Is Adele’s New Tattoo a Tribute to Her Son?

02/11/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Adele Tattoo Grammy Awards
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP. Inset: Christopher Pol

A is for … Angelo?

During Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Adele brought some serious flower power to the red carpet.

But her Valentino embroidered floral dress, which she accessorized with matching printed pumps, burgundy diamond flower earrings, a black ruffled pouch purse and a vintage up ‘do, wasn’t the only thing that caught our attention.

The singer — who nabbed an award for best solo pop performance for her hit, “Set Fire to the Rain” — showed off some new ink: a discreet “A” in script behind her right ear.

The new mom is mum on the inspiration for her latest tattoo, but could it be another ode to her baby boy’s name?

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Days after she scored a Golden Globe in January, Adele was spotted sporting a gold nameplate “Angelo” necklace.

— Anya Leon

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Carol on

that is awful dress… her but that dress..

jenna on

or adele.

Sammi on

Did you ever stop to think that it might stand for Adele? Why the fascination with what her son is named? Get over it.

soulsistuh on

Her name is Adele. It starts with an A.

Eva on

Or could it be an “A” to symbolize an unkind, but appropriate nickname for all of the nosy, pushy, annoying media people who won’t freakin’ LEAVE HER ALONE and let her raise her child in peace?

Claire on

AMEN!!! The longer she keeps that baby out of the spotlight, the more respect I have for her! Love that she keeps her professional and personal lives separate!

Lori B on

It COULD be Angelo … I mean, because it couldn’t POSSIBLY be anything else … like Adele, for instance. Just sayin.

Eva on

Or could it be symbolic of an unkind, but appropriate “nickname” for all the pushy, nosy, annoying media people who refuse to LEAVE HER ALONE and let her enjoy her child in peace?

john on


Chris on

I did it. Waited 38 years to get my first – and so far only – tattoo of my daughter’s name on my ankle. It was a gift to myself on Mother’s Day, the perfect reminder that I will always be her mommy.

jason t seals on

she is an atheist, that’s the tat

Lisa on

It’s a tribute to her son.

Karen M. on

Sorry, but the dress was not flattering. I know she wanted to stay away from basic black, but it just wasn’t pretty.

Mimi on

Obviously it’s for her son people. His name is Angelo. Why would she get a letter A for herself? lol

birdclay23 on

that dress was horrible,why would anyone design that ugly thing

Cindy on

Love her she is gorgeous, but y’all are right that dress is atrocious! I have my children’s names and birthdates tattooed on my shoulder, I have several tattoos and each one has a story.

Bee on

Her last name starts with an A also…Adkins I believe. Could be that.

Andrea on

That tattoo looks terrible and trashy. And that dress does no justice for her.

emma on

Wow! They are so hooked on the name of her son. Honestly, just back off. When she is ready to share his name, she will.

On a side note: I adore her, however, I do not adore her dress choice.

Teresa L Bolding on

I love her! Not fond of her dress, however. It isn’t very flattering. Maybe a floor length. Pattern is old looking. Very frumpy.

arewa07 on




I love her, but maybe when/if she wants us to know…she’ll ::gasp::TELL US!

Audra826 on

A for AUDRA!!!!

esymmons on

very tasteful tattoo. when she is 80, it will look the same.

LKMainer on

Where did she find that dress or what ever it was??????

stockdale on

i like that dress. very cute.

Kristen on

I don’t mean this to offend but I never really understood why someone would get a tattoo in a place they will never be able to see it on themselves. Most of my friends with tattoos say they’re for personal reasons/meanings but then they get them in places they’ll never be able to see them. The same goes with cutesy designs like stars begin the ear, why bother if you can’t enjoy the art yourself?

Donna on

Adele is beautiful inside and outside. The dress isn’t that bad, also her songs, voice and inner self is beautiful too. Tatoos or not. Her and Clarkson Real and Genuine!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$

Anonymous on

Kristen- Of course she can see it! It’s called a mirror! 🙂

Mimi- No, his name is RUMORED to be Angelo. We won’t know until if and when she confirms it! Yes, I realize she wore that necklace, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean it’s her son’s name! It could be the name of any number of people or things!

traxie on

She’s so fat, disgusting, homely and repugnant. Even her voice is boring.

vickynicole on

That dress is horrendous… Yeark. Her hair looks good though.

Gretchen on

I love the comments to these articles. Especially when they call her fat and untalented. The woman has sold over 25 million copies of her sophmore album, won 10 Grammys, a , a SAG award, a Golden Globe and will most likely have an Oscar by the end of the month. But you are 100% correct, she’s the one who is untalented and you are not a mean internet bully. Put your Thesaurus down and move on with your life.

Yes, I’m talking to you, Traxie.

Satara on

I hope that when her baby boy gets older, she will open up more and share him and his milestones with her fans. However, I completely understand the need for her to nest and be protective over her baby right now. I think the media should respect it.

JF on

Awful dress … she looks like she’s wearing her grandmother’s shawl.

derft on

The dress is stunning what is wrong with all of you- earrings to match? she is a full bodied girl and at least doesn’t stick her butt in our faces like some of these trolloppy things do.

Cara on

She has such a beautiful face that she could wear a black plastic bag and she would still be beautiful !

Amazing talented girl!

humwitbone on

why is she wearing a table cloth?