Busy Philipps Feels No Pressure to Bounce Back After Baby

01/29/2013 at 09:00 PM ET

Busy Philipps Body After Baby Pressure
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Busy Philipps may be willing to dish out style advice to fellow expectant mamas — but she’s not about to start breaking out the postpartum weight loss lectures.

Currently pregnant with her second child, the Cougar Town star admits that while her celebrity status opens her up for public scrutiny, she’s not planning a big bounceback after baby.

“Like most things in this business, I think that you have to do what’s right for you and you can’t be too concerned about what some magazine is going to write about you,” Philipps, 33, tells HuffPost Celebrity.

“We’re in a business where a lot of people are blessed with pretty incredible bodies, that they work hard for or comes naturally, and not everybody has the same body.”

According to Philipps, staying healthy is priority during pregnancy and women “should be given a break” when it comes to packing on the extra pounds — especially by those dubious doctors!

“It’s interesting when people make comments about celebrities’ weight gain or lack of weight gain as if they’re a medical professional that’s treating that celebrity,” she notes. “Like, ‘This doctor does not treat Jessica Simpson, but thinks her weight is unhealthy.’ If you don’t treat her, then how do you know?”

After the arrival of daughter Birdie Leigh, now 4, the actress took her time regaining her post-baby bod — a journey, she says, lasted almost a year — preferring to instead instill a positive attitude (and approach) in her little girl.

“I wanted to be healthy for her and have a healthy body image so that she hopefully grows up to see that her self worth isn’t defined by how thin she is,” Philipps explains.

“Thrilled to be expecting another baby with husband Marc Silverstein, Philipps wasn’t sure if expanding their tight-knit trio was even in the cards for the couple. No one, however, was more ecstatic over the news than the big sister-to-be, whose wish is finally coming true.

“My daughter is very excited … it’s actually something that she has asked for for quite some time,” she says. “My husband and I were on the fence about whether or not we were going to add to our family, but now that we’re on our road, we’re really excited.”

— Anya Leon

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emma on

Amen! There aren’t a lot of celebrities who can say what Busy has with confidence. And she’s right, the general public has NO RIGHT to bash someone bc they packed on the weight while expecting.

It’s up to the doctor to inform their patient about that sort of stuff.

D.L. on

She looks really good. I like her attitude, and I hope she can slim back down easily.

Tara on

Thank goodness she sounds sane. No woman should feel that pressure, enjoy the baby and if any magazine says things, they should be fined.

Anonymous on

Amen Tara!!

Willa on

I fully support her opinion! I’m the proud mother of 4 and I always took a year to bounce back after each one. I’m glad she is saying what many celebrities do not.

jenna on

uh… doctors would know jessica simpson gained too much weight even if they werent treating her because they went to med school. and also because they have eyes. anyone with eyes could tell that jessica simpson gained too much weight.

Tara on

She gained a lot of weight true. But too much weight, puh-leeze jenna! Get over it.

poohtattoo on

Uh Jenna…they may have eyes, but they don’t have her medical history. Uh…twit…

Heather on

It takes 9 months to gain the weight for a baby. So it will take at least that long to least it all. But the main thing is to be healthy for urself and ur family!!! Good job ms. Philipps!!

lauren on

Heather, I’m tired of people saying it takes 9 months to gain and lose the weight. In reality if you had a healthy weight gain (which is only 25-30 pounds) you lose about half of it in the first week.

Stop making excuses for your fatness people and blaming your children for your weight. Most of the people complaining of so called baby weight are the same ones who struggled with dieting and weight loss their whole lives. Unless you have some sort of medical condition there is no reason to not lose the weight within the first few months with a healthy diet and exercise.

Lauren on

Exactly lauren. The only people who get really fat during pregnancy are the ones, like Jessica Simpson, who struggle with weight and use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever they want.

kh in sj on

Glad to hear you’re perfect, Lauren, and have it all figured out for the rest of us!

lauren on

I’m not perfect. I just have common sense and take responsibility for my own actions or lack thereof.

poohtattoo on

Lauren, I’m tired of people spouting healthy attitudes with a big stick shoved up their a$$e$. You’re not everyone in the world, people are going to do what they want no matter what you say.

lauren on

poohtatoo your attitude is very negative. If your opinion is different I am such there is a more appropriate way to convey it than resorting to insults and name calling. All my comments have been positive and constructive, not judgemental and insulting.

