that blue is a well loved baby. There isn’t a thing wrong with that. So maybe the problem is yours. Deal with your own life instead of trashing a beautiful moment between a new mom and her daughter.

Anonymous on

What a crock of c*** woman!!!! Get a REAL life and work……. OMG this silly woman needs to have 6 more and look after them herself…. NO NANNIES>>>>>>>>> HUST PLAIN HARD WORK…. Why are these magazines giving these people the time of day?????????

ana on

I have given birth naturally 3 times and believe me any woman who has would NEVER describe it the way she just did. I am more convinced than ever she used a surrogate!

ana on

I wonder if blue will be proud u threw up the illuminati sign during the superbowl halftime show. Beyonce is an admitted devil worshipper! Do ur research people!

Sonia on

The celebrities said a lot of stupid things! Our children are that, children, I will be worry if my 16 years old daughter is my best friend.

Terrie on

“And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn’t think about my own pain

How freaking selfish can you get? I will never look at this woman the same way again.

Anonymous on

Blue is what she felt because she didn’t deliver her. SURROGATE.

Monique on

Newsflash Beyonce: You’re not the first woman to bond with her baby. Welcome to the sisterhood of all those millions of women who have gone before you. We communicate with out babies too.

DaisyDuke67 on

Okay coo coo, whatever you think! Now go take your meds.

anonymous on

Makes me want to gag.

Laura on

OK we get it you gave birth! Holy crap move on!!

Erica on

Actually, SC there are plenty of women who choose to view contractions differently. I have had four chilldren and with the first three I resisted them because they were painful. With my last child, I did a course called Hypnobabies and it helped me embrace my labor as a journey. Once I stopped fearing and resisting them, it was a whole different ball game. I don’t like Beyonce at all, but I can definitely respect what she is saying about birth.

Anonymous on

As a doula, I tell birthing women to communicate with their babies all the time. Good for her for connecting with her child during a time of hard work! Also welcoming contractions is the way that MANY women cope with labor. Fighting them and dreading the next one will only make the contractions more painful. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, but I think it’s fantastic that she is talking about her birth in such a positive way. Stop with all of the negativity everyone!

derft on

She DID NOT deliver that baby!!!!!

Whi on

Haters gonna hate…

I had a natural birth and while it was unpleasant, I totally get what she is saying. There is some part of you that just focuses and thinks about the positive, of helping that baby work it’s way down and out. That’s not crazy, covering-anything-up talk, that’s just how it is for some. You get your mind in this place and you just do it. I guess I dont know why everything is getting so upset over this… she’s allowed to talk about her birth, her relationship with her daughter, and her hopes and dreams for her future. it’s not silly or stupid, it’s called being a parent.

LaVonda Evans on

I wanna see pregnancy pictures then I’ll believe she had a baby

Karolina on

This woman just annoys me so much. So full of it.

Nina on

I’m sorry-lolol-but I’ve never ever in my 30+ years of life ever heard someone say they “appreciated every contraction”. That’s a new one. *sarcasm at it’s finest*

Kim on

I can’t decide if people are just racist or single minded. It doesn’t matter if you like her as a performer. She’s talking as a mom. She’s talking as any new mom would. Completely smitten and in love with her baby as any good mom would be. It doesn’t matter if her child is hers, adopted, surrogate, or alien. It matters that she clearly adores her child. That is something to praise not put down. People need to back off their holier than thou attitude and see people as people. This world is filled with enough hate. Don’t add to it.

janie on

First woman in the world EVER to give birth! Beyonce!

Michelle on

Oh shut up!

Anonymous on

She is a nut job and you are her parent not her friend

bkable on

@ReallyPeople.. I’m 22 and I would just now say my parents are my friends. Up until recently, they were my mentors and my PARENTS. My best friend, on the otherhand, her mom and she are best friends, have been forever. Her mom is too afraid to say anything negative to her, won’t discipline her and my friend is a complete B**** to her mom because she knows her mom will let her do it. If you’re kids scream “I hate you”, you’re doing your job and they will thank you one day. My mom always said, “I would rather you hate me forever and become a good person than for you to love me but become a hellion”…

So I say to you, be careful being best friends with your kids. If you wanted friends, you would’ve went to a pot luck and met some but you wanted children; to be a parent, so be one.

Basketcase88 on

OMG!!! She had the same communication with her baby that every woman in labor has. Get out! Get out! Get out!!! This woman is so full of herself I wish her and her dorky looking husband would just disappear.

