Vanessa Lachey: How I Told Nick I Was Pregnant

01/24/2013 at 04:00 PM ET

Vanessa Lachey: How I Told Nick I Was Pregnant
Courtesy of the Lacheys

After their destination wedding on the beaches of Necker Island in 2011, newlyweds Nick and Vanessa Lachey were ready to begin making good on the promise of a brood of babies.

But six months into trying to get pregnant, Vanessa was ready to call it quits — at least temporarily — to allow nature to take its course.

“Honestly, by mid-December, I resigned myself to the notion that it was not going to be easy for us,” she writes on her new website. “So, I decided that I had to just ‘let go.'”

Spending time settling into their new Los Angeles home while the couple wrapped up projects — Vanessa was busy filming Wipeout — the pair first planned a family trip to the Bahamas for a chance to unwind.

“Before we could relax and soak in the sun, I had to film [an] appearanceย and would meet everyone in the Bahamas the next day,” Vanessa explains.

After work, the actress headed out to celebrate a friend’s birthday — where telltale signs of pending parenthood suddenly began to pop up.

“I wanted absolutely everything on the menu! I also remember NOT wanting my martini,” she recalls. “After dinner something in my gut said, ‘Let’s go back to the hotel … and pick up a pregnancy test on the way!'”

Proving a mother knows best, it was positive — only to be confirmed by a big batch of follow-up tests.

“I was in absolute shock! I had taken a pregnancy test multiple times every month over the past six months, but this one (and the nine others I took that night) was positive,” Vanessa writes. “It was such a beautiful moment. The only thing missing was my husband, of course.”

But with Nick waiting for his wife in the Bahamas, the mom-to-be managed to contain her excitement, keeping mum until she could spill the beans in person.

“I wanted to look into his eyes when I said, ‘I’m pregnant,'” she shares. “I wanted to feel his hug when he grabbed me with excitement. I wanted to take in the surroundings so that I would always remember the exact moment I told him he was going to be a father.”

Following “the longest night I can remember,” Vanessa began the trek to the Bahamas — a journey that “seemed like an absolute eternity!” — to join Nick. Once she arrived, the expectant star quickly settled in and headed with her husband for a seaside stroll.

“All I kept thinking about was this little life inside of me that WE made. He was growing and we were going to become a family,” she says. “At that moment everything in me felt so right. I was bursting with emotion and wanting to tell Nick the good news.”

Vanessa was finally ready to break the news to the unknowing dad-to-beย — a moment she will remember forever. “I took a deep breath, grabbed his hands, looked him in the eyes and told him, ‘I’M PREGNANT!'” she writes.

“He looked at me and asked if I was serious. I said yes, we hugged and then he said, ‘I think I have to sit down!’ That was Jan. 6, 2012.”

Now the proud parents of son Camden John, 4 months, the tight knit trio revisited the same spot where Nick and Vanessa shared the sweet moment exactly one year later, a special anniversary caught on tape.

“We will always have that memory together and now Cam will have one, too,” the new mom shares.ย “I took this video that I will embarrass him with in the future, and I’m happy to share a piece of it with you.”

— Anya Leon

For more exclusive content from Vanessa Lachey, visit her newly-launched website.

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rachael on

Love, love, love this!!! They seem so happy and such a sweet family!

ummmm on

The story is sweet and all, but it just seems as though she uses this baby for publicity so much. I mean no one really talks about her anymore unless it has something to do with the baby. Even when you read her twitter feed, she somehow finds a way to make every tweet about “NEW MAMA” this and “NEW MAMA” that, things that have nothing to do with being a new mother somehow turns into “NEW MAMA”. Funny how hard she tries sometimes, it’s gotten rather annoying. I get the excitement of being a new parent and i’m happy for her and Nick, but enough already.

Paula on

If you don’t want to read about her being a new mom, then don’t follow her on twitter, or read posts about her on any website . Their little family is so cute !!

Lisa on

Do u not have kids? First time moms typically r over the moon about their child. I’m giving birth to my first in May and I tweet pregnancy stuff all the time. Some people r just truly happy and have no drama in their life. Maybe u should try it

Becky on

Is the baby named Camden John or Camden Jack? I’ve heard and seen both. I know Jack is a nickname for John, but have never seen the middle name shortened.

Random, I know, but Im curious.

And, he is adorable!

