Donald Faison and Cacee Cobb Expecting a Baby

01/31/2013 at 03:55 PM ET

Donald Faison Cacee Cobb Pregnant Expecting Baby
Dr. Billy Ingram/Wireimage

Cacee Cobb has more than just a best friend in Jessica Simpson — she also has a pregnancy pal.

The Texas native and new husband Donald Faison are expecting their first child together, Cobb, 35, Tweeted Thursday.

“Looks like [Donald] and I are going to have a little stormtrooper of our own!” she wrote, sharing a photo of a light blue t-shirt with the Star Wars solider embroidered on the front.

The Exes star, 38, is already dad to children Kobe, 11, Dade and Kaya, both 13, and Sean, 16, from prior relationships.

The couple of six years were married in December in the backyard of Faison’s Scrubs costar Zach Braff.

— Sarah Michaud

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shieroc on

Good for them, they didn’t waste any time.

CCP on

Soooo… This makes Baby #5 for Donald Faison?

Shonna on

Aaaaand……….you can count

Sandra on

Congrats 🙂

Kelley on

I knew it! I had this strong feeling she was going to have a kid right away. She’s 35 so she doesn’t have a ton of time, she’ll feel closer to her good friend Jessica S. and she probably simply wants children. Congrats!

KJ on

Oh dear lord… as if hearing about Jessica’s isn’t enough, they are now going to blast the matching outfits, baby clothes, etc for the next 6 months… i dont think i am going to go online until 2014…..i just threw up in my mouth a little bit….

Brandi on

Awesome! Stay offline so we don’t have to read your whiny, negative comments. FYI – no one is forcing you to read any of these articles. If you aren’t interested, then DON’T READ. It’s not rocket science.

Nikita on

Good for them…will be a cute baby!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to the Happy Family!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

I miss Scrubs.

Hannah on

That’s going to be an adorable baby! Congrats to the happy couple!

Aneta on

Wow, never knew he had so many baby mamas!

klutzy_girl on

Aneta – Three of the kids are from his ex-wife and the other is from an ex-girlfriend. Not that big of a deal honestly.

coco on

At least not in hollywood…. Whos the one with the most C.Eastwood?? E.Murphy??Or the boxer E.Handler??? But some one had at least 6 different B.M crazy it still doesnt break B.Marleys record 🙂 should mention M.Jagger also he has three B.M that we know of:))

Sarah on

First of all that is so bizarre that you are referring to everyone by their first initial and last name. Secondly E Handler? Perhaps E Holyfield? And good to know that every child you produce will be from the same 2 parents. Cause only in Hollywood is it acceptable to have more then 1 “BM.”

Anonymous on

Wow, 3 baby mamas. Impressive.

onelovejen on


Melissa Rivera on

Congratulations to both of you.

d.k. on

I can understand that he would want a child with his new wife but there comes a time when people must quit reproducing at such an alarming rate!

Mj on

That’s hardly an alarming rate… And only one out of wedlock isn’t super shocking by today’s standards. Big families are a beautiful thing!

Francie on

“Not a big deal” to have 3 different mothers who’ve birthed one man’s children?! I couldn’t disagree more. I’m hopeful that Mr. Faison is financially supporting all of his kids, but there’s no way he can shower them with his attention, and that certainly has more value. No disrespect, but people need to be wiser with their decisions about making babies.

coco on

Amen to that!! But these women should maybe check the track record.of the guy they are with… Seems to me that some of them are looking for some one that’ll take care of them financially:((

Norah on

klutzy_girl: Not that big of a deal??? Really??? Maybe tell the children that…

dawn norris on

They look so cute together.

tons of babies around town on

in response to klutzy_girl

Yes it is a big deal. He is a careless baby maker , hope he is paying support to all His babie mommas, nothing to be proud of. You probably have a load of them too!

Cheryl on

Careless baby maker? That’s slightly dramatic. The man makes millions of dollars. I’m sure your tax dollars aren’t supporting his children. His wife doesn’t have any children and obviously wants to bring their child in the world.

ace11 on

So is this the 4th different baby mama??


Amy on

Wow, this man seems to have some pretty potent sperm.

guest on

The dude spits em out

Gina on

He has a LOT of children to support..

ReallyPeople on

So how exactly does him have 4 kids ranging from 16 to 11 make him a irrespondsible baby maker? 3 with his wife and one outside of marriage? Really people? How is that irrespondsible. if they were all by different woman, it might b e different. i hope he and cacee make a beautiful swirly baby:)

ThinkPink on

38 years old, with 5 children by 3 women. Way to perpetuate the stereotype of the oversexed, big black buck, spreading his seed everywhere he goes…. Shameful.

jojo on

oh all the comments abt how many kids he has.. why does everyone have to be so negative. you have no real idea whether he supports his kids (though i’m sure he does) or what his situation was previously. Maybe he wanted a bunch of kids. Maybe these relationships didn’t end of his own doing. Maybe it’s no one’s business to stick their nose in the air and make any comment at all… but women are lifelong teenagers when it comes to that. congrats to the obviously happy couple on her 1st and his 5th baby.

