Dax Shepard: How Obama Shared In His Baby Announcement

01/30/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Dax Shepard Conan O'Brien Appearance
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

It was the announcement seen around the world: The night before the election, President Barack Obama was wrapping up his campaign.

Oh, and Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell were expecting a baby.

“In the last minutes of his campaigning, at the bottom [of the TV screen] you see that little banner,” the Parenthood star, 38, told Conan O’Brien of seeing his own news flash onscreen during the president’s moment.

“My theory is that CNN decided [that] to be truly balanced we must have both a really important news piece happening and then a completely inane pieces of news happening simultaneously. …

“I never imagined that my name would be recognizable enough to put that banner out there, and when I thought about that, I thought I’d have a lot more money,” he jokes. “I’m basically like a serial killer — famous and broke.”

Since the announcement, the couple have stayed mum on pregnancy details, including the sex of the baby — they know but aren’t sharing. Still, Shepard is willing to reveal his high hopes for his first born.

“I really do hope that the child looks identical to Kristen — a boy or girl. I pray that [my] son look just like my wife Kristen … if we have one,” he explains.

That is, Bell’s beauty paired with Shepard’s baby blues. “They’re unbelievable. They’re beautiful. They’re some of the best eyes in the business,” he jokes.

“It goes, Daniel Craig, Bradley Cooper and then Dax Shepard for prettiest eyes. So let’s hope the baby gets those.”

— Anya Leon

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Doreen on

Wait…he said, “wife”….they’re NOT married yet, right?!! Also, it’s pretty clear that it sounds like they’re having a SON! 🙂

TV on

Doreen, you read way too much into things. Dax and Kristen have been calling each other husband/wife over the last year or so. They aren’t married and won’t get married until gays are legally able to marry in all 50 states. Also, Kristen has referred to the baby in a few interviews as she. It doesn’t necessarily mean either way what they are having.

Erica on

I love how it’s become prevalent for people to refer to their significant others as their “husband” or “wife” in one breath while saying marriage is unnecessary or “just a piece of paper” in another. I get that marriage isn’t a priority for everyone but why use the terminology inherent to marriage if you’re not? Why co-opt the titles of marriage if it’s not even important to you.

gfdbgebthre@hotmail.com on

@ Erica YES!

BlueSkidoo on

The whole point is that a piece of paper isn’t needed to be a husband or wife.

Anonymous on

It is important to them but it’s more important for all couples to be able to legally marry in this country. When its a personal issue for you, you’d understand otherwise you don’t. That simple. Goodluck to them! That is gonna be a gorgeous baby with (what seems) two awesome parents!

Allie on

@ Erica For the record, they have never said marriage is not important to them. They want to be married, but also want the same for their friends who wish to be married. They have publicly stated that until the marriage laws change, they will stay engaged.

LM on

They sounds like a really fun and funny couple. If that baby gets her looks and his sense of humor, it will be the luckiest kid ever! Love these two.

Edie on

The gay issue sounds like just an excuse and a ridiculous one at that not to get married. What is up with that? Hollywood, geeeesh! Either get married or don’t but don’t get all politically correct and use your fear of the responsibility of marriage to sound “cool” just because you’re not grown up enough to do what is right for YOU and your unborn child.

Emily on

If you don’t know them then do not assume what is right for them. Fine to voice your opinion but do try to not force said opinion onto others who may not think the way you do.

Eviltweety on

Well, I applaud them on taking a stand. If they truly believe that the right of marriage is the pursuit of happiness for some of our citizens.. I’m glad they actually stand for something. Too many celebs give lip service to an idea or belief, but few are willing to make a point. I seriously doubt their child will be in any way harmed by this.. Who knows? Maybe they will grow up to stand for the rights of US citizens too?

I’m not gay… But for the life of me don’t understand why it’s such a horror to allow people to be happy. It’s certainly not affecting my daily life if they allow same sex marriage. Everyone has the right to be happy..

suzy diamond on


Anonymous on

I’d also like to point out that Dax and Kristen are a little different than other celebs who have vowed not to get married until it’s legal for everyone. Whereas most other celebs simply say they won’t get married until everyone can, Dax and Kristen have actually explained their reasoning behind it (multiple times)….which is that most of their friends are gay and they don’t feel right getting married when they (the friends) can’t do the same.

They have also said that they are waiting until marriage is legal in their homestate of California, not until it’s legal in the entire country!

Hea on

Erica – I suppose it’s a term of endearment? A nickname?

Katrina on

Wife? Is he another Miley Cyrus, getting ahead of himself?

Debs on

So sweet!!

Congrats to the happy couple!

Samantha on

Unless I’m missing something, gay marriage is legal in the state of California. Is that what the entire Prop. 8 controversy has been about?

Sounds like they’re just another excuse making, immature, anti-commitment couple. Marriage is not just a piece of paper, it’s a promise to another person. They should be worrying about their own relationship and family, not other people’s.

Anonymous on

Samantha- Gay marriage WAS legal in California until 2008. Then proposition 8 got passed, making it illegal. Now people, including celebs like Dax and Kristin, are trying to get it overturned (and taking a stand by doing things such as not get married themselves until it does!).

So the prop 8 controvesy was initially about people wanting to make gay marriage illegal in California, but now it’s about people wanting to make it legal. Confused yet? 😉