See Travis Barker’s Mini Dates for the Grammys

02/11/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Travis Barker Kids Grammy Awards 2013
Axelle Woussen/Bauer-Griffin

Before he closed out Sunday’s Grammy Awards with his show stopping performance, Travis Barker treated his pint-sized posse to a trip down the red carpet.

Excited to see her dad take the stage, Atiana, 13, sparkled in a sequin midriff top and matching iridescent pleated skirt, paired with bedazzled zebra-print platform pumps.

“It’s awesome, it’s always nice to see him perform,” she told PEOPLE. “We see him all the time, so it’s great to see him at the Grammys.”

Little brother Landon, 9 — who obviously takes style cues from his punk rocker papa — topped off his blazer, tee and jeans with red hot shades and a black fedora; while 7-year-old Alabama donned a ruffled two-tone halter dress and strappy silver sandals.

There were plenty of well-dressed stars attending the show, but hands down, Barker’s little bunch wins our vote for cutest dates of the night.

— Anya Leon

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Melissa on

Love that he still includes Atiana even though him and Shanna are divorced.

These are hands down my favorite celeb kids!

Dawn on

Anybody else find that completely inappropriate for a 13 year old? Sorry but 6 inch heels, midriff, and legs showing is just too much for her age…making her jail bait. Gross!

kmc on

that doesn’t seem to be an appropriate look for a 13 year old girl. it looks like she is trying to be 18+. her dad should not want his little girl to be looking like that at her age. she needs to be dressed like a 13 year old. trying to grow up to fast.

Jen DC on

MAN, Atiana looks more and more like Oscar de la Hoya each time I see her! But um… yeah, no glitter 5″ platform heels for 13 year old, “special occasion” or not. too much. The whole outfit’s a little grown…

The other children are as adorable as usual.

Joyful on

He knows what battle to pick! He knows that if her Mom ok it, he should not make her feel bad or miss the night! I just bet she got a earful from him and he let her trip and almost fall and endure all the embarrassment as he kept telling guys she is 13! Travis is just thankful to be living! Travis knows his and her mom’s lifestyle contributes to their kids maturing way fast!

mytwocents on

I want to marry him. His kids are cute too 😉

Iknowhatisee on

Wtf!!!! She is 13 …. really,,, pole dancer heels on a little girl,,, please get your heads outta your Hollywood arrrrses!!! Even u know better travisz,,, just STOP!!!

candykane on

Atiana is a gorgeous girl but that outfit is in no way appropriate for her age. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think she should wear a turtle neck but something more age appropriate

candykane on

oh and I do think the outfit is really pretty too. Just for somebody a few years older

de on

A pair of sensible,sparkly flats would of put that outfit back at appropriate for a girl her age. Gorgeous kiddos tho!

Isabel on

She’s a beautiful girl but the outfit is too much for a 13 year old. Give her some flats and a top that covers her stomach and she’d look lovely.

Ivy. on

I didn’t even realize that was Atiana. I thought it was his date until I read the article. So many things wrong with that outfit. But she’s a pretty girl.

Anonymous on

Other than the heels, I don’t think Atianna’s outfit is THAT bad (after all, it’s covering everything that should be covered and isn’t really “suggestive”!). Also, if we’re going to criticize anyone for allowing her to wear that, I think we should criticize Shanna, not Travis.

After all, Travis isn’t Atianna’s father, and now that he and Shanna are divorced, he isn’t even techinically her stepfather anymore. So I think it’s perfectly understandable that he might not think it’s his place to tell her what she can and can’t wear!

Anonymous on

Also want to say that I greatly admire guys who are willing to continue to be in their stepchildren’s lives (especially when that stepchild is a half-sibling to their children!) after they divorce their mother.

How lucky Atianna is to have two fathers that love her (from what I’ve read, Oscar is still involved in her life)! 🙂

traxie on

My god, what an ugly family!

meme on

I am surprised a 13 year old can even walk in those shoes! So inappropriate!

Robin on

This family looks nasty. They are all dressed inappropriate for The Grammys. The oldest daughter looks like a hooker.

Sandy on

REALLY??? A 13 year old girl wearing those stupid shoes??!! That is just pathetic. My god why do parents let their kids grow up WAY to fast???? Very unappropriate- let your kids BE kids.

Sandy on

mom’s a sleeze so NOT surprised she would let her 13 year old daughter wear hooker shoes out in public. Yeah, groom your daughter to be preyed upon by grown men. REAL good parenting skills. Why not let you kids be the kids they are???? Those shoes should wait until at least age 18!

Jill on

I agree Atianna’s top and shoes are very inappropriate for a 13 year old. This is what Hollywood do to kids. I don’t understand why these parents want this life style for them.

Sara on

I cannot believe how cruel people are being about a 13 year old. She’s a child who’s parents allowed her to make her own fashion choice. She looks pretty, as do her siblings. Leave her alone.

I remember the Meet The Barker’s Episode when Alabama was born! Can’t believe how long ago that was.

Sarah S. on

@Dawn…couldn’t agree with you more!

Amy on

People should love minding other people business…

They all look good to me.

Nadine on

the heals are much but the outfit is ok for her age. like others said flats would change the whole outfit.

Alli on

Totally, totally, totally inappropriate outfit and heels for a 13 year old. The kids are gorgeous though!

erilynne on

I love that Atiana girl’s outfit! Even though I never wore things like that when I was 13, which was only 10 years ago….how comes have changed. LOL

Anonymous on

Isabel- I don’t get your comment. Atianna’s stomach IS covered!

linda on

Her dress is cute! Heels, Not so much…At that age I would have fallen on my arse.

amy on

Hooker/pole dancer shoes on a 13 yr old girl. DIsgusting.

Molly on

I don’t think her stomach is showing, I saw a larger picture and it looks more like a belt that happens to be similar to her skin color.