Jeremy Sisto: Why We Named Our Son Bastian Kick

01/23/2013 at 08:00 PM ET

Jeremy Sisto: Why We Named Our Son Bastian Kic
Munawar Hosain/Startraks

After the birth of his son, Jeremy Sisto wasn’t looking to win the name game — at least not right away.

“We didn’t name him until the baby was about a month because we didn’t want to rush into anything,” the Suburgatory star, 38, jokes to PEOPLE at the recent TCAs.

Fortunately, the actor and his wife Addie Lane — already parents to daughter Charlie-Ballerina, 3½ — received the kick start they needed when they were introduced to Sisto’s costar Cheryl Hines‘ beau, Robert Kennedy Jr.

“I met Cheryl’s boyfriend‘s daughter who’s called Kick and that was actually where I came up with it. It was inspiration,” he says.

“We were going to name our [daughter] Charlie Kyd, but David [Duchovny] already named his kid that so I decided against it. And Kick was similar to Kyd.”

With the middle moniker set, the couple went back to the books for baby boy’s first name. “He felt like a ‘B’ somehow … and we went for the B’s,” Sisto explains of their final decision, Bastian.

“Like that NeverEnding Story movie — his name was Bastian,” he adds.

Up next for the proud parents? Making it all official for their 10-month-old. “I think it’s actually Kick on the birth certificate still, but we’re going to change that soon,” Sisto shares.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michele Stueven

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Theresa on

Can you wait a month after the baby’s born to decide on a name?

Lisa on

Yes, u can wait. But then u have to go to courthouse to put name on birth certificate which is a hassle. My friend had a preemie and they could not decide on name. Hospital told her they would send him home as “baby (last name) and then she would have to go to courthouse to add name

Janie on


luckymermaid777 on

He’s one of those “stop talking, just sit there and look pretty” guys for me lol

Ashley on

Bastian is a great name in my opinion. It reminds me of Sebastian which I love as well. The two names sound cool together I think but not too crazy about the name Kick personally. There’s my 2 cents lol.

Sam on

I think it depends on what state you live in, Theresa. Our daughter was born in North Carolina and she had to be named before we left the hospital with her.

Lisa on

These parents have no idea what their kids are in for on the playground.

BBB on

Charlie-Ballerina is the daughter’s name and the son is Bastian Kick? Hmm, okay. Don’t think too much needs to be said because I’m sure most people who read this article are thinking the same thing.

BBB on

Also, 9 months isn’t long enough to think of a crazy name? You need a one month extension to come up with “Kick”?

t on

Was ‘Peanut Butter Tonka’ already taken?

donna on

just once I want to read about a celebrity who names their child a relatively “normal” name…

Jessicagiovanna on

Sounds a lot like Braxton Hicks.. Maybe the momma has a lot of them?

cmonppl on

Just name your kid something normal!!! the poor kid

Carole on

Dear Lord…why would u do that to your kids? You like the word ballerina? Have your name legally changed and have fun introducing yourself to people

Leslee on

I like the names of his children well enough that I wouldn’t mind having them, although I suspect some would laugh at me when I said my name was any version of ballerina.

A lot of name dropping he did though, It’s not like the maid came by and talked about her cousin’s new baby named Elmer or Taft. Nope, a Kennedy named after her great aunt.

m on

I like it.

Melanie on

Ashley – It reminds you of Sebastian because it’s a short form of Sebastian…

BlueSkidoo on

I don’t mind the name, in fact I really like the name Bastian, but he sounds like a babbling idiot regardless.

Tia on

I LOVE People; I’ve read it for years, but check out this quote from Lena Dunham:

There’s no way to sound smart in People magazine. But you will sound friendly!

Pretty much everyone in here does sound like a babbling idiot, so maybe she’s onto something.

Amy on

Most hospitals won’t let you leave without a name…but I guess when you’re a celebrity…I just can’t believe they “didn’t want to rush” naming the baby, I mean you did have 9 months to come up with names…Hollywood is so bizarre!


Really???? This is a very long explanation to get to the point that the name was thrown together and dosn’t have any special meaning.

Crystal on

Sooo is Kick the first name on the birth certificate??? That is strange!

CR on

T….that was freakin’ funny!!!!

Nicole on

Cause you’re an idiot

OutWithCompetitiveMamas on


mytwocents on

I honestly think that when it comes to naming their children, celebrities are constantly trying to out do eachother by coming up with the most outrageous name they can possibly think of. Let’s see who can be more “artistic” and “unique” and aren’t we just so “original”. Give me a break & get over yourselves. The poor kid will be teased throughout school… sad.

ro90045 on

Hope cruel kids don’t make fun of his name, saying bastard instead of bastian!

Marky on

All the kids at school are not Anglo-Saxons named William, or Michael, or Stephen anymore. And honestly, are you people still telling your children and yourself that it’s okay to make fun of someone’s name, color, country of origin, or whether or not their parents are married? If you are not teaching your children better, then shame on you!! Bastian in “Neverending Story” was a hero, and frankly, I can’t imagine it is stranger than Mustafa, Quanta, Kwan Lo, or Shanequa, none of who get made fun of in our local school, because no one tolerates that sort of behavior. What sort of kids are you raising, anyway?