Jessica Williams on

I so agree Busy!! Even doctors think they can make a call on someone’s health without even evaluating them. They’ve become too “Hollywood”.Just because Jess is not pencil thin, does not mean she is unhealthy and vice versa.

CCex on

Some women just pack on the pounds. I gained 65. Perfectly healthy, no blood pressure issues, glucose levels fine, baby was perfect. All women in my family do. Sometimes it’s just genes. And I dropped it all within a year.

Kimberly on

I love her. She’s down to earth and relates to a lot of people.

Good for her!

kesha on

Everybody is diffrent some people just need more time to get the weight off

Jules on

I’m gonna come out and say it..I’m 5’1 and was 40 lbs. overweight After havig my baby from my last pregnancy. Did I beat myself up over it, no. But I sure as heck knew that I was unhealthy. I think we need to stop confusing self acceptance and having a positive attitude -which is great to have – with ignorance to reality.

I, like Jessica Simpson put on more weight that I should have – yes ladies, too much – but I’ve educated myself and will try to eat healthier the next time around..I’d rather strive for being healthy while pregnant and post-partum than blindly tell myself “you go girl, what do doctors know?”

lauren on

You have a great attitude Jules. I wish more people were as honest with themselves as you are.

Happy Mommy on

Love her!

Alayna on

I completely agree however sometimes you can tell if a woman didn’t gain enough or gained too much. Jessica did gain a lot of weight- and I personally think one reason why so many women Hollywood gain so much weight when expecting is because they feel free to eat and that the scrutiny will be less. There is so much pressure to be thin and so many are always depriving themselves and it’s like a sense of freedom.

If we as a society and if the media would lessen the pressure during the rest of the time- women wouldn’t feel like “I only have 9 months to eat whatever I want and enjoy life and then I have to go back to eating chicken breast, salad and berries.”

Tiffany on

Busy is right on. It takes 9 months to gain the weight, you should give yourself at least that if not more to lose it.

Lauren on

She works in the entertainment industry. One of her job requirements is to be thin. Why is this so shocking to people? Firefighters can’t be fat or weak, actresses and models can’t be fat. Deal with it.

jojo on

Um.. no. Just going to medical school and just looking at someone do not qualify you to make a judgement about their weight or their health.. and any good Dr. will attest to that.

I am 5’2″ and went from 88 lbs to 188 with my first pregnancy. my Dr. never once uttered a word to me to stop gaining weight. I wasn’t trying, I wasn’t eating differently, I had no cravings to speak off, I didn’t even increase my food intake, I just stopped working out as I always had. My Dr. said my body knew what to do as long as I remember to eat healthy foods, I’d be fine. Did it take longer to lose weight than I expected? Yes. Was it harder than I thought it would be? Of course. But my Dr.- nor any one of the several hospital staff members that monitored my heart murmur during my visits, was the least bit concerned and it was discussed A LOT.

So no, Jenna, unless you are treating the person and privy to their medical issues, records and needs, you do not truly know what’s best for them.

Schmerp on

Lauren, you’re an idiot. I hope that when you get pregnant, you put on 50lbs of pure fat that you can’t wiggle out of.
It is totally unfair to be self righteous. And a HEALTHY pregnancy gain is usually between 30-40lbs. Yes, you might lose 10 in the first week =- maybe even 12 if you’re carrying a lot of amniotic fluids and such. No mother should ever be put under pressure to lose baby weight in an unhealthy way. Too bad we all can’t be as perfect as you. Moron.

Lauren on

You’re so funny Schmerp. I’m not even in the industry (where controlling your weight is required), and yet, because I ate healthily and exercised (imagine that) while pregnant, I gained only 35 pounds, half of which was gone after I gave birth. Two months later I was my pre-pregnancy weight, because I am not a pig with no self control.

We are not even relevant to this discussion–the real issue is that celebrities won the life lottery to be where they are, and they know it. Dieting is one of their job requirements. It’s just the truth, and always has been. Acting is a JOB, like any other job. It has certain requirements.

lauren on

I’m not sure which Lauren you are speaking to since there are two of us on here with similar views.

