Sandra Bullock and Louis Cheer On the Ravens at Super Bowl

02/04/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Sandra Bullock Louis Baltimore Ravens Jersey Super Bowl

During this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII game, Sandra Bullock and son Louis Bardo proudly put their team spirit on display.

The adorable twosome showed their support for Baltimore Ravens‘ offensive tackle Michael Oher — whose journey from life on the streets to football success was chronicled in the film The Blind Side.

Bullock — who nabbed an Oscar for her role as Oher’s no-nonsense adoptive mom Leigh Anne Tuohy — and her preschooler joined the football player’s family as they cheered him on from the stands.

And 3-year-old Louis — who was giving some serious game face — sported a mini version of Oher’s jersey.

“They stayed for the whole game and seemed to have a great time,” an eyewitness tells PEOPLE.

“Louis did watch some of it, but he also wandered around a bit. Sandra seemed very focused on the game. She was cheering loudly and acted very happy.”

At the end of the night, Bullock and her little sports fan had lots to celebrate. The Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31.

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veggiemama on

WOW, in all this little fella’s photos, he is never smiling.

Andrea on

He’s followed and has his picture taken constantly by strange people. Can you blame the little guy for not smiling??

Mckfish on

Maybe it’s because grown scary men are always running after him with cameras.

Anonymous on

What a great movie! So glad his team won!

Megan on

He’s getting so big! Little cutie pie!

Di on

Sandra is such a classy act. I just love her!

Tara on

He is such a doll. Adorable!

Miriam Poulsen on

Veggiemama: Well those are not exactly friendly cameras being shoved in his face. I doubt you would be smiling either.

AmandaC on

The probably scream his name and he looks and since he’s young it probably scared him…hence no smile!

Anonymous on

Sandra is such a fun classy lady. It’s great that she has stayed close to the family, especially Leigh Anne, the woman she portrayed in the Blind Side. It was a great movie that I watch all the time. Louie is just a little cutie pie who is a very lucky baby to have a Momma that loves him so much!

Anonymous on

Oh Sandra I Love you girl and think you are a wonderful actress and a great example of being a lady, but please do something with baby boy’s hair. He is so precious.

Steve Johnson on

Let me guess Veggiemama. You are African American and you object to Louis having a white mother. Get over it, Sandra is amazing mother and can give this kid a better life then whoever birthed him.

Me on

Wow Steve, I was going to guess it was a White person who’s mad she didn’t help “her own kind” by adopting Black. Glad I didn’t make a fool of myself with that guess! PS this is called sarcasm.

Erin on

Wow Steve Johnson!! Jumping to conclusions a little too quickly in my opinion.

Sonia E Pinzon on

Love Sandra and her adorable Lewis. Cheered for Michael and his team!

Costateofmind on

What a nice story!

Robin on

I also noticed that Louis never smiles in his photos. I can’t imagine that Sandra Bullock would be anyone other than a funny, kind, and loving mother.

southermissus on

Steve Johnson — a little agressive on veggiemama. I don’t think she was being overly critical or making any negative remark regarding Sandra’s ability to parent or the fact that the little guy has a better life. She just said he never smiles — which is often the case with small children when they have a camera shoved in their face. Ease up!

NaMe90 on

Good reply…I agree. What a cutie he is and she is a great “single mama” role model…best of luck to them both! He is a lucky little boy!

Cdyana on

What in tarnation is Steve J talking about?

Gina on

He is too big to be carried around all the time.

Sharia on


Tina ") on

She wasn’t either, it called caught of guard as usual…no privacy as usual…love her forever, great lady, great actress, great Mother 🙂

fanofboardwalkempire on

Louis is just precious looking- So happy for Sandra that she has this handsome young man in her life!

Ariana on

This kid is rarely smiling.

Anonymous on

I love how opinionated people are about other people’s babies. This article is about the fact that she is still close and supportive of a character she played in a movie which is a very nice thing. If her baby smiles or not, his hair cut or if she should or not carry her baby it is no one’s business.

Karen on

What a bunch of overly judgemental harpies. Race has nothing to do with it, and who cares if she’s lugging him around? My kid would be carried in that crowd, too. Go vacuum something.

Elma on


Princey on

I was thinking about that family last night. I kept trying to see if I could see him on t.v. I cannot even imagine how excited they must be. What a long road but a beautiful journey. So glad Sandra remained close to them.

Marky on

Anonymous, what do you want Sandra to do with Louis’ hair–shave his head? His hair looks just fine. If he had super tight curls which could not be combed, then maybe shaving his head would be fine, but he has an adorable look, so stop with the criticism! She not only has black friends who can help her with Louis’ hair, she also obviously has his hair styled by a professional. They make a great family and should be complimented, period.

dawn on

I think she just continues to prove how awesome she is. Sitting with Oher’s family & cheering for our RAVENS!!! Way to go Sandra!

LOL! on

So cute! Sandra Bullock is amazing, a great actress, humanitarian, good friend and loving mother.


