Kate Middleton’s Engagement Dress Gets a Maternity Makeover

02/01/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Kate Middleton Issa London Engagement Dress Maternity
Randy Holmes/ABC

Just in time!

Now that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her first child, she won’t have to search hard to recreate some of her famous pre-pregnancy looks.

The beautiful navy silk Issa London dress the 31-year-old wore during her engagement announcement in November 2010 is now available for moms-to-be at UK maternity boutique, Blossom Mother and Child.

Part of the store’s new stock of the Issa spring 2013 collection, the classic and flattering wrap gown ($870) is perfect because it “can be worn during and after pregnancy” according to a representative from Blossom Mother and Child.

For several years, “we’ve worked closely with the designer to bring their designs to expectant women.”

Next up on Kate’s maternity style list? We’re betting Alexander McQueen.

When the brand’s creative director, Sarah Burton (she designed Kate’s wedding dress), was made an Officer of the British Empire for her services in fashion, the soon to be mom-of-two shared that she’s eager to create maternity pieces for the Duchess. “I hope I will be.”

–Simon Perry

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Megan on

Wow, only $870 for a maternity dress? Think I’ll buy two!

Jeannine on

Yeah, huh? ONLY $850.- USD or ED or BPS? Either way, I’m lucky to have $850.- to spend on myself!

roadapplescarclub on

Are you kidding? Who has that kind of money to spend on maternity clothes? I can hardly wait to see what else they come up with… if only we had all the money in the world?!

Tara on

This is why Target looks better every day!

JM on

Sheesh!! Don’t think my entire maternity wardrobe totalled that much when I was pregnant!

Vanessa on


LOL! on

Seriously, this is the reason why people, families and entire countries are in financial trouble. $870 for a maternity dress that most expectant moms would wear half a dozen times? Umm, no thanks.

SADie on

it’s nice to see EVEN THOSE w/alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$, making the most of “classic designs”

K.B. on

An $870 maternity dress? Are you crazy? Sweatpants and the hubby’s shirts will get you through any pregnancy for under $50. If you DO need a dress, just buy a loose-fitting jersey number in a larger size from Target. Save the $$$ for the baby’s college fund!

SADie on

it’s just nice to see “retooling” even in fashion, i see too many obviously jealous ppl here.

Michelle on

I hardly think these reasonable people are jealous. What a rediculous thing to say. Clearly you are not understanding their point. It is a bit rediculous to spend that on an outfit you can wear for such a short period of time.

anonymous on

Ridiculous is spelled with an ‘i’ not an ‘e’.

Denise on

Beautiful dress, if you can’t afford it don’t be mad/jealous because she can.

mslewis on

I think it’s funny how these commenters are having all kinds of fits over a dress that costs $870. That’s like interest on his savings for one day for someone as rich as Prince Charles (who pays for Kate’s clothing). It’s silly to say something is “too expensive” for a Royal Duchess or that she should wear “sweat pants and her husband’s shirt” during her pregnancy.

I seriously doubt that maternity store expects the ordinary woman to pop in and spend that on one dress. They cater to the rich and to the rich, that amount is reasonable. Stop sounding so ridiculous, stupid and out of touch.

Magnolia on

But they’re trying to make money on these dresses right mslewis? That’s where we come in and our opinions…

LOL! on

@mslewis. Read the article, again, all the words. I personally did not comment on the wealth of the Royals, but on the cost of a dress, which is not reasonable. Yes, there are those who can afford it, but most cannot though they will buy it anyway. And really, it’s just a knock off of a famous dress. Rather than post rude comments, why don’t you go (try) to balance your cheque book.

lola on

Spend your entire prgnancy in sweat pants and an over sized t-shirt?!! Wow, really? Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you have to stop your life. I mean where are you going to go dressed in sweats and big t-shirt? Work? Shopping? Meet friends for lunch or a movie? You don’t have to spend a fortune on 1 dress, but you also do not have to give up completly on your wardrobe either.

Ann on

Way expensive for any dress! That’s insane. Pretty dress…but that’s crazy.

Pinky on

Extravagant, frivolous and wasteful, but oh if they wanted to give those clothes to me for free I would wear them.

PS on

Hmmm, second-hand, Target and Walmart seemed to work just fine for me…

Anonymous on

She is a princess…..she has to look great all the time!! I’m sure she thinks it’s crazy $$ too, but being a princess and in the public eye, she has to look great. Its just part of her job! Chill out!

Jeanetta on

Great idea at more affordable prices.

Cate on

Some of these comments are amusing. 🙂 This dress isn’t designed for women on a budget (and yes, I am one of them).

mslewis on

@LOL . . . honey, my checkbook is balanced with plenty left over to buy whatever I choose. And how do you know who can and who cannot afford a dress that costs $870? You don’t. Idiot!! And that maternity dress is not a “knockoff” it is designed by the same designer who did the non-maternity version.

Kim on

If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. I’m sure 99.99% of those complaining over the cost would have absolutely NO WHERE to wear something this nice….so don’t worry about ever needing it. SOME people have nice places to go and functions to attend..even when pregnant.

Dixie on

$850 USD could buy quite a decent nursery set (furniture, bedding, etc.) If I were carrying a child and someone handed me $850 I think I would spend it on that quite-decent nursery set rather than a single dress, Kate fan though I am…

Dixie on

I’m sorry, $870…which isn’t really a huge difference once you get that close to the thousands.

kbunyon on

The arrogance of the haves to the have-nots here is making me ill.

