Nick Cannon Doesn’t Joke Around When Disciplining Twins

02/01/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Nick Cannon Twins Discipline
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Nick Cannon may have a reputation as a goofball, but when it comes to teaching his kids good behavior, the funnyman is all business.

Fortunately for Cannon and wife Mariah Carey, 21-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, are showing no signs of the terrible twos.

“My kids — it’s a blessing — they’re extremely disciplined,” Cannon, 32, tells PEOPLE at Godiva‘s Decadent Pop Up Chocolate Photo Booth in Rockefeller Center Thursday.

“They try [misbehaving] with other people because everyone gives them so much attention, but when it comes to my wife and I, we only have to say something once,” explains Cannon, who called himself a “stern father.”

“We ask them to have a seat, they sit down, cross their legs and put their hands in their lap. I hope it lasts!”

While his superstar wife’s high notes are legendary, it’s the volume of Cannon’s voice that gets the twins to fall in line.

“I’ve got the loudest voice in the house,” he notes, “so they’ve always responded to that ever since they were newborns. They hear my voice and they freeze.”

One thing that may end up getting “Roc and Roe” in trouble is the love of sweets they inherited from their chocolate-loving dad.

“We have a candy store inside of our L.A. house, and the basketball court is beneath it. My son tricks me. He’ll say ‘basketball,’ and then every time, when we walk to the court, he runs to the straight to the candy and takes a handful,” Cannon says with a laugh.

“He’s not even 2 yet, but he knows how to play the Jedi mind trick!”

— Sabrina Ford

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Meg on

Haha, my daughter is always tricking me into taking her to the candy store inside of my house too so I can really relate to this story! One time she told me she wanted to go get her pajamas but instead she snuck into the ice cream parlor inside of her closet and got three scoops of mint chip on a waffle cone. Kids will be kids, huh?

J on

😂😂😂 that was hilarious!!

Anonymous on


Maddy on

LMAO!!! I needed a good laugh! Thanks!

AmD on

Lolol….Meg that was stinking hilarious!!!

Diana on

That was so funny!!

D on

Meg, your comment is so funny I literally can’t stop laughing!! Thanks I really needed a good laugh.

Guest on

Hahahahaha!!!!! 🙂

Tee Tee on

Meg, your comment gave me a much needed laugh! Thanks!

Marky on

Roc would be hard to resist; he is so cute!! I’d probably have candy in my pocket, just in case he asked for some!

Katie on

He hasn’t heard of the terrible 3’s! Both my kiddos were good at 2 and monsters at 3! HAHA Good for him teaching them early. Their twins are precious!

Someone's Mommy on

LOL, Meg.

Marky on

Katie, that is so true! Of all my children, none of them were a handful until they were 3, then I wondered who came and snatched their bodies turning them into crazed monkeys, LOL! I wish them luck…..

itznia on

Good for him!!

Sandy on

Nick candy is bad and two year olds do not need sugar/candy as they’re teeth will rot. Why not ditch the candy room and fill the jars with healthy stuff like fruit bars, honey based sweets, yogurt raisons, etc? Then you will pass on a love of good food instead of junk?

mommy2.3 on

Every snack you naked has sugar in some form. Sugar causes teeth to rot. The snacks you named are no better than candy. How about you let them live. I’m sure they have adequate medical and dental coverage.

Rachel83706 on

What about bread? Do you think bread is junk … because the sugar in bread sticks to your teeth and causes decay if you dont brush. Dentists say it is worse than candy because that usually slides off teeth. Go ask a dentist.

Pam on

I can’t get past the whole candy store beneath the basketball court portion of this article.

mamallama on

Meg, can we be best friends?

Sam on

Me too me too mamallama! lol

mommameg on

I concur … 3 is the new 2!

Melissa B on

@Meg, Tee Tee was right, hilarious comment. Buahahaha. And you’re also right Katie. Two’s were a walk in the park. 3’s are CRAZY.

Noodles on

LOL meg!

Sam on

No no no Pam..the basketball court is beneath the candy store. It’s the waterfall and pool that are beneath the basketball court! 🙂

Anonymous on

@Sandy….oh GOD. you are one of THOSE parents, huh? You are that self-righteous parent who does nothing but sing your own praises while bashing the parenting skills of others? I would hate to be your kid. Guess what, last night for the Super Bowl, I let my 5 year old eat ice cream BEFORE dinner! CPS should definitely be called and my parenting badge should be stripped! Good grief, lighten up and learn to have a little fun with your kids.

cb on

They are adorable, just like their Dad and Mom…. But we all know the terrible 2s will come at some point! Looking forward to Nick’s stories about that, too!

