Baby on the Way for Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

02/12/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Alec Baldwin Hilaria Baldwin Pregnant Expecting Baby
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Bye, bye 30 Rock, hello daddy duty!

Alec Baldwin, 54, and his wife Hilaria Thomas Baldwin are expecting their first child together, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“We’re so thrilled and we can’t wait to meet our baby,” the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.

Hilaria, who is due this summer, announced the news onΒ Extra, where she serves as a special correspondent for the show.

Baldwin, already dad to daughter Ireland, 17, from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger, and Thomas Baldwin, a yoga instructor, tied the knot in June after a three month engagement.

“He’s just really happy,” a source told PEOPLE after the couple announced their wedding plans. “They light up the room whenever they are together.”

Baldwin, who recently picked up a SAG Award for Best Actor in a TV Series for 30 Rock, is in good company: his former costar Tracy Morgan announced he is also expecting a baby.

— Anya Leon

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L ANN on

I’m very happy for them….

The baby will be beautiful.

ME on

Right on! So happy for them!

lynn on

SHE looks like his daughter, not his wife.54 and having kids-what is he thinking. Whatever.

Karolina on

Yay! Congrats to them!

Laine Atcheson on

Congratulations to them!!! He is a wonderful actor.

Karolina on

Very happy for them! The baby will surely be beautiful.

Charli on

Conrgats to them!

IrishGirl on

Reminds me of his wife in the movie “It’s Complicated and we all know how that turned out. LOL!

Melissa on

Lol! That is one of my favorite movies!

epmmrp on

Congrats to them

Jenny on

Cliche. Divorced, older man with grown kid(s) with a hot, young new wife. Bam! Babies.

Guest on

His life is turning into his character’s life in “It’s Complicated.” It’s like life imitating art!

Anonymous on


Char on

Alec looks really good- I was worried about him for a while. She must be good for him

Char on


Tara on

I want to be happy for them but 26 year age difference is large! But hey if they are happy…God Bless them.

tru on

Congratulations! Babies are a blessing

Suval on

So happy for this couple. Love Alec. He is a wonderful and talented actor and his new wife is gorgeous. So happy for them both.

meghan on


Sandy Cheeks on

I think they seem great together!!! Age is irrelevant when it comes to love. My parents were nearly 20 years apart in age, and they had an awesome marriage!!! The BEST I’ve ever seen!!! May God bless them and their new little one!!! πŸ™‚

fanofboardwalkempire on

Jus thrilled for this happy couple- wonderful news!

Izzie on

Good for you, Hilaria, you just upped your divorce settlement substantially!

dee on

what are these people thinking, she is the right age to have a baby but in 10 years when the kid says “daddy, lets play ball” he is going to be 64……oh wait they will be divorced and the kid will have a younger step daddy and they will be living off his child support.

Anonymous on

Gross! He is a loud mouth with anger issues trying to be young. She is an obvious gold digger.

Kelley on

Good Lord! Can any couple go without having kids?

Vee on

I will never forget the phone message he left his daughter calling her a “pig”. I can’t even look at the man. Poor kid – a gold digging mom and abusive dad. I wish that child well.

Tiffany on

My parents are 50 and have grandkids….

Izzie on

Good for you, Hilaria, good for you! You just upped your divorce settlement substantially. (Lets see if this gets posted!)

Chris on

Congratulations. Alec has a 2nd chance with another child. Things got messed up with Ireland after his divorce.

stef on

Let’s hope he’s a better father this time around. Without a doubt, EVERYONE says things to people they love that they instantly regret…and for years I gave Alec the benefit of the doubt with regards to his ‘thoughtless pig’ message that he left for his daughter Ireland…until just a few months ago she said that incident wasn’t a big deal because he talks to her that way ALL THE TIME. Shame on you, Alec. Best of luck, Hilaria…you’re going to need it.

Shhh on

A sweet blessing!

Anonymous on

Hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but let’s hope he is a better Dad to this child then he is to Ireland. I think he is a pompous ass, but people can change and I hope he has!

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

I think at his age, Alec Baldwin is nuts to be having a baby! He wasn’t a very kind father to his daughter, Ireland. All it really does is secure for Hilaria that her baby will be well taken care of.

