Kristin Cavallari: Camden’s Putting His New Teeth to Good Use

02/06/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Kristin Cavallari: Camden's Teeth
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Kristin Cavallari is one lucky mom!

The former reality star says that even though son Camden Jack is currently teething, he hasn’t been crying at all.

“He’s such a good baby,” Cavallari, 26, tells PEOPLE while promoting her new GlamBoutique jewelry line with partner Pascal Mouawad.

“I was just getting curious, so I put my finger in his mouth to feel around. I felt it and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ We wouldn’t have even known that he was getting his first tooth [otherwise].”

Turns out Cam isn’t wasting any time making use of his brand new assets.

“He started eating food a couple of weeks ago, which has been so much fun,” explains Cavallari.

“He’s had everything: peas, broccoli, zucchini, carrots and avocados. He absolutely loves avocados!”

The designer, who also has a line of footwear through Chinese Laundry, says her baby boy is starting to show his personality — and he’s a perfect mix of her and her fiancé Jay Cutler.

“He’s a really good combination,” she notes. “He’s always laughing and smiling, and in a good mood unless he’s tired, which is like me! The only way to describe him is the word ‘sweetheart.'”

While she’s loving motherhood, Cavallari is looking forward to spending some quality time with her Chicago Bears quarterback beau on Valentine’s Day.

“I’m just going to cook dinner. It’s going to be a very low-key, romantic evening, which — for being parents — sounds amazing to both of us,” she jokes. “[We’re looking forward to] being in bed early and getting a good night’s sleep!”

— Gabrielle Olya

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Sunburn on

Maybe if you’d stay home with him and actually raise him instead of his nanny, you’d know he was getting his teeth!!! DUH…..

Samantha on

She doesn’t have a nanny. She and jay have been clear about that. He even gave her lots of praise for doing most of the work the first few months when he was still in season.

Brandi on

Totally agree with Samantha. I’ve read too that she doesn’t have a nanny and is actually a very hands-on mom. I think it’s awesome that Kristin and Jay didn’t go that route with them being in an environment where nannies are pretty much the norm. And I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with nannies – to each their own – I just have a lot more respect and admiration for moms that do it on their own 🙂 Hk mk kh

Jenn on

I love how Kristin has gotten away from so much drama, and really seems to have grown up and is enjoying her family!

LizzyM on

Kristin, that little white thing popping out of the front of his gum, yeah, that’s a tooth. Oh, and now she’s a “designer”? With what credentials?

Mandy on

How many teeth does he have? My baby is 2 but she still eats baby food.

Heather on

Are you joking or being serious Mandy? My son just turned 2 and eats everything So do all the other 2-year-olds i know. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with baby Food at 2, but just in case you are worried, it is developmentally appropriate for a 2-year-old to be eating regular adult Food.

Anonymous on

I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of her, the baby and Jay Cutler together.

Chet on

Has anyone seen a picture of Jay with the baby? I’ve only seen this airhead flaunting her child around.

tina on

I love this family.

p on

I prefer to read about people with talent.

Brandi on

Then why bother reading the article and taking the time to post a comment, p? Jackass…smh.

Missy on

This makes me happy! They seem like such a perfect little family and I’m really proud of her for how well she has taken on motherhood. Great job Kristin!

HeatherClingan on

Hope she’s eating ok. She looks tired and very thin.

Lis on

Mandy, I hope your 2 year old is only OCCAISIONALLY eating baby food… I would talk to your doctor if not. My 13.5 month old eats NO baby food. And my almost 3 year old has been eating table food since he was 9 months…

Ellen on

Each child is different. My daughter eats baby food still because she refuses table food. Her dr says she’s healthier than most kids her age because she is eating tons of fruit, veggies, and grains. She is 19 months, healthy, and growing like she should. Quit being so judgmental!

Jessica on

@P—you prefer to read about people with talent yet you chose to click on this, read it and comment on it!!

Glad to see Kristin seems to have matured since her Hills days! Would love to see a recent pic of the baby.

Mila on

Sounds kind of like my daughter…She is teething and has not been fussy or crying…great to hear motherhood is going good for her and she is enjoying her role as mum..

Dee on

Agree Lis.. why would a child still be eating baby food at 2 years old? I started feeding mine regular food at 9 months as well.

Brenda on

Sweet article, suburn what are you talking about, there’s pics of her traveling with her son many times.. She doesn’t have to take him on every trip especially if its short. Give the girl a break, she seems to be a hands on mom.

And I know we have experts mothers on here…but there are new moms who learned as they go. Didn’t see anything wrong with what she said.

There’s a picture of Jay holding the baby but his face is almost cropped out but it’s him.

Brenda on

She seems to be maturing people need to gave her a break. And I live in Chicago there are sightings of her, Jay and the baby when they were here. Jay is notoriously not camera friendly so you wont see him in many pictures doesn’t mean they’re not together.

kim on

@mandy, thats ridiculous. at 2 years old she should be eating whatever you’re eating. babyfood?? really?? im sure she’ll still be in diapers at 6 too…

Jessica on

I really love that dress she’s wearing.

p on

I was honest –– I didn’t read the article!

I choose to read about talented and interesting people (especially those individuals that make a difference in this world).

Ann on

so many haters on here! no designer starts with credentials. Was Tory Burch just randomly born with designer credentials? Don’t think so. You people need to stop hating so much, its outrageous! And you wonder why there is such a problem with kids getting picked on, because there are parents like you who talk down upon others and your children see and hear it. Who cares if they have a nanny? I am sure if you had a ton of money you would have a nanny too. Don’t act like you know this persons entire life. You have no idea whether or not she has a nanny and even if she does, you don’t know how many days a week. Get a grip!

Rae on

GOD you people must be really miserable. Did you really find something negative to say about THIS?? Pathetic.

Marge on

I feel bad. You never see her and Jay out with the baby. I know football season is a busy time but I always got the feeling she got pregnant to keep him. I obviously could be wrong. But on a positive note she seems like a wonderful mother. She’s gotten rid of all the LA bullshit and taken a major step. I’m proud of her!

Holiday on

Mandy first off at two she isn’t a baby: My daughter is 2 and smart as can be and far from a baby. She is potty trained, knows all her letters and sounds, counts and recognizes numbers. She’s been off baby food since 12 months. That’s ridiculous your 2 year old is on baby food.

Carolyn on

Can’t quite get that fiancé to the altar, can she?

boohoobytch on

how cute

Penelope on

Aren’t you supposed to periodically gently clean a baby’s mouth with a damp wash rag or something?

Colleen on

A few of you peeps on here seem to be quite bitter…should be a little more concerned with your own attitudes that your own children are most assuredly witnessing to some degree….and to think some people wonder why when parents who have children not behaving in school or being a bully…WHERE THEY GET IT FROM..or yet asking themselves, ” Gee, where in the world did I go wrong???”.

Jen on

christ dont read celebrity news if ur just going to be outraged.get a life.everybodys different&no one is perfect.

adrienne on

@P- Jay Cutler has talent…..

Holiday on

Ellen if at 19 months she only eats baby food you should take her to feeding therapy. 19 month olds should be on table food and you don’t know if long term she will be healthy by only eating baby food. Also it could be you being too nervous to give her real food and it’s you keeping her on baby food

shambano on

I think their doing a wonderful job on parenting. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say vanything.

Felicia on

I love how us women will use any venue to bash another woman about her mothering skills. Why do women constantly feel the need to one-up each other ? Please grow up and go get back under your rock, you’re not ready for a civilized society!!!