Max Greenfield: My Daughter Rocks Out Gangnam Style

02/04/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Max Greenfield‘s girl is giving new meaning to rock and roll.

For her third birthday on Jan. 27, the New Girl star’s daughter Lily channeled her inner musician for a fun rocker theme — but the inspiration wasn’t exactly what her actor dad expected.

“I’ll put [my radio] on and be like, ‘Hey, do you want to listen to some rock and roll?’ … but her idea of what that is and my idea of what that is are two different things,” Greenfield, 32, jokes during a Monday appearance on Anderson Live.

“She wants to listen to ‘Gangnam Style’ and apparently [it’s] a big hit among 3-year-olds right now.”

Max Greenfield Anderson Cooper Live New Girl
Courtesy Anderson Live

His realization that the hit song has truly gone viral even among the kiddie crowds came when Lily’s party guests abandoned the much-loved ball pit to perform their best dance moves.

“Everybody went nuts, it was pandemonium,” Greenfield recalls. “I was standing in the ball pit — because the kids get lost in there and you got to pull them out — and then ‘Gangnam Style’ comes on and they go, ‘Get me out of this ball pit – I gotta dance!'”

But while Lily’s love for the techno tune is strong — she was gifted a shiny pink Gangnam suit courtesy of Cooper and his co-host, PEOPLE StyleWatch contributor Jill Martin — it’s not the only thing that has captured her heart.

“She’s got a couple [of boyfriends],” Greenfield says. “Holt’s her main squeeze — that’s her weekend boyfriend — and then Zach is at school during the week.”

— Anya Leon

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JMO on

That is just too sweet! Nothing cuter than little ones having a dance party.

Isabel on

I love Max on New Girl. He’s hilarious.

Kim on

Seriously, how cute is that? 🙂

Anonymous on

Love it!

Mary on

OMG!!!! That was so cute! I want one for my daughter !

Fifi on

Ugh, why can’t any of these foreigners pronounce Gangnam correctly?! It’s said multiple times in the song, you’d think they would catch on…

Stop judging people on

Get over yourself, fufu.

lola on

LOVE Max Greenfield, but why anyone would listen to any music by Psy after all his talk and music about killing Americans and killing members of our military!!! Of course he says he is sorry now that America is making him very rich and wants to keep the money coming in. He is disgusting!

BBB on

hehehe give kids a good beat and they will immediately start to dance!

BBB on

hah I see what you did there “stop judging people”

Acorr on

Lola, I couldn’t agree more. DISGUSTING!!

meghan on

Seriously? You want him to ban the song and explain to his three year old international political discord? Are you people really this stupid?

Acorr on

meghan…I have seen my children mimicking other children singing and dancing to the above referenced, ahem “artist”. As a parent of a 9 and 6 year old, I have instructed them to no longer do it. Simple as that. I am the parent, my children respect me and guess what? They listen to me! I explained the background to my 9 year old and he understands completely. For your information, I am not stupid.

meghan on

If you think a three year old can grasp concepts that a nine or six year old can, then yes, you are stupid.

Acorr on

Uh Meghan…you have soooo missed my point; no matter what the age of a child, if you as a parent don’t want them doing something, you say no. Plain and simple. No explanation needed. Since you’ve resorted to name calling…you, my dear, ARE stupid.