Nancy on

I’m gonna barf………..

Teresa on

Congrats to them!

Daffygrams on

Sure hope he doesn’t call this baby a thoughtless greedy little pig!!

Ianthe on

Well at least plenty of people here see through it. What is wrong with the rest of you? A beautiful baby isn’t going to come from these two — and even without him being the father, look at the mother — and he is not going to change; he’ll always be the same hate-filled narcissistic bullying bigot who’s too messed up to be salvaged that he always has been.

Gina on

Well she is a smart woman to secure herself financially with an anchor baby. To prove my point, how much does a yoga instructor make these days?

theresa on

So happy for this beautiful couple and wish them all of the best.

Kim B on

That’s hilariaous!! lol… Congrats to them! Can’t believe his daughter is 17! Time flies!!

Lizzie on

PRAY he takes a hell of a lot of ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

Tammy on

She’s really beautiful. Don’t know why she married such an old man.

Ariana on

People are STILL bringing up the little tiff he had with his daughter and STILL blowing it waaayyy out of proportion! Weird….I don’t think he’s too old for children. Alec really has no age – he’s timeless. Congrats to them!

amy123 on


Jen on

Screw the age difference. My husband was 52 and 55 when our children were born. I was 27 and 30. He is an amazing hands on loving father. How many 20 something dead beat dads are out there? Age doesn’t matter. My kids might have an older dad when they teenagers but they will know their dad was in their lives every minute and will be until his last breath. So there.

Guest on

Hard to feel good about this news, can’t forget how he treated his daughter with Kim Basinger. Calling her a pig, and other awful names. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson, and will treat this child better.

T in Texas on

Ick ! Now 10 or so years from now . He’ll be calling their child together , a pig !

Anonymous on


Nanci on

Will someone explain to me how yo go from being a yoga instructor one day to all of a sudden being a correspondent on a TV show? I give it a year 2 tops….

lola on

A newborn at 54?!!! Wow, that is not fair to children. Kids need their parent around physically and mentally for at least 25, 30 years. I know nothing is guarenteed if you start out as a younger parent, but at least your odds are a lot better. This just seems selfish.

Melanie on

Congrats to Alec, Hilaria, and their families! As for Alec’s age, it’s really no big deal. My dad was only a bit younger than Alec when I was born, and the age thing was never an issue for me. And as for Alec’s relationship with his daughter Ireland, they clearly had some serious issues in the past, but by all accounts have a very close relationship now. I wish them all the best.

alison on

That phone call was result of a desperate dad being messed with by an ex-wife & careless daughter. Many people know what it feels like when they don’t have regular communication with their child while at their other parent’s home… and undoubtedly many people have heard parents call their children much worse names than “rude, thoughtless little pig…”

gyl on

Nice to see them happy. Though I can’t help but recognize that men have a much easier time of moving forward. He married a much younger woman and is having a baby. Demi More married a much younger man, apparently could not give him a baby and that contributed to their divorce.

Sandy Cheeks on

I dig older men… they’re confident. They don’t have to try and impress anyone. They usually have their act together. They usually have figured out the important things in life…and many men look better as they get older. I think they’re great together and he probably is hilarious and makes her laugh… um, I would date this man if he were single and i’m 32!!! πŸ™‚

By the way, my parents were nearly 20 years apart. He was 50 when I was born, and passed away when I was 28. My parents had the best marriage!!!! They laughed together everyday, and were very much in love. I hope these two make it!!! πŸ™‚

Treeclimber on

I was hoping they were announcing they had one way tickets out of the country.

Julianna on

That’s great! Congrats for them!

Lindalou on

I hope he connects with this child on a level that was never achieved with his daughter.

Anonymous on

I like her. She seems to be good for him.

photosentric on

Hilaria????????????? OK! Guess that sums it up! lol!!!!

fusufusu on

I just hope the baby is out of diapers before Dad is in diapers.

Tara on

the age difference is gross. can’t see how she can have “relations” with someone old enough to be her father … and some men need to learn when it’s time to stop having more kids. people these days.

Anonymous on

He’s a jerk…actually hate him!!!

gingy on

I cannot believe the dep’t of children and families will let him have another one after his meltdown with his daughter ireland…he should be neutered…like the bi-polar dog that he is….