I have two children. The first I did gain 50 pounds but I lost it all within 6 weeks. I ate healthy, and went jogging with my stroller after 2 weeks. My second pregnancy I didn’t pig out as much and only gained 30 pounds. I was back into my prepregnancy clothes in one week and my regular weight in less than one month. So don’t call me self righteous and wish me harm.

I wish everyone healthy pregnancies and feel free to gain as much weight as you like, just take ownership of your actions. It is not “baby” weight 5 months later, just “you not trying hard enough” weight!!!

lauren on

You need to get your facts straight, Schmerp. 25-35 lbs is recommended for women who are at a healthy prepregnancy weight. Those who are underweight to begin with are asked to gain more and some are asked to gain less or actually lose weight bc they are obsese.

Lisa on

I really like this Busy. She seemss like one of those women who once you meet you instantly become best friends. Busy just seems so real, genuine and down-to-earth. Beautiful both inside and out. Not to mention her personality is like that of Ellen and other famous funny ladies. Busy can crack a joke without a moment’s notice. She has great comedic timing. I just really like Busy. A class act all the way.

She is right about one thing, there is NO need in worrying about the dreaded “baby weight” once its all over and done with. She will lose the weight how she feels most comfortable doing so. There is NO rush. This day and age I think that the media puts more limitis on women they everyday people do. Busy needs to what Busy does best. Got to the set, do her thang and then come home and bond with her newborn baby. To hell with losing the weight right away. It will still be there tomorrow and so on and so forth. You do you Busy. Don’t worry about what other people with say or think. Let them talk if that is what they chose to do. You know you are a phenomenal mother and you children know they are loved unconditonally so you are doing something right. Continue do that. Its working wonders.

linda on

I totally agree Lisa. She is great and will do what is best for her.

Smiles&Peace2U on

Well said, Busy!

I think the world needs more people with that attitude!

Thanks for being a positive influence! (Unlike this website, magazines, etc)

I laughed so hard when I watched your show 😀 I hope they bring it back!!

Lauren on

Um, Smiles, do you mean Cougar Town? It’s still on (now, in fact)… They moved it to TBS.

Kerin on

Totally agree with Jenna. Being in shape is part of the job of a celeb. If I got paid as much as they do and could afford a personal trainer, you better believe I’d be in awesome shape. No excuse for them.

And jojo–you gained 100 lbs during your pregnancy?! That’s just GROSS.

Lauren on

I know, right Kerin? Totally unhealthy. Why is she on here trying to convince us that’s ok? Terrible example for others, and terrible for her own health. Ugh!

Anonymous on

Why does everyone care about how much weight someone gains while pregnant…who cares.

poohtattoo on

Thank you. It’s the woman and her doctors business why do we care? Especially someone saying shes going to do it without the Hollyweird pressure. Hate Cougartown, but love Busys attitude. Good luck to her!

Lauren on

Poohtattoo, what an awesome screen name you’ve adopted for yourself. Very classy. In fact, the other Lauren and I have both stated that we do eat healthily, exercise regularly, and make good choices, so I’m not sure where any of your strange comments are coming from.

Are you, in fact, fat and uneducated? These are both things you can do something about, unless (as you say) you, like most Americans, are also lazy.

Good luck with yourself!

Kira on

I just want to say being thin is so overrated. I was always a size 4 as a teen and in my 20’s. it wasn’t until I had my child at 25 that I obviously gained weight. After I had her I was a size 8 (gained 26 lbs) andI absolutely love it! I have not lost or gained anymore weight since. I now have a woman’s body. When I was a size 4 I had the body of a 12 yrs old. I will always choose to be an 8 over a 4.

Lauren on

Um, Jojo– 100 pounds is too much weight to gain while you’re pregnant. It’s bad for your health in so many ways, puts the baby at risk. There is no excuse for that kind of irresponsible behavior, in yourself OR in Jessica Simpson.

You don’t need to be a doctor to have common sense.