I think he looks terrified. I have seen him in many pics where he is laughing. SO I think they were calling his name and he was just shocked by the cameras.

Someone's Mommy on

Ehhh I wasn’t a very smiley kid. Didn’t mean I wasn’t happy. Just had a more serious look about me.

Harper on

Wow @steveJohnson. You went somewhere dark. I would have never lept to that conclusion reading a post-@veggiemama saying the child never smiles. There have been quite a few since then, I guess they ALL feel the way you think. Wow.

Sue on

DAWN< DAWN,DAWN,,,,ya took the words right outta my mouth. Adding this comment, she is an excellent actress, a hoot of a comedian , don't know her so I dont know if she is a great mom but I am trusting that she is. Our Ravens needed all the fan help they could get. I am thrilled.

suzyhager on

I’m sorry. I think Sandra Bullock has been a bit weird. She does a movie where a lady takes a black fellow under her wing and he evolves into a great football player. Then Sandra adopts a black child. Is she trying to relive this woman’s life.

I seriously hope this child does smile eventually. He might be constantly expected to be stellar to fulfill Sandra’s dream. Sorry, I just think it’s too strange.

LDMcS on

Leave Sandy Alone! She’s single, has kids, has had a real bad choice in famous less than a man men. And she still has a brain, a sweet smile, a heart that seeks a real man who won’t break it for money or fame. Lay off and let her find a real human and not a crusty craphead who wouldn’t know a real woman unless it was so used up by tatoos and bikers that she’d be looking for a shotgun to give a blowjob to.

GreenSmoothiesRock on

Wow….a good heart warming story!

meghan on

suzyhager, if you had any brains at all you would know that Sandra and her ex-husband waited five years for Louis. Their adoption paperwork, where they would have stated their preferences as to race, was filed long before Sandra even knew there was a script titled “The Blind Side” floating around Hollywood. Grow up.

DEE on

What an awesome P.S. to the movie Blindside and to Michael Oher.

rbblum on

Michael Oher’s story exemplifies what America should be . . . the hell with everything else.

marty on

Every time I see Sandra, i think to myself, What was Jesse James thinking??

Anonymous on

Ever stop to think that these are PAPARAZZI photos.. That they are not staged or regular photographers saying ”Smile”. These are candid shots that the paparazzo took. Do you see non-celebrity mothers carrying children that are smiling all the time? If so, you’re living in Creepy-town. This isn’t about anything other than a photographer getting a shot of a celebrity mom with her child. Get a clue, people. He’s not unhappy. She’s a great woman and wonderful actress. No conspiracies going on. Think about that.

candyz85 on

She is still a classy and one of a kind person. Louis is a lucky son.

Annie on

I love Sandra and her acting and really enjoyed the movie, “Blind Side”. Her son, Louis is so cute and it was great that he and his Mommy watched Oher playing football in the “Superbowl” and spending time with his family!

Anonymous on

so classy! a lot more that beyonce doing a strip tease act! stomping around..

Lela on

So what if he is not smiling he is still RICH, unlike you. Maybe he not smiling because he know losers like you are looking for a flaw. Go catch a life veggiema. Better yet a vegetable or something.

Starr on

I am a big fan of Sandra. She is a classy actress and person. Congratulations to her for her kind heart and caring nature. How petty of anyone to criticize Louis of not smiling and Sandra for carrying him around. Not everyone is a smiling idiot. I never went around with a smile plastered on my face, but I am probably one of the most joy-filled individuals you could ever know. I smile when I feel like it, not to “do tricks” for people. About carrying, even when my child was four years old, I was carrying him him around, if he got tired. Quite the opposite of some mothers who let their kids run wild all over the streets.

Lisa Gonsalves Costas on

Wonderful that these “feel good” stories are published. I loved the movie, love Sandra, love Michael and his family!! Cheers to all of you for loving eachother!!

Freddie on

Best thing Sandra did in a long time was getting rid of a lot of the garbage in her life. I hope she stays this happy! ;-))

Manomer on

@Gina….when you have people with camera’s following around I would assume it is easier to carry your child……

anni on

Is she raising him Jewish?

Anonymous on

Thumbs up for Sandra!!!

Connie on

Sandra is an amazing woman, actress and mom. Louis is adorable and obviously loved. What does his race have to do with anything? I’m sure he will become a fine young man so put your prejudice away and be happy for them.

Bryan on

Did Michael Oher get any notice before, during, or after the game. What a shame if not. Blind side was on of the most touching movies I have ever seen. By the way I’m a 70 year old conservative white guy. So much for people who try to play the racist card, which is a bunch of bull batter.