Yvonne on

Go Bey! Best of luck to you and yours. So many haters with such negativecomments ~~ so sad. Get a life folks and then live it. Peace

Tlynne on

what a bunch of crap… I gave birth and there was no communication going on . why do celebs try to be much deeper or smarter than they really are. It just makes them sound dumb

geo on

Really?? What mother doesn’t talk to her baby (or ‘communicate’ as Beyonce calls it) when it is inside her? Beyonce, you are doing NOTHING any other mother would do, so don’t flatter yourself!!

momof4 on

When I read the title of the article I was picturing Beyonce in labor making whale noises or something!

mg on


star on

Some people don’t just view the labor of their child as painful. There are people who do take in the beauty of the moment, like bringing in another part of you, your child, your best friend, and etc.

Aud on

“So for me to really let go and really appreciate every contraction … it was the best day of my life.”_____LOL, proof that didn’t actually give birth

heather on

you’d think this woman was the only one to ever give birth.

mobile20 on

I tend to believe that she gave birth, but if she DIDN’T, I hope the surrogates eyes don’t get stuck rolling them so much! It sounds like a beautiful fairy tale birth– with lots of medication. Wish mine went so smoothly. 🙂

Jeni on

My three year old tells his Dad and I all the time that we are his best friends. What am I going to say…”Sorry honey, I am your mom, not your best friend.” Of course I tell him he is my best friend too. Just because I say that, doesn’t means he allowed to do whatever he wants and there are no rules. I am not a fan of beyonce, nor do I care if she had the baby or not. But some of you people need to back off and give the girl a break. It amazes me how upset and emotionally invested people become in the lives of those they never met.

Janice on

This is funny to me because I did 32 hours of labor with my son and towards the end I told him it was time to be born. The minute I said this he came flying out. I felt connected to my son even when he was in the womb. I would talk to him and he would respond with a kick. Not sure why this seems so unusual to some people. I guess me and Beyonce are crazy. I’m not Bey fan btw.

Just My Opinion on

@Anonymous, what kids don’t have problems?

Toni on

Wow, what is the world turning too. So much evil being thrown at this woman. Unbelievable, so…this is what you moms on this board will be teaching your daughters: to hate women you envy! My God…give the surrogate rumors a rest. If this is what fame brings, I pity what her parents and family must be going through.

itsallgoodnroanoke on

This is a funny story, why! I talked to my baby! Once a lie is told it GROWS! THIS IS GROWING SO MUCH NOW I AM LAUGHING. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL HOW MUCH DID SHE PAY FOR THIS KID!

Nannyto1 on

A used to refer to my daughter as my “lil’ buddy” and “my best buddy” when she was little too. Because she was. We hung out lots and did everything together. I got to be a kid again. But I was a parent when I needed to be and I heard “I hate you” many times when she was a teenager. People need to chill… your daughter can be your best friend as long as there’s boundaries. I don’t like this cover shot – it’s beautiful but it doesn’t look like Beyonce…

Lyoness on

I’m not a huge Beyonce fan but the people pushing these surrogacy rumors look like complete nutcases! SO much negativity and hate for her. People need to get out of her business and find their own. She and her husband appear to be happily married, have worked hard and become a success. That’s the American Dream.

Women sing songs and talk to their babies while they’re pregnant all the time. Why is Beyonce weird because she talked to her daughter while she was in Labor? I work in L&D. That pain is on a whole different level. If you have to mentally overcome it by visualizing or mentally removing yourself from it.

Why is she weird because she says Blue is her best friend or her ‘road dog? Their extended family is very close, and they travel a lot. It’s better than leaving her with a random nanny. Most small children will say that their parents are their friends. That’s important because it means that they trust their parents. My mother is one of my best friends and I’m 31. That doesn’t mean she still isn’t my mother and I can get away with stuff.

They’re from TX. Yes she’ll have luxuries but I highly doubt Blue is going to be some awful, spoiled child who grows up without discipline or is appreciative for what her grandparents and parents have worked for.

Faye on

Wow you People are insane, you know good and well beyonce had that dang baby, you will find anything to latch onto so that you can feel good about your own train wrecks of a life, there Is nothing and I mean nothing whatsoever wrong with beyonce and what are saying says more about you than it does her, go take your conspiracy theories and go get back under the rocks that you crawled out from under!!!

Samantha on

After reading some of the comments on here I can’t help but think that people have a lot of anger in their own lives! Otherwise it would be INSANE to have this much anger towards an entertainer you don’t even know. Yes this is the entertainment section…. but it’s pathetic that people think its OK to voice whatever evil, sick and pathetic thoughts that come into their heads – especially about the woman’s child.

