Elton John Introduces Son Elijah Joseph Daniel

01/27/2013 at 07:00 PM ET

When Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John arrived in Los Angeles on Jan. 11 — two days after his due date — dads Elton John and David Furnish were in the delivery room just as they were when Elijah’s big brother Zachary Jackson Levon was born to the same surrogate two years ago.

“We tried to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere,” John, 65, tells PEOPLE. “We were excited at the prospect of Elijah’s birth as we were at the prospect of Zachary’s — but much less nervous.”

Adds Furnish, 50: “I would say we feel more secure in our parenting skills now — it’s far less scary than the first time ’round!”

When the couple, who entered into a civil partnership more than seven years ago, decided just before Zachary’s first birthday in December 2011 to expand their family, they knew they wanted to use the same surrogate.

“She is a wonderful, kind and loving woman,” says John, who thinks of her as “part of our family.”

Elton John Son Elijah First Photo Exclusive
Greg Gorman

John and Furnish intend to be open with both their boys about the circumstances of their births (they also used the same egg donor and, as with Zachary, did not want to find out which of them is their son’s biological father).

“We kept a scrapbook for Zachary with all his scans, emails with the surrogate and key moments from the surrogacy, and we are doing the same for Elijah,” explains Furnish.

“We want the boys to understand the spirit and love that was at the heart of the process.”

For the next few months, the family of four will live in L.A. before returning to their “light, bright room filled with toys and books,” says Furnish, in their main home in Windsor, England.

“All we hope is that Zachary and Elijah are healthy and happy,” says Furnish. “They will always be able to rely on us for total love and support, and we hope they grow up to live their own lives and be who they want to be, not who we want them to be.”

— Marisa Laudadio

For more on baby Elijah and his big brother Zachary — including exclusive family photos — check out this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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Ashley on

I love this man. If I could meet anybody in the world it would be him.

His on

Beautiful babies and gorgeous family! Those kiddies will want for nothing πŸ™‚

Jood on

What a beautiful family.

Nannyto1 on

Sweet… so much love.

Allisson on

Congrats to one of my most favorite singers and his beautiful family!

mckfish on

NM I feel incredibly sorry for your intolerance.

lisa on

Congrats to Elton and David! The best thing their boys can have is love, and you can see there is much of that!

hnewman on

Parenting looks good on both of you. Much love in raising your family.

lisa on

Don’t feel sorry for these children..they are loved and that is the most important!

Dj on

The older boy looks like Elton, so cute!

curly on

What a beautiful and happy family. Those boys will know compassion, kindness, and what it means to live others in the world regardless is so many obstacles

Rachel on

NM- I feel as sorry for you too.

Patti on

I am so happy for both David, Elton and Zachary and now baby Elijah. I love to follow them in the news, and have been a long follower of Elton.

Nicole on

they seem way too old to be doing this

klutzy_girl on

Adorable family!

jennifer p on

could those boys be any cuter?

DaisyMoon on

I feel incredibly sorry that these kids will grow up in a world that thinks that there’s anything wrong with their family unit….

Children need loving, involved, nurturing parents who TRULY want them…

Judy on

Don’t feel sorry for the kids, they have a loving home. What you need to worry about is all the abused kids around the world who die each day from different abuses they lived through. I saw one child who was starved and told to stand in a corner for hours on day as his punishment. Now those are the kids who feel no love or anything but pain.

Janis on

Great looking family & what a wonderful woman their surrogate is. Although I’m sure she was paid handsomely, it is not easy carrying a child and then childbirth. Let alone, giving the baby up once it is born. What a gem she is! πŸ™‚

Tera Bridges on

Such a beautiful family. They might be older than most new parents but I personally think that is an advantage. They clearly have the best interests of those children in mind and the love is so apparent.

MM on

These sweet little boys are lucky to have such loving parents. Who are any of you to judge. God Bless them<3
By the way Zachary looks just like Elton! lol

Lb on

Zachary is so darned cute! I wish them all well. I love the scrapbook they are making for the boys.

Anonymous on

EJ will be 83 when the baby is 18. I think 65 is too old for anyone to have a child.

Anja on


Yes, they will have a life where they will want for nothing. Nothing except a mother, that is. And maybe even one of their “fathers”, seeing as how Elton John isn’t getting any younger.

Amber on

The word fathers should not be in quotes here Anja; either Elton or David is the biological father of each of these children. The article clearly states that they opted to my find out which of their sperm won the race, but either way one of these men is biological and the other is also a father because they are raising these beautiful boys together.

I don’t feel sorry for these boys, I think they are incredibly lucky and blessed to have such a loving family and two parents who obviously care deeply for their well-being. I feel sorry for people like you who do not understand that two fathers, or two mothers, is not lesser than one mother and one father. Love is love.

Jennifer Sanchez on

Congratulations to the happy couple! Love Elton!

mw on

Congrats to two beautiful people sharing their love with two children. That’s true happiness.

Mrs G on

Beautiful children and family. Congratulations πŸ™‚

80 on

I noticed too that Zachary does look a lot like Elton. Is there a possibility that both of them could be the father of both of the boys, like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burkas’ twins?

Amber on

I read somewhere that Elton and David decided to use a mix of their two sperm samples to fertilize the donor egg, so either of them could be the biological father in each case. It’s hard to tell with Elijah as he is still so young but it seems clear that Zachary is biologically Elton’s.

Julie on

NM I feel incredibly sorry for you. Its unfortunately that you were not brought up by such loving parents such as Elton & David, perhaps you would be able to accept people for who they are and realize these boys are dearly loved, wanted and cherished.

Anonymous on

Congrats to Elton, David, and Zachary on their newest little bundle of joy! Both boys are beautiful and I wish them nothing but continued health, happiness, and success.

Lori on

I am going to assume that NM stands for narrow-mindedness! I sincerely hope that you NM, have not procreated. I would hate to think that you are perpetuating hate by adding your inferior genes to the pool of humanity. (Do you need help understanding this post?) Just checking. You seem to be on the side of ignorance.

As for the happy family… Many Congrats!


Gorgeous boys and happy parents!

Miriam Poulsen on

Oh, Zachary is like the cutest thing ever!

Melody on

These fathers are wonderful. These two boys are going to grow up in such a caring, loving, down-to-earth and supportive, warm family.

Everything about Elton and David’s approach to their children brings a tear to my eye. β€œWe want the boys to understand the spirit and love that was at the heart of the process.”

Congratulations, Elton and David, and may your family’s future be full of as much happiness and love as it already is.

Catherine on

Congrats! You can tell these two boys are very much loved by their parents!

Me on

NM is entitled to their opinion even though it may not be politically correct these days. None the less they are very handsome little boys and may God bless them all!

Sushi on

As usual, liberals are only “tolerant” if you have the same opinion. Typical. Not everyone thinks this abnormal behavior is great. Just sheeple believing what they are indoctrinated to think from the public schools and liberal agenda TV. Cattle grazers.

Me on

Very true Sushi!

Mary on

You’re an idiot Sushi. Love is never abnormal.

Anonymous on

Such a beautiful family!! πŸ™‚ Congrats to the lucky daddies on both of their beautiful baby boys! How special.

Kat on

I’ve seen it in my brothers and nephews; boys tend to be very close to their mothers. What are these poor kids gonna do, and I’m not trying to be mean to this couple but feel sorry for the boys.

andreachaim on

that is a good looking family. your zachary is [almost] as cute as my zachary. i wish you good luck.

Anonymous on

What a cute looking family!!

Margo on

Zachary is adorable! So is Elijah!

Patricia on

Although their family is beautiful, and I am happy for them, I feel they are too old (especially Elton), to be having babies. How fair is this to their sons? When this new baby turns 15, Elton will be 80 years old. That is the reality of the situation. Money cannot buy anyone youth. Having the babies is bittersweet in so many ways, but I do wish them all the best!

Cathleen on

I love that last quote: “we hope they grow up to live their own lives and be who they want to be, not who we want them to be.” Such a sweet way to express their love and support for their children. Best of luck to Elton and David!!!