Tara on

had no idea he is so loose.

arewa07 on

I have to wonder if some of the negative comments on here (including the ridiculous use of the word “baby mamas”) has anything to do with him being a young Black man (yes, I took it there). Clint Eastwood, Charlie Sheen, Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Kevin Costner, they each have children born of three or more women. Leave him alone, if she didn’t want to have children with her husband, she would have taken preventative measures.

The man is rich, I’m sure if he is in arrears of his child support a few women would be more than happy to drag him to City Hall, and as for the amount of time he has for all the children, hell Kody Brown has 16 or 17 children and he honestly seems like a loving, caring man.

A shit father is a shit father no matter how many children he has, a good man is a good man no matter how many relationships he has had, so let his wife and children decide and stop with all the judgy-wudginess, sheesh.

sw on

Thank you!

Fabulous on

CCP if your asking that question it’s obvious your brain didn’t make it past 1st grade….. And he had the twins and the 11yearold with his EXwife… So please stop trying to make a big damn deal about nothing….. If he can take care of them he can have as many as he wants…. ANYWAY….. Congrats to them!!!

Sara on

arewa07 – Well-said!

ReallyPeople on

“38 years old, with 5 children by 3 women. Way to perpetuate the stereotype of the oversexed, big black buck, spreading his seed everywhere he goes…. Shameful.”

A man has 3 kids with his now ex wife and one with a long term girlfriend. and now his new wife is pregnant. There is nothing shameful about it.

Way to perpetuate the idea of stupidity thru posting though, ThinkPink

ThinkPink on

I can articulately express an OPINION without resorting to 4th grade name calling, and I’M stupid. Whatever keeps you warm at night, REALLY PEOPLE….Its called having standards, get some. If a man with 4 kids by 2 women approached me he wouldn’t make it past “Hello…”

Jessie on

ThinkPink there are plenty of famous white men that have babies by several women but because he’s black he’s held to a different standard. Him and his wife are living their life, not yours and he didn’t approach you so it’s moot point to even mention it. Yes, I believe people should always have standards but love is supposed to be unconditional, which since she felt the need to marry him obviously means she found that.

Brandi on

Those are YOUR standards, which no one asked to hear about, by the way. Have some TACT in how you express your opinions and maybe you won’t co me across as an ignorant, close-minded, judgemental bi*ch. Just because they didn’t do it your way doesn’t mean that it’s wrong or bad…smh.

Cara on

Awwww they are going to have a beautiful baby! Ppl either post something nice or keep quiet….I am happy for them.

RG on

Does CaCee Cobb have a job? She got so lucky finding a celeb to get impregnated by having done nothing but be j-simp’s lackey.

Tiffany on

I wouldn’t say baby #5 because his other children are much older than babies.

Nicole on

Would you think it was sleezy if a woman had 5 children w/ 3 different men?

KO on

Ding ding ding! We got a winner. ^^^

No matter how wealthy he is it is hard to raise kids in two separate homes. Times two. Hopefully he and CC will stick together. Kids need stability and switching houses makes that hard.

I don’t hate one way or the other but I think there’s an obvious double standard for those saying it’s “no big deal”. It is a big deal for the kids.

dietra on

Congrats to both of them! Love D-Fais on the Exes!!

janet on

Whats the big deal, he got a third woman pregnant but he is marrying her. Atleast he is marrying her .. ha ha. What a joke , he needs to stop spreading his seeds around. Bet me, in about 5 years we will be able to look back and he will have another baby Momma ….corn cobbed again…

janet on

klutzy_girl must have a boat load full of baby daddys!

klutzy_girl on

Sorry, but I’m LOLing at the comments accusing me of having “a load of kids” or “multiple baby daddys” (ies).

Actually, no. I don’t have any kids and don’t plan on having them for a while.

But you know what? I’m not judging a man for having a baby with his wife (who he’s been with for six years)! He had multiple kids with his ex-wife and one with a girlfriend.

Kim on

So he’ll have 5 children by 3 different women…smh.

Marky on

In all truth, this man was married to the mother of 3 of his children, and is divorced, like many of the people we all know. He had a child with a long-term girlfriend and he supports that child. I have known white women who had 5 children by 5 different men in less than 7 years. Get real, ThinkPink, this man is not worse than others we all know, whether it is ideal or not.

I have a grandson whose mother had 3 children in 4 years with 3 different men. She rarely works, lost custody of one child, and she is not working with any of the fathers to provide a half-decent home for any of the children. If this father is providing for his children, and spending time with them, according to my grandson, that is better than many kids have.

Anonymous on

KO- It MIGHT be a big deal for the kids, but I don’t think that’s for us to say. We don’t know them, after all, and some kids do just fine with two homes and don’t see it as a big deal at all (particularly if the parents split when they were a baby and thus two homes is all they’ve ever known)!

arewa07- Right on! I could see the uproar if he were just hopping from bed to bed, impregnating women without any intention of staying with them or any thoughts to the possible consequences of his actions (or even worse, pulled an Oscar De La Hoya or Lil Wayne and got multiple women pregnant within months of each other!).

