Gisele Bündchen Introduces Daughter Vivian Lake

02/08/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

Tom Brady Gisele Bündchen Vivian Lake First Photo
Courtesy Gisele Bündchen

Meet Vivian Lake Brady!

Gisele Bündchen introduces her and Tom Brady‘s 9-week-old daughter in a Facebook post Friday, sharing a photo as the family vacations in Hawaii.

“Love is everything!!!” the model, 32, writes. “Happy Friday, much love to all.”

Born at home in Boston on Dec. 5, Vivian joins big brothers Benjamin, 3, and John, 5.

“We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel,” Bündchen and her New England Patriots quarterback husband, 35, wrote at the time.

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Allie on

Gorgeous! She’s a doll!

Lady on

Vivian is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous on

She is so cute! Congrats

CAF on

OMG, she is soooooo cute, a “model baby” in the making!! congrats!!

AG on


Riley on

Beautiful baby!!

mal on

wow, she’s pretty long for a 9 weeker! but i guess she didnt stand a chance of being short! beautiful baby 🙂

Carrie M on

Wow! She’s big for a nine week old! Enjoy her Gisele…

Anonymous on

She is loonnngggg!!!

KrisAnn on

Adorable! What a doll! She looks really long for 9 weeks, but I guess with tall parents she would!

gilda on

Beautiful little girl.. she looks so big for 9 weeks! Bet she will be tall like her parents.

Lisa on

Wow, she is adorable and she looks so big and healthy! She looks very similar to Benjamin as a baby. Glad to see they were able to keep her out of the lime light and post a picture when they were ready! Congrats to the beautiful family.

sm on

Such a cute little one. So Pretty

Lima on

The baby is beautiful! But is it just me, or the baby looks very big for 9 weeks old.

muttigurke on

That baby is only 9 weeks old??? She’s bigger than my 9 MONTH old! Super cute!

hbear on

I thought the same thing. She looks identical in size to our 8 month old! I guess we aren’t from a celeb gene pool!

Barbara on

🙂 Look at those long model legs !! Very beautiful baby.

Susan Albert on

Congratulations to them for giving their children normal names.

Claire on

I could not agree more Susan! I love the name Vivian – not too common but not bizarre like other celebrity’s kids’ names! And Benjamin is such a nice name too. Kudos to the parents for not saddling them with Tablecloth and Helicopter or something. 🙂

Anonymous on

That’s her twin!

tamata on

Genetic.lottery winner. So cute

Sathish on

She is so very good looking

Fallon on

She’s beautiful, and looks alot like her daddy!

LaLa on

She does NOT look 9 weeks!! What a long baby!

Mary on

She looks like her big brother. Such a beautiful girl.

boohoobytch on

she’s adorable

Ariana on

That is one tall baby! Gorgeous.

Ashley on

I love the expression on her face. “Really, Mom? I’m so not in the mood for this! Let me go!” What a little cutie pie. 🙂

Anonymous on

love her name.

Rae on

She’s a doll. And just like her brothers, she looks just like Dad. Go Pats!

kim on

aww. she’s so cute!

Cami on

I thought she was long too, beautiful long baby:)

No Name on

looks like her mother poor kid LMAO

Brandi on

Of course you wouldn’t attach a name with such a ridiculously stupid comment. She is a beautiful little girl and did nothing to deserve that. Be careful talking about people’s kids…karma has funny ways of giving back to you what you put out there…

Sheila on

Beautiful little girl!!!!

me on

wow…such long legs!!! just like her mama. she’s gonna be a knock out for sure;)

No Name on

poor kid’s got her mothers looks and hopefully not her B—-Y attitude LoL

guest on


Nancy on

What a cutie pie!

Bree L. on

she is cute!

Dennis on

I have been waiting for this……
She is soooooo beautful……..
She will be a tall model

Marcia on

Very cute! Looks like she’ll be tall like mom and dad.

Kelly on

Baby is cute but I hate her parents.

Jo Lee on

She is absolutely delightful!! Congrats to bubby and her lucky family.

P.S. Can anyone give me information about the dress little Vivian is wearing please?

Claudia on

wow she’s a big 9 week old!

mslewis on

Pretty girl. Looks just like her brothers.

Sabra on


Katia on

Beautiful little girl! She is so sweet. I am happy for Gisele and Tom Brady. Having a family is the best thing in the world.

pollyhanaha on

That is one long baby! I guess when you consider how tall her parents are, that would make sense. She is so cute!

guest on

Beautiful baby! Congrats giselle and tom. The kids are adorable.

