Cacee Cobb Loves Talking Babies with BFF Jessica Simpson

02/07/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

Donald Faison Cacee Cobb Pregnant Expecting Baby
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Cacee Cobb and Jessica Simpson have been longtime pals, and being pregnant simultaneously has been another fun bonding experience for the two ladies.

“Imagine if you and your best friend were pregnant at the same time – Cacee’s loving it,” Donald Faison tells PEOPLE Thursday while promoting EA’s Real Racing 3 for Mobile.

“They hang out all the time anyway, but now they hang out and talk baby stuff, look at baby stuff online, and go shopping for baby stuff together.”

Cobb, 35, who has been dealing with morning sickness, may be in need of a few words of encouragement from her friend, who has already been through a pregnancy.

“You think when you get pregnant, it’s going to be glitz and glamour and everything’s going to be wonderful, but they don’t tell you about the morning sickness, they don’t tell you about the constipation and being uncomfortable,” says Faison, 38, of the not-so-glamorous aspects of his wife‘s pregnancy.

However, The Exes star says that Cobb is “handling it like a champ.”

“It might be a little different than she thought it was going to be, but we’re really happy,” he shares.

Faison is doing his part to make sure that Cobb’s pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible.

“I do my best not to annoy my wife, I just get out of her way,” he jokes. “But then I do my best to show her love also. I’ve become a good foot massager!”

— Gabrielle Olya

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Melanie on

Donald, I LOVED you on Scrubs, but if you were my husband and talked to the media about my pregnancy constipation, I would have your head!

Glad everything is going well, though. My sister-in-law and I were pregnant with our second children at the same time and it was wonderful.

Tee Tee on

I know that there are things about pregnancy that aren’t necessarily common knowledge but morning sickness? I thought pretty much everyone knew about that!

It will be great for these two friends to be pregnant together! I’m sure their children will grow up as friends as well.

lisa on

Morning sickness is pretty common but sometimes the severity or time frame of morning sickness is NOT often talked about- just saying!

JRW on

I think it’s like when people will tell you about how tired you will be with a newborn but you don’t really realize HOW tired you will be until you are going through it…

She is so very pretty! I wish this couple the best!

Lisa on

I sense a reality show brewing.

Pinky on

Who is “they” I actually knew about most of that stuff like morning sickness because my mother told me. I suppose though if you expect a mysterious “they” to tell you all about life then you might miss out on a few details.

tina on

I love Donald!! What a great guy.

Mommy on

He’s so gross. He’s got like three other kids with different women aka man whore.

Also my BFF and I were Preggo together and it destroyed the relationship.

Brandi on

Your friendship probably got ruined because your negative and judgemental qualities that you were “blessed” with went into overdrive. My best friend and I had our babies a month apart and now our kids are very close, too. Learn to lighten up and lose the bitter b___h face 🙂

Marge on

I’m sensing there were good reasons your friendship ended. My mom and her bff were pregnant together and 26 years (57 total..bff since 7 yrs old) they are still. Maybe you shouldn’t be so negative and bitter?

Marge on

Also he has 3 kids with his ex wife and another from a previous relationship. Not really a man whore.. I see your name is mommy. I hope your kids don’t turn out so ugly, negative and hateful like you.

Nicole on

My best friend and I were pregnant together. Our boys are 13 days apart. It didn’t destroy our friendship, in fact…it only became stronger.

lisa on

You’re a negative Nelly, mommy. I would hate to see how you behave/speak when you’re pregnant.

Megan on

Mommy, maybe that’s because you come off as an extremely negative and miserable person. Just a thought.

rlb237 on

This will be, what, his 6th child?

Mommy on

To all the people who assumed I am the problem….I wasn’t. She was. She was a Prescription drug addict. She is now divorced with twins by an 18 year old. She is 40. She’s in welfare also and her naval officer husband is hiding his head in shame while raising their two children that CPS took away from her because of her drug problem.

meghan on

How cute that you need to defend yourself to total strangers. And I still think it was your fault.

Mommy on

Why shouldn’t I?! You all passed judgement way too quickly upon me. I’m simply stating that it ruined my friendship ( which honestly is ok I’m better off without her ). And if I came on here and bashed you I have no doubt you’d do the same for yourself.

LPW on

Who wants to bet that Cacee and Donald end up with a reality show?

Kate on

They don’t tell u about morning sickness? Pay attention, Turk!

momof4 on

I thought Mommy’s comments were funny! No haters…and have a great day!

Anonymous on

Hey “Mommy” said, “You all passed judgement way too quickly upon me.” That’s exactly what you did to start all of this.

Montrealgirl1978 on

@ Mommy – you said your friend is 40 years old so I am guessing your around the same age… you said “He’s so gross” that is a very childish and judgmental thing to say about someone you don’t even know. Calling someone “Gross” I mean come on you call someone “gross” when your in 8th grade not when you’re an adult!

Momof2in1year on

@Mommy– sounds like your relationship with your “BFF” had plenty of issues that caused it to end. Your initial post made it sound as if everything was terrific and the only thing that made the friendship sour was the fact that you were both pregnant. I think drug addiction probably had much more influence.

My son and my sister’s son are 9 days apart, and that has been a blast (the boys are 14). My brother’s son is 8 months to the day younger than mine, so my SIL just found out she was pregnant right around the time my son was born.

Jessicaabiggestfan on

I was pregnant 3 times & all 3 times my younger sister was pregnant we did bond with our first pregnancy it was awesome we saw the same dr & almost had the same day appointments but my daughter was born on valentines day & my sisters son was born on the 20th, 2nd & 3 rd time was knda crazy we wanted no part of the bonding together thing lol I now have 3 kids and my sister has 8 kids! 1 more on the way very soon, kids are blessings but to many is to many!!! Lol…lol