Bryan on

Great movie. I didn’ t notice Michael in the game. I wish they had made mention of it.

jean stallworth on

I love this lady she is so graceful. I don’t want to anger anyone but when you have a mixed child or an African American child. will you all go to a beauty shop let the people who know how to do black folks hair .the key to the son cut his hair off low fade. the girls oh my god please if you want them learn how to do their hair please to all who have black or mixed children take them to a black salon .please just try it they look so bad but its because most of you don’t know how to do it your self.thank you very much

J Zezima on

Denfination of Lady: Sandra Bullock

T.Heim on

I just love Sandra Bullock, and just LOVE the role she played in “The Blindside!” She seems to be such a healthy, authentic person…so unusual for the typical Hollywood actor. Michael Oher is the main reason I cheered for the Ravens! So glad they one. But the REAL hero in this story is the REAL Lou Ann Tuohy, and her authentic, Christ-like love for her son!

mike k on

Class act Sandra. You put forward something that most hollywood people don’t

MotorCityMama on

Must be nice to be able to be able to get a super bowl ticket AND afford one. My guess is Hollywood privelege and she never stood in a line to get it.

Kathy Fox on

Sandra is such a loving Mommy. The look in her eyes when she is with her little boy is so touching. She really seems to loveing the slot of Motherhood. I wish her only good things in her life with her precious little one. ( I have 4 birth children, boys, and three adopted children, one girl, two boys.) I love my adopted children just the same as my birth children. Actually I forget they are adopted most of the time. lol So I know in my heart how much you love your little man. Good Luck pretty Lady……..
Kathy Fox Maine

Treeclimber on

I love Sandra Bullock, but the real limelight should be shown on his adoptive parents Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. They are real life heroes.

merrle on

Hey, michael O. doesn’t smile much either . Do you think he is unhappy after a family took him in and loved him and sent him to college ,now he is a NFL player making millions. All the screaming and yelling and cameras probably had him(Louis) scared . She showed good mothering to carry him around .

Mujer Latina on

She’s a beautiful lady inside and out.

Bob on

What a great story and movie!

darlinondietz on

My 4 year old son hardly smiles on cue. He’s a happy little boy but when I tell him to smile for the camera, it doesn’t happen. Most of the time he’s looking at his feet or has his finger up his nose! Cut the kiddo some slack, and cut veggiemama some, too. It’s not like she used a racial slur or called Sandra a bad mom…jeez, y’all…

Bill Brennan on

Where’s the story about Leigh Anne Tuohy and her real family attending the Super Bowl?

wayne on

What i don’t understand is why she had to go all the way to get a black baby when there are so many here that needs adopted. and why didn’t she get a white one.

Melanie on

Uh, Wayne, Louis is from NEW ORLEANS.

Lou on

I just read a story over at that said that Oher HATES the movie, never got a dime from it and he NEVER met Bullock. The only person he met was the actor who played him.

If that’s true, Sandy has some serious problems.

Bucktownboy on

Forgot all about Bullock and her relationship with Oher, the Tuohy’s , and her baby being from New Orleans and the SB being played there with Ravens as a participant. And Sean Tuohy being from N.O. What a great circle of events!

Anonymous on

for those of you saying.. oh he’s too big to be carried.. yadda yadda.. may i please point out that in a crowded venue like the super bowl.. being surrounded by relentless photographers.. it’s not exactly the IDEAL scenario to allow a toddler to run around loose. just saying.. and i wouldn’t be grinning ear to ear either if i was constantly having a camera shoved in my face.. remember he’s a toddler people.. they don’t take chaos well.. they only cause it 🙂

LadyM on

Regardless of the why, Louis does not have a smile on his face.

Lela on

Why dont all you commenter’s , annoying people of the internet, WORRY IF YOU ARE SMILING ATE THE END OF THE DAY. and if I dare see any of you not smiling when somone takes a picture without you knowing GOD HELP US ALL. LOL

Anonymous on

Lou- Obviously it’s not true, as Sandra hanging out with his family at the Super Bowl is a pretty good indication he’s met her!

Anyway, Louis is adorable, and I don’t think him not smiling means anything (other than that he might be scared of the paps). Some kids (and adults, for that matter!) just aren’t big smilers! It doesn’t mean they aren’t happy!

Lois Miller on

I am a 70 yr. old White female who really likes Sandra Bullock as an actress and think from what I have read that she is a wonderful person and mom! I am glad she follows Michael O’s progress and supported him by attending the SuperBowl and being with his partents with her adorable son! I pray that the Touhey’s are a good influence on Sandra as wonderful Christian parents! I pray for Sandra and her family every day and think it is great that she adopted Louie no matter his race.! My white Pastor’s son and wife adopted two B-Racial children and they love them as their own! And they aren’t rich or celebrities! You go girl! The Touhey’s are great people to have as friends! Grandma Lois Miller.

billandbruno on

Oher’s story was fantastic. I cheered right along with all the Raven Fans. What a fine result to a very meager start to life. The Blind Side still remains a favorite movie for mine. As far as Sandra Bullock goes, I will probably die still having a crush on her. A real bunch of heros Michael, Mrs. Tuochy, and Sandra. I’m sure that Sandra’s son Louis will be a serious hero a few years down the road. Look who’s around to teach him.