Denise S. on

Wow! She seems big for 9 weeks old but she’s gorgeous.

Wendy Lerner on

She’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations! Gisele looks amazing, as well. So much love!

tina on

Not a fan of mom but dang that baby is adorable.

Lilah on

Beautiful! She’s tall for 9 weeks.

mg on


Jeeny on

She is huge for 9 week old, and by that I mean length….as much as I don’t like her parents, this baby is adorable!

Tara on

She got her moms height! Cutie pie!

Anna on

She already looks so much like her daddy. 🙂

p on

this little girl is going to be GORGEOUS!!!!! oh my! LOVE her name too. 🙂

Tawny Jones on

Uh…who are these people?

Sarah on

I think she looks like Tom.She is as gorgeous as he is handsome.Giselle is pretty too but Bridget is better looking but it’s all good.

Frances on

What a beautiful baby. Many blessings to the whole family

Tajma on

Cute, cute, and cute

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby. She looks like she is going to be tall and beautiful like her mother. Congrats to the happy parents.

Melissa on

What a long baby! My 4 1/2 month old is half her size. She looks like Tom’s mini me here.

Stacey on

Good god that kid is HUGE!! Too bad you can see Gisele in both of the kids. His oldest son he had with Bridget is so much cutier than these last two. I love the baby’s name though……..VERY pretty.

Brooke on

She looks just like Benjamin…..sweet

ohmagawd on

Wow! Vivian is so huge! My daughter was tinier at 9 weeks. What was her length at birth? Beautiful name too. 🙂

gracie on

Gee, Kelly…do you actually know Vivian’s parents? That I doubt. Hate is a very strong word to use towards people you have never met . Little Vivian is adorable and clearly has the height gene from both parents. I am happy Tom & Gisele were able to keep her out of the public eye until they were ready to post a picture. Also glad to see they had no desire to post for $$$$.

rachel on

she’s adorable…

Anonymous on

Do not care for the Mom AT ALL but what a beautiful name/baby…

Tee on

She’s very big for 2 months, but guess that’s not so surprising considering her tall parents. Cute. Have any of you ever thought Gisele and Steven Tyler resemble each other? The mag has their pics aligned and gosh I think they sure do favor each other, not being mean, just honest in my thoughts.

Elizabeth on

She looks like Tom! Beautiful!

Melissa on

She’s gorgeous, she looks just like Tom.

Beth on

Tawny, google is your friend. Use it. I’ll never understand the hate people have for Gisele. Her daughter is gorgeous and I wish them all well.

KiKi on

She’s a beautiful baby but is it just me or does she look very long for 9 weeks? I guess she is a model to be!

Dena on

What a beauitful baby! But wow she is big for 9 weeks

sat on

soooo pretty! congrats!!!

sharon on

I agree she’s rather long for only 9 weeks but what a angel face! god bless her and love the name vivian lake just beautiful, sounds like a movie stars name

Anonymous on

she looks just like tom

Just Me on

Whether you like the parents or not, you can’t deny she’s an absolutely beautiful baby.

Hattie on

Oh my ,she looks so much like her Daddy!!!!She’s cute!!!

weezer on

She’s beautiful!

liz on

Cute baby. She looks a lot like her dad!

shelby on

Beautiful baby. She looks very tall!

Catca on

She certainly is a beautiful baby! And although I agree she looks like her dad, I think she has her mom’s eyes. 🙂

Julianna on

Viv looks like her mama! Congrats!

Emily on

She’s lovely!

merry on

Love the name! Gisele and Tom seem like a nice family.

CCex on

Cute baby!

I can’t stand Gisele though. That is one snobby lady.

Jester on

A beautiful baby girl! Congrats to the family.

ava on

Beautiful baby. She does look huge for her age!

Amy on

Just darling!!!

Artemis on


gracie on

Vivian is adorable and seems to have the gene for height from both parents as well as her dad’s eyes and chin dimple.

Bobbi on

What a beautiful baby!

Tisha on

Beautiful…they are truely blessed…she looks just like her father for sure!!

Sandy on

Congrats Gisele. I had the pleasure of meeting her once during a photo shoot in NY. One of the most respectable top models. Always on time. Very down to Earth and polite to the entire crew. For those of you who don’t like her, I am sure is because you haven’t met her. Or maybe her clean lifestyle doesn’t match yours.

carol on

She looks like a baby doll, beautiful! I hope mom will enjoy her baby girl as they are so precious and they become our best friends as they get older. I have two daughters and they have added much joy to my life as well as my son. Tom and Gisele love each other and rely on each other. I could see that in their faces from the pictures after their superbowl loss last year. I hope they enjoy their beautiful children and all the fun, joy, and excitement they add to life.