Deb on

There is way too many red flags going on with Beyonce and her fake or real pregnancy. I saw that interview and said that don”t look like a real pregnancy belly. Remember all that hoopla during her hospital stay that angered all of the other patients because they were blocked off from seeing their newborns. Why all of that security? Too much. What are they trying to hide? Even nightly news was reporting how fathers weren’t allowed to see their preemie children in ICU because of Beyonce security staff. Also I thought Beyonce said she had a c section now she is creating a natural birth story. IMO Beyonce is receiving a lot of bad PR since the Inaguration and she is being told to act more human in hopes of being liked but in return she is receiving even more negative press.

tlc on

Whether or not she gave birth or used a surrogate, she truly sounds like she’s in her own reality. Yes, people have babies, yes, your babies are your greatest accomplishment (to most people), and yes, babies are loved…however, to say that Blue Ivy is going to have a “normal” life is just a fantasy. She will be hounded forever by paps, she will be spoiled rotten (already seems to be anyway) and she will never go hungry or have to worry if her parents have money for toys or clothes or food.

These celebs have tons of money, but sometimes they are so freaking out of touch with how the real world works. I’m sure Beyonce didn’t grow up fithly rich and she should know that buying her baby a 40,000 dollar crib is NOT NORMAL!

cookie on

Just suppose,she did use a surrogate.So what?Will some of you then have the satisfaction of saying,”I told you so”,”she lied”,then what?What does it profit you?,What do you get out of it?A high five?,a pat on the back?The baby is here,and whether or not she came from her mom,(Beyonce).or the stork it doesn’t matter.It’s time to stop beating a dead horse.It doesn’t matter people.Move on.I believe she carried this baby.Next.

-B on

Maybe those of you who don’t think Blue looks like Beyonce or Jay-Z are looking at the wrong pictures because, I don’t know, the kid LOOOKS just like her parents. Good lord. It’s Suri Cruise version 2.0.

And people can keep using the whole surrogacy thing because of that one video of the dress poofing, but Beyonce looked like a pregnant woman. You can’t fake a pregnancy face or edema in the legs.

-B on

@bkable…that’s really sad that you are only now friends with your parents. My mom has always been my best friend, but that doesn’t mean she was my only friend or best friend, I had girls my age that were my best friends. I would say it is the mark of a good parent to be able to be a friend to your child, as well as a parent. When I’ve talked to friends who don’t think of their parents as friends, they are usually always upset with their parents and don’t feel they can communicate with them or be honest with them about things. It’s a rare thing to find these days I guess.

I’ve had a wonderful relationship with my mother for almost 30 years now. Growing up, I wasn’t afraid to talk to her about anything in my life, I trusted her completely, I always knew she would answer truthfully to any questions I might have, I respected and loved her and I think that is what made our relationship so much better. I can’t tell you how many people growing up said they wished they had the kind of relationship I had/have with my mother.

And I can tell you, I’ve yelled I HATE YOU plenty of times to my mother.

You can be a parent and a friend at the same time and it is sad when parents and children can’t have that kind of friendship/relationship.

sophia on

What an ugly name.

GG on


VADame on

She never mentions what happened to her first baby??? There is a picture of a VERY pregnant Beyonce at a restaurant in Virginia Beach called Maui Maus. She is wearing a colorful top and is very pregnant. This picture was taken when Destiny’s Child was just starting. Check it out!!

Toy TOY Ntuze on

Who care; in addition, I don’t appreciate her music.

Jacqui on

I have a child and I know everyone’s experience is different but my goodness, how she relating the whole labor experience is letting me know that she used a surrogate. I love my child but the whole labor idea of having my child do all the work and forgetting about my own pain is a bunch of bs, Beyonce tell the truth, there’s nothing wrong with using a surrogate as you said it’s your child that important here.

olgairiscolon on

She is happy that’s what matters!!! How,Who had the kid is her business who cares!!

Me on

Oy frickin’ vey.

al Renninger on

Women have been giving birth for thousands of years big deal

Tasha on

I am so tired of all of these people hating on Beyoncé and her family, the saying comes to mind “Don’t hate me cause you aint me” People are so mean about this whole things, question, doesn’t being a hater get tiring, I smell jealousy allover the majority of these comments, so leave her alone let her tell her story her way, and get some business about yourselves, positivity people that’s the word of the day!