Becky on

You took the words right out of my mouth NM.

lenore on

NM, maybe we should feel sorry for you that you dont have any common courtesy for other people. As for elton john and family: congrats and i wish them nothing but love and happiness in their lives. πŸ™‚ btw, zachary looks so much like elton. Too adorable! πŸ™‚

Yuck! on

Those poor kids. Homosexuality is an abomination. Those kids are going to grow up in an environment that will be lavish yes, but disgusting! I’m seriously so repulsed right now. One man+one woman!

lemur on

NM reminds us that there is work to be done regarding understanding and acceptance of the LGBT community. These babies are loved, wanted and provided for. To assume that these men have not thought about the need for a strong female relationship or the need for extended relationships in case they are not around is arrogant at best and ignorant at worst.

As an older parent, yes I am a lesbian, we made all arrangements for financial, emotional and custodial support for our children before we ever became pregnant. In addition we planned for the presence of strong, important male relationships for our children. When you have to go to extreme lengths to build a family, you tend to over plan, not under. NM, thank you for reminding me that though in my city and my circle we are lulled to believe that being gay is a non issue, the reality is that sadly, we have much work to do.

I love the smile on the little boys face, he looks just like EJ

Emily on

Beautiful family! Elton John doesn’t need anybody to feel sorry for his kids lol

What an amazing man. So happy for him and his partner and their blessings πŸ™‚

Marie on

They’re both too old to be doing this. It’s not like they’re adopting a child who’s already here, instead they’re bringing another one into the world and they’ll probably not even be around when these kids are in their twenties. Parenting doesn’t just stop when your child is eighteen.

I also think there is something about a mother being there for infants and very young children that is essential to a healthy well balanced childhood. But, as it’s already done, I wish them the best of life and hope for happiness to surround them.

Sunny on

Cute family. The older son looks just like Elton. Haha I wonder if his husband is the bio father of the new baby,

MD on

Not everyone raised by gay parent(s) thinks is so wonderful & fantastic. It messed me up to not have a father in the picture. The children are the ones who suffer by not having both a mother & a father. And anyone who wasn’t raised by gay people has no idea how much this can negatively harm a person.


Hallelujah, Here speaks the voice of experience, someone who can actually tell it like it was. Thank you MD for sharing that here on this forum and I sincerely hope you get all the help you need that allows you to make an adjustment that makes you feel whole and happy!

Ceci on

I have a Mom and dad. They married . Divorced. My dad got together with my other dad. And have been happily together for 20 years. I love both my dads and are truly the best. Im happily straight and married with 2 children.
OH and my father in law had my husband at 52 yea kinda old but still alive and kicking.

ashley on

beautiful family! very happy for them!

joan on

for all of you who think homosexuality is an “abomination,” I hope you are following other practices of the bible, such as not eating seafood, or wearing anything other than cotton. Oh, and do you let your husband have more than one wife? DIDn’t think so. You are entitled to our opinion… i just feel so sorry that you have such a hateful one.

joan on

zachary is adorable!

Julie on

Seriously, is there anything cuter than a babyin footie pajamas..scrumptious!

As an advocate for abused and neglected children, I see kids in the courtroom every week who are just tossed aside by their parents. They are neglected, abused and ignored.

These two boys will be raised in a safe and loving home…..something I wish for every child I advocate for.

Chloe on

Such a beautiful family! They all look so happy and Zachary and Elijah are just adorable.

Deb on

That is one cute toddler!

Anonymous on

wonderful daddies who teach intolerance towards anyone who disagrees of their lifestyle. tolerance means to tolerate but not agree. they get vocally nasty at anyone or anything that does not fully agree with their choices. great examples! I do not agree with their lifestyle choice, and I am not so sure I agree with surrogacy because of how many children there are in this world that have no families at all. I do wish them the best and since Elton John believes that Jesus was a gay man, I pray for the best for them as well.

ellaray on

Not that it matters but I’m quite sure Elton was the donor of the oldest child. Zachary looks just like Elton. These kids are lucky and will never want for anything. Congrats!

Torgster on

The issue isn’t that the dads are gay, or the kids have no mom. The issue is that the dads are too damn old.

myuntidydesk on

I think Elton is Zachary’s dad… they seem to have the same nose. Congrats to the family!

emma on

Both boys are beautiful! I am so happy for Elton and his husband.

And to all the haters – get that stick out of your asses and accept that this is the kind of world we live in.

Chicagogirl on

So, So wrong!

This makes me sick…

It’s the kids that are going to pay the price… Just wrong not how it should be.

eltonfan on

first off congrats to elton and david, keep that smile zach your gonna need it for later when elijah gets to your toys lol second i wonder if the people who are condemming elton and david for being to old realize just how many people in thier 50’s and 60’s are raising children in this country due to the actual parents not being able to for whatever reason it seems we have a long way to go to get to the realization that parenting does not belong to a specific age or religous group but rather a desire to nurture. in the world of entertainment with the likes of lindsay lohan and brittney spears i think zach and elijah have hit the jackpot.

Melissa on

I adore Elton John and his husband. They are doing a great job. Would like to meet him one day love his music!!!

A Mommy on

Congrats to Furnish-John Family!! What a terrific photo! I could eat Zachary up….that little face is adorable! And Elijah…it seems he has been blessed with the same “Simply Too Cute For Words” gene as well!

Life is so much more enjoyable when you spread positive energy and happiness and way too short to be passing judgement on others. Unfortunately, it seems that some who have posted comments are missing the kind of love that these children were blessed to be born into. I hope it finds their hearts someday.

Marge on

I feel kinda bad for the kids..not because they’re a gay couple but because Elton is 65 and David is 50. That’s too old to be a father to a newborn.

Amy on

I do not condone the gay life but I wish this family all the best. As our God teaches, love the sinner but hate the sin. That is not teaching prejudice but what is commanded by the Bible. I do not view being gay as an abomination. it is sin, as is sex outside of wedlock, as defined by the Bible. That is what I teach my kids is the sin, not being gay but the act of sex outside of marriage.

All the same, I wish the family nothing but the best and hope they are as good of parents as we all should strive to be.

Shawna on

Dont waste your sorries on NM. Its clear that he/she is not only a bigot, but a coward who cant even use their name. These 2 boys were wanted and planned, unlike so many abused or abandoned children. Gender does not make you a good parent. Sexual orientation does not make you a good parent. David and Elton are fabulous dads and these boys will want for nothing.

Congratulations to the Furnish-Johns! Their surrogate must be the most generous, loving woman in the world!

Gemstone on

@NM, why would you say that? You are homophobic, obviously. Who is to say that being raised from a heterosexual family is a guarantee these kids would be more happy? I feel sorry for you…

Carrie M on

What gorgeous kids.

LOL! on

Beautiful family, the older boy looks a lot like Elton John! Wishing them the very best and that their sons grow up in a world filled with love and tolerance.

Leelee on

Nobody knows how long we will live. Young parents pass away leaving young children behind and older parents can live until they are 100 years old. Let’s trust God to do His job about how long older parents will last and pray for a happy, healthy life for the John-Furnish family.

Catca on

My grandfather was in his late 60s when my dad was born. Guess what? My dad grew up in a warm loving household and cherished the time he had with his dad and wouldn’t have traded his dad for anyone. He went on to have a beautiful family of his own and lots of grandkids. Nothing there to feel sorry for.

Congrats Elton and David! You have two beautiful little boys.

Melissa on

I wonder why they didn’t want to adopt a little girl?

Amber on

Melissa, if you read the article you would understand how ignorant your comment is. They did not adopt at all, they used a surrogate. This means that either Elton or David is the biological father of each of the boys and their sperm was used to fertilize a donor egg which was implanted in a surrogate. Just as with “normal” pregnancy, they don’t get to choose what sex their child is. Educate yourself before you speak.

kristy on

STOP WITH THE MEAN COMMENTS!!!!!! I think this is a Beautiful Family. ❀

Breanna on

Little Zach looks so much like Elton! Very loving people indeed. Best of luck to them all.

Rebecca on

This story is SO heartwarming. I had the opportunity to see Elton John in concert (just him and his piano) in 2011. It was the most amazing concert experience I have ever had. I truly feel Mr. John and Mr. Furnish are doing a fantastic job parenting their two boys, and wish them years and years of happiness and fun!

Ariana on

David is only 50 so he will probably be around for another 30 years. The boys will never lack for anything and I’m sure there’s a loving support system other than just the two dads, one of them being the surrogate mother.

Sarah on

So happy for those guys and their beautiful boys! Their older boy is the spitting image of Elton. (No DNA test necessary!) I wonder if he will inherit his musical talent?

