Baby on the Way for Michael Bublé

01/24/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Michael Buble, Wife Expecting First Child

The time is rightMichael Bublé is going to be a dad.

The singer-songwriter, 37, and his wife, Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato, 25, are expecting their first child, they announced in a video message Thursday.

Mike, Lu and … mini Bublé!!” the clip rolls, opening on an ultrasound image. “We’re having a baby Bublé!”

The couple, who married in March 2011, have been open about their eventual plans for children.

“I’ve said to her a million times I’d love to have kids,” Bublé explained in October 2011. “But I always say to her when you’re ready — when you feel like you’ve lived and you’ve partied and done all the things you want to do. When you’ve worked your butt off, then tell me.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Anonymous on

They are just such a sweet and genuine couple!!! What a wonderful blessing!!!

Alicia on

I love when the news is happy! Congratulations!

kim on

so happy for them. they seem to have an amazing relationship. lucky woman 🙂

Emilie on

Congrats! Love the Bub!

jolyssa on

This is totally cute! Congratulation!

Ummmmmm…… on

Awww congrats Michael! You will be an awesome father! Lucky baby to get to listen to your smooth lullabies! 🙂 ❤

daisy on

aww good for them. you can tell he adores her. lucky woman indeed!

Lydia on

Congratulations to the happy couple! 🙂

Swer on

That is going to be one cute kid! They are both very attractive.

Huge fan on

Yay 😀

Guess Who on

He is such a dream boat…*sigh*

Many blessings to the new addition to the family.

Teresa L Bolding on

Congrats to them both. She is a very lucky woman, I love him so much! They are truely blessed!

mytwocents on

Happy for both of them!! What a blessing!!

kristy on

I LOVE THIS COUPLE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! So happy for them. ❤

Mockingbird94 on

Awwww!!!! Congrats! I love Michael Buble!!!!

Anna on

I love that she was featured in his “Haven’t Met You Yet” video. It apparently was true for them! So happy for them both!

Lise on

I agree in that the baby will get to hear beautiful lullabies. What a fun house it will be. I can imagine the joy of Christmas. 🙂

starbbycat on

I love this couple – Cheers!!!!

Kathy on

So happy for them! Going to be a beautiful baby I’m sure!

bkable on

Absolutely adore him!! Congratulations 🙂

Beth on

She is gorgeous! I didn’t know he was married. Congratulations!

Amanda on

YAY!!! I’ve been waiting on this news!!! Congrats to them both!!! He/She will be gorgeous!!!

Marisa on

I can’t stand him but congrats!

dancer92136 on

Yes…great news lucky baby daddy can sing him or her to sleep.

One Voice on

Sweet news, congrats Buble and family.

Jax on

Saw him in McDonald’s right around Christmas, he looked very happy and chatty with his older pals. I was in a rush on my way out, just managed to wave. CONGRATS TO HIM AND HIS WIFE! CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR MORE ON BABY BUBLE!

Mgarrity on

So sweet! Love Michael Buble!

CanadaGurl on

Based on your title, it appears that he is the one who is pregnant. You really need to be smarter with your words.

Lulu on

Wow they are just a gorgeous couple.

John Halle on

I didn’t know guys could have babies

denise on

Fantastic news. Best wishes

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them! And what a great video clip to announce the happy news.

Brooklyn on

Very happy for them! Being from Buble’s hometown I’ve always been a big fan of his!

Paige on

I am so excited for them!! I love Michael, and she appears to be really sweet. Congratulations!!!

sofia on

woohoo !!! so happy !! :3

Anonymous on

So happy for them!! He’s the nicest guy, I met him about 9 yrs ago at a talk show and he stopped and talked to everyone in the audience. So gracious and humble. He’ll be an excellent father!!!

self-employed on

His voice is like velvet.

Tara on

I don’t know what to think about her when he says “when you feel like you’ve lived and you’ve partied and done all the things you want to do. When you’ve worked your butt off, then tell me” since she’s decided she’s reached that stage at 25. Just seems young to me when you think of all the opportunities and privilege she has that most people in the world will never have … I would have thought she had more goals & accomplishments to achieve as a woman before becoming a mother. Seems squandered to me.

Tara on

I thought the same thing. And I know it’s mean to think, because I want to be just for love (I must have watched too many Kardashian episodes) but it sounds like a pay day. But hopefully they will prove me wrong and live a long happy life!!! Cause I love his music.

Cs617 on

Maybe her goal/accomplishment is to have a family and be a mother. Not everyone feels the need to have a career and travel the globe. I know I didn’t and I love my life with my husband and 3 wonderful children!!!

Gina on

Hope the baby looks like her..

Kat on

His wife is hot! They’re gonna have beautiful kids.