RoxyinKW on

Becky, Camden jack is Kristin Cavalleri and Jay Culter’s son ๐Ÿ™‚

Jada on

I think Camden jack is Kristen cavalari’s baby

Lindsay on

Camden Jack is Kristen cavelli and jay Cutler baby. It’s weird, but true.

Crystal on

Super sweet!!! I have tears forming!!! They are obviously so in love with their little family. Thank you Lachey Family for sharing this peek into your lives! Camden is ADORABLE!!

Anonymous on

Bahahahahahaha!!!! Tears forming!!! OMG Crystal!!!!

Brittney on

@Becky Camden Jack is Kristin Cavallari’s baby’s name

Anonymous on

Love the article! And what a truly special moment and memory they captured with the video! They’ll be able to watch it in years to come and just remember these sweet, beautiful days.

Anonymous on

ummm- If you don’t want to read about her being a new mom, then don’t follow her on Twitter, visit her website, or read posts about her here or on other websites. Simple as that! ๐Ÿ™‚

Personally, I see no problem with what she’s doing. She’s a first-time mom, so of course she’s going to be excited and want to scream her new status to the world!

Anyway, this is a cute story! I’m glad she shared! ๐Ÿ™‚

pep on

that was sweet i am glad nick is happy after the way Jessica left him and their baby is a cutie i like the home movie they look like an adorable family and wish them a happy life with their angel

IRM on

They both seem so down to earth…I’m happy for them. And yes, the baby is adorable!

Chelsea on

What a great story! Thanks for posting this! They seem so happy and it’s very reassuring that it can take anyone awhile to get pregnant and when it does happen, it’s so special ๐Ÿ™‚

Amy on

Sooo cute! I love it! So happy for them!

Aeol on

This story is “eh.” These two are c-list at best and this story reads like they’re the first couple in history to have a baby. And WHY is this story being shared over a year after the fact? I mean who cares? And trying for six months – soooo sad for you Vanessa. I’ve been trying for 2 years, come talk to me about frustration.

GAH! on

No wonder you’re bitter after two years. So, hmm… Maybe should lay off the stories titled “How Vanessa Told Nick She Was Pregnant”…. Your time will come, take it from someone who’s been there…but spewing anger won’t speed up the clock, GF.

Ann on

A great sweet story!

Denice on

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Camden met, fell in love with and married little Maxwell (Jessica Simpson’s daughter).

p on

I feel it is completely natural to talk about being a new momma when you are one. I think this is a solid family and she is not “out there” in the press all the time as some of these other moms and moms-to-be that we read about “all” the time. Let a mother be proud!!!!!!!!!!!

meghan on

Camden Jack is Kristen Cavalleri’s baby

Ann on

What a cute and loving couple!

Anonymous on

they are the sweetest couple/family ever! so happy for them!

Jess* on

Absolutely adorable. I love this couple โค

Claudia on

sooo cute!

ace11 on

The dude is 40…i mean its about time

Anonymous on

WOW “UMMMMM” Jealous much!?

Charli on

Cute story. Very sweet. Beautifull baby!

Eva on

@ummm-When you become a mom, the baby instantly becomes the only thing you want to talk about. Vanessa’s no different just because she happens to be a celebrity. I would happily listen to her gush about Camden for the next 18 years if it meant I could get a 10 minute break from the onslaught of up-to-the-minute updates on the spawn of KimYe.

jodilyn LaValle on

Your son is adorable & holding that secret for hours must have seemed liked a lifetime! Your family I’d truly blessed!! I have 3 children *(my money in the bank! But I have 9 grandchildren. My Interest on my money!!!!So you brag brag. BRAG!!!

shannon5281 on

What a lovely story! Thank you! God Bless!

Kim on

So happy for them…and it’s very exciting and life changing to be a new mom…so to “ummmm”, get over it. She’s allowed to talk about her beautiful baby boy and family, that is what MOM’S DO!

Chica on

I agree, Anonymous, why would someone follow her on Twitter if they don’t like her tweets…common sense!

Momof3 on

Could This be any more similar to Jessica Simpson announcing she is pregnant again!!! Vanessa jealous much!!!

Mommyof1 on

It would actually be jessica who is jealous since vanessa did this before her.

jones on

This is a sweet post, especially her comments about wanting to tell Nick in person and to see his face. I have liked Nick since The Newlyweds because he seems like a very down to earth person.

miss on

Does anyone else find it funny that Vanessa is all protected from the sun with the hat & glasses but Camden has the sun right on him which is prob why he’s whiny…lol…give that baby a hat!

