Family Photo: The Thurman-Bussons – Sealed with a Kiss

01/23/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

What are you doing, Daddy? Luna Thurman-Busson looks on quizzically as papa Arpad Busson blows her kisses while waiting for a flight Tuesday in Paris. The 6-month-old‘s mom, actress Uma Thurman, recently shared that her daughter actually goes by a derivitive of her many middle names — with five monikers in all, it’s just too long to recite the whole thing!

“[My 14-year-old daughter Maya] came up with the best excuse, [which] was that I probably wouldn’t get to have any more children, so I just put every name that I liked into it,” Thurman, 42, told Jimmy Fallon of their choice of Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence. “We couldn’t quite agree.”

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Beach Mom on

Adorable 🙂

Nikita on

So sweet!

maggiemai on

I love Luna! Very pretty!

Nicole on

That poor child won’t be able to spell her name until she’s 30.

dianadeacosta on

The baby is so lovely… Uma looks old!

derft on

oh boy – uma’s not looking too good in this photo

Isabel on

I like that she’s not impressed.

Just My Opinion on

The look on that baby face is PRICELESS.

Ella on

My word! What a cutie!

Diana S Fetterman on

Wow, horrible picture of Uma.

Anonymous on

That baby looks as if to say “WHO YOU KISSIN’?!”

Jesse on

nice, normal looking family. cute

Sandy Castor on

Such a precious baby. I think her older daughter had the right idea. ha ha Why not!!!! Also who cares!!!. Daddy looks proud as he blows kisses to her.

Zen on

I think Arusha Florence would have been nice.

Mom of 5 on

Adorable baby but not a good picture of Uma.

Maggie on

Darling baby, but come on Uma tooooo many names for her.

lovely123 on

I wish I had Uma’s older daughter in my hospital room. My husband and older kids ARGUED for THREE DAYS trying to figure out a name. Naming our last baby five or six names would have been much easier than spending the whole time arguing over her name!!

Anonymous on

Adorable….Uma with no make-up looks like the rest of us…no surprise there people!

Just My Opinion on

Maybe Uma’s trying to go unnoticed?

valeskas on

Uma looks very tired. The baby is precious.

Teena on

Gee, she doesn’t look old…she looks like a normal 42 year old woman sans make-up and perfect light. She looks normal. 🙂 The baby is soooo supercute 😀

Ella on

For those of you still going on about this baby’s names – the article clearly identifies her as: “Luna Thurman-Busson”

On most documents (not passports & birth certificates) she will only be known as Rosalind A. Thurman-Busson.

So no big deal.

marina on

The family looks lovely and Luna is adorable… as far as Uma’s appearance, i am a little annoyed by some comments…. she looks a lot better than most of us would considering she is traveling with 6month old… do you have small babies and have you ever travelled with them? think before posting rude comments!

goodkarma on

People: let’s quite picking on Uma’s looks here! She’s being a great mom to her kids and that’s the important thing………

Kim on

OOPS…..I thought this was a STARS WITHOUT MAKEUP column. Cute baby.

Gina on

Cute baby! Any woman at forty two would look tired and old caring for a six month old (hard work).

suzi on

Busson’s aunt, Joanna Harcourt-Smith, was a companion of Timothy Leary, who coincidentally was married in the early 1960s to the mother of Arpad’s partner, Uma Thurman.[2] His parents met in Paris and named their son after the Hungarian-born banker Árpád Plesch (1889–1974), who was not only Florence Busson’s stepfather (he was the second husband of her mother, Marysia Ulam Krauss Harcourt-Smith), but also her stepgrandfather (Plesch’s first wife was his second wife’s mother, Leonie Caro Ulam).[

Colby on

Uma looks ROUGH.

Mrs.Harris on

Uma is clearly not wearing make up !! Man Those insults to her are so rude…Her skin looks as it should or better for a 42 year old..

The baby is so ADORABLE!!!

Lisa on

OMG how adorable is that little baby and her cute pudgy little face???? I love love love that Uma looks real and not her best.. face it haters, do YOU always look like a movie star when you’re toting your kids around? Me neither.

terra on

Nice that the grandparents wanted to take care of their grandchild!!

Ann on

wow celebs really are like everyone else without all the makeup and glam! Baby is adorable.

Anonymous on

I never thought Uma was very attractive anyways let alone without makeup…

Rosey on

Poor Uma, she looks like how I feel after having a baby past age 36 😦 Though, I’m sure she’ll look great again once that baby sleeps through the night!!

vada on

What a cute baby!!

librababe on

Why are people so hard on Uma every time she’s featured on here? Like, really, she looks fine and normal. I just don’t get it. Anyway, their baby girl looks so much like the dad…lol she’s so cute!

sue d on

I feel better about my thinning hair after seeing Uma in this photo. My mother had a kid at 40 and it is not easy to do it all over again. Have to believe that she has nannies to help but man she looks tired.

abby on

Uma is not aging gracefully at all…

akri on

I wonder if she weighs more b/c of all her 7 names..? 🙂

fiona on

I can’t believe how different Uma looks with no makeup!

Jessica on

Baby is adorable!! But Uma looks terrible here!!!

Jessica on

YTF do these celebs give their children such horrible names? Thank goodness this gorgeous child goes by Luna—nobody can pronouce all those other names!!! AND WHY??? Why do that to your child? SHE has to live with ALL of those names!

Gina on

Luna’s reaction was probably “Daddy, you are silly”…

m on

Oh my gosh, that baby is so cute!

Anonymous on

I love the look the baby is giving her dad! lol

Guest2012 on

“Whatchyou talking about, Willis?” Very cute. Uma looks gross.

Julie on

I agree with “Anonymous” ..Uma looks just fine….like the rest of us! I have a five year old, a three year old and a six week old….I’m lucky to remember to pants on. Nice to see a celebrity be ” real!”

Carrie M on

How cute is she???!!!

KiKi on

Baby is adorable but Uma is looking rough w/o make-up!

Crystal on

This is such an adorable picture! The baby looks like Reese Witherspoon!!! Lol!

cynthia on

So many ‘fiances’, for soooooooo long. Geez, get married, already.

Katrina on

Cute baby!!!

Nanci on

My gosh does she look old!

Bella on

Just too sweet…Love it..

Yvonne on

Oh boy, Uma looks so tired. It was hard in my 20’s raising babies so I can imagine how she must feel. I bet she still looks great when all cleaned up people, she’s just extremely tired/run down and getting older. And no makeup doesn’t help either. If she was on the red carpet you’d all be saying how good she looks for her age. In this photo, she’s done nothing with herself and she’s managing a young baby at 42 years old. I know she’s played a super woman in the movies but in real life she isn’t 🙂

Anonymous on

Jessica- No one can pronounce any of those names? Really? I didn’t realize that the average person had trouble pronouncing Rosalind or Florence! 😉

Anyway, the baby is adorable and I love her expression! As for Uma, she looks fine! I don’t get all the negative comments. Geez, no one wonder most female celebs don’t dare to set foot outside of their houses without first putting on a bunch of make-up and making sure their hair, clothes, etc. are perfectly styled!

AnaBanana on

That baby is super cute. And it’s nice to see a celebrity looks like a normal no-frills person when there’s no makeup team attached to her.

dancer92136 on

Baby is adorable, but Uma looks like she has aged and could use about a week of sleep.

patsy on

Uma is looking very tired…no nanny?