Sam on

Meg, hilarious indeed! ololol

And on a serious note, why would you brag to the world that your voice pretty much scares your babies into behaving? That is not teachng, its ummm kind of bullying.

Jojo on

How is talking to you kids in a stern voice bullying? My father only had to speak to my siters and I once to get our attention because we new he meant business and we respected our parents. These days you talk to a kid and they look at you with a serious attitude because they are being babied by their mothers that live in Lala Land thinking they do no wrong! Sorry dear, but just look what babying Adam Lanza all his life got!

Sam on

My point was that having a loud voice that your babies react to is not teaching them. As he said, they behave for him but act out with others. That is not teaching. Its using a loud voice to get what you want. Bullyish.

Tina on

the most important factor is consistency.

once you weaken, the children hone in on the cracks. you might as well throw out all the rules at that point.

tammie on

I dont know what terrible twos or threes are. That is so stereotypical. Every child is different.

bkable on

…”are showing no signs of the terrible twos.”

Could that be because they aren’t two yet?

Also, I’m all for discipline but seems a little strict to be yelling at babies who aren’t even 2 yet.. just me though.

Sam on

Nope, its not just you. I totally agree.

Anonymous on

Wait til you all see the teen years….you ain’t seen nothing yet!

ashley on

I think he sounds like a asshole father to me it sounds like his kids are scared of him

Sam on

Exactly ashley! That doesnt ‘teach’, it just scares into submission. There is a difference.

dEBdEB on

@Meg your comment is so funny…I was thinking the same thing…….candy store beneath the basketball court! LOL

Ugh on

Good job, Nick for being a Dad/Parent who cares! Parents today don’t even know the word NO!

Sandra on

My dads voice was the same way and we developed a respect for him that rivals none other. He was the head of the house and we all know that with great power comes great responsibility. They were responsible for raising decent, hard working, reasonably- mentally healthy humans. Since none of us have been to jail, taken drugs, beat a kid or posed naked, I say they did pretty good. Kids need to be raised with a healthy fear ( respect) for their parents, cause being their friend and or weak in the spine area never really seems to work out for the best. Nick , Mariah-Good Work!

judy on

Meg, your comment is great. others are too! thanks

Anonymous on

Wait until they are 3….

Karen H on

LOL Meg!

loricarter1 on

Bullying? Good grief! My dad was a policeman. All he had was a stern voice. As another stated, we never got in trouble with the law while growing up, teens or otherwise; didn’t drink, didn’t do drugs, etc. I used the same voice with my four children (3 of whom are “adults.”) They, too, never drank, smoked or did drugs all through school and have only tried drinking at 21. I can STILL use my stern voice and they know I mean business.

Sam on

My dads voice was ‘normal’. I wasnt afraid of his voice and never jumped when he spoke. I never did drugs, never drank, never stole, etc.. Neither did my brothers. We were/are honest, responsible, respectful, mannerly. Hmmm!

Manomer on

I disagree that scaring kids with a loud voice is bullying. That is just ridiculous. And the first comment cracked me up too. I see nothing wrong with kids having candy….everything in moderation. I had candy when I was little and sodas and now that I am in my 40’s..I still have all my teeth…..

yeah right on

I didn’t realize anyone considered Nick Cannon to be a funnyman

Caroline on

Trust me It won’t last!
Wait til they are 15 years old and you ask them to sit
and cross their legs and put their hands on their lap…
Let me know what happened Nick !
Good luck pal…

dancer92136 on

The man I loved and respected most in this world had a heart of gold, but a voice that let you know what was what. I love and miss him everyday. He was the best man I have ever known. Keep up the good work. Respect and fun rolled into one.

GuestX on

LOL@Meg’s comment, laugh of the day for me!

Anonymous on

LOL, Meg!!! You made my day, thank you! I agree with the others that say the 3’s are worse than 2’s. Yes, every child is different, but 3’s were worse for us. I was glad when he turned 4!

cassie on

Hahaha what child does not go through trouble 2’s? Look at their mother. Total diva!!

Mila on

Oh gosh is this what I have to look forward to..yikes..Lol Meg that is hilarious.

Friend on

Parents who discipline their kids……….how refreshing!

crystal on