Atrocia on

Nothing but love for this wonderful family πŸ™‚ All the best ❀

Pia Razon on

The first one is definitely Elton’s. The second has Furnish’s ears. They are a beautiful family.

Lolo on

Little Zachary is most definitely Elton’s…they look identical! Congrats on two little boys, they are so much fun

had to on

I’m not homophobic or any other ridiculous label I’ll surely be given, but these precious babies need a mother. I hope they have an amazing nanny with whom they spend much of their time.

Kat on

Wonderful! So happy for this happy family and I wish them all the best!

Traci on

I agree with DJ…that cutie looks like Elton! Look at that happy guy….family is not defined by definition…those citing negative responses should stop—what is someday these boys read this?

goodkarma on

And why is it that I always see gay male couples adopting sons?

Amber on

I can’t believe how many people confuse surrogacy with adoption. They didn’t choose to have a boy because they didn’t adopt. These children belong to these men biologically and are born just like any other children, with no choice as to whether they will be boys or girls. Educate.

Kairy on

The only thing that concerns me is their age! It’s kind of late to be starting a family. I hope they all have very long lives so they can be around for their sons.

Shawna on

Omg seriously why does it matter if the kids are raised by 2 men or other kids are being raised by 2 moms. The fact is at least these kids have 2 parents in their lives. And clearly you know they are loved. We live in a society where it is so closed minded on homosexuality so the people who are saying they feel sorry for these kids I feel sorry for you that you probably werent loved like these beautiful babies are.

amom4 on

Ok, so most of us know what the Bible says..It also says God loves EVERYONE. Elton has Godmothers & strong female influences in his son’s lives, so there is no “fear” of that, as if..my goodness, I wish he could adopt me, & I am 40.. he is a grown man, I am sure he & David have things in order, like we ALL should, God forbid, should anything happen to them.

amy on

Well! No wonder I don’t have any children, I am a straight married woman. that explains everything. I need to be gay and loaded with cash.

Amber on

Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.

Bella T on

Beautiful babies! Congratulations dads!

m on

Those babies are so cute!

Tee on

The only sorrow you need to feel NM is for yourself. Love is a beautiful emotion to share and it should not matter to anyone as long as two responsible, loving, caring, mature adults decide to raise children. Their boys will suffer less than a baby born into a life where the parent(s) can’t feed themselves let alone all that it takes to raise a baby. Congrats to Elton & David.

Luz on

Love is Love and no one can say that this couple or that couple loves more. Elton John lookes so happy with his new son that you can tell that the child is wanted and loved.

Emily on

Those beautiful words took away any doubt I’d had about two men raising children together. These boys are going to be incredibly loved and cherished, and that’s a lot more than many children who are raised by a mom and a dad can say.

Isabel on

Those boys are gorgeous! Lovely family.

guest on

it is obvious that these kids look like furnish and not john. just look at the eyes.

Ann on

Such a sweet family. The eldest boy is sooo cute. They deserve much happiness. Very lucky little boys to have two loving fathers. The hateful people making comments should just stop. You are making this an ugly world with all of your hate.

valerie on

I think it’s unfair to say that they are too old to be fathering children, because of their ages. Many children lose their father’s before they are born or their father’s die at a young age.

No matter what age you have children, there is no guarantee as to how long you will be in their lives.

As long as they are loved and well cared for, that’s all that matters.

Zachary looks like Elton, soo cute

Emry on

CONGRATS!! and for all those haters, you should think about taking that giant stick out of your ass, before it starts to hurt.

Aww on

Zachary looks like Elton. What a lovely little family.

KC on

What a beautiful family. πŸ™‚

Dana on

While they didn’t find out who Zachary’s biological father is (not that it matters AT ALL), I think it’s fairly safe to say – He bears an uncanny resemblance to papa Elton! So sweet.

Kimberleigh on

Oh My Goodness! What a sweet family! Those boys are adorable!

Kelly on

NM is right……you want to be screwed up, fine. Don’t bring children into it. Children were meant to have a Mommy & Daddy. None of you created marriage, and so none of you get to define it. God created marriage, and therefore He gets to define it. One man, one woman. Go ahead and call me intolerant, a bigot, a hater, etc. No matter what you say, it doesn’t make what you believe any more right. The Bible doesn’t call it the narrow path for nothing…….

poppykai on

Why are people asking why EJ and DF didn’t adopt a girl, or only adopted boys? These children are their biological sons (not adopted). I do feel that a child needs a mother in their life, but that is sadly not the case. Who am I to judge though that they will turn out any worse for not having a mother (Maybe the surrogate has a role in the children’s lives). My only issue, like so many others, is the age of the age of the parents. Obviously they are financially ready for their children, but they may not have the energy to play with their boys when the boys become a little older.

laurie on

I feel incredibly happy for these kids!!! God bless this beautiful, loving family!

tuchi on

Um, how can anyone say that they are good parents. Being super rich, taking professional pics and using comforting words, does not make one a good parent. I bet they have tons of nannies, chefs, cleaning people, personal shoppers and so on…..working for them. They have no clue what it means to be a real parent. Yes having fel daddies is not only disgusting, but selfish, and i feel sorry for the kids. Every child deserves to have a mom in their life. Moms love different, having maternal instincts, have different ways of comforting kids, and so on. Unless you were raised in a family with gay parents, we can not ever know how this will affect the kids, if it does at all. And sorry, but I dont give a rats behind what year we are living in, I will always disagree with this lifestyle and will never accept it. Respect that just as gays expect to be respected for being gay.

Ceci on

I have to gay “daddies” my mom wasnt able to raise us due to being in the hospital. My dads have been together 20 years married 2. I love them. They are the best supportive loving smart and educated Awesome parents. My brother and younger sister and me are 100 percent fine. We are straight. Im also in a straight. Married with 2 wonderful kids. And they love their grandpas. Love to skype them. They r retired living in the yucatan. Your opinion is respected . Just educating the ignorant people to gay or lesbians can raise children. Just like a straight couple can…

tuchi on

Meant to say….having gay daddies….dang autocorrect

stellaa salmon on

Love Elton such a gift for them all!

Holiday on

Cute baby boys who are well loved and very much wanted.

Tisha on

Congratulations!!.. you have such beautiful children…they are a blessing from God…enjoy your babies…families come in all forms and they seem very happy!

dudley doright on

beautiful picture

Amber on

What a beautiful and genuinely happy looking family! They are blessed to have been able to not only biologically father these children, but to have been able to use the same egg donor as well as the same surrogate both times.

Congrats to Elton, David, and Zachary on their newest (adorable) family member!

Anonymous on

I am so happy for them, Beautiful beautiful family!


I agree with you 100% Jen.

kleinstfamilie on

“John and Furnish … did not want to find out which of them is their son’s biological father).”
LOL for what you can tell from this picture, Zachary seems the exact copy of elton john. πŸ™‚

congratulations to them all, what a beautiful family!

Anonymous on

I need to agree with NM i feel deeply felt sorry for these kids.

Erin on

I just want to remind everyone who’s criticizing these men for having a family at this point in their lives, there are no guarantees for ANY parent that they will be around to see their kids grow up. You can’t predict what will happen in life. Accidents, cancer, and much more can take you away from your kids before they’re grown up.

chrissy on

GORGEOUS family!!! Those are 2 very lucky boys who will be loved unconditionally and have two amazing fathers :-))

snadyfaver on

I am NM also. I’m so happy for those kids. Prosecuted child abuse cases full time for 5 years, saw things that I will never be able to get out of my head. Wonder what kind of world we would have if everyone just wanted their kids to know they were unconditionally loved and encouraged them to be themselves (with a sense of responsibility for their fellow man) when they grow up. Maybe then people like me wouldn’t have any job security.

Cate on

A beautiful family. Congratulations!

shidley on

Say what you want, but these two guys are positively GLOWING with love and happiness for their family. And isn’t that what life is about?

Oh, the narrow minded, feeble brained, hate mongers…whimper and whine all you want! These kids are doted on and will have everything they need in life, which is more than can be said for a lot of hetero parents in sad relationships with innocent children thrown into the mix. Gay daddies and mommies do not by default, raise weird kids.

Deb on

I think you should save your “sorry” feelings NM for all the kids born to a man and woman that have horrible drug filled homes! These kids are well loved and will have a wonderful life! Congratulations Elton and David!

Mila on

i am so sorry for those kids, and it has nothing to do with accepting gay community. It is just a simple right to have a mother. Surrogacy for two gays is just not fair for the children born this ways. But money can do everything. Poor children will stay alone with plenty of money to comfort them.

