Adele: I Stress Less About Life Since My Son’s Birth

02/10/2013 at 09:31 PM ET

Adele Best Pop Performance Grammy Awards 2013
Christopher Polk/Getty

Adele may have started her day off at dawn, but the early morning wake up call came courtesy of her sonnot her glam squad.

“I’ve been up since 6 a.m. so I’m quite tired, but it’s nice,” Adele, who won best pop solo performance for her hit, “Set Fire to the Rain,” told reporters backstage at the Grammy Awards Sunday.

“I haven’t been as stressed out,” she said. “In life you have to prioritize what you stress about and worry about when you have a child.”

And just as her primping for the big show took a backseat to baby boy — reportedly named Angelo — Adele admits any upcoming albums are coming along at a much more slower pace than usual.

“I’ve been having lots of meetings and I’ve been out of the loop really,” the new mom, who arrived in Los Angeles before the Golden Globes, explains. “I’ve been singing my baby nursery rhymes so I don’t really know what’s cool and what’s not.”

Taking the stage to accept her award, Adele thanked her lucky charm — presenter Jennifer Lopez! — before her special shout-out to fellow working moms.

“This is amazing. I just wanted to come and be a part of the night because I loved it last year, obviously,” she joked. “I just want to … send big love to all the other girls and all us females doing this because we work so hard and we make it look so easy.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Melody Chiu

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Nicole on

The dress isn’t flattering in my opinion, but kudos to her for stepping out of her comfort zone.

Anonymous on

love her! She is so genuine- we need more artist like her

Janelle on

Dear Adele, Please record a lullaby albums. That is all. Best, A fan

jld on


MrMonkee on

Somewhere in England someone is missing their curtains…..or couch cover.

Andi on

Ugh. I don’t normally make comments about people’s clothes because I spend my time in baggy sweats, but that dress is ugly. Sorry, Adele.

Tara on

You know some photos of that dress are absolutely adorable, but some look a little like grandmas sofa, however she could wear a burlap sack and I would love her! So happy just to see her!!!

esymmons on

that dress looks like it came over a curtain rod

Susan on

Love Adele and so happy for her. But, hate to say she looks like she’s wearing a curtain. Bring back he LBD from last year!

Catca on

@People Mag, Adele has made it quite clear she wants to keep her son’s personal information private which is why she intentionally never announced his name. Why couldn’t her wishes be respected?

Amanda S. on

It’s nice to see her in something other than black for a change. i think she’s always been a very sweet person but motherhood has softened her a bit. She looks lovely.

guest on

Love her! She can wear whatever she want and looks fantastic. who cares if people don’t like the fabric?

Anonymous on

She’s a grandmother waiting to happen. There’s something very Mrs. Clause-like about that snapshot.

L11 on

I would have kids probably, too if I had millions on my account like she does and wouldn’t stress that much about life then. I’m her age but unfortunately have no so singing talent and I have to stress about life, career and how will I feed my kids once I have them..I wish her all the best she became a star because of her talent, hard work and not because of her wealthy parents or boobs. 🙂

Anonymous on

Personally, I think she looks great! And I wish the media would leave her alone about her son’s name and let her reveal it when and if she choses!

I’ll bet she won’t be wearing that necklace, or any other “name” ones, again anytime soon!

Hsinyi on

I feel Adele should loose weight, she is really young, the body shape shouldn’t be like that, she is way too fat. The dress is not beautiful too, sorry I have to say this fact.

Emma on

I’m not one to judge because I am a larger gal myself, but that “dress?” that Adele was wearing looked more like a cover pulled off of a couch or perhaps the drapes from the Dursley’s house from Harry Potter. Someone her size would have done better to wear solid red rather than that floral print. It was not flattering at all.

Deb on

Mommy Dele when you’ve sold 10mil CDs IN THE US you can wear ANOTHER set of curtains and I aint mad!!! hahaha Plan that tour girlfriend. My daughters and I are waiting……see you at the Oscars (can’t believe my daughter met that handsome Daniel Craig haha)!!!!

Bonnie on

I agree with Janelle. Adele, PLEASE record an album of lullabies!

Momof1 on

Janelle – I totally agree – an album of nursery rhymes and lullabies by Adele would be awesome, I would totally buy it for my little boy (who, by the way, loves when we play Skyfall for him, LOL!)

Sharon on

Lol i second that

Sharon on

I love Adele, but i have to agree with the others…that dress was hideous. I am never the type to bash anyone on here, either. She always wears black, but always looks great in it. That dress actually made her look heavier.

Anonymous on

Hsinyi- Are we seeing the same picture? Because, while Adele is still on the heavy side, it looks to me like she’s lost a TON of weight since giving birth to her son! Most likely she will continue to lose more over the coming months. Weight doesn’t come off overnight for everyone!

Melissa Gordon on

Some of these comments are outrageous. You guys really really need to get out more.

Guest on

I love the fact that Adele doesnt let the terrible comments made about her weight or clothing style bother her, she stays true to herself. Seems like a beautiful person inside and out with an incredible talent.