But he’s not. As you mentioned, of his four current kids, only one was born out of wedlock. He had the other three with his ex-wife. I didn’t realize husbands and wives weren’t allowed to have children together! I also didn’t realize that if a husband and wife divorce, they aren’t allowed to have kids with future spouses!

Honestly, with some of these comments you’d think we were in the 1950s instead of 2013!

Junie on

KJ, I guess you would throw up because haters are sick people. Projecting what will happen before it happens and it might not happen at all + wanting to go off line because of them does mean that you need some help.
Congratulations Donald & Casey! That child was meant to be here because you are used by God to bring that child into this world.

meghan on

ThinkPink, do you SERIOUSLY think that calling an african american a “big black buck” is stating your opinion articulately and without name calling? Seriously?? Yes, I can indeed confirm, you are stupid.

meghan on

So Cacee doesn’t have the right to a child of her own because Donald has three children with his ex-wife and a child with a long term girlfriend? Get over it.

Sandy on

and she’s famous for what?

curly on

Congrats to them!

Monica on

How interesting that Jessica has a friend that got married while she was pregnant. I think that proves it can be done! Too bad Cacee didn’t rub off on her best friend a little more.

As for all the kids- aren’t the 13 yrs olds twins? I’m just assuming because they are the same age. If so, that would be 1 mom for both. And he was married before so some of those kids are from that marriage. What is shameful about fathering children in a marriage?

bkable on

Explains the wedding 😛 Just kidding! I wish you guys all the best! Congratulations 🙂

Lisa on

Wrap it or snip it Donny!

meghan on

ThinkPink, you honestly believe that calling Mr. Faison “a big black buck” is stating your opinion respectfully and without name calling? Seriously? I think I can confirm, you are indeed stupid.

meghan on

So Cacee doesn’t deserve a child of her own because her husband was married before and had children? She needs to be childless because she fell in love with a divorced father? What kind of messed up logic is that? Don’t remember these nasty posts when Kevin Costner had a child with his second wife after his first marriage with three children and fathering a fourth child out of wedlock. I guess he’s white enough to get away with it though…

ReallyPeople on

“I can articulately express an OPINION without resorting to 4th grade name calling, and I’M stupid. Whatever keeps you warm at night, REALLY PEOPLE….Its called having standards, get some. If a man with 4 kids by 2 women approached me he wouldn’t make it past “Hello…””

Oh sweetie, I didnt call you stupid, but your opinion is lacking a certain level of intelligence. Now hows that for 4th grade, which i am in by the by! (not really but still) LOL, I certainly hope that you somehow find the perfect man/woman for you that doesnt have a past so you wont get all judgy and tell them to get standards. Ha.

tori on

The only reason he finally married her is because she was pregnant otherwise he’d still be stringing her along even though she’s obviously allowed it. 4 other children and never married to any of their mothers real nice pick Cacee,not much to be proud of !

ReallyPeople on

@Tori, did you read any of the above, he was married to the mother of his twins and eldest child.

meghan on

Tori, he was married before. Donald and Cacee were engaged for about a year, so this wasn’t a shotgun marriage. Try learning facts before you reveal yourself to be a fool.

Amanda on

Klutzy girl: it IS a big deal.

You either
1. have a few kids by a few different men
2. have no kids, and no real insight about what school counselors deal with now because kids are depressed about their home life
3. you are a flake and need an education.

Amanda on

It is a big deal to have that many kids by 3 different woman.

It is trashy.

Anonymous on

Amanda- So what do you suggest a divorced man with kids do when he falls in love with another woman and marries her? Tell his new wife “Sorry, honey, but we can’t have children together because I already have some from my previous marriage?”

And what about widowed fathers? Are they also not allowed to have more children should they find love and get married again?

Anonymous on

By the way, all I’ve what I said applies to women in those situations, too. But since we’re talking about men, I just used them as an example. 🙂

Lola7 on

Re: klutzy_girl on January 31st, 2013
“Aneta – Three of the kids are from his ex-wife and the other is from an ex-girlfriend. Not that big of a deal honestly.”

Sorry, but it IS a big deal. Thats the problem with society, they think its NOT a big deal to have a bunch of kids with different women. Moral character is slowly eroding.

Catca on

Wow! Interesting how everyone has an opinion about how much time other people have for their children with NO information! I know many couples where the dad travels extensively for work and works long hours and rarely sees his kids. Donald may be divorced and have children from his ex-wife (and one long time girlfriend), but he very well may have more time for his kids than some married couples do where the dad only has one baby momma. The only thing you know is that this married couple is expecting a baby together. Also you might want to note that they got married when she was 1 month preggers. They might not even have known yet.

Penelope Ray on

Congrats to the new mom and dad to be !

some of the comments here are extremely rude and presumptuous. Did anyone have an issue with the amount of baby mamas Donald Trump has? or is he exempt from ridicule because he has lots of money?

Anika Hietala on

Sure, he has other kids, but as long as he’s in their lives and takes care of them, what’s the big deal? I’m happy for Cacee and Donald and can’t wait to see the little cutie they have together!