Viw on

I don’t care that they are gay and what they do at nights, but they bought their kids. Is buying people ok these days? Or is it ok just in such countries as UK and USA, i bet if some Asian countries would start doing this everyone would talk differently about human rights, humanity etc… Crazy world

joy on

good luck to u both

Sharon on

I am happy for Elton and his new family. But, I don’t think it is fair to have children when you are 65 years old and it is sad that they don’t have a Mother. I know I am not polically correct, and everyone will bash me, but I just don’t think this is right..

Guest on

I feel incredibly sorry for these kids.

I do not understand the above statement made by NM. Why in the world do you feel sorry for two little boys who have LOVE in their lives????? Do you feel incredibly sorry for kids who are beaten/abused by the Mother AND Father???? Do you feel incredibly sorry for kids who have to go hungry/cold because their MOTHER AND FATHER can’t afford to buy food/clothes for them??? Do you feel incredibly sorry for children who are exposed to drugs, alcohol (oops, alcohol is a drug), sex and sexual abuse, filthy environments, cigarette smoke, etc. I don’t understand why you feel sorry for two little boys who are and will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Their wonderful parents will see to that.

Dina on

Poor Kids who will be raised with void thoughts about having 2 daddies instead of mum and dad.. how come this is a life any one will wish for?? this is against nature and humanity!!! i see that is a disgusting life style ! god created every man for a woman not other man….i cant believe there are people like you… and i really feel sorry for the kids…

Dina on

i cant believe that all of you turned to be lesbians and gays!!! and you are so no educated to the point that you dont know that men goes with women not with men ???

Sandy on

older son looks like Elton! cute baby-congrats to the family.

Corina on

Poor kids…I wonder what they*re going to think later in life….

Putting on fake smiles and hop, they are a nice family…yeah right! A family is: a man, a woman and kids.

Corina on

People.com loves to brag about homosexual couples…

kathy on

amazing how humans can make anything and everything sound so charming and happy….guess it’s human nature.

taking away the word MOTHER and replacing it with the word SURROGACY just does not sound charming or happy to me.

I guess it all actuality, humans are in fact a very selfish lot!

Lauren on

I am very happy that these two boys are born into a home with two loving parents. Loving parent(s) is what children need. David is 50 and he himself can easily live until the children are in their 40’s. Lets not forget children lose parents at anytime, before they are born, shortly after birth, as a toddler, teen, etc. and this is all while being young, mid aged or old. So, I am not going to say these two shouldn’t have children because we have no clue how much time any of us has.

DaisyMoon, great comment. Sad, but true.

Jen, I highly doubt it’s their age she was referring to in her comment.

Kat, one, many boys are also close with their fathers. These two have said many times, they have plenty of female role models for the boys. No need to worry! Just think of all the children who lost a parent early on in their birth. They were in the same situation. Having a one gender parent is not earth shattering, as long as you are loved….losing a parent is though.

Good karma, umm, they are not adopted.

Guest on

Zachary does look a lot like Elton – kind of a mini-John I think Cute cute

Anonymous on

I agree with NM, incredibly sad for these children and a world who thinks that this is anything close to normal. As a RN in a pediatric unit I see the importance and impact of both a father AND mother’s love and support. These boys will live in a world of gay men. Sad!

Ceci on

Umm what about single mothers who’s babies father has left her Who do you feel most sorry for The struggling single mom. Or the little girl or boy with two gay dads/moms Or the cases were the mom leaves the child with the father Where is this poor child’s mother

just sayin on

i have to agree with tuchi, it must be easy to have so many kids for for the rich, when they get to smile for the pictures, and hand them over to nannies, and i dont understand why these people want kids so bad just for the nannies to raise,

i have two boys, and i am poor, someday dreaming that i would have a lot of money just so that i could give these two children more, and be able to take them places and do morethings with them, i dont dream of the day i could hire a nanny, i am a real mom, and i love my boys, and i raise them myself, why cant everyone else just saying…

weezer on

Zach looks like Elton!

kitty62862 on

Cute kids!

just sayin on

oops i said that i agree with tuchi, but not completely, i feel that if someone wants to be gay that is their choice

Eileen on

Congrats to you both !

ANich on

I love this picture, I love these men and these babies are so blessed.

chevjuls on

NM, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU, they are a beautiful family.

chi-girl on

This is so wrong! Yes, the kids are cute, but will pay a price. This isn’t the normal life it should be.. Children should grow up with a Father and a Mother.. This whole thing is disgusting. With these people it all about money. It’s in the Bible – Man shall not lay down with man.. Look it up people.. It’s WRONG!!

CJ on

These children are SO BLESSED! To have come into the world to a set of parents who WANTED them SO much they were willing to go through he$$ and High water to have them! What MORE could a child want? Love, it’s a WONDERFUL thing!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer on

Ask children who grew up with abusive mothers if they would have rather have had two loving fathers instead. The answer will be yes. A mother is not always a saint. Congrats to the family.

Lauren on

tuchi on January 28th, 2013

“Every child deserves to have a mom in their life.” what happens when a mother dies at birth ir shortly after? should the bsby be given to a couple. what if the dad never dates or remarries? Does he then have to give her up?

“Unless you were raised in a family with gay parents, we can not ever know how this will affect the kids, if it does at all.” You seem to be saying its going to affect them, how do you know?

“Respect that just as gays expect to be respected for being gay.” I, as many others, will not respect pure ignorance and hatred. I will respect people who differ in opinion from me, but not when they are ignorant and filled with hatred. No respect will be given.

tuchi on

We can sit here and ask ‘what if’ questions all day. Clearly no one knows what the future holds. By not giving a child the chance to have a mother In their life because, well, she might die one day….is stupid and selfish.

Yes, considering elton johns disgusting past win porn stars, look it up and research, I do believe these two men have a very good chance of messing these kids up. I’m sure they have many skeletons in their closets that will eventually surface. Ask children who were raised with gay parents if it affected them. You will be surprised with the answers.

Lastly, you call me ignorant for having an opinion, but you are just as ignorant.

Good day now

Anonymous on

Baby is cute and cuddly. Zachary is gorgeous and healthy and happy. Happy parents, happy kids…thats what makes a family. This is a family.

Anonymous on

NM wtf is wrong with you???? i feel sorry for you and your parents – obviously they brought up a very closed minded idiot!These 2 kids will be loved obviously more then you were!

Laura on

The kids are beautiful and they seem like a happy loving family.

Jessica on

Why bother commenting or even reading the article if you’re just going to spew intolerance and hate? Nobody made you click on the article! If you don’t like it, don’t read it…it really is that simple!

I think this is a beautiful, loving family! And it doesn’t matter what age they may be, my father passed away in his late 20’s. Nobody’s time her on earth is guaranteed so just enjoy the time time you have with your loved ones.

And that brings me to my next point, me and my brothers grew up mostly without my father and we all turned out just fine! You do not need a mother and a father to be a productive member of society. THese boys have 2 parents who love them so much, and that’s more than a lot of children have so I’d say their pretty blessed!! πŸ™‚

Keith on

I have no problem with two people choosing to live an unnatural lifestyle, but the macabre photo above should remind us that children should not be forced into such divergent situations. Gays do not procreate, they only recruit. These kids are too young to be put in that environment.

K.B. on

An absolutely beautiul family! – May they all enjoy many happy, healthy years together. Congrats!

dancer92136 on

Beautiful boys..I am pretty sure their first son in Elton’s. He looks just like him. I wouldn’t feel sorry for either of these boys they are both going to have amazing lives.

Caroline on

I think it’s obvious for Zachary, he looks so much like Elton.

Caroline on

They look so happy! Good for them

jacklyn lauren on

congrats they are loving parents.I feel sorry for the people who have made disgusting and nasty comments his being gay has nothing to do with the ability to love a child or children and raise them right.he earns well above most of the world has a nice home and can provide them with many things.love seems to be his biggest priority and thats all that matters.I would rather read this than a child being abused or killed by some sick parent.congrats sir elton on your beautiful family

lola on

how sad for these kids….and how selfish of these two adults. them being gay is not the issue, the issue is they are 65 and 50….really, they will be dead before their kids are 20. very selfish and sick. this world is a sad place with selfishness like this!

