Jillian Michael Says Son Phoenix Is ‘Fiery’ Like Me

02/04/2013 at 03:00 PM ET

Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser TCAs
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Jillian Michaels‘ son Phoenix is already taking after his mama — just not the expected one!

Although The Biggest Loser trainer expected her baby boy to inherit her partner’s laidback approach to life — Heidi Rhoades delivered their son in May — the 8-month-old’s budding personality is the polar opposite.

“He wants to walk and he gets really pissed about it when he can’t. He gets frustrated,” Michaels, 38, told PEOPLE at the recent TCAs.

“He’s a fiery little sucker, he’s just like me. I’m like, ‘You were supposed to be like Heidi!’ But he’s not. It’s not good, not good.”

Admitting she is “terrified for when he’s a teenager,” Michaels has good reason to be: Recently she spotted her son — who is “crawling aggressively” — putting his electrician skills to the test in the family room.

“He’s into everything, which is kind of a nightmare to be totally honest,” she says. “We have an outlet in the floor in the living room and I caught him eating the outlet on the floor … I was like, ‘Mother of God!'”

Phoenix’s big sister Lukensia, 3, has also been busy keeping her mamas on their toes. “Lu just had her first ski trip and she had a little crush on her teacher, Ollie,” Michaels shares.

“At first I was like, ‘Oh my God, we’re letting our baby go!’ The second day we took her she ran right to him — loves Ollie.”

– Anya Leon with reporting by Michele Stueven

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myuntidydesk on

Doesn’t she know about plug covers? Yeesh.

Lauren on

My comment posted at the bottom, sorry. In the video interview, she actually says that the floor outlet is sealed off.

Marie on

First time parents and she is hit with two!! We all learn. She is such a sweet person, wish her and her family all the best.

meghan on

myuntidydesk, it’s called “Oh we’ll do that later, we have plenty of time!” Fast foward eight months and it’s “Oh crap! We forgot to babyproof!” It happens, especially with first time parents.

Addison on

I have 4 kids. I never baby proofed & I never had any issues 🙂 we had kids that put everything and anything in their mouths and excellent climbing skills. admittedly there were a couple of accidents but shit happens! no one is the perfect parent & no one ever will be!

Amy on

Such a fun family. Never a dull moment with kids that’s for sure.

dana on

Super – I saw them the other day and Phoenix was yelling at a couple otf chubby infants insisting that they stop eating so much

Brandi on


Megan on

And even if you baby proof it doesn’t always work. My friends little boy can undo any baby proofing his parents did. Thankfully his mama watches him like a hawk so he stays out of trouble.

Von on

My husband and I have a two and a half year old and we really didn’t fully child proof either.We have a wild child son and it gets exhausting at times but we just make sure we keep up with our son and do the best we can. We’ve been good so far. Congratulations Jillian and family!

cb on

I’m shocked how many expectations she has for each child… Not unlike all first-time parents, but perhaps too much more so. Not good for her or the kids… I hope someone clues her in…

cp on

So,,,,, You’re son is a bitch too ?

nlb on

Um, no but you definitely are cp…

Lauren on

@myuntidydesk she actually says during the (video) interview that the plug on the floor is all sealed.

She seems like a good mom. Happy for her!

Mother of 7 on

ALL babies are into everything at a certain age. This article makes her sound that what her baby does is rare. I’ve raised 7 children, and all 7 of my children were ‘fiery,’ when something wouldn’t go their way. Of course i never used the word ‘fiery,’ it was purely frustration, that is all.

Plus why would they put a picture of jillian with her daughter when the article is clearly about Phoenix? I’m sure there are photos of him that people can get their hands on.

Kat on

At least, she knows that she is annoying if she sees it in her son. Perhaps she can learn something.

Kat on

She can afford to have an expert come in and “baby-proof” her house. If she is this dense to not have outlet covers ($3 per package at Target!!!), then DCFS should come out and see what else she may need help with.

lola on

she says “her son was supposed to be like her”. she is not biologically related to this child so how could he be? sorry but all these two are doing is playing house with a bunch of kids. my once very liberal and open mind is changing once i think about what these kids will go thru….not natural. and sorry jillian- your son cannot be anything like you- you are not related.

Katie on

Don’t be a bitch lola. No one asked you.

omg.ppl on

okay lola!!!! first didnt anybody ever tell you if you cant say anything smart to shut the h*ll up! no they are not related by blood but guess what stupid, children from birth to about age four come into their own. . . . if you have children you should know this. . . but what I truely want to point out is adopted children can be just like their parents bc they watch and learn from mommy and daddy or whatever mommy and mommy. . . her child has observed her ways and has decided to be like her. . . so before you type anything think before you look like a horses a**!!!!!!

Kat on

Ha! That sounds like my son! We actually did get outlet covers and as soon as he started crawling he immediately poped those little things out of the plug without any hesitation or difficulty. I was incredible! We ended up getting outlet covers that were more tricky just to be safe but like others have said the best way to prevent accidents is to keep an eye on them as best you can. These lil people are often smarter than what they get credit for!

Dara on

She can afford to have an expert come in and “baby-proof” her house. If she is this dense to not have outlet covers ($3 per package at Target!!!), then DCFS should come out and see what else she may need help with

Hey Kat, don’t be a bitch. If you’re so concerned about plug covers that you would want DCFS to investigate, then how about you let them into your home and see what they can “find.” Of course, with as amazing as you are, I’m sure your children are absolutely angelic gifts to the Earth.

Dara on

Hey Lola….

How do you know they aren’t related???????

Did it occur to you that maybe Jillian provided the eggs and her partner carried the baby?

Beyond that, you’re wrong. My oldest son is a lot like his StepDad and it’s because they spend so much time together and pick up on each others habits.

Erin on

Hey Lola, try reading the article. She plainly states she expected Phoenix to be like HEIDI, not like her!

dsfg on

I’m shocked at all the name-calling and telling people to shut up on here . . . I don’t think I’ve called anyone a bitch since I was about 12 years old. Although I guess it’s possible that there are adolescents posting on here.