Cindy on

Oh, congratulations!!! Couldn’t happen to a better couple! Believe it or not, I became a fan of his through having surgery on my right foot. My podiatrist was forty miles away, and every time we’d drive to the clinic, “Haven’t Met You Yet” always came on the car radio. We fell in love with it, and with him and his music. This makes me so happy.

Belinda on

Congratulations – wonderful news!!!!

Patricia on

LOVE HIM, cute couple, congrats

twicebroken on

they chose bebitO and not bebitA.

yes, hope baby gets HER ears and HIS pipes! and yes, bilingual at the very least!

a on

omg!!! he’s 37?! he still looks like he’s in his late twenties!!

Eri on

Congrats, Luisana! Wish you both a healthy baby!

Mimi on

awwwww cute video!

Katrina on

Awww! Congratulations! Michael and Luisana, good luck to you!

Catwoman on

Tara, I agree with you! She’s only 25! Surely, she has more living, more partying, and more things to do. Of course Michael’s ready, he’s 37. Doesn’t seem fair to me when men who’ve done all they wanted to do marry PYTs (pretty young things) who haven’t.

Lisa on

Comments like yours make me sad. There’s nothing better than being a mom. Our society has become full of completely selfish people.

Erin on

twicebroken, in Spanish, when referring to both genders (for example, if you have a son – mijo – and a daughter – mija, but want to say children, you would say mijos) you always use the masculine form of the word, so it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Dee on

Tara and Catwoman, she may be 25 but she’s done a lot. I’m from Argentina as well and she’s been on tv since she was a little girl. She’s been on some really popular shows, toured many countries (she was in a band with her cast mates), had plenty of boyfriends, and had a pretty successful career overall. Maybe she is indeed ready. I’ve also heard her say that she always wanted to be a young mom. Different people are ready to have kids at a different age. I certainly wish them the best!

Jood on

Lucky baby will get to hear Dad crooning lullaby’s.

My cat’s nickname is Miss Buble.

Jazz on

I can see his urgency in wanting to have a child now, he is more than 10 yrs older than her, at his age 37 its time for him.

meghan on

Tara, for a ‘fan’ you are being quite the buzzkill.

Gabriela on

I love this couple!!!!!….So Happy for both of them!!!… : )

Bugsmum on

One of the cutest baby announcements I’ve ever seen from a celeb. So very happy for them both.

Cammy on

Beautiful couple. And I’m sure they’ll make beautiful babies!

HH on

Boy, people like to take things literally (a sign of ignorance) and read a lot into a few simple words. Clearly one’s life isn’t over after you’ve had kids. I took it to mean she’s decided she’s now ready to have kids.

I went to high school with Michael. He’s a funny guy. I’m happy for his success and growing family. All the best!

katty on

YAY! I love Michael Buble and his wife is beautiful….one pretty baby!

Faith on

Love them!! they are such an awesome genuine couple!! congratulations!!

Holiday on

Tara his wife is a 25 year old woman, not some young teen. I had my first baby at 22 and in your eyes that’s probably too young but my husband and I were ready. Maybe you were some old mom but others are ready in our early or mid 20s

sharon on

of course she wants to have your baby she’s 12 yrs younger and when she’s done with u and dumps you , you’ll have to pay her alimony and child support, she’s not stupid

Anonymous on

sharon- From what others have said, she’s pretty succesfull in her own right, so I doubt money is an issue for her!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Barbara on

OMG!!! I am so happy for him. Congratulations/Felicidades

Catca on

They certainly do make a handsome couple and seem really happy together! Congrats!

Rebecca on

I am a huge Buble’ fan. I am so happy for them!! They look so excited as they should be.

Lia on

So happy for him. That’s a good man right there. Gonna make a great dad.

dawn norris on

I love he told her do what you need to do first many men should realize that not every woman that gets married at first wants kids.

Roxy on

So happy for them! they are so cute together and i can only imagine how much cuter they will look when it’s the three of them!! BY THE WAY Luisana Lopilato is very successful, has done plenty with her life, she has been on TV since she was a little girl. I am not surprised she feels ready to have a baby now and good for her to for feeling ready. So happy for her ! she is awesome! and Buble! well I think he is wonderful as well 🙂

Bev on

lovely news,Congrats to the happy couple, love how you shared it!

momofTHREEboys! on

I know he didn’t mean it that way, but in no way is your life over just because you have kids. He told her , ‘when you feel like you’ve lived’, they can have kids. Really, as soon as you hold that baby in your arms you realized you’ve never really lived until that moment! And they can still party ONCE in awhile, too… 😉

Der Kaiser on

Wonderful news!! Warmest congratulations!!!!

Kiki on

So happy for them!!

Aussie Girl on

It’s great that he acknowledge letting her get her partying out of the way. Sounds like a really supportive hubby. Best of luck to them.