Cynthia on

Your family is adorable. Congratulations…. You two did everything the right way and when you just relaxed thats when it always seems to happen….. Enjoy your precious baby and family life , it does go by quicklly. Blessings to your family…

texaschickeee on

I wonder how many other people have done similar things only with out the press? Its great that they are happy, and they wanted the baby, but all the press for the announcement. The time in waiting and the birth. come on now. They are not the only ones to let go….and to have a surprise later.

I also wonder how long before she is pregnant again with his X having another one back to back….

TJ on

Geez, talk about a long run for a short slide….

onelovejen on

Thanks for sharing Lachey Family! Baby Camden is so adorable!

Mila on

Adorable!! Love this and those two together!

Anonymous on

cam is beautiful and i love that he has his daddy’s full lips! fun little story on a great family ๐Ÿ™‚

Brooke Ortner on

Hmm. Is this really still news? Let’s move on People.

Lyndsey on

Very sweet story. He is so much better off with Vanessa than Jessica.

Kat1129 on

Just two parents totally in love with their baby!! Very sweet

B on

I really love their little family, and I’m so glad that Nick found happiness after his split with JS… He seems like a really great guy and I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

boohoobytch on

adorable baby, very sweet story and I’m usually sarcastic LOL

Stephanie on

If your baby isn’t cute enough to keep you in the limelight, you can always divulge the intimate details of your life! Next week she’ll be crying to People that the public doesn’t respect her right to privacy!

jsp81355 on

Vanessa is such a beautiful person and a gorgeous woman. I am so glad the dream that she and Nick shared of becoming parents has come true for them.


Love this,have always loved Nick and am very happy to hear about his finally finding the happiness he’s so longed for and for the wonderuful addition to his family his new baby son. Any negative comments is just jealousy,everyone wishes for love and family and many can’t or don’t have it. Anything these days that’s something joyous and happy I’m happy to hear about as the negative is usually top news. Congrats to Nick and Vanessa and to their future of many more babies and happiness!

Meg on

Ummm–seems you are dummm…if anyone is using their baby for publicity, it’s Jessica Simpson. Every stupid and crude thing she does, she makes public.

D on

I never paid much mind to this couple. But after reading this, you can truly see how much in love these two are. God bless them and their beautiful family! What a sweet story!!

Dancin_gal720 on

That is so sweet. Nick and Vanessa seem so happy together and now they have a handsome lil boy to love too

Nikita on

Omg that was too cute

Lynn on

Wow! Our son Samuel was born on the same day as Camden. What a great day. It was our first also. What great memories!!

Lisa D. on

I love this little family!

Alayna on

This is so touching – was a precious little baby.

Vanessa on

They’re so cute together! Such a sweet family. I like her so much better then Jessica.

Jennifer on

Camden is so gorgeous. Just a beautiful child ๐Ÿ™‚

Rachel on

ummmm : dont read her twitter posts or her interviews or articles about her. Most new moms constantly talk about their new babies. Always has to be one jealous negative person..

I think they are such a beautiful family!

Xan on

She seems super sweet to want to cherish every detail of that story. And Nick (just as I guessed he would be!) is ever the doting dad.

These two appear to be good together, and their baby is a doll!!!!

Stacey on

You think Vanessa is annoying with her baby excitement, I have a friend who gives weekly updates on her baby . Every single week on her facebook, she posts what the baby did that week, how much the baby slept, how much the baby weighs, and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina on

Although when I first saw this headline, I said to myself ‘Give us a break. You and gazillions of other women told the father they were pregnant. This is news?’ But, as I read on, it was a very sweet story.

Big Fan on

Why do they never wear their weddings rings?

Stormy on

this story reminds me of how I wanted to not only tell my husband that we were expecting but how to tell my parents . When the time came it was exciting to say the least now almost 6 yrs and 2 kids later those memories last forever.

Lia on

You guys are getting desperate if this is a top story. Seriously? Lol

bette on

It really is better in the Bahamas!

Anonymous on

blahhhhh yhay too much…..wanna vomit a little…

newsfan on

Go to her website, it’s all about her marriage and Camden. Really sickening.

Feefee on

Hey she got that name from Kristin Cavallari

Virginia on

I really like Vanessa. What a sweetie. They both make a great couple! What an adorable baby. Love, light, happiness, and health always!

