Cam Gigandet Welcomes Son Rekker Radley

02/07/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Cam Gigandet Welcomes Son Rekker Radley
Pacific Coast News

It’s a boy!

Cam Gigandet and his fiancée Dominique Geisendorff welcomed their second child on Wednesday, Jan. 23, he confirmed on Facebook.

Son Rekker Radley Gigandet, who weighed in at 9 lbs. 9 oz., joins the couple’s daughter Everleigh Ray, 3½.

“Dominique gave birth to our second child,” Gigandet writes. “We are humbled to have the opportunity to call ourselves the parents of this beautiful soul, and I am forever grateful to God for allowing me to know this kind of boundless, immaculate love.”

He adds, “Thanks to those of you who wish to send your positive energy and well wishes.”

In July, Gigandet, 30, and Geisendorff confirmed that they were expanding their family.

The new dad has a number of upcoming films set for release later this year, including Red Sky, Free Ride, JohnsonIn the Blood, One Square Mile and Plush.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

His hotness knows no bounds. Congrats to Cam and his pretty fiancee on their new bundle of joy! 🙂

Brooke on

The name is beyond horrendous.

Bee on

Love him but ughhh, that name! Did they name him Rekker because he was almost 10lbs and his birth was destructive? Haha.

Nancy on

Rekker Radley Gigandet? That name is HORRIFIC!

liarlairpantsonfire on

lol, what in the world were they thinking?! just awful.

Carole123 on

What an awful name…

Carole123 on

‘He’s a little Rek’ lol

To Brooke on

Your bitchy attitude is beyond horrendous.

sat on

ROFL!!!! Oh that is great, Bee.

Congrats to the very sweet couple! I wish them the best!

Isabel on

Congratulations to the family. The name is horrid but not my kid.

tina on

Congrats on your baby boy. Cam is one of my favorite actors.

Alicia on

Da hell kinda name is that?!

Aneta on

What a terrible name 😦

Rachel on

Yeah… I’m the kind who usually tries to at least be respectful of name choices… but Rekker??? Really? Poor kid.

bkable on

He has 6 movies coming out in one year!?! (and yes I realize this is a little off topic lol) That seems like a lot!

I think the names are okay on their own (not for my kid lol but still) but definitely not together!

Tara on

9 lbs 9 oz? That kid could have walked out! Ouch.

Samantha Lowry on

who and who? and what is that name? again are we supposed to know who these people are? Why does People cover nobodies who have babies? It’s so odd o me.

Anonymous on

poor kid!! terrible-terrible name!!

Losa on

It is the same with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr and now with Cam Gigandet and his fiancée. Their daughter’s name is beautiful (Charlotte Grace and Everleigh) and then their son’s name is terrible (Rocky and Rekker).

Shauna on

LOVE the name, congrats to them!


Maybe you should think about getting married before bringing kids into the world. Sorry, I cannot applaud an out of wedlock child. Do the right thing. Get Married. Poor role models to young people. This is not the normal. Get Married and established and then have children.

Amy on

@ Sunrise. You are more than welcome to share your beliefs obviously and you are more than welcome to get married first and have children. You do need to respect that not everyone will share in your beliefs. At least they are in a committed relationship to one another and its not some random hook up that he is having a baby with and both his children have the same mother. Can’t say I like the name, but again it certainly is not my child. Best of luck to the new parents and sister!

cg on

Maybe Rekker is a German name… the fiancée’s last name sounds German. Take a chill pill, people.

Steph on

Rekker is the name of our concrete manufacturing plant. Not a nice name at all.

Cam is so ridiculously sexy though, so everything is forgiven.

Anonymous on

Why aren’t the children carrying their father’s last name?

boohoobytch on

big baby, congrats

Guest2 on

I’ll join the ranks of those who think the name is cruel and unusual punishment for a baby.

Somes on

I totally agree with you Sunrise. I love how people continue to have children with their “fiancee.” Fast forward 10 years later they either aren’t together anymore or it is still their “fiancee.” Get married already!

LA girl on

Get married. Really this whole “Fiancee” thing is a joke. So now as long as you say you are engaged you can keep having kids, live together and it is OK? Really, when is the wedding?

Oh wait…….They need the big ceremony with bridesmaids and white dress and veil…………..NOT appropriate.

Allie Dee on

When you look up the meaning on Recker, it kind of makes some sense. The way I see it, he’s their son and they can name him whatever they choose, regardless of whether we like it or not.

North German, Frisian, and Dutch: from a form of the personal name Richard, or a variant of the Dutch name Rijker, composed of the Germanic elements rīc ‘power(ful)’ + hari, heri ‘army’.

North German: topographic name from Middle Low German recke ‘stretch’, ‘route’, ‘hedge’, or a habitational name for someone from Recke, near Osnabrück.

klutzy_girl on

Oh look all the Regina George’s of the internet decided to spew their nastiness…..grow up.

Holiday on

Love the name Everleigh but not fond of Rekker at all. Too bad she didn’t have a petite baby! She gave birth to a 3 month old! Huge babies don’t have that tiny newborn look . My son was 6 pound one ounce and daughter was 5 pounds 10 ounces and were itty bitty babies for along time… I loved it.

Addison on

I have 4 kids with my fiancé. what’s wrong with that???!!! I made a pact a long time ago, before I even met my fiancé that I would not get married until every one in America had the right to get married. there are still places in which gay people cannot get married & this hits close to home for me because my brother an one of my cousins and my friend are all gay. I want them to able to get married too.

stop bashing people for not being married. they are adults and can make adult choices. if they want to have kids then that is their perogative. get off your high horses & start worrying about your own lives.
as long as their children are happy and healthy and clothed, bathed and fed isnt that what’s most important.

congrats Cam, Dominique and Everleigh Rae.

