Wiz Khalifa: I Want Amber To ‘Stay Pregnant Forever’

02/10/2013 at 08:00 PM ET

Amber Rose Wiz Khalifa Grammy Awards 2013
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Bump, there it is!

With only three weeks left until baby boy’s big arrival, Amber Rose and her fiancé Wiz Khalifa graced the red carpet in coordinated black and white ensembles during Sunday’s Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“[I’m feeling] good. It’s different, it’s weird,” Rose, 29, whose budding belly was front and center in her black floor-length Donna Karan gown, tells E! News.

“I want her to stay pregnant forever,” quips Khalifa, 25.

And while the couple are staying mum on their son’s name — “We haven’t told anybody,” says the dad-to-be — they’re not shy about sharing their birth plan.

“We watched The Business of Being Born with Ricki Lake and we just got inspired. We’ve got a pool, everything,” explains Rose.

“We’ve been taking classes, we got a doula, midwife — we’re going the whole thing,” says Khalifa, who adds he’s looking forward to taking part in the delivery process.

“I want to have a role in it, too. I wanted to get taken on a ride,” he admits.

— Anya Leon

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martine on

I don’t know who this girl is, but she looks BEAUTIFUL.

mobetta on

Martine- The girl is Amber Rose who started as Kanye West’s girlfriend. An ex-stripper, who became a model after being his woman. Yes she’s beautiful, but wouldnt even be relevent if she wasn’t attached to these men!

Bree on

I had very little respect for Amber Rose when she was dating Kanye West and I have just never known enough about Wiz Khalifa to really care too much about him but the more I see of these two lately, the more I grow to like them.

They both seem so excited and like such a great team and I really think they are going to make great parents. This pregnancy really seems to have matured them both. I can’t wait to see pictures of their little man and hear what they name him 🙂

Evie on

Bravo for these two brave parents bucking the “You’re not qualified” mentality of modern delivery rooms and educating themselves on birth as mother nature intended it to be.

Amber on

Really…if Mother Nature intended birth to be under water they would be living in the sea! Truth is births don’t always go as planned! Many complications can arise especially if you are giving birth for the first time. I really wish these people stop trying so hard to be different and educate them selves on true birth!

Amanda on

Indeed! The couple from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have home birthed both their children. And all the Victoria’s Secret models too, apparently.

We call our daughter Evie. Short for Genevieve. 🙂

Nicole on

It’s just rude to call another person irrelevant. She might not be a singer/entertainer, but she’s someone’s partner, and she always comes off as a lovely woman.

Lauren on

I think it’s sweet that the two of them seem so excited about becoming parents. In times like this, where lots of men are trying to dodge the responsibility of being a father, it’s refreshing to see this.

Brandi on

I agree Nicole! People are so immature. Amber has blossomed since she has been with Wiz and I love it. She smiles and has finally opened up more about who she is. A very pleasant person. Good luck Amber and Wiz. Can’t wait to see your beautiful baby boy 🙂

Cara on


Amber on

Lets hope this kid looks just like the Mom 🙂

DaisyMoon on

She’s going to be someone’s mother…that alone makes her relevant…

Bekkah on

That actually brought tears to my eyes. Well said.

Tameka on

She looks amazing and they look very mature and happy. Maybe she shud show Beyonce how a real pregnant women looks like not the shit she pulled on us. All the best AmberWiz!

Quest on

Amber Rose is an ex-stripper who was with Kanye for his money and fame, then went on to sleep with famous men like Reggie Bush when they broke up to stay relevant. She met Wiz through twitter and must say they make a cute couple and she seems sweet. Everyone has a past and while I don’t really follow her life as much, wish her a happy healthy birth.

Anonymous on

She looks great! I wonder why she finds pregnancy “weird” though? Not criticizing, just curious (as I’ve never heard anyone describe pregnancy that way before!)! 🙂

Bekkah on

It’s weird. Have you had any kids yet? You’ll see lol. It gets weird.

Jadey on

It is pretty weird…your body changes, you have these hormones flying around all over the place and there’s a tiny person kicking your insides! Haha it’s beautiful, but weird!

Lady on

Amber looks gorgeous, best of luck to them!

jessicad on

They sound really excited and it’s super cute hearing about how he wants to be involved! I hope everything goes as planned during the birth, I think they’ll be good parents:)

KO on

I bet she’s not interested in staying pregnant forever lol. Here’s hoping they get the birth they want.

Niko on

Shallow much, Amber? Wiz Khalifa is not a looker, but he’s not an ugly guy like you’re insinuating. Granted he’s too lanky and covered with tattoos, but who cares?