Momof3girls on

Both of those boys are adorable!!! Congrats to the family πŸ™‚

As far as comments about them being too old for children, I think it’s so sad that we put an age limit on it. No one should be denied that gift of being a parent. I’m sure they have taken the appropriate measures to be sure that when they leave this earth, their boys will be taken care of. These boys wont care that they have older parents, all they’ll know is how wanted and loved they were πŸ™‚

Lia on

Poor kids. Those two….. and Neil Patrick Harris’.

Heather on

To all those talking about how a child needs a mother and a father, I think you forget all of the single parents out there. Gay, straight, whatever… Plenty of single mothers and single fathers are raising fine children without the help of someone of the opposite gender. Congratulations to this family on welcoming another beautiful child.

Anonymous on

I also feel sorry for these boys. Mainly because their two fathers are old enough to be grandparents or great grandparents. Too old to have kids. Neither will be able to play ball with them or do any athletics. These two boys will have to grown up watching their father’s bodies fall apart. And, it is true they will never want for anything but just maybe they might want a mother.

Monica on

I had a friend in Junior High whose dad was 68 & still played baseball & soccer with her younger brothers. I got divorced when my children were 15 months old & 3. From that point on I was on my own. Their father chose not to be a part of their lives. Age really doesn’t matter & having mother & father doesn’t always matter. All of these children have grown up to be loving, compassionate adults because of their parents, not because dad was to old (he lived to be 97) & because they didn’t have two parents. Leave them alone & let them be happy. Congratulations to Elton & David. What a beautiful family.

rob on

What a disgrace

nacho mamma on

Congratulations to the family!

nacho mamma on

NM – You are obviously from an isolated ignorant part of the world. I would rather see two loving parents with two wonderfully loved children, than children being raised in abusive, neglected homes. Just because a “marriage” is usually a man and a woman doesn’t mean they are better parents, or love their children more.

Lisa on

These two men are being incredibly selfish. They are far too old to be having chilldren! These boys will need parents for far longer than just their teen years. All the money in the world is no substitute for the love and support of a parent. Shame on them.

Allison on

NM, WHY?!?! They have two loving and carring parents, and by the sounds of it a loving and caring surrogate. Most children in the world aren’t that lucky.

Kim on

NM, I feel incredibly sorry for YOU.

Beautiful family.

traycee on

Ridiculous! So many young, heterosexual, parents can’t have kids and because Elton is rich and famous, he can pay or buy two. Isn’t Elton, about 70?? Selfish, vain, jerk. So is his partner.

MsPeaches on

The truly sad thing about this situation, is the age of both father’s. Gay or Hetro it doesn’t matter, it’s incredibly selfish to have a child at the age of 65 and 50, if anything all they have is a mere 20 years with those kids. Yes the first years are the formidable years, but what about the joys of seeing them walk down the isle or becoming a grandparent for the first time. The odds the Elton and David seeing/enjoying that time in their sons lives has been sadly deminished because of their ages……..but I wish them all the best and to enjoy the time that they have.

mg on

Love Elton. Congrats on your beautiful family.

Dennis on

very pretty handsome little boy and the toddler is absolutely precious.

Guest on

I agree with others…I think 65 is pretty old to have a newborn. And I agree that I feel badly at the thought of these children burying their parents in young adulthood. I have a one year old at 30 and am exhausted, so props to them for having that much energy though.

me on

I also feel sorry for these kids, and before you automatically think that orientation has something to do with it, it DOES NOT. It is an AGE issue for me. No one should be having children in their 60’s even with help. Who wants to be rolled into a HS graduation at over 80!

waycross48 on

NO 65 year old needs to be fathering a child. I’m sure they have arrangements for the children’s care but having a father who MIGHT still be alive at age 85 when the child turns 20 is not fair to the child. I just think it’s sad for the child. To fall in love with a parent and at age 20, end up taking care of them because the oldest one will be 85. Just because it CAN be done – doesn’t mean it should be done. Sorry, that’s just how I feel.

Karen on


why would you feel sorry for these two boys? it is clear that they have two loving parents…who are raising them to not be closed minded, but to be open and accepting of those around them.

i feel sorry for people who chose to make comments such as yours.

Sharon on

This has nothing to do with them being both male but everything to do with their age. Its a shame to bring a child into the world that will not have their parents around for long. I know that you never know when your time is up but being this age you know you will probably never see these children growing up. Better to be in a home with younger parents that can keep up with them and probably be there when they need you. Very selfish act to have children at this age.

Michelle on

Congratulations, it truly is a blessing to have such a beautiful family filled with love!

Anonymous on

NM’s kids will be serving them fries……….

Lauren on

Congrats! What an exciting time for all of them!

joanne on

Congrats. They look like a happy loving family.

KP82 on

Aw, what cuties! Their oldest is so rediculously adorable with those chubby cheaks! Love it! Congrats to them both πŸ™‚

Victoria on

What a beautiful family photo. Congratulations. What beautiful children you have been blessed with.

Christine on

Dont judge by the sex or number of parents. There are children who grow up strong from single family and same sex homes. Lets focus more on the type of parent, how loving and supportive they are, rather than their sex or whether there are two of them..

Anonymous on

that just makes my day!

Anonymous on

Wow, two old gay males raising two very young male children, two potentual spoil kids with two daddys, i wonder how will the difference be taught to the children by folks who demand the world accept their life style. Money can’t buy everything. Amazing, only in disfunctional America.


All the best to you Mr. John. You have a wonderful family.

JRW on

I agree with NM. I feel sorry for these kids. Marriage is supposed to be between a male and a female. They’re soon going to realize that something is not right, and they are going to wonder where their mother is. These kids are going to be humiliated their entire life through grade school. Good luck Elton.

RJ on

Of COURSE – These are beautiful children, and these two men, through their un natural love for each other, will love these children. The issue that concerns me is the idea of these parents not instilling any level of truth (there is only one truth, not the truth inside their minds) in these beautiful children. My God Bless them all, and the next generation.

Kelly on

Their older son is adorable congrats to them all!

Brooke on

OMG….Zachary is a DOLL. He is Elton’s twin. They are a lovely family.

Carrie on

Awww! Congrats to this beautiful family. As for them not wanting to know which of them is the bio father of little Zachary, me thinks it must be Elton. Just look at the resemblance! All love is precious. All love.

slm on

Those children will want for nothing. They look like such a happy family, I just wish more kids got this lucky! No shortage of love for them.

jeffredo on

Rich people’s problems.

luiiis on

I fell sorry for the kids the gonna live on cofisiom wordl all the kids needes lots of love from a mather and a father and not lots of cash

mhoney6943 on

NM…. Why do you feel sorry for the kids? I agree it is not your typical family, consisting of a mom and dad, but there are thousands of so called “typical” families that kids should not be in. If these kids are loved, and it sounds as though they are, then they should adjust to their different home life. I know many men, my son being one, that make a much better parent than the woman. My ex daughter-in-law isn’t fit to raise pigs, much less children, and the family court agreed. My granddaughter agrees also, she has many other females in her life to compensate for not having her so called “mother” in her life.

I wish this family all the best and may God bless all of them.

stef on

Why on earth would you feel sorry for 2 kids who are showered with a ton of love from their parents, NM? Those kids will never want for anything.

Appears to me that Elton’s sperm was the winner when it comes to Zachary! He looks like a mini Elton! Congratulations on your family, Elton and David!

mlhammon on

They are living in sin. Leviticus 18:22. I pray they come to GOD for forgiveness and repent of their sins or they will be in eternal hell.

Bob on

This post is sickening. It has nothing to do with ignorance, but rather how screwed up these boys are going to feel as they grow up and realize God creaed a Man and Woman to be together, not the other way around. Call it NM or whatever it is you choose. Gods grace will be upon those who serve him and I pray for these little boys!

bluegnu63 on

Hoping that It’s David’s sperm this time, as he should also have a little mini-me running around. 😎

mlhammon on

Where is my comment? Why are you afraid of GOD’S truth?They are living in sin. Leviticus 18:22.

Ceci on

I pray to god that the love that i have for my amazing dads and what they have accomplished will let him see that they are wonderful Parents.sons.fathers .brothers. Neighbors. People. Human begs they are . Will “save them” .

kev on

NM: you must be crazy!

These kids are so lucky to have the love and security that two parents offer.

Besides – their Dad is Elton John!!!!

Free piano lessons.

Matt on

As a gay man, I do feel sorry for these kids.