Jurnee on

Maybe they named him Rekker because at over 9 lbs. that’s what he did to his mom during delivery? Wrecked her? Just askin’!

Denise on

To everyone who feels people should only have kids while married: wake up and smell 2013. Donald Faison had most of his kids while he was married, yet somehow he’s about to end up with five kids of THREE different moms. Yes, marriage is such a good example. Please.

Gia on

Totally agree with Somes and LA girl. If you love someone enough to make babies with them, you should love them enough to take their name. But I guess since all the celebs are doing it’s, not a big deal anymore.

Anonymous on

Radly Rekker sounds better

Sophia on

I love this family, and I think Everleigh Rae is a pretty sweet name… but Rekker Radley is just beyond! Happy they have a lovely healthy son but wow.. that name :S

As for whether or not his parents are married, who cares??? They’re happy and committed, why on earth should they have to rush to get married just to please some conservative old-fashioned strangers on the internet?

Congratulations to Cam, Dominique and Everleigh, and welcome Rekker x

Steph on

Rekker is a version of Recker….a version of the name “Richard”…you can untwist your panties now. She’s German and its a German or Dutch name. In North America think we know everything, huh?!

Denise on

I’m Dutch and I can tell you that Rekker is not a Dutch name. ‘Rekken’ is the Dutch verb for ‘to stretch’, so it’s actually a crazy name is Holland as it basically means Stretcher.

Hurtownia on

they look happy 🙂

Anonymous on

Gia- I hate to break it to you, but marrying someone doesn’t neccesarily mean you take their name. Some women chose to keep their names when they marry or else hyphenate them (I even once knew a woman that added her husband’s name- which was relatively short like hers- to hers WITHOUT the hyphen, essentially forming a new name!).

Sunrise, Somes, et. all- Having kids while engaged but not married (or simply living together but not married) means you’ll either still be engaged or no longer together after ten years? Then how do you explain all the celeb couples who HAVE gone on to get married after having children (Nicole Riche and Joel Madden, Cobie Smulders and her husband, Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelley, Chad Lowe and Kim Painter, and Matthew and Camila McCounaghey are just a few examples)?

Or the celeb couples that have never married but have been together for multiple decades (such as Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who also incidentally have one child together)?

Also, Hollywood relationships don’t have the best track record in generally. Really, at this point I think we should just be hoping that any given celeb couple is comitted to making their relationship work, whether or not they’re married!

But anyway, congrats to the couple!

Anonymous on

Steph- Exactly! It’s no different than someone here in the states naming their son Jacques instead of James or Jean(pronounced the French way rather than the English way, naturally!) instead of John.

ella on

Seriously, the girl has the prettiest name and then they name their son something that sounds like a cartoons name. I do like the names seperately, but together…. no

Jayda on

Not a big fan of Rekker… at all. But I love Radley, and Everleigh is gorgeous so I’m sure their son is gonna just as handsome. Congrats!

Gia on

When I said take their name, I was sorta a figure of speech. I personally have a hyphenated name. But I don’t really see the benefits of not getting married. You have over 1300 right that you get when your married. Not only that but its like a personal declaration of love to the world in that you guys belong to each other. So I don’t really see why the institution of marriage is slowly turning into this social taboo. Especially when the gay community is fighting for those right and people are just letting just pass by because “that piece of paper doesn’t mean anything.” My husband and I were dating for 2 year when I got pregnant. When I told him, he proposed on the spot and we were married within a week. If you love someone, especially if you have children together, I don’t see the point of waiting to get married.

Caral on

Why is it so hard for you and others to understand that not everyone has the same views on marriage. You married after you found out that you were pregnant because it was important to YOU. That means nothing to the rest of us who have the right to live our lives in a manner that is important to us. Why should others get married because that is something YOU chose to do? People have different values, belief systems, priorities and timetables. Doesn’t make any of us any less right or wrong.

Lily on

Another crappy celebrity baby name, to be added to the likes of Apple, Pilot Inspektor, Jermajesty, Moxie Crimefighter, and Audio Science. Probably these kids will eventually change their names, but by then the damage to themselves will be done. Shame on the parents! If the parents like the name, give it to a pet or an inanimate object, not your child.

Anonymous on

That’s an unfortunate name. Poor kid.

Anonymous on

LIly- Not neccesarily! Audio Science is an adult now (if my math is correct), and he hasn’t changed his name (neither have Dweezil or Moon Unit Zappa, who are also adults)! 🙂

So maybe, just maybe, he has come to love and embrace his name, and maybe some of the other celeb kids with unusual names will do the same! 🙂

Kirah Doyle on

@Samantha Lowry-what planet have you been on in the last few years? Cam Gigandet was the bad boy vamp James in Twilight and has since gone on to be in several big movies since then such as Priest and Burlesque. Just because you don’t know who he is doesn’t mean you have to be all snotty at those who do.

As far as the name goes, I think it’s weird but it’s their decision. I think Everleigh Ray is cute not boyish. It’s no different then those who are naming their daughters Finley or Riley or boys who were named Kelly. A friend of mine named her twins Epic and Echo. They may be nontraditional and weird but at least she didn’t jump on the Aidan bandwagon (Aidan, Braidan, Jayden, etc).

Hammy on

That is one big baby!

I agree his name is pretty bad.

Amy on

Congrats to Cam….not sure about the name but then again not my child….all i know is that baby is gunna be gorgeous when he gets older cuz after all his father is breathtaking and then his name isnt gunna be that big of a deal

Mich on

I like the name its great!

tuesdayelizabeth on

Rekker is like Asher for me, I’m not fond of it.

But I named my son Radley. My due date was Harper Lee’s birthday & I named him after a character in her book To Kill a Mockingbird. I love the name Radley.