Anonymous on

wow these comments are awful….smdh ppl

Niko on

I’ll never understand the intense, pathological hatred some people have of Beyonce. Its quite baffling. They just won’t let go of the FACT that Blue Ivy is her biological child even at this point, which is absolutely crazy. Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

Patricia on

Yes I know you were communicating with that baby’s mom daily. You are trying to hard to prove that you had a child when you was up the next day with a flat stomach and some high high shoes. When a woman gives birth we do dont care about heels or going to a show to see nobody sing with a tight dress on. Stop lying and get some where and sit down. You have to be in the public eye by any means necessary. Now you came up with this mess. When you want to fake another one call me be a equal opportunity employer cause I want to get paid too. ok

Sue on

Any woman in hard labor, does even have a moment to “communicate” with their baby”, they are too busy trying to push it out, and be done with the horrible pain they go through. The pain makes you delusional, not visual.

This woman used a surrogate, and is trying to cover it up.

No one is going to convince me otherwise.

real mama on

JOKE!!! Come on Beyonce be real.

Tim on

You notice that in every interview she always says the same thing. She talks about the birth, but never once has she admitted that she actually gave birth. She talks about the surrogate, but never once has she actually denied it and said that she didn’t use a surrogate. All she ever says are things like ““That was very odd” or “Who even thinks that?”

I would just like to hear her say one time “I ACTUALLY GAVE BIRTH TO MY OWN BABY”…but that will never happen.

Every interview I have ever read on the subject, she speaks as if she is the third person in the room, along with the baby, and the actual birthing mother. I personally think she is full of crap and tries very hard to talk around the actual truth of anything.

josie on

It seems odd that a 31-year-old refers to her 13-month-old child as her best friend. Is her husband not considered her best friend as their child grows and matures to the point where she can truly be called a best friend?

Brandi on

You sound like such a freaking jackass. No one shoved anything in your face or put a gun to your head and made you look at this article…you chose to read it so shut up already with your whining. Did you ever stop and think that maybe Beyonce took an alternative approach for her labor and childbirth experience? In natural childbirth, there are techniques of communicating with your baby during labor that are embraced and encouraged. It’s different for every woman. Just because her experience is different from yours, it doesn’t make yours better or hers less important. Stop worrying about how Blue Ivy came into the world and go worry about your OWN kids.

Chance on

It really doesn’t have a thing to do with a mind/body connection. it has to do with the woman. Some women can easily have babies, while others cannot. I personally had contractions every 5 minutes for 30 hrs before I went to the hospital. They had to manually break my water and after another 12 hrs of contractions every 30 seconds I pushed for 3 hrs before they figured out that my hips werent opening. I had to have a csection. I will never be able to have a kid naturally and had it been 100 years earlier, I would have been dead. I have friends who didn’t even know they were in labor until their water broke, pushed a couple times and out the baby came. While I have other friends that had a terrible time one almost died. So, don’t act like women who have terrible labor aren’t trying hard enough or aren’t in tune with their bodies because it is much more complicated.

meghan on

No wonder she and Gwyneth get along so well. they are cut from the same pretentious cloth.

JAB on

If half of you nuts job saw that baby coming out you still wouldn’t believe it because your nose is stuck up her azz…get a life

Anonymous on

Why do these stars act like they are the only ones who have ever given birth. Give me a break!

Dina on

Beyonce you seem to be a beautiful person and I hope you and your daughter have beautiful moments.

Anonymous on

Is she for real?? Lol.

princessprettyxx on

People are such haters. I had a baby and loved every moment. Yes, it was extraordinarily painful, but with my support system, I learned to tolerate the pain. My daughter is 6 now and she and I have an amazing relationship and I bet she will too. People always feel like they are entitled to judge and hate on people they dont know.

Tiki on

I am so sick of conspiracy theories. Sorry she didnt blow up and gain 100lbs and stayed out the spotlight while pregnant. Hopefully journalists will stop asking about Blue. I liked it better when she was more private.

gail calderon on

why dont people leave Beyonce alone??? i dont get it. she is happy and healthy and has a great supportive husband and a adorable little girl who is obviously very loved. what is everyones problem???beyonce and j z enjoy your wonderful life and the life of your adorable little girl!! love gail calderon

Anonymous on

I dont understand why some dumb people still think she used a surrogate. you saw her gaining weight and there are pictures of her belly at the beach PREGNANT. cant believe your jealousy and obviously neither can you. trolls

Anonymous on

Oh, I thought that she was going to admit the baby didn’t actually come out of her own body.

KW on

Whwn is she gonna stop perpetuating the idea that she gave birth? It was a surrogate all the way. She is such a phoney.

victoria on

WHO CARES?????????????

IAM on

Wow! It’s scary to see so many people hating a person they don’t even know. Sounds like the good ole USA! Why the jealous & hate for Beyonce…Do you personally know her? Even if you don’t care for her music or her views, why spread the hate? Don’t we have enough of that in America? She’s not reading any of this nonsense, sadly people are sending out hateful messages to only return to the senders of hate & jealously. Wake up!