I finally got to go to Boston in December with my son and see a game! It was awesome seeing Tom play the game he plays so well in person. My son is a huge Patriot fan and would love to meet Tom one day. We hope to return to Boston for at least two games next season! And we hope to have Tom quarterbacking for another 5 years! Go Pats!!!!!

Debbie on

She’s going to be very tall! Beautiful baby!

Maria on

What a little precious doll. She’s going to be tall and willowy like her Mom.

CCex on

@Sandy. I actually have met her a handful of times. She is polite and nice enough on the surface, but she’s very much a her way is the right way and anyone who strays from that path is doing it wrong type lady. Very much a mompetition type.

i need a name on

Baby Precious has long legs like Momma ! Congratulations !

Julesy on

Not a fan of Gisele, but absolutely gorgeous baby girl!

gyl on

What a long baby. Cute too.

Kimber on

I’ve never found Gisele very attractive but that little girl is simply delightful!

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

She looks very long, like her mom.

mom of 2 on

She is a doll!!!

Paula Beck on

She is a beautiful little girl. God Bless All Of You!!!!

LM on

Beautiful mom (and dad), beautiful baby. I love that Gisele takes her mom role very seriously. I don’t always agree with everything she says, but she seems like a genuine person with a big, big heart. Especially for those close to her. I hope this marriage stands the test of time. So many in Hollywood don’t.

Mina on

Vivian is such a cutie! And so tall for 9 weeks! I wonder how long she was at birth. Although I’m not a fan of Gisele (she often comes across as arrogant and abrasive), her daughter is adorable.

Congrats to the Brady family on the birth of their beautiful, healthy baby girl!

emma on


I also hv a Vivian! on

Omg shes’s so cute! Looks just like daddy! I also have a beautiful 6 mnth old daughter named Vivian & the name is so lovely! Their baby looks way older than mine & way longer… She’ll be blessed w/ long legs. Congrats!

I also hv a Vivian! on

I mean way older & longer (sorry, typin n the dark). Stop bein so nasty people, just congratulate & move on! Where’s the love 4 her momma?

Anna on

9 weeks? That’s a pretty big baby…

4mom on

I am not disputing that she might be a long baby, but everyone needs to stop and think about her size in perspective to her super skinny mother. She looks big because her mom isn’t. Yes she is tall but she carries no body fat. If an average size person was holding that baby she might not look so big. Just saying……..

Anonymous on

What a cutie! And I think it must just be the angle that’s making her so big, as in the pictures from PopSugar of Gisele holding her when they first arrived in Hawaii, she looks much smaller!

Mom of @ on

Is it me or are her legs long.. Wonder if she’ll follow in Mama’s footsteps.. What a cutie

dsfg on

She’s a cute baby. Is it just me or does that dress fit her oddly?

anna on

Gorgeous baby girl! What a little angel from heaven. Many blessings to your beautiful family.

Sue on

Wow! This baby is long.

Michelle on

Sooo cute! And mom is beautiful ❤

Marisol on

So adorable. She won the lottery in the gene department.

Schae on

I’m not a fan of either of her parents, but I will say little Vivian is cute and I love the dress she has on, too.

Sophia on

Oh she’s so lovely! Looks like she’s going to be tall like mama! Beautiful photo 🙂

Anonymous on

soooo cute……you guys are Blessed!!!

Mama A on

Wow, she’s as long as my four-month-old, and he’s tall for his age!

Danielle on

Whoa, what a tall girl for only 9 weeks!! But Vivi is a very beautiful little girl!! All the best for the Bradys!!

Kate on

That is the biggest 9 week old I’ve ever seen…

KT on

So cute.Such a great smile and expression. So cute!

kitty62862 on

Those are long legs! She’ll be tall like her Mom. I see a lot of Dad in her face. Such a lovely family.

Ginny on

@Gracie, you took the words right out of my mouth re: Kelly’s remark. Hate is such an ugly word, and how can you hate someone you don’t even know. Also these comments about who is cuter are so silly,

Marcee on

Vivi looks just like her daddy!!!

I’d love to see this baby’s closet …. definitely loaded with gorgeous clothes!

Sherry on

WOWEEE! This has got to be the LONGEST 2 month old that I have ever seen. I know her parents are tall but holy cow, she looks as big as a 1 yr. old!!

Anonymous on

beautiful little girl, sweet family, love my Patriots!!