I obviously support same-sex marriage, but many don’t know who Elton John really is as person. Do your internet research on him. Within the California gay community, we all know very well that he loves to come by every so often and pick up some gay porn actors to bring on his yachts for “parties.” He’s an embarassment to the gay community and at his age, he should know better.

Anonymous on

I am happy they live in a time when they could accomplish this without being stoned with hatefulness. The subject of gays and their being parents is hated by a large number of mindless morons that want everyone to be just like them, hateful and scared of everything different. These people spend a lot of money spreading hate. I am happy for you two guys and I know you will make wonderful parents while teaching your kids about love and kindness. I don’t want a lot of comments from the hateful crackpots out there about how God hates gays because he doesn’t. It is just you hateful idiots out there. Oh my, did I use the word hateful too much in one paragraph? I don’t think so. Mind your own business and let other people love and marry who they want. And have babies.

Karscha on

Yuck….. I’m glad that all people aren’t as simply minded as you are. The only abomination is you being borned. How does what two men or 2 women making a lift together effect you in anyway? If they go to hell over their life style please save them a seat. I’m sure they would like to hear all about it.

J. B on

I think that you have a valid point however; I am not quite sure how your individual experience is an overall view of how children raised by gay parents feel.

If not having a father (mother) in the home is going to cause children to be negatively affected then that is not something specific to homosexual parents. That is an issue for all parents. In case you haven’t noticed there are more single parent households now than there have ever been in the past. The majority of which are not homosexual families. So does that mean that those children are all negatively affected as well?

Having been raised in a single parent household I would have much rather had two loving mothers or two loving fathers than to have had an irresponsible father that caused my mother to not only struggle but miss some of the most enjoyable years of her life because she had to pick up his slack. And before you even ask or make assumptions… I come from an upper middle class family in the nation’s capital with two parents who were and are still married.

My upbringing has “negatively” affected me. I have a mother and a father that did everything the “right way”.

I guess that means that negative affects are not specific to homosexual families…

KK on

What a wonderful family. I have always and still do enjoy Elton John.

Rick Mage on

lol, what are they gonna do when their sons end up strait and also and end as bible thumping Christians… πŸ˜‰

Patty on

This surrogating should be ban these two pedophiles should not allow to have these babys why don’t they adopted if they want kids there are millions they could destroy what happens when these babys ask for their mommy how do you expand they would made in a tube it is disgusting this women should be put in jail she is selling her babys I thought it is illegal to sell babys .Elton John is 65 and the other moron is 50 what happen if they die who gets these poor kids this is child abuse and nobody cares.And is it is always little boys very sad for these kids.

TB on

these attacks on “NM” are pathetic, he/she has a right to post what they feel,just like you do,dont like OH WELL…maybe thier not homophobic a thier comment had to do with something else,an quit shoving your assumptions down everyones throat…and if thier comment was because Elton an David are a gay couple,so what!..

jackie benjamin on

Why are some people so mean, what is wrong with their ages when some parents desert their children and grandparents have to take up the responsibility of care for their grandchildren aren’t they around 50 and 65 too. Here is a fact of children who have parents of the same sex, they are the most ground children, they are loved and nurtured better than a lot of those with a mother and father living in the same house. Congrats to Elton and Furnish, I know you will do great by your sons.

Anonymous on

dispicable and nasty

Joey on

Oh great! 2 more soon to be brainwashed kids to be gay!

Ditka on

I’m not homofobic, I have friends who are gay and I really enjoy time I spent with them, but I can’t decide if this is normal or not. It would be better if this kids had two moms instead of two dads. It is so sad that this newborn baby can’t feel his mother’s touch. I feel sorry for all children whom the real maternal instinct is not given. No money in the world can replace it. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong.

Anonymous on

sweet πŸ™‚

Mark on

They’ll want nothig Except a MOM 8-/ very Sad

Amber829 on

NM, you are a pitiful human being. The fact that these precious children are being raised by two fathers only means that they will receive twice the love and attention that many of their peers receive. It is better to be raised in a home with two loving responsible adults than to be raised by a single parent.

heartofgold on

These children will be so loved and are so loved right now, and they are so fortunate to have two wonderful parents who will care for their every need. I dont think it can get any better than that! Congratulations ! Those children will have the best of everything!

terry wallace on

This is so wrong on all moral fronts. Adopt if you must,especially from a mother who is considering aborting her child.There is no shortage in this country.

carol j thorne on

i feel sorry for this kids they will not know what a real mon means to than very sad, this world is becaming very sad place to live , its not what used to be anymore.

gilda on

SOOOOOOOO happy for them!!! Welcome baby Elijah!

carol on

Beautiful babies. My only concern is that the children won’t know who their biological father is. I think that is hurtful and confusing for them.

Robyn on

@NM – how homophobic of you – you feel incredibly sorry for them because they will be loved, well taken care of, cherished, raised with privilege and opportunity? Please, you feel sorry for them because you have issues with the idea that happy, well-adjusted children can be raised by a gay couple. Get over it, children need unconditional love, attention, food, shelter and discipline – not heterosexual parents.

Robyn on

And by they way, congratulations to Elton, David and Zachary on the new addition, you are very blessed, as is Elijah.

Tina on

I love Elton John! My very favorite artist!

Allison on

I know multiple kids who have two same sex parents. Let me break it to you, it DOESN’T make a difference. Being a good parent doesn’t matter what sex or sexuality you are! It’s like upbringing you give your kids, and I bet they teach a lot more tolerance then any of you ever learned.

Justin on

NM, I feel sorry for anybody that knows you and your intolerance and closed-mindedness. Those kids will be loved and better cared for than most kids, any certainly more than you could ever raise.

Star on

Zachery is such a cutie

Kim on

The boys are so cute. So sad they won’t have a mother.

waveznstarz on

Congrats to Elton, David and Zachary. Such a beautiful family.

Anonymous on

Here’s the problem I have with this. It would be one thing if these children were in this world, with no home or parents, and a future of living as orphans. But its totally another when there are children available, and two homosexuals who could not actually “create” life on their own have someone do it for them. I understand they want to be parents, but so do many hetero couples who can’t have children naturally. Let’s take care of the ones we have here already before we start “farming” them for people who should probably just have a dog.

Karen on

Its fine for love. I don’t think it’s right that those boys not know who the father really is or where their genes came from. Don’t you think they should share that info for health reasons? Genetics is a key factor for a lot of health issues and treating ailments later in life.

christy on

Little boys need their mother because smell and a great personal and giving a hug and caring also they learn about mother and girl things too..

christy on

little boys need their MOTHER!

Syl on

That’s seriously sooo not fair for those kids. Dads going to die when they are 10. That’s just very selfish.



Anonymous on

Beautiful family!

Keith Cumbie on

How wonderful to be wanted and loved by two people where money will be no object and love will be in plenty. Naysayers. Why haven’t you adopted?

cory on

yeah i know he has money and all…….kids need younger parents……

Ethel on

Gorgeous & Lucky little boys….and Daddy’s! May God Bless your beautiful family.

Camille Gregg on

I listened to Elton’s song ” Blessed” and it says it all! Welcome to the family, sweet child… You are loved which is more than most! Happiness and Health be with all of you:)

B.J. (the girl) on

Well, just taking a glance at Zachary, I’m guessing Daddy Elton is the bio dad… He looks just like him! Both boys are absulotely precious. I would have gladly and willingly been a surrogate for Sir Elton!!

joan719 on

Such beautiful children! Wishing only the best for this family!

merry on

Oh gosh, Zachary is so adorable!! I feel sad and frustrated reading negative comments, but happy to see that the positive ones dominate.

Marcus on

What a beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Beautiful family…Ugly blue glasses!

Barry Soetoro on

It takes a lot of brainwashing to convince young kids with two dads that this is normal and not an abomination. Poor kids, two dads, no mother, loads of cash to inherit so they really have no ambition to succeed, and anything they accomplish in life they won’t know if it is real or because of the money. I feel sorry for rich kids. I feel more sorry for rich kids with two dads and no mom. They will have a tough time with life.

Glers on

I think it’s pretty selfish to have a child at 65, no teen wants an 80 year old dad

Justme!!! on

So Sweet~<3

Ditka on

I can’t wait to see Elton running for the ball with his kids. :))) Especially after ten years. :)))

exolee on

elton only two kids went you can have a list 10

Justin on

You know, folks, why don’t you all take your judgement on these men, their adorable children, and what you know about what kind of parents they will be and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Unless you are close personal friends with the couple, you have no business making assumptions and criticisms. Deal with the vitriol and bitterness in your own life before accusing these men of anything other than loving these kids.