Gigi on

Happy for them! I hope Alec has finally found a calming influence in his life.

uh-huh on

only in America can someone go overnight from being a yoga instructor to being a woman millions of people actually care about just from marrying an old guy

Janet on

He’s fifty-frickin-three!! I feel sorry for the baby and his 17 year old daughter.

gloria on

What else is new?

harry on

The people that think this is ok,…have many problems,…..this will never last,… she obviously is looking for a sugar daddy!

Pattyj on

This is no secret. We knew this young girl was going to get pregnant. Then, she will divorce his old butt. Then, he will want the world to feel sorry for him. Just like he did with his daughter, Ireland, by Kim Basinger. He should have gotten fixed, and, I bet she wouldn’t have married him. It’s more money involved, when there is a child…THERE’S NOTHING LIKE AN OLD FOOL…

Anonymous on

Tara- So Hilaria should be denied the chance to have a child of her own just because of her husband’s age?! I’d see (and agree with!) your point if he were in his 70s or even late 60s, but he isn’t.

He’s 54, and with more and more people living into their 80s and 90s (with an increasing number even living past their 100th birthdays!), odds are pretty good that he’ll be around for a good chunk of his child’s life (when he or he is 30, for example, he’ll be 84).

love- I agree! I don’t follow Ireland on twitter (I don’t follow ANYONE on twitter, as frankly it’s never been my cup of tea.), but it does seem from what we’ve seen and what they’ve both said to the media that she and Alec have a very good relationship now and that Alec has learned from his mistakes.

Also, I think we should try to be a little more understanding of Alec. I don’t condone what he did by any means, but from what I gather, the poor guy had been getting more and more frustrated by the custody arrangements (and the fact that his ex-wife was seemngly unwilling to allow any change in them that would allow him more time with his child), and finally it got to be too much and he simply snapped.

That doesn’t make him a bad person or a bad father. It just makes him human. We all have our limits, and we can only take so much of them being tested! Granted, we should ideally seek help before we reach our breaking point, but we don’t live in an ideal world.

Anonymous on

meghan- A new life coming into the world is never nasty!

lanthe- Maybe “beautiful” isn’t quite the right word to use, but the baby will definitely be cute…because all babies are! πŸ˜‰ Also, Ireland (Alec’s first daughter) is quite the beauty, so obviously Alec CAN make good-looking kids! πŸ™‚

Dezi on

I love Alec Baldwin, He is so together now. I think his wife is beautiful. They will have a beautiful child together,

sharon on

her name is Elaria

Michelle on

They seem very happy together and she is either a good actress or else truly in love with him. He looks fit and well and who can say how long any of us will live? Love together and that will make a better tomorrow!

Joker on

Dear pre-born baby,
Don’t make your daddy made or he might curse you out then beat you silly. Ask your sibling about that.

norosecoloredglspls on

to Tara, there is a similar age difference between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. For the sake of the new baby, hopefully, Alec and Valeria will have similar success. Alec (and Kim B) certainly do not need to have more negative press when it comes to relationships and children.

deanna chacon on

Alec, body language says it all. His not happy about the baby. Plus he can’t even look or touch his wife while talking about the the new baby. His definitely a Good actor.

Cate on

The age difference is fine. It really just depends on the couple

rob on

i am very happy for them also… is the only gift from God worth having

Kat on

Seems like she wears the pants in the r/ship and most likely she agreed to get involved as long as Alec would help her become famous. He’s the one who got her the gig on Extra. I bet she signed an iron-clad prenup ON HER TERMS!

Hattie on

Congrats to them.See if they move to Spain?The wife is missing her home.

AmberT on

Body language in this video says it all. he’s not into it and they’ll be going their separate ways soon.

jasmin on

does anyone see that now she is a special correspondent for Extra? She knows exactly what she is doing.

Ronnie G on

MR. EGO must be happy, will have another child to take out his anger issues on. Maybe now the “other family” can start a normal life. Everyone makes mistakes, some just larger ones.

But we have to wish Hilaria and the new baby a good life, after they start on their own life should be good.


Alec just doesn’t look happy. I think he is probably thinking “I have already done this once.”