Anonymous on

what a great thread to read about and I agree with all of you, I really do. I have been very blessed, and am tall and thin only gained 20 with each kid and bounced right back, but every body is different, if you eat right and exercise, youll look they way God intended and some people might be thin and athletic looking, some maybe more curvy, of course extreme wait gain (or loss) is obviously not good for anyone, certainly not, if you are preg or whatever. But I will say its easy to judge, but we shouldnt unless weve walked in their shoes. great reading ladies, enjoy.

Ann on

I like Busy and her point of view. She and her doctors are the only people who should be concerned with her weight. Hollywood needs more confident women like her.

And those who say it’s her job to be thin because she’s a celebrity…what about successful stars who GASP aren’t rail thin, a la Melissa McCarthy? Is it their job too?

These women’s worth is not correlated with the number on the scale. Stop bring so self-righteous.

This is coming from someone who gained 45 pounds with each pregnancy and lost it all plus some within 3 months postpartum, so you can save your “you must be overweight” comments.

Lauren on

Ann, Melissa McCarthy knows she is overweight, and that she’s just famous for being a “funny fat chick” and making fun of herself. You think she doesn’t wish she was thin? Think again. If she felt so great about herself, she wouldn’t overeat.

Having lost weight yourself, you know it takes discipline, so I’m surprised you’d give her as an example. She does not try as hard as you, Ann.

BBB on

Many of you are blaming the industry for mothers’ desire to lose weight quickly. However, celebrity or not don’t most women like to feel comfortable in their own bodies and feel attractive? I wouldn’t feel comfortable being overweight for a long time. Not because of what others think but because of my own self-image. That doesn’t mean you have to lose the weight in a second because of course you’ll have other priorities than just exercising 24/7 but I’d rather lose the weight sooner rather than later.

krista on

Wow….a celebrity with common sense. I love her attitude.

ella on

I love Busy. She is so laid-back and she has a really great attitude. I am so curious about the name for the new baby, Birdie is so cute and different.

Arianna on

This Lauren lady must have a lot of free time to be picking fights with people on the internet, This just goes to show just how ignorant grown people can be. I would be really embarrassed to call you my mother.

linda on

Yes I do have some free time this weekend, Arianna. My children are fed and napping, my house is clean, my husband is at work so this is what I like to do when I am off work and have some free time. I read interesting articles and give my point of view. I like to think that I express myself in a mature way that is not condescending nor insulting to others.

Marcia on

There’s something about Busy Philipps that cracks me up. She seems like a really fun person and always makes me smile. Good luck to her.

Laila on

Don’t think anyone will be too concerned

Chelsey on

I am so sick of self-righteous people who think they know everything about weight gain and pregnancy…Honestly how many of you harping women on here have had babies? Seriously, shut your faces.

linda on

Chelsey, I have two wonderful children.

poohtattoo on

@Lauren. My negativity wasn’t any worse than totes. I just called you out on it. Can’t take criticism, don’t dish it. A slow weight loss done in the way the person sees fit is more rewarding than listening to some chick online spouting how healthy she is without any credentials behind it. Are you a nutritionist, a doctor, a nurse? Or are you just one of those people who judges every person you deem “fat” as lazy and uneducated. Because that is what you were implying with your “I’m so tired or people making excuses” crap. Like I said. I’m tired of people dealing out healthy antitdotes with a stuck up attitude. Freedom of speech is a fickle beast isn’t it? Don’t care if you like it or not. Go for a jog and eat an apple.

Kelly on

To the Laurens and all others taking their lead:

Obviously you want all moms to have healthy pregnancies and then lose the baby weight quickly. Maybe you really are trying to look out for others. Or, maybe everyone else is just getting on your nerves. Either way, your comments are not very supportive or encouraging to new moms who want to get the weight off quickly but are having a hard time no matter what they do, because their bodies just aren’t exactly like yours. It’s also not a positive thing for moms-to-be, who may already be having some worries about weight gain, to hear that they are not normal, or are even gross, depending on how much weight they’ve gained. You are hurting women, not helping, when you focus in on their physical appearance and don’t consider how your words might be affecting others mentally and emotionally.

All other ladies:

Bodies change over time, especially when you start having children. Be healthy, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself occasionally (that’s right, I’m talking about dessert!) and most of all, enjoy your kids! Take care of yourselves so you can take care of them, but remember that you are the most beautiful person in your child’s eyes. You are MOM!

And not all moms look the same.