Nick Lachey: Not Taking Camden on Tour Would Be ‘Tragic’

02/10/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Nick Lachey Camden Pre Grammy Party
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Nick Lachey‘s son Camden John is about to have a major break through: his first tooth!

“Literally today we found a little bit of blood on the towel he was chewing on, so I think we’re about to see his first tooth,” the singer, 39, told PEOPLE at Friday’s 16th annual Friends ‘N’ Family Pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles, Calif

“He’s been teething for awhile, but we haven’t seen a tooth. That’s pretty exciting.”

But soon the Lachey family will be seeing a lot more than baby boy’s first set of chompers; The 5-month-old will become quite the traveling tot when his father’s band, 98 Degrees, reunites in May for their first tour in over a decade.

“Camden will be on tour for sure. I’m not going to spend 2½ months away from my son. That would be tragic,” Lachey, whose new solo album Father’s Lullaby — which was inspired by Camden — will be available in March, says.

Before the gang gears up for life on the road, Lachey and his wife Vanessa are looking forward to connecting with couple time this Valentine’s Day, a priority on the new dad’s agenda.

“You obviously have to kind of rethink plans with the little one at home,” he explains. “You still got to celebrate. You still got to take that moment to recognize each other. It all started with that — you don’t want to lose sight of it.”

— Anya Leon

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M on

I’m so glad to read this. I completely respect that some military parents have to be away from their children for long periods of time, but it makes me so mad when I read about a celeb seeing their child once or twice a month because they are on tour or on set or something. That’s not okay, and they’ll never have that time back. Seems like someone gets it!

Tara on

Do they really think anyone will be rushing out to see 98 degrees in 2013? They should leave that in past and move on to new things.

Amy on

Tara and gwen, they are touring with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. A lot of shows sold out from presales….tickets were gone before they went on sale to the general public. Here in Chicago, a second show has already been added, it’s the same situation in a lot of other cities.

hbomb1225 on

Wait a second show was added in Chicago?! I wasnt going to be able to go since it was the same night as Pearl Jam @ Wrigley so if this is true then it will make my friends and me very happy!

Amy on

Yep! July 18. Tickets go on sale Feb. 16. It’ll be a busy weekend in the Chi!!

hbomb1225 on

Awesome! Thanks for the info…you are right busy weekend but totally worth it (mostly for pearl jam – but this will be a fun, cheesy concert for us girls) 🙂

patrice on

Even though i see where he’scoming from..takin a child that young on tour sounds to me like the tragic part,sounds horrible!

Tara Patenaude on

I think a 5 month old traveling with his parents is wonderful. It won’t effect the baby beyond the bonding that can be done during the down time.

gwen on

Whats tragic is that he thinks anyone is still interested in seeing 98 degrees in concert!

sad on

he is such a jerk, I will save my money and not buy his cd

chloe on

It is AMAZING to me how people will always find something to be negative about. Vanessa and Nick are clearly happily married and are both doting parents, let’s be happy that a child is loved by his parents– that his father doesn’t want to be away from his child.

CM on

Simple solution – don’t go on tour!

Nobody cares about 98 Degrees…and we certainly don’t want to see 30-40 year old guys dancing around like fools on the stage…

karen on

Tell that to JZ, CM.

Tiredofhaters on

People are so negative. I think Nick and Vanessa seem very level headed and down to earth. It is great to hear that they are taking Camden out with them instead of leaving their child with someone else to watch.

I would definitely go out to see 98 degrees. I loved their music and still do. I think people would be amazed at how many people secretly would still go see them. There music is not for everyone just like most artist out there.

I do not like a lot of popular artists but I would never bash them just because I did not like them or their music. There is too much hate in this word and negative people.

Anonymous on

Well Tara they are touring with New Kids on the Block and Boys II Men, so whether people are there for 98 degrees or the others, they’ll still have a full concert turnout.

I also like the idea of taking them on tour. I mean, obviously the baby wouldnt be going into the concert with all that noise, either vanessa would stay with him or he would find a baby sitter for the night or something, but at least they get to spend the baby’s important years together.

Shannon on

I think he is an amazing person and so is his wife. They have a beautiful family and if he doesn’t want to leave his family behind then he shouldn’t. Why do people dislike him so much?

Dbjr8 on

Glad that he is such a family man and doesn’t want to be away from his family. But “tragic” is a strong word. “Tragic” is losing your father unexpectedly 3 weeks ago like my family did. Not being with your son because your on tour is sad, but not tragic.

mslewis on

Totally agree with him. Babies forget you if you don’t see them all the time. I think Nick is a good daddy.

Anonymous on

Since things didn’t work out for Nick and Jess – maybe someday their kids can connect and get married…..

JUST KIDDING – that would be sort of weird…………

sally on

I have to say that living in the same area that many of the Lacheys live in – you will find very few people who do not have the utmost respect for Nick and Drew Lachey.