Heather on

Nick is just CLASS. After all that Jessica SImpson nonsense he went thru-I”m so happy for him. I just find it so telling that he was the one to go and find someone, be together for years, then get married and then have a precious Baby. Simspon on the other hand went thru guy after guy- got knocked up and then engaged and pregnant again.

Teri on

I love and admire the fact that vaneesa is very much in love and proud to be a mom, and if you notice she is still very much in love with her husband. she gushes about him so much til this day after being together for years already. im sure they have their issues, like us all but its nice to hear her talk about both of them sooo much!

Jill on

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them as a couple. They both seem like AMAZING parents.

Brooklyn on

Very cute story. Love these three!

Anonymous on

aww, so sweet!

Cathy on


Mommy on

I knew I was Preggo when…get this…my Period was late. DUH. Honestly no one cares. He’s a used to be and shes a never was.

Judd on

Happy for this family, but Vanessa has NO idea what a true fertility struggle is. It took me 3 years to conceive my son, after undergoing multiple rounds of IVF. Many of my friends have tried for years and years with no luck. Vanessa is allowed to be excited about being pregnant, but to imply that trying for 6 months (presumably the old fashioned way, without the need for invasive, expensive procedures) was so difficult is kind of a slap in the face for infertile people everywhere.

Jessica on

So sweet!!!!

Kelli on

It’s a nice story. But it’s a little ridiculous that they both have hats and sunglasses on and the baby doesn’t at least have a hat on and his face is in the sun a lot.

mm on

Why is it that they always do everything Jessica does first. The writing on the sand was done first when “Big Sis” was written with Maxwell sitting right next to it. Now the Lachey’s are doing the same thing, except with their “anniversary” twist..Give me a break..

Amy on

Actually mm…look at the date. They did this in September. So that means they did it first. Nice try though. And people all over the world write in sand everyday. It’s just a fun way to capture a moment. Grow up.

Kim on

Sweet family, all the best to them!!

Anonymous on

Cute kid but these two are pathetic.

bea33 on

I love it how the parents have sun protective hats on, but not the 4 month old baby… Publicity thirsty…

RBerries on

Absolutely love them!!!

Gemma on

For years I never liked Vanessa as she looks just like a girl that caused me a lot of problems for years. This is a really beautiful story – she seems down to earth and sweet to share.

Anonymous on

It amazes me how stupid some people are. Like ummm, why do you follow Vanessa on twitter and read any story about her if you don’t like her? You make yourself sound really DUMB. There are a lot of stories you can read other than this one. Do you know how to turn the page?

rng1820 on

very cute family but they should keep things a little more private. i’d feel kinda weird having everyone in my family’s business so i understand what UMMMMM means.

me on

You really think 6 months is a long time? wow what a joke

Katrina on

When I had a clue I was pregnant I wanted NO food at all just the thought of food made me nauseous and I’m a big eater so I knew something was up lol I had the worst morning sickness my first trimester lost 10 pounds but I guess every woman is different

Anonymous on

@Ummmm- if you think this is bad, just you wait and see how awful it’ll be when Kim spawns.

i on

It is so “weird” seeing these two together. I remember she had a crush on him during her years on trl when he was in 98ยฐ. Don’t get any ideas people! They were not involved while he was married to Jessica! I think they make a great couple because neither is a diva or divo(spelling check please). It reminds me of another mtv couple: mariah & nick cannon. He had the biggest crush on her when he had wildin out. So cute! And all the children are gorgeous!

shidley on

@Ummmm- if you think THIS is bad, just wait until Kim bursts. It’s all we’ll be subjected to for the next decade. Ugh.

Jaxson on

I love the Lachey’s and all the cute things they post about their family, however, it does make me wonder if their other children (in the future) will get the same publicity as Camden.

Momof3 on

That is really really sweet. Cracks me up that she took so many tests… we did the same thing with every brand of test we could find!

Sunny on

That’s just about the sweetest thing. Congrats to both but especially Nick because I remember watching his reality show and thinking what a nice guy he is…

esymmons on

People actually care about this? They have time in their lives to care about this?

Amy on

What a beautiful family!

Lizzie on

NICK, VANESSA and Baby CAMDEN are just absolutely ADORABLE, their Fam IS PRECIOUS!!!! I wish them alllllll the PRO$PERITY~creatively and financially!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Amy on

I am so happy a family in hollywood did it the old fashioned way, marriage and then family. Glad to see they are so happy!


