Busy Philipps: My Body Takes to Pregnancy Like Nobody’s Business

02/05/2013 at 06:00 PM ET

Busy Philipps Pregnancy Cougar Town
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When Busy Philipps decided to expand her family, the actress knew the cast and crew of Cougar Town would have her back – and that character Laurie could even benefit from the decision.

“The good news about Laurie is that she loves highlighting her boobs, and when you’re pregnant, your boobs get real big,” Philipps jokes to PEOPLE about how she hid her pregnancy while shooting the show’s fourth season, which premiered in January on TBS.

“My boobs grow three sizes in the season. My body takes to pregnancy like nobody’s business.”

Beyond the physical changes, her impending arrival has also started to affect Philipps’s day-to-day life, something her 4-year-old daughter Birdie can attest to.

“She looked at me the other day and said, ‘Mama, I think that baby in your tummy is making you crazy.’ Which is hilarious and also so sadly true,” says the actress, who’s married to screenwriter Marc Silverstein.

“She really understands what’s going on,” Philipps, 33, continues. “She’s actually coming with me to an ultrasound appointment because she asked if she could. I think it’ll be really nice for her to be a part of it.”

And while some children struggle with the addition of a new sibling, the Freaks & Geeks star says the opposite has been true for her oldest.

“I explained to her that it’s okay to feel two ways about it, that she can be really excited and also nervous or scared. She confided she was nervous that maybe the baby was going to like her more than the baby likes me,” Philipps says with a laugh. “She’s a sweet, good kid and I almost feel like, ‘Why am I doing it again? I love her so much.’ Good luck to you second kid.”

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Rachael on

There are some things in life we just don’t need to know, and better left unsaid. This article has several of them… I don’t know anything about this actress but she seems to say whatever comes to mind. Good luck with that second baby!

nlb on

Rachael? Your sarcastic good luck at the end of your ignorant comments is what bothered me! First you insult her and then you follow that with rudeness! Aren’t you just the little sweetheart.

Annoyed on

Why on earth would you read an article about someone you know nothing about? Who has that kind of time? And then to complain about the article? This actress is frank and sweet. Her daughter is also adorable. Go read about someone else you don’t know…

Erin on

Don’t read things from people you know you don’t like. Self-censorship is ridiculous when it’s something that harms no one. You don’t have the right not to be offended.

Amy on

Stupid comments are not warranted here Rachael. I seriously don’t know what about this article set you off but it must not take much because this was a sweet article. She is an awesome actress and seems to be an awesome mom!

Leslee on

For someone that seemed put out about having to announce her pregnancy, she certainly does discuss it a lot.

HenMo on

No kidding! The only way she’s on here is by talking about her kids.

Melanie on

She has a struggling show to promote. If her pregnancy means media outlets suddenly want to talk to her, why wouldn’t she? It’s just smart marketing. Notice PEOPLE posted this the night the show airs. Besides that point, Busy is hilarious and has cute stories to tell.

I worked for ABC up until last year and let me tell you, that whole cast is a joy to work with. Wonderful, down-to-earth people – Busy, Josh Hopkins and Ian Gomez especially. I was sad to see it go to TBS and hope it finds its audience there.

lauren on

Good actress on a crappy show. The good news is she can spend more time with her kids when it finally gets cancelled.

Nicole on

And here I thought we were going to be inundated with Kim Kardashian pregnancy stories. Well played, People. Well played.

heather on

Why so much hype on this chick’s pregnancy?

nlb on

Why did you bother reading it heather? It’s not like you didn’t have a heads up as to what it was about.

Edie on

Cute article….Congrats, Busy!

American Mom on

Every woman’s body pretty much “takes” to pregnancy- it’s what we are designed for!

Momof4 on

I disagree, American Mom! Although I love my kids, I did not love pregnancy!!! My body definitely did not take well to it. Lol. I puked 24/7 for 9 months of each pregnancy. Yikes!

Lis on

“She confided she was nervous that maybe the baby was going to like her more than the baby likes me,” Philipps says with a laugh.”

HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! Kids are just the best πŸ™‚ Why can’t they stay little forever?? πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

To “Annoyed”-does that mean you know this actress personally? I’m quite confident you do not. Many people click on all the hyperlinks and stumble across information on which they have an opinion. Why don’t you go get “annoyed” at other things? And Ms. Philipps is in dire need of a PR rep to filter her ignorant, all-inclusive statements, regardless of how “frank and sweet she is” or how “adorable her daughter is.”

Anonymous on

Anonymous- What did she say that’s ignorant? If you and Rachael would just say what it is she said that bothers you, I think the rest of us would be a bit more willing to listen and try to understand. πŸ™‚