Smile on

It should have been mandatory that he get clipped. Have you all forgotten how he treats his current daughter? He is a mean man! Good luck little baby you will need it.

Edgar on

John, who are you kidding, you’re not 43!

Hooty on

Good for them!

Desmo on

I wonder if he is older than her parents? i could never be with someone older than my parents, it’s tooo weird

Denise on

Didn’t Alec claim he was going to move out of the country if Bill Clinton was re- elected? Or was it Bush? Hmmm…

I think Alec is a pompous jerk. He seems stuck on himself. Of course, I don’t know him but as they say, it’s how people “perceive” you that counts.

That whole incident with Ireland, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And if another poster is correct, that the girl says it was blown out of proportion and he talks like that as a norm…well, that;’s a little bit sad thinking of the future of this baby to come.

Kat on

I bet he’s the one who got her the job on Extra, now she’s everywhere and won’t shut up. May be she agreed to marriage on condition he would help her become famous and not just a ‘little wifey’ in the background.

K.B. on

When I saw this news, it brought back the memory of what Meryl Streep said to him on “It’s Complicated” — “WHen you marry a woman that age, a baby is part of the deal.” Hope they have a healthy, happy baby together.

exit82 on

I’m old and even I think it’s gross

DN on

Shrewd move, well played

Nota on

wonder if he’s going to call this one on the phone (when it is old enough) and swear at her/ him like he did his other child and if he’s going to get into screaming matches with this wife…

Momma D on

First of all a comment to Dee. I am 65 and I go to bars and dance with my older grandchildren, I rollar skate, ice skate and do water slides. So I think Alex can manage to throw a ball.

Momma D on

He is a very easy on the eyes type of guy to look at, but I think he would be difficult to live with. His age is not bad at this point and she is young. Unless he can change I don’t think the marraige will last. Alec, needs some counceling.

nan on

Congrats , i hope he learned his lesson and will control his temper with this baby unlike his outburst with Ireland who he called a pig and other things on the phone! And that the photogs stay well away from them after the baby comes unlike his forst baby

claudiazz on

His wife is not bad looking but she is no Kim Basinger. This man has always had anger management issues and I bet they will resurface again in the future.

I feel sorry for the child, by the time he is 10 and wants to play football or basketball with his dad he will be 64!

Der Kaiser on

This proves the old line: “There may be snow on the rooftop but there’s fire in the furnace.” Congratulations!

laurie on

hopefully he doesnt tell this child thats its a selfish pig like he did to his little girl

Marcee on

Great! They will be wonderful as parents.

jaime on

I think that is beautiful, can’t wait to see baby pics, congratulations to them both πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Tina on


ctgal on

To all the haters out there. There are people who get along. Yes, there are some people who we do not get along with but some people settle like the haters out there. Just because Alec didnt get along with Kim doesnt mean his marriage wont work. They resonate. I wil find someone who will RESONATE with me

jojo on

Hilaria thought she’d bag a rich older guy, have a quick kid and be settled but she bagged a psychopath. That’s what you get when digging for gold.

Gina on

Can we say anchor baby?

Gina on

Her former classmates say that her name was Hillary in high school and didn’t speak with a fake Spanish accent.

Kala on

It’s so funny to me that age difference when it’s man older, woman much younger is rarely made an issue of. He’s 54, how old is she, looks like mid 30’s. Yet when women date much younger they get labeled an animal name-hmm

Kala on

Just found out she’s 28 ok and he’s 54, so is he a cougar?

Pilar Kline on

they are adorable together! πŸ™‚ good luck!

Barbara Derbabian RN MS on

Congratulations to Alec and his lovely wife, Hilaria on the announcement of their baby on the way!! My family’s known Alec for many years, having been raised in Massapequa, and indeed married life has mellowed him a bit,(despite all the negative publicity with that sensational newspaper, The Post!)he’s lost weight and looks so much healthier than he’s looked in years!! I think he’s learned a great deal from this younger woman! Looking forward to seeing him back on the Broadway stage in “Orphans”


Of course Alec Baldwin’s wife got pregnant real quick. That’s like an insurance policy if they ever split. Having a child with him would give her a bigger check if their marriage didn’t work.