Allison on

I can’t stand people stating it is their right to judge other people. You have NO such right. Show me where you have that right and I’ll take my words right back.

Ditka on

And it’s so not fair to take away in advance the right to know your mother. No money in the world can replace maternal love and maternal instinct. This is such an egoism.

Ditka on

Allison, show me where is written the right for someone to take away to another person the right to have and know his mother.

Holly on

Marie on

Beautiful family and no reason to feel sorry for the kids except the fact that Elton is 65 (and I bet looking back he wishes he had done this earlier in life) but nonetheless he obviously loves his children and they are giving them a great life and now they have each other as brothers forever. They certainly make some gorgeous babies! So happy for them!

Sam Don on

How sick this is? Family? what family are you guys talking about? every time I see stuff like that I feel like I’m throwing up…what makes me feeling even more sick is reading comments that “congratulate this beautiful family” for their babies!! Wake up people, these guys are mentally disordered. These guys are in their 50’s or even 60’s and still “playing” the husband and wife…..sick!!!

AHK on

This is by far the worst thing that can happen to humankind… to all of you defenders actually you are just pretenders, please tell me how will you react if one of your boys turn gay!!! will you be that proud. And to that two gay fathers your ending will be horrifying.

Ceci on

I love my dads. And if my child turned out gay. Either my son or daughter or even step child me and my husband will support them..it and not be hateful ashamed Parents. Its not somethinguyen Im wishing for but if it happens. Im still their mother. I birthed them. Cared for them. Love them. ( same goes for my husband) ( and brother who has a son) And my children loved their grandpas. They love their grandmas too… N their other gpa.

Stephen Webb on

I feel incredibly sorry for the bigots and haters who find it impossible to congratulate someone on their joyful experience. #justsaying

hmm on


kw on

I don’t think gays should have children, I really feel sorry for the kids!

MB on

These kids will never want for anything. But I am upset that being a married woman wanting to adopt I cannot because of my age. (57). And not gay. Kind of one sided, I think.

Jadey on

Totally agree Jen. I doubt Elton will live to see Elijah become a man, let alone meet his grandchildren. No one is denying that they will be brought up with love and everything they could ever need…but having kids at this age is just selfish.

jojo on

Gorgeous, gorgeous children and sure to have amazing lives with endless opportunities.

MollyF on

NM, you are very ignorant. You against gay men having kids? That’s really sad.

This is a beautiful picture and I know the kids will be brought up very well. πŸ™‚

Allison on

Ditka, show me where it says they won’t meet their biological mom?!

On that note, how do you feel about closed adoptions. SAME THING! So unless you’re preaching against them you have no right preaching here.

Pam on

I can’t imagine having an infant at the age of 65! Elton must have WAY more energy than I do. Congrats to the family. The boys are adorable.

meghan on

MD, did it ever occur to you that your issues have nothing to do with your parents being same sex, you just had crappy parents? Crappy parents come in all shapes and sizes and it has very little to do with what goes on in the bedroom.

meghan on

Love is a gift and this family has been blessed with an abundance of it. God bless!

Selfenchanted on

Both those little boys look so precious! Best wishes to the family!!

treissa on

so happy for the beautiful family

Jake on


W on

I think you can be tolerant and supportive of gay rights – and still feel a little bit sorry (or worried) for these kids. They have 2 loving fathers, which is wonderful, but…

1. Both of their parents are quite old and could die or become unfit before the boys are emotionally independent enough.

2. The separation from their temporary mother (surrogate) after birth might have been traumatic, since newborns are naturally quite attached to their mother after 9 months inside her.

3. The boys don’t really have a mother – they just have an egg donor and a surrogate in another country. How will they feel about that when they are older?

Julianna on

What a beautiful picture! I love Elton and David, they seem very hands-on fathers and very thoughtful of how to raise their sons. Zachary is adorable and Elijah is a cutie! Congratulations!


I love Elton John! Gay or not he is musically talented and if I were to be reicarnated please GOD let me be one of his kids! Sing me a lullabye! I love his voice!

W on

Creating a child by “buying an egg from a donor and renting an uterus as surrogate” reminds me somehow of the great book “Brave New World”, maybe mothers will be completely unnecessary in the future and everybody will just order their personal baby…

Elton’s children will be probably told that this is nowadays okay and great, but I wonder whether they will feel that way.

Cooper on

So, they both donated sperm and both specimens went into the petri dish? That is kind of creepy no?

OTdina on

NM, I feel sorry for you and your children. Sad that they have to grow up surrounded by your ignorance. How sad for these children indeed. Having two fathers willing and able to support them financially, and emotionally, just awful. Having an extended family, including their surrogate carrier, who are ready to shower them with love and affection, awful. You are right. Better they be born to some heterosexual teenager and her boyfriend making a go of it in the slums, who leave them home alone so that they can go out and party, or to their lucrative jobs at McDonalds. That is so much better. These children were wanted, planned for, are loved by their parents and many others, are provided for, their parents have a stable relationship that seems drama free. What exactly is the problem? Congratulations to the Furnish-John family, and welcome to the world Elijah. Don’t worry, we aren’t all like NM.

Hallie McArton on

Congratulations to this beautiful family…and my favorite singer!

Anonymous on

their oldest is a little Elton if i’ve ever seen one!

Donna on

I agree with NM – these very NICE guys haven’t given much thought with their age among other things. And the world still revolves.

stu on

Congrats! These kids & Neil Patrick Harris r lucky beautiful angels.

paul on

I would say from looking at the two kids that the older is Elton’s and most probably although a side view is not as good as a straight on (no pun intented) that the newborn is the other guy’s. Good Luck to them all.

James on

It is disgusting, I feel for the children. It’s just not right, it is not okay for this just because you want it to be accepted.


A second adorable son, the older looks so much like Elton there cannot be a question who his Father is. These boys will be so loved, and well educated and traveled, even though their Fathers are older they will have the security and love needed to have healthy lives, love means so much…. I can see it in both of the Dads eyes, these boys mean the world to them, look at the photos of what they do with the first son providing him with time with other kids his age and the safety jackets even on big yachts, etc. They are taking the raising of these boys very seriously, unlike many male and female couples who have the kids then turn them over to nannies while they go off and party. Both have the same Mom, the same surrogate and the same Fathers, they will have plenty of family in their lives to be sure they are happy. loved, and lead a well balanced life.. Elton hasn’t looked this good in a long time, and that is great for him too.

ABliss on

This is not NORMAL, this is not the master’s plan, and we wonder why this world is in the toliet. NM you’re the only one that said, “what is wrong with this picture.”

hahahahahahahaha61@yahoo.com on

why, oh why, would anyone, straight or gay, choose to have a baby at the age of 65?? knowing they may be dead by the time their child reaches their teens leaving them fatherless? that’s very selfish of Elton and David

Grandma on

I would like to comment to NM…..why??? These little ones will be loved and cared for. They will havae a good life. Your ignorance and prejudice is sickening.

gail on

why would someone 65 years old want a child? who knows if he’ll even live long enough to see the child become an adult. not fair to the child to have a parent that old.

Grandma on

This is for Daisy moon…..there really is nothing wrong with their family unit. They will be loved and cared for and live a well balanced life. It is too bad that there are those that have such fear and ignorance of things that are different. Different does not mean wrong….

Grandma on

Where is all the mean and ignorance coming from? If a single female has kids that is great but if 2 men that love each other want a family it is disgusting. Why is it really any of our business or concern. To you nay sayers, is your life so perfect that you can only pick on others? What have you folks done that is good today? I suggest you stay silent and hide at home and let the rest of us enjoy life.

Jan Mast on

Two very lucky little boys!! I worry a tiny bit about the ages of their dads. I’m a 56-yr-old grandma, and my toddler grand-daughter runs me ragged!! Ha!

Honey Boo Boo on

I think Zac is Elton’s bio son. He looks just like him.

Cindy on

Wow… new parents at 60 and 50… I don’t think I could do it again at 40! Beautiful family!

30male on

As an openly gay person, there are aspects of this (including this picture) that are heartwarming and empowering.