– While I agree that giving up and living in sweats isn’t any good for anyone’s self esteem, the nastiness was rather uncouth.

– And then there’s the way those who claim they can afford such a dress telling others that they don’t need the dress because they don’t have anyplace to wear such a garment. That’s just outright disgusting.

I try to think better of most human beings, but obviously you don’t fit into that category.

Mmm on

Well said kbunyon.

Zarah on

People, get a life. She is a Princess and a bona fide one, and can’t wear her hubby’s sweatpants to Royal engagements. She wears a lot of her clothes more than once, but she has to look great. Designer dresses cost a lot for a reason – it’s not only the name, it’s fabric and workmanship as well. Snd if Duchess Catherine wears a dress from Target, you ladies will be the first ones to lambast her in comments for the poor choice of clothing and ugly look.

CdnGuest on

Considering, much like her late Mother-In-Law was, the Duchess is the MOST photographed woman in the world, if she didn’t wear attractive clothing, she would be admonished for that! As it is, she is criticized for wearing the same thing more than once. She is expected to make Public Appearances with Heads of State, as well as other Royals and must dress “as well as her purse”. That’s probably an expression with which many readers are obviously unfamiliar. Kate will probably wear the dress 4 or 5 times, thereby making the cost of it around $200.00/wearing, which is reasonable for a Dress. If, as someone suggested, people who can’t afford to dress like that still do, then it’s their own fault for being so short sighted or “ghetto fabulous”. Good for Kate for her style choices which are sensible, attractive and always in good taste. Shame on those who let their jealously overshadow the fact that someone has achieved a higher station in life. Imagine the outcry if Kate were seen at certain events in “sweat pants and her husband’s tshirt”!!!

moncher on

Ppl are saying that the dress is to expensive for them. England is in a recession just like us. For ppl to say that just because they can afford it, the ppl who can’t don’t have a life is disgusting. Times are all over and because we can’t afford a 850 dollar dress dosen’t make us horrible ppl. You lady r the real idiot.

ktanne2639 on

She DOES get photographed a lot and critiqued for every thing she does, so I would expect her to spend that much on a dress. That’s just how it works for those with very high rankings, like it or not.

For me, I found plenty of good stuff at Target, Motherhood, and even Wal-Mart for dressing up my belly- the 5 times I’ve been pregnant. I don’t personally, like sweatpants (yoga pants, yes!) and my husband’s shirts would look silly- I bought some cute tees at Target for less than $10.

No need to be nasty to each other. We’re all women and should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. Congrats to the lovely princess and her baby!

Allie on

i agree its too much BUT then i only pay the best for my clothes. I’d rather own one expensive piece of clothing than half a dozen cheap pieces. I just bought a burberry coat for $650, i don’t think i’d buy anything more expensive than that though, and that maternity dress for $870 is ridiculous in my opinion. The most i spend on a piece of clothing is $300 max. (The coat, i splurged on, was for my 26th birthday lol.)

WOW on

@KIM “If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. I’m sure 99.99% of those complaining over the cost would have absolutely NO WHERE to wear something this nice….so don’t worry about ever needing it” – you sound like an arrogant bitch

Ann on

As always she is elegant………..

really?!? on

Now, i am jealous..not. though the dress is pretty, id rather go elsewhere to say boscovs and get maternity clothes there…they are just as good. You can still feel pretty and be cheap at the same time. Given you wont feel like a princess, but you will still feel good about yourself especially this day in age, where we are all (country-wise) in a recession. But hey, if people can afford it, then more power to them.

Theresa on

LOLOL! Megan, I am right there with you!

Megan on

Too expensive for me but it is a beautiful dress.

Denise S. on

PEOPLE MAGAZINE: she is NOT Kate Middleton anymore!

loveblue2 on

Really happy for these two! Diana would be over the moon for them both. As for you haters, after some pretty devastating downsizings, a good deal of the time I don’t have two nickels to rub together, but, hating on people who DO have deep pockets isn’t going to help anything, particularly my peace of mind. Get over yourselves! It takes all kinds of people to make a world.

Spindy on

Why on earth is everyone getting upset over how expensive this particular dress is? Did the article state Kate bought this particular dress? No, just that it was available for others to buy. Some people have the luxury to buy this and others don’t. It doesn’t mean you have to be so hateful for those who can afford the luxury.

Kate has been known to wear several dresses and outfits for numerous occasions so she’s the last person to be frivolous (Kim Kardashian falls into that category). Plus, it’s not as though Kate can get away with wearing William’s sweatpants and tee-shirts from Target or Walmart at public events. 🙂

Anonymous on

Normally i don’t care what celebrities do with THEIR money. but in this family’s case it isn’t really THEIR money. they have been sponging off the state for long enough! let’s get rid of the monarchy.

ves on

Kate is a beautiful young woman and seems to be a very nice one!

Not like the NASTY LOWRENT TROLL Charles is now married to!

Princess Di would indeed be over the moon in pure bliss that her beautiful child has a wonderful young wife and a blessed child on the way!

Hope Harry finds someone as nice soon.

The dress is beautiful and over priced over a $1000US … however a lot of people can afford it and the rest of us will see it soon at an affordable price of $45US … just will take an extra month or two …LOL

Wish William and Kate the very best … and good health to the newest family member….. wish it were twins … one of each! God Bless.