Nick seems like a nice guy and Vanessa seems phony. Is anyone REALLY going to sign up on her website for pictures? She really bugs me.

Erin on

I absolutely love this family! I am happy that Nick found love again, he seems like such a nice guy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Enida on

Such a beautiful little family!

Kathy on

Thank you for sharing, I absolutely LOVE hearing about Nick, Vanessa and Baby Camden. There are such a beautiful family.

Anonymous on

Didn’t Jessica announce her second pregnancy by writing the words in the sand, within a heart?

Maija on

This is ketter match for Latchkey than Simpson.Thought she had little to go on to accuse him of cheating. And this marriage proves it. it seems warm, loving and solid. Where os what does Simpson’s new eloved do? Did he not insist of a prenup that suited him bfore coming around to dupport her as she was giving birth? Whereas I wish each pai the best, Lahkey won bigtime~and he even knows it~

Sharon on

I think this is wonderful, and it is nice to see such love. But I am curious did they just send this video to It just seems strange that they share these special moments with everyone, why not keep it private.

Anonymous on

[ummmm] This is actually the first time I’ve actually seen something on their baby. Seriously?

Their story is so special. She’s a proud mom. Love it!

katherine on

this website is so filled with so much drama it is ridiculous

princess1276 on

This is a sweet story nd I think these two r perfect 4 1 another I’m glad he found happiness beyond JS but wat does kim nd kanye hve to do wit dis nd callin her first child spawn is jus dumb, let her enjoy her first pregnancy she deserves it she is only human

Janice U. on

Wow! A couple who dated, married, and then had a baby. Very rare in Hollywood these days. I wish them happiness now and in the future.

dani on

ok…her “story” sounds soooo much like Jessica’s story on how she found out she was pregnant!even the “didn’t want to drink my martini”,ok…and didn’t Jessica just announce her 2nd pregnancy by writing in the sand just like Vanessa did??oh my gosh,Vanessa just does anything she can to show up!Stop being a copycat! ยฌยฌ

melody on


annie on

Very cute and so very Happy for the 3 of them , Nick is really a good guy and Vanessa is a good girl and I really think that they will make it for the long run and be a happy family …

To the comment from Ummmm ~ why read her twitter or read the posts from about her , if you feel that way . its not that hard to not read some thing its not like twitter and have a gun to you and makein you read something you dont want too …

Agatha on

I also remember NOT wanting my martini,โ€ she recalls… Egh I think it’s better to quite drinking even when you are trying! First 3 months are the most important!

jennifer on

Why does Vanessa remind me so much of Michael Jackson

Melissa on

That’s awesome! I wish my experience was like that with my husband.Instead i got told that i was to do everything by myself and that he was not going to help me at all.That included getting up in the night,bathing,feeding and changing him and he kept good on his promise.Women with awesome husbands should not take them for granted.

lola on

boo hoo . A whole six months to conceive.

Anonymous on

Please stop covering these Famewhores.

Jo on

If you are trying to get pregnant or it’s possible you could get pregnant – WHY ARE YOU DRINKING ALCOHOL? There is no safe amount of alcohol to drink at any point in a pregnancy. Search ‘Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder’ and educate yourself for the sake of the unborn.

Melissa on

LOVE this video! Such a loving and sweet family. They are so happy and in love.

karma on

I almost barfed after reading this and I love kids. Too bad these 2 will most likely be divorced in 3 years.

Cesa on

Everyone loves to talk about their babies but really, how are these two relevant? They are both has beens and she needs to understand that a baby won’t make her a star. I feel so sad for both of them.

Lauren on

Ummm, she shared the story on HER page with her fans.

Aeol, she posted this story for her fans, on her site. People chose to share the story.

Momof3, how could Vanessa be jealous, since this happened in Sept? Do you mean Jessica, since she announced after?

Dani, look at the date. This took place prior to Jessica. Old story.

Brett on

Their baby was born in September – the date is his birthdate. They just did this earlier this month because it’s 1 year from her telling him in Jan 2012. This was- after Jessica’s Christmas post. Sure lots of people write in the sand. it’s that she’s resurrecting her announcement from last year on the beach, writing in the sand, posting it – all less than a month after Jessica announced her 2nd baby on a beach with writing in be sand. A little weird.