But I just have to say — there comes a time in people’s lives when it is just too late to be having newborns! It’s incredibly unfair to the baby that his father is already 65. The baby deserves a chance to have his father in his life as he grows up…and being alive is only part of it. Being alive and full of enough life to share it with the child.

I think it’s selfish to have children so late in life. It might not to the PC thing to say, but it’s something to seriously consider.

Janab on

My first thought was the age of Elton John. However, 50 is still youngish for Furnish. I have a 19 year old child, the last at home and going off to college, and sometimes I feel like I am placed in the “older” category even though I am a young 53. My second thought is that I DO believe that children need a mother as well, if at all possible; just as I think children need a father. Children long for that as they get older, regardless of the circumstances.

Fran on

Wow! Taking on newborns at their ages isn’t something most people would attempt. Of course, most people don’t have their resources…I doubt either of them are getting up with the babies every two hours, like ‘regular’ parents would be…so I guess it’s not so remarkable, after all. But, still, I congratulate them on their beautiful family. Blessings on you.

susan on

this is a disgrace. Elton John is old enough to be his great grandfather. Elton John has a half I die young couple from adopting children mass

JoJos Momma on

NM shut ur mouth,,, uv already made urself look stupid…

must say what a very nice looking family!!! his 2 year old looks exactly like my 2 year old son. hes adorable!! congrats to elton john and family!!!

Katie on

I want to marry my dog!!! All of you who think this arrangement is alright should not be appalled about my desire. Why do the majority of gay men have boys instead of girls. Just asking.

merry on

To all people talking about different rights, especially those with negative comments: yes, you have a right to your opinion, and we aren’t banning you from expressing it. We do, however, have a right to think and express that your opinions are ridiculous and fight to change them by education and tolerance.

Gail on

65 year olds should not be having a newborn. I doubt Elton will be alive when the child turns 18 and graduates from high school.

Debra Jensen on

Elton & David , what a beautiful family with a new addition.. Congrats!! Your boys have the perfect and most loving parents god has given them.. They are truly loved…

laughing out lol on

NM, your jealousy is showing something terrible otherwise why would it bother u who the hell fuuuks who. stop hating and go to the gym you are oviously ugly as hell and have no creative potential what so ever. if u ask nicely maybe john and bf will let u scrub their toilets for a living lolol u sorry SOB HATER

Tracie Smith on

There is something inherently wrong with this photo. Men were not created to ‘marry’ men and raise babies!! Why did he give this baby Biblical names? Pretty sure he ain’t livin’ according TO the Bible!!!

Shay on

Congratulations! These children will have the best life can offer with parents who truly love and cherish them.

AmandaC on

Zachary is the spitting image of Sir Elton John! I hope the new baby is from David, that would be pretty neat.

Stephanie on

The very thought of having a newborn when I am that old makes my toes curl… I love having my kids but by the time I am that age I do not plan on changing diapers (and definitely not breastfeeding, LOL) and being awakened during the night unless I am baby-sitting my grandchildren. But hey, they look happy. I just don’t think they should have adopted a newborn at their age.

LL on

The Word of God says in Isaiah 5:20 :
” Woe unto them that call evil good; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness. that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
The lock of an ALMIGHTY God’s knowledge , makes men stupid no matter how much school or fortune they may have. ” The Mercy of God be upon them”. In their real life, they will pay the consequences of such aberration. God made men for women, not for another man or animal. It is a disgrace that these kids will grow up in such confusion with two parents of the same sex. These people will pay in life with whatsoever they love the most. THEY ARE SICK ,God have Mercy Upon Them!….
La Palabra de Dios dice en Isaias 5:20:
!Ay de los que llaman a lo malo bueno, y a lo bueno malo, que tienen las tinieblas por luz, y la luz por tinieblas, que tienen lo amargo por dulce y lo dulce por amargo.

Esto es una aberracion ante los ojos de Dios, la falta del conocimiento de un Dios Todopoderoso, hace que el hombre por muy inteligente que crea ser , o por mucha fortuna que posea, SEA UN BRUTO ANTE Dios, Dios hizo al hombre para unirse a una mujer no a otro hombre u animal. Que El Dios Todopoderoso tenga misericordia de ellos, porque en vida pagaran con lo que mas quieran o anhelen en esta vida. Que pena y que tristeza ver que ninos crezcan entre tanta confusion.

David P. Graf on

The idea of a 65 year old man adopting young kids just seems incredibly selfish to me. There is a strong possibility that either he or his 50 year old partner will die before the kids grow up. There are so many others out there far younger who would love to adopt but are shut out.

Debby on

Which woman gives away a baby to two men?

rose young-stewart on

Excellent chance for these children to have everything their family can give to them It is no different than Anna Nicole Smiths daughter being brought up by her own dad. I know of 2 priests who have done the same thing ; adopted a boy and a girl. very good.

sportpepper on

Oddly, it didn’t occur to me that NM was sorry for the children because of their parents’ sexual orientation. My first thought was of their advanced age. No doubt that those boys will lead advantaged lives, but having your parent/s at your side as you mark life’s milestones (graduation, marriage, grandchildren, etc) is of no small value. Yes, I’m sure they love their boys, but they will have to pay for the energy of younger people to raise them and share the boys’ lives and memories.

Leslie Cole on

Congratulations to Elton, David and Zachary on the birth of their beautiful new baby Elijah. I have been a huge Elton John fan for 40 years and am thrilled to see him so happy. They are a lovely family and these two sweet boys are lucky indeed. As for age and sexual orientation, who gives a hoot? It’s obvious Elton and David are loving, giving, kind dads and that’s what matters. Haters, MYOB.

Linda on

Congrats to Elton and David on the birth of their son!!!

Lee on

Ok people – here is the deal.

1) THEY ARE NOT ADOPTED. They were delivered by a surrogate who remains active in their lives.

2) Elton and David tried to adopt about 10 years ago, and it failed. (The song “Blessed” was written in reference to the child they tried to adopt – Levon.)

3) David is with the kids all year around taking care of them, and Elton is with them all the time when he is off tour, and he is no longer touring when Zachary turns 5. They have a single nanny who has been there since Zachary was born.

They have a female nanny who will provide all the maternal love they need.

The kids will be fine.

Amy on

Beautiful family! Haters toooooooo the left.

Greengorn on

Thank you Lemur for your thoughtful insight. Elton has showered us with love through his music for over 40 years. Thank you Elton, I return to the Aloha with hopes of future happiness to you and your family. You deserve it.

Victoria on

cutest kids ever!!

Kelly on

Awesome that these boys will get the love that they deserve.

Tracy on

The only reason I see this as wrong is because when the baby graduates from High school Elton will be 83 years old. Hope he makes it that long.

Colleen on

cute kids..congrats..and that is really what a good parent s) hope for is for their kids to grow up and be happy in whatever they do…there are plenty of straight parents who dont seem for whatever reason to grasp this notion…without further ado…congrats and it seems like these kids will have a very happy home!


Those are two lucky little boys!

guest on

how adorable, congratulations to the proud parents!

Denise S. on

I wonder if boys being raised by two gay men will have more of a tendency to be gay.

I agree with NM – I also feel sorry for these kids.

Ceci on

I dont think they will have more of a tendency to be gay. My brother isnt. And he was raised longer with two gay dads . Than me and my sister. We stayed with our mom until she had to be in the hospital for years. My brother chose to live with our dad . And Whats to say for all the children that live in straight parent homes and turn out gay

ConcΓ­lia on

Funny comments. Who knows how many time they have? Young people can dies also, and leave small babies. The question here seems to be the sexuality of couple: they have de right to have their children as anybody. And they can take care of them in their best way, as every parent. Their reasons and their feelings are their business – not of anyone else. Elton will be a wonderful daddy, because he always had love enough to share with so many people, through his songs.

cathy on

these poor lil beautiful babies don’t have a chance!!!!!….GOD created Adam and Eve….not Adam and Steve….these 2 guys need to stop their wicked ways and turn to GOD!!!!!…

demetra on

I just hope both of those little boys can sing their asses off like their dad does and has for 50+ years when they are older. Rock on ya’ll! And for what it’s worth…ya’ll just keep on keepin’ on. Also if you’re reading this and ya don’t like it, quit reading……’cause you’re probably a republican…and a ugh bible beating, screaming I’m A Christian. Please Lord protect us from ya’ll. Not Elton John and his family. I don’t believe Elton John and his family bothers anyone.

kk on

fools who deserve to be punished