Many of the kids that come out of the school for performing arts like SJP and Carmen Electra tend to care only about Cincy when it is needed but the Lacheys are always helping the freestore, trying to put a positive way about everything. They stop, talk in such a friendly way and so does his wife.

His 1st wife was as nasty as can be when she was approached. – so I guess we all have different opinions – but he is not a jerk. He is a nice guy.

karen on

Yes he is Sally.

Cheryl on

I have so much respect for Nick Lachey. Nick and Vanessa sound like down to earth neighbors you would want to know. Drew and Nick are going on the Price is Right for a Cincy charity, I believe Feb 18th.

As for the tour, there are three groups. It is called The Package Tour. Looking forward to it in Philly. Glad that his son and wife will be with him on tour. Best to the Lacheys.

Tee Tee on

You know, I have really come to enjoy reading articles about this family. Vanessa and Nick seem to truly love being parents!

Jessica on

Its nice to read such heartwarming subject matter. New parents gushing about their son.

sunshine0925 on

I never ever post on these sites. But, this is one I feel I need to. I am from Cincinnati, the same town Nick Lachey is from.

He is one of the nicest, most down to earth celebrities I have ever met. He frequently comes back to the city often spending most of his time there involved in charity. And the tickets to the concert sold out in a few hours!!

Michelle on

I think it is wonderful! I am happy that he has found a great and beautiful wife. I always rooted for him once I saw how egocentric Jessica became after she got a little fame from their Newlywed Show. He seems really down to earth while Jessica became a skanky ho.

Chuck on

I always thought he was more of a regular guy than most singers/celebrities. And I’m glad he’s found Vanessa and made a family — Jessica doesn’t know what she’s lost! But it IS funny Miss Prim and Proper is now expecting her second child without a husband, and bad boy Nick is married before HIS children arrive — go figure.

Sandy on

All you nay sayers below- watch and see- there are tons of fans who will def go see them in concert. plus a baby that age has no clue what’s going on so will care a less if he’s at home or in Europe on tour! People are so hateful!!!

Tiffany on

I can’t wait to see him on tour with the rest of the guys in June!

Cheri on

He seems like a nice guy and his wife is gorgeous.

Cheryl on

Cam will be close to 8 months when tour begins and and approaching 11 months at the end. I can understand why he does not want to miss the many changes that his son will display during those approximately two and half months. Great guy.

Jax on

I love this family

Belle on

He’s a smart man.

Anonymous on

As I was reading this article, I thought, “Wow! What a sweet man! He sounds like such a loving and doting father to his baby boy.”

Cut to reading the responses below and I’m like, “WTH is up with some of these mean-spirited posts? People, are we reading the same article here?” Sheesh, you’d think Nick had personally insulted some of you or something!

Whatever. Vanessa is one lucky woman to have a husband who wants to be there every minute of their baby’s life and not miss a single thing. Yeah, yeah, most men say that–Nick is making sure that happens. Eat your hearts out, all you ‘ladies’ posting such hateful things.

Anonymous on

Sandy- I think just about everyone who’s traveled with an eight month old (the age that Camden will be by the time the tour actually starts, as Ashley pointed out), would beg to differ with you!

Babies that age definitently DO know “what’s going on”, and they can (and often do!) get very upset when routines change (as they tend to when traveling) and they’re not in a familar setting (even if mommy and daddy are there with them!).

That being said, however, babies are also able to adjust relatively easy and quickly to new situations (and some aren’t phased by travel at all, of course. Every baby is different!), and thus I agree that taking Camden on tour certainly isn’t going to damage him!

Anonymous on

Also, five months sounds young for teething! 🙂

Momma to H on

You must not have children. Some babies are born with teeth. My son had 4 of them by the time he was six months old.

Anonymous on

My oldest was 2 months old when he got his first two teeth.

Olivia on

As much as I loved all the boy bands 10+ years ago, he needs to sit down somewhere and raise his child. Your baby is 5 mos and you wanna go on tour? That’s just weird to me, I could see if he was some super star who had no choice but he isn’t. I am not against him touring with the rest of his uncles but not with a newbie.

Anonymous on

Olivia- As other posters have pointed out, Camden will actually be eight months old by the time the tour has started. And Nick (along with Vanessa, of course!), IS raising him. He’s just going to be doing so on a tour bus rather than a house for a few months. 🙂

Plenty of babies travel with their parents far more than that, and I’ve yet to see one who has been damaged because of it!

Anonymous on

sorry but you have NO idea what “tragic” really means…

Jat on

He always seemed like a nice guy with a good head on his shoulders. Good for you for wanting to keep your family close. Don’t listen to all the haters. 😀

abnkbn3 on

Tara, concert sold out in many cities – had to add more!! 98 Degrees will fill the stadiums in 2013, Such sour grapes.

abnkbn3 on

Such a great family man. I am relieved to hear of a celebrity couple who dated for years, got married, THEN got pregnant and doesn’t want to miss a moment. This is a real man. The concert is selling out like crazy with new dates added. So many sour grape posts. Jealous are we?!