ReallyPeople on

@ReallyPeople.. I’m 22 and I would just now say my parents are my friends. Up until recently, they were my mentors and my PARENTS. My best friend, on the otherhand, her mom and she are best friends, have been forever. Her mom is too afraid to say anything negative to her, won’t discipline her and my friend is a complete B**** to her mom because she knows her mom will let her do it. If you’re kids scream “I hate you”, you’re doing your job and they will thank you one day. My mom always said, “I would rather you hate me forever and become a good person than for you to love me but become a hellion”…
So I say to you, be careful being best friends with your kids. If you wanted friends, you would’ve went to a pot luck and met some but you wanted children; to be a parent, so be one.””

Appreciate your thought, but whatever. I am 40 years old and perfectly capable of knowing the difference between being a parent and being a friend. Yes i am my girls mother, first and foremost, but being their friend is important too. Stating that my children are my best friends doesnt mean i am going to drink wine, smoke doobies and share sex secrets with them. It doesnt mean that discipline wont happen when it needs to. I think most of you have a truly jacked up view of the world at large and seem to think that every mother is on some ‘teen mom’ type b.s and that is, IMHO a load of hot crap:) i have zero intention of going out with my children ((well, i am 40 and by the time they can go somewhere i will be sitting on the porch telling children to get off my lawn, all old lady style! lol), i will do my best to teach them the right way to be and hope to have a grand fun time doing it. Hecks to the yeah, my children are on my list of best friends. if yours arent, then i am saddened that you dont want that.

As far as the rest of you haters are concerned, seriously, get over yourselves. Did you ever consider that maybe she is over being secretive about her life? Perhaps dealing with a miscarriage and all that has given her strength and purpose and maybe she feels that now she can share some of her life with the people who call themselves her fans. If you are not one of those, then you should probably not speak, as her comments dont affect your life at all.

Poppy on

I’m sick of Beyoncé she’s trash.

Caralina on

I dont understand why jayz is letting her make a fool of herself!? Nobody in their right mind believes that girl was ever pregnant with blue ivy and they never will!! I mean at some point you have to stand up and be the man in your relationship and say enough is enough! I love you too much to allow you to do this to yourself. Proves that money does not bring happiness, peace, or joy. Her conversation never seems to flow or seem natural at all..its very strange

Brandi on

Then stop reading articles about her you idiot.

sandra on

Blue is a adorable baby. Giving birth is definitely a life changing experience. Can’t believe she is already one. Cute family.

Anonymous on

I have never commented on anything here on before, but I must now. For those of you women who were not able to communicate with your children while they were being born, than I’m so sorry you didn’t get to experience that. I did, with my 3rd child. And while I didn’t necessarily enjoy each contraction, I did however welcome each one because I knew my baby was that much closer to joining us. I know it sounds crazy, it did to me too. But, I was determined to have a natural birth for my last and “enjoy” it. After some research I found Hypnobabies and it teaches women to relax during childbirth and communicate with the baby. Maybe Beyonce did something like that. Matter of fact, I sounded similar to her immediately after my 3rd child’s birth. If I could, I would have birthed my older kids in the same way. I feel sorry for those of you that are so judgmental and close-minded.

Sebs on

I love Beyonceand her Family. Wishing them nothing but the best. Some haters just need to get lost and focus on their own lousy lives…PERIOD!

wix on

Easy to appreciate the contractions when it wasn’t her having them! The video only showed a stomach. Her head was not showing attached to it!!!

She’s SOOO self-promotional she ABSOLUTELY would have had a nude picture to SHOW OFF!!!

Anonymous on

She acts like she is the only one who has ever had a baby and acts like a know-it-all.

Paige on

Anyone who thinks she used a surrogate is a paranoid lunatic. And making fun of her comments re: childbirth? Well, I’ve had two children, and I did appreciate every contraction because it meant I was that much closer to holding my baby in my arms. If you were screaming for the epidural, that’s your experience, and no one is judging you for that – so why judge others who didn’t?

Samantha on

A lot of people say she didnt look like she was not pregnant well with my 1st child i did not look like i was pregnant at all when u dont look like ur pregnant that mean the baby is by ur back look it up i was 140 i gain only 2lb but my baby was ok. I had 4 c section some was painful in my other was not painful its all on ur body every woman body are not the same they teach u that in school in the doctor will tell u some women have pain in other dont in trust me i know some women who did not feel any pain in they was not taken any drug on top of that and some women like pain so get off her back in let her enjoy her baby

Eve on


Eve on