Megan Fox: My New Career Is Motherhood

01/29/2013 at 10:00 AM ET

Megan Fox Marie Claire UK
Courtesy Marie Claire U.K.

Plunging into parenthood has certainly placed Megan Fox on a new career path.

After welcoming son Noah Shannon in September, the new mom admits it has become increasingly more difficult to balance both her personal and professional lives.

“It’s very hard for me to do this stuff because I feel like this isn’t my job anymore. My job is to be with him,” the This Is 40 star says in the March issue of Marie Claire U.K.

All I wanted to do my whole, whole life was have a baby and, now, I’ve finally done it. I just want to give Noah as much of myself as I can.”

Swapping out the glitz and glamour for diaper duty and late nights with Noah wasn’t a hard transition for the actress, who, after meeting her future husband Brian Austin Green at the age of 18, spent much of her younger years with him at home.

“Maybe it’s just because I don’t know any different,” she says of her low-key lifestyle. “I’ve never been validated by work or fame of Hollywood or any of that.”

With her priority placed on family, Fox, 26, is willing to put in the extra effort to ensure her marriage is successful. “I believe he’s my soul mate,” she shares. “But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work, because we are very, very different.”

And when she’s not bonding with her baby boy or nurturing her relationship with Green, the actress makes it her mission to not watch the news.

“Everything makes me cry. Because everyone is someone’s child, every woman seems like someone’s mother,” Fox explains. “I have so much more patience for people and women in general.”

— Anya Leon

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merry on

I don’t think much of her as an actress, but having followed her for several years, I believe she is quite mature and down-to-earth, a dedicated wife, good step-mom and great mom. I like the way she talks about motherhood and her son Noah. You can tell he means everything to her and she takes this new role very responsibly.

Annie on

I’m really starting to like her.

Dawn on

Megan, that is awesome. I am so happy for you to have gotten to be a momma. And your desire to be a mother, and not an actress/mother. All the best! on

Wait, what was her old career?

Willa on

It’s amazing to see how much a person can change once they become a parent. When I was young, I used to think if I didn’t go out drinking Saturday night, I was boring. Now my favourite thing to do on a Saturday is watch a movie with my two beautiful children!

Jenn on

“Everything makes me cry. Because everyone is someone’s child, every woman seems like someone’s mother,” Fox explains. “I have so much more patience for people and women in general.”

I can totally relate! God this is SOOOO me! I had my twin boys in September and I swear word for word this is how I feel! LOL

lori333 on

Interprets as “I can no longer find work”

coco on

Lol exact my thoughts lori….I think she was on the track for a very interesting movie career when she did the bigblockster film. But then she bad mouthed the director in each interview promoting the film she was not welcome for the sequel. With all the J.lawrence J.Chastain N.Watts A.Hathaway. Etc etc etc shes very insignificant as an actress:))

Sacha Laine on

Exactly Lori.

Tara on

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with her once, she was nothing but sweet, nice,and kind. she was nothing but down to Earth, she has good days and bad days …. really just a nice lady.

Stacey on

I’m a mom of 7. so many people ask how I take care of 7 kids, but when it’s all you ever wanted out of life,it doesn’t feel like work at all. I’m LOVING every second!!!!!!

And Megan, you go girl!! Never leave that baby!!!!

To Anonymous on

Up until a week or so ago he wasn’t unemployed so if you intended that to be one of those “he hasn’t been relevant in years” comments, you failed miserably.

rhonda on

I agree as soon as I had my first daughter. I understood my mom and the women in my family better. Anything that came on TV about a child being hurt or or anything family in general could make me cry on a dime. You see things in a whole new prospective.

Holly on

lets hope she can stay faithful to her husband

Karen on

Motherhood has been my career for 16 years. No job would have been worth missing my children’s milestones, school parties, just spending time with them. I wouldn’t trade a thing! Well done!

Gigi on

That’s pretty much all she has to do now since Michael Bay & Steven Spielberg have all but blacklisted her in Hollywood. That’s what happens when you get cocky and run your pretty mouth. She will never have a major acting role again.

jenny on

Gigi, did you not catch “this is 40”?

Tisha on

Finally a young woman in hollywood who has her priorities straight…she should give Lindsey, Paris and all the other party girls some classess in maturity!!!

Amber on

Does her waist look odd in this photo? For once, I would like to see an unphotoshopped celeb grace a magazine cover.

Gigi on

I love Megan Fox!!! She is so genuine, I wish her the best of luck!

Anonymous on


Carrie M on

Megan – spend as much time as you can with Noah. You won’t regret it (and I think you already know that!). Enjoy!!

