Busy Philipps: How to Rock a Red Carpet Dress While Pregnant

01/25/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Busy Philipps: How to Rock a Red Carpet Dress While Pregnant
Kevork Djansezian/Getty

When Busy Philipps arrives at the SAG Awards on Sunday, it won’t be her first stroll down a red carpet while pregnant — but she does hope it works out better than the last time.

Five years ago, while expecting her daughter Birdie Leigh, the actress searched high and low for that perfect something to wear to a movie premiere.

“I ended up getting an amazing dress,” she tells PEOPLE Friday, “and then much to my chagrin, five weeks later, pregnant Angelina Jolie wore it, which is devastating. Really? You want to be wearing the same dress as the sexiest woman alive? It’s terrible.”

This time, unless Jolie is holding onto some big news, Philipps, 33, should have nothing to worry about.

The expectant Cougar Town star, who’ll serve as the official “social media ambassador” for the SAG Awards — Tweeting behind-the-scenes dish for fans on her @busyphilipps25 handle (#SAGawards) — has already picked out a dress with a backup just in case.

She’s keeping it a surprise, but does share her fashion strategy.

“You want it to be comfortable. I think it’s important that it’s sort of classic in design when you’re pregnant, keep it simple in some way,” Philipps, who wears Isabella Oliver’s Everyday Maternity Blazer in the photo above, says. “Nobody wants to see a bejeweled pregnant lady from top to bottom.”

So far, “I’ve had one fitting, I have another fitting. You have to keep fitting it because you grow every day. That’s the secret. You just have to have an amazing seamstress.”

And one other thing is certain. “I just have to make sure my shoes are going to be comfortable and big enough so that they my feet don’t start swelling,” notes Philipps. “That’s not an attractive thought.”

— Mike Fleeman

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BlueSkidoo on

Note to Busy: Please don’t wear a dress like this again. It is the most unflattering dress ever, maternity or not.

Maria on

She’s not nominated, and she won’t be a main focus, so I say wear something comfortable!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Makes her look bigger than she is, very unflattering IMO

Anonymous on

Wow. She is not rocking this at all. That was a misleading headline!

H. on

Love her. Gotta say, I’m sure there were several pictures taken of her that night, *THIS* was the best angle you guys could get? The lighting is awful and the angle is far from flattering. There had to be a better shot, really. Ugh. Her face looks great, not pregnant at all! 🙂

esymmons on

and who is she?

Mikkie on

I’m sorry but that dress is horrible. What’s up with her back? It’s a strange dress, and it makes her look odd.

Sockmonkeynurse on

No disrespect but that is a horrible dress. And seriously, I don’t know who she is.

Dara on

Could this be any MORE unflattering??

Anonymous on


Romy on

oh boy, she’s having a Jessica Simpson at her baby shower moment in this dress here.

tell it like it is...... on

hey jackholes, read the story… the awards aren’t until Sunday. This isn’t the dress they are talking about.. holy crap.

shidley on

She looks like a giant blueberry. Maybe it’s angle, I dunno. It just doesn’t look good at all 😦

mandysandy on

to bad I hate the one she has on, she can keep her advice

Tina on

woah, that’s one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen.

Anonymous on

esymmons and Sockmonkeynurse- It says right in the article that she’s an actress and one of the stars of Cougar Town. 🙂

tell it like it is- Exactly! This picture is from some other event (something having to do with ELLE Magazine going by what it says on the backdrop)! We have to wait until tomorrow to see what she picked for the SAGs! 🙂

Anonymous on

this make me so excited

HenMo on

She’s constantly on people talking about her pregnancies and babies. Whatever it takes to get some publicity!

Jude on

Hey, idiots, if you actually look at the photo you will see that the lighting is bad and causing her shadow on the wall behind her which blends with the dress. Look at the arm. Do you really think hot ass Busy Phillips grew a huge ass and a hunch back overnight? Her shadow just blends!!!

Jude on

It is called a shadow, people!!!!! Look closer.

Doreen on

Rock this red carpet dress?! WHO are YOU kidding?! haha

Anonymous on

HenMo- I’m sure after the SAGs the articles about Busy will slow down quite a bit. She’s actually usually one of the LEAST featured celebs on here (in fact, the article announcing her pregnancy was the first one about her that had been on here in months!). 🙂

Also, if Busy really wanted publicity, we’d probably be seeing her out and about with Birdie in celebrity “hot spots” constantly, and we don’t.

Lisa M on

Simply put….. YUK !!

Anonymous on

2 inches of shadow does not counteract the fact that this dress made her look 800lbs, “bad angles” or not.

She is certainly not rocking this dress. Busy is a gorgeous lady, who generally gets it right. Probably could have picked a better photo for the title.

Lauren on

Anonymous, seems to me like most people were commenting because they just didnt like the dress! It was a bad choice, I have to agree. She looked great on Sunday though!