EmmaGirl on

Listening to that was like nails on a chalboard….

And his costar looks like she was embarassed for him!

J.U. on

“Peanut Butter Tonka” HAHAHAHAHA that’s hilarious T, nice one!!

BBB on

@Marky, I don’t think the problem is really with Bastian, or with non-Anglo names. The problem is with Kick and Ballerina. Those names aren’t proper names from another culture, they’re just odd. Why not Lemonade Handstand? I mean really, they’re coming up with nonsensical proper names.

DaisyMoon on

They deserve to be “Kick-ed” for such a stupid name…

Rose on

bastian …sounds too much like bast…rd and Kick that is just plain dumb.

jc on

Poor kid

Anonymous on

donna- Then good news! Just read through the archives of this site and you’ll find several! One recent example would be Lily Allen, who recently welcomed her second daughter and named her Marnie Rose. 🙂

Marky- Exactly! Rather than thinking about whether a name will make a kid a target for teaching, we need to go back to teaching kids to respect others and not make fun of them because they have a “funny-sounding” name, have problems with their weight, are very short or very tall, play with toys or engage in activities that tend to be thought of as being for opposite sex, etc.

Really, it’s sad how many people seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word “respect”! 😦

Jen DC on

So they go by Bastian and Charlie! Both of which are “regular” names, although Bastian is pretty rare. No one is gonna go around calling out “Bastian Kick! Charlie-Ballerina!” Too many syllables and we’re all too lazy for that.

I actually like the middle name Kick – the story is pretty cute. Plus it’s very masculine – all those hard K sounds. I could do without “Ballerina,” but maybe they thought it made “Charlie” more feminine. Who knows?!

I have a cousin (first cousin, once removed – love saying that) whose nickname is “Boss.” Has never, in life, had a problem. Never made fun of, not mocked or beat up. If Boss can make it through life (in NoCal) as “Boss,” I think Bastian and Charlie are probably gonna be ok.

joules on

Would have been better if he didn’t explain it.

Anonymous on

stupid, just plain stupid

ABC on

I agree with BBB, and Lemonade Handstand was hilarious. 🙂

i need a name on

I wonder if weed comes into the picture when these names are made up.

AEA on

I LOVE what someone else said before… Bastian Kick sounds like Braxton Hicks. Bad move, Mr. Sisto. Your child will forever be “Braxton Hicks” in my mind. Celebrities these days… they drive me nuts. So naturely, I keep reading about them.

Anonymous on

Wow we get it, your a celebrity. Stop trying to impress with all the name dropping. Idiot……and personally a fan of jelly mayonsise for a name!!! What an idiot again

Sandy on

another HollyWEIRD!

Maria on

this is stupid & the explanation does make it more stupid…ugh…oh & Jared Padalecki just named his son Thomas…that was refreshing

Rosemary on

RFK, Jr.’s daughter is nicknamed “Kick” after his Aunt Kathleen Kennedy. The first “KIck” died in a plane crash during WWII.

Debs on

It is so sad what these nitwit “celebrities” name their children, don’t they realize how they are setting them up for ridicule on the playground?? Instead of trying so hard to be “cool” they should try to be more responsible.

Anonymous on

That’s a really horrible name. Sounds just plain stupid.

Jen on

Charlie Ballerina?????

Nicole on

Not that I agree with all names that are chosen for kids I do have to say they are unique and artsy lol. However to all those that say they will have trouble on the playground of course he will most children do unless he is the one starting the trouble he will most def have trouble but just to say children find something to tease you about regardless of your name origin sound etc. my name is Nicole a lot of ppl called me niki for short which then was chanted on playground as icky Nicky gross. Kids will find anything regardless if you give them easy ammo or not. Even when using Nicole I heard stupid remarks such as hey Nicole is it cold outside which was truly idiotic but still made other children laugh with glee heads hanging back like the fools they were. It’s hard as a child to go thru things lk this and it’s easy for me as an adult now to tell my own kids just ignore them or grow a backbone cuz once they figure u don’t care eventually they give up however this concept is harder for children to realize. Just teach your children to be leaders and to stand up for what they believe is right if they do that they should be fine just read the elem story of schooled with lead character Capricorn “cap” Anderson.

Taylor on

Oh yeah, he has an “I am a complete IDIOT” card in his wallet.

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

I would have much preferred Kick Dadinthehead, personally.

Alicia on

David Duchovny’s son is called Kyd Miller and he goes by Miller. IDK why they couldn’t have given their daughter Kyd as a middle name, even if he and DD are besties (which I don’t think they are). How bizarre.

G on

WHY? Why, why, why? Why must these celebrities give their children ODD names? Seriously………

E on

I think it is cool, all these names. It shows creativity…anyone can come up with Josh, or david, or sarah…but these names are unique and I think we need more of them.


I’m naming my kid Bush E. Boy. That way, If he is a failure, we are covered!

MizFit on

” we didn’t want to rush into anything”
You had nine months.

kredyt na dowod on

order that} I may just subscribe.