Dee on

Funny how just a few weeks ago she was on a late night talk show saying she had to hire a night nurse because it was so much harder than she thought it would be. And she needed to sleep or her marriage wasnt going to survive. I personally think if she truly feels she needs to be there for her baby, that should include night time as well. I’m not trying to judge, but this article sounds totally different from her last interview. Some people have no choice but to work AND get up with their baby during the night. Lucky her.

Amy on

I hope everything works out for her and her Family……<3

Mila on

Great for her!!!!That is how it should be…

Anonymous on

Isn’t anyone else upset by her blatantly reinforcing the antiquated notion that a woman can’t have her own life and career ambitions and still be a great mother? The two are not mutually exclusive, especially in the modern age! Wanting to be a great mother is always admirable, but it makes me incredibly sad to see women in the public eye (especially those with means) claim that their duty as a mother is to relinquish what they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Independent women with their own lives and careers make wonderful role models and mothers!

Erica on

Anonymous-There is no reason to be upset because she never put down mothers who work. She simply said that this is her career now. If you are able to stay home with your children, then why not?

My mom was in the military and also raised four kids. I always admired her and think she is the best mom in the world. However, when I began having children it was so hard for me putting them in daycare and not being able to be there for them when I wanted to be. I loved my job, but when my husband was finally able to support our family without my income I jumped at the chance.

There is nothing wrong with being a working mom, but there is certainly nothing wrong with choosing to stay home with your children if you want and are able to.

HW on

I didn’t realize she was only 26. She acts/looks so much older/mature. That’s great, I’m very happy for her, she and Brian make such a HOT couple. Can’t wait to see what photos of Noah.

Anonymous on

Holly- Shouldn’t we be hoping he stays faithful to her, too?!

Dee- I didn’t watch the interview, so obviously I can’t say for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was being sarcastic about needing to sleep if her marriage was going to survive bit. People joke about stuff like that on late night TV all the time! 🙂

Anyway, I love this interview! Finally, a celeb who admits that marriage isn’t always easy AND seems to actually be committed to putting in the work needed to make it succesfull!

Also, she sounds to me like she geninunely wants to be a stay-at-home mom, not that she’s one because she can’t find work. I guess some people read a different interview than I did! 😉

kazumi on

To Anonymous:

Why should it upset anyone? Motherhood only made it clearer for her that family mattered to her more than her career, she is merely echoing what any new mother feels, I am one myself and I did not think twice about giving up my career to be with my kids, I am now a full time mom and I wouldn’t exchange my time with them for anything in the world, not because I feel it dimishes me as a woman, it is always a choice.

C.Vidrine on

I give it to you, people will talk let them. God says, ” Turn the other cheek”. Making memories doesn’t cost a dime, and that’s something you don’t need any money to do. Time with Noah is more then money could buy anyway!!

bindy on

I think she is saying things she knows people would like to hear. She should learn how to act, and she looks funny looking.

Tawny Jones on

Oooh, Megan Fox is so fine! What a beauty.

annlynn on

Yes all she wants is motherhood except for that past recent interview where she hired a night nurse so they could get some sleep. If ALL you want is motherhood, night time feedings and baby waking is part of that!

stee on

Anonymous, she isn’t “blatantly reinforcing the antiquated notion that a woman can’t have her own life and career ambitions and still be a great mother?

She is saying HER priorities have changed. Just because Megan Fox is happy staying at home with her baby doesn’t mean you have to. Do what you like. But you may find you really can’t have it all.

Jennifer S on

What career? She never really had one.

Niko on

“My New Career Is Motherhood” Translation: My film career is dead.

She’ll be a better mother than actress, I’m sure.

KAL0130 on

There is something really likeable about her. I hope them a lot of happiness and success.


She can definitely find work,she does tons of modeling which pays very well. She doesn’t need to act to make money,just look at her! Negative commenters are just jealous!

Megan on

Yea! A young actress with morals!

anna on

She seems like such a better mother than some stars (like Beyonce, who never even seems to be with her baby….sometimes I forget she has a kid). She is beautiful and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

Anonymous on

anna- And how many times have we seen Megan with her son? That’s right, zero! I think she, Beyonce, and other stars whose kids we rarely see are just trying to protect their kids from the prying eyes of the paps!

That being said, why is everyone so insistant that Megan is a stay-at-home mom because her career is dead rather than because she WANTS to be? Is it really THAT inconcievable that even an actress could decide to quit work for motherhood?!

wix on

One of the few women in Hollywood to show A LOT of class and intelligence at a young age.

Good for her and her family!!!

Monique on

As an actress I can take her or leave her… I dont like her for trashing Michael Bay, but she seems down to earth and like she is turning out to be a good mom so far…

D.L. on

I like her attitude! She looks really good.