Jennifer Lopez: The Twins Want a Rainbow Birthday Party

01/24/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Jennifer Lopez Planning Rainbow Birthday Party for Her Twins
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Jennifer Lopez may be capable of juggling many activities at once, but her primary responsibility right now is planning the birthday party for her twins, Max and Emme.

“They’re 5 next month, and they want a rainbow party. Lots of rainbow stuff!” Lopez told reporters at Wednesday night’s L’Oreal and Cinema Society New York screening of her new thriller, Parker.

“I don’t know [what that means],” says the singer and actress, 43. “Very colorful?”

Although upbeat for her premiere, Lopez wasn’t shy about discussing her painful split from Marc Anthony – which, it turned out, also influenced her movie role.

“It was very difficult,” she explains, “so in front of kids and at work you have to be so professional and you have to be so up for your children in that moment.”

Her screen character “was going through the worst moment of her life, and I had just gone through divorce literally like a month before, so it was hard to get [up in the morning] — that’s why we added the scene at the beginning when she had trouble getting out of bed.”

Still, she called filming the movie cathartic, saying: “I was lucky to be in front of the cameras and act exactly how I felt, so it was a blessing.”

— Carlos Greer

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Janet on

I think they mean they want to make a coming out party for Casper.

Sass027 on

LOL where did that come from?

Brandi on

You’re a miserable b*tch Janet. Hope you find some happiness at some point in your life so you won’t find it necessary to try and rain on other people’s parades with ugly comments like this.

TiGi on


shannon on

their older brother Casper wants a rainbow party too

debbie on

I say she has triplets myself!

boohoobytch on

oh please, she’s planning her next marriage…this chick is not a hands on mother, spare me

boohoobytch on

…good one Janet LOL

Maggie on

Jennifer, with your money just hire a party planner. OR. remember when you were the Wedding Planner and you did such a marvelous job of planning perfect parties. OH, sorry that was make believe.

Tina on

@Janet, that’s funny.

Lisa T on

LMAO Janet. So true!

Seela on

They probably also want a present mother as well.

Josie on

Wow–my sons never wanted a rainbow birthday party. Guess that’s what he gets for having a sister for a twin.

Anonymous on

Kids are funny they want what they see. lots of colors!!

i need a name on

I am sorry Casper – LOL Janet ! That is funny.

Synia on

LOL @ Janet’s comment.

Anonymous on

ohhhh Janet!!! LOL!!

NW Mama on

A rainbow party, how fun! what mom does not know what their kid’s want? Oh yeah, a mom that is never around and always working and going out to party all of the time. I know she loves her job, but she has children to raise, don’t let the nannies do it for you. JLo has the money to not work and spend every minute with her kids, so why doesn’t she?????

I know I would!!!!! Children grow up way too fast as it is.

star on


Danielle on

Casper is going to disappeared like the friendly ghost .

Danielle on

Rainbows are the flag for fags……why didn’t she explain that to the kids….?

JJ on

Such ignorance on this posting! When she said, “I don’t know what that means” its more of how to plan out at a rainbow party. Not as NW Mama claims, she doesn’t know what her kids wants. She knows what they want but not how to execute it.

And making jokes about gay rights is truly immature and heartbreaking. So many tragic suicides and bullying for those who are gay and people make jokes about it. People should care about each other more and not criticize…

Sandra on

@ Janet! Thanks for the laugh, lol!

Niko on

From Marc Anthony to some boring boy toy dancer named Casper. An epic upgrade by a very smart woman!