Chely Wright Expecting Identical Twins

01/23/2013 at 02:00 PM ET

Chely Wright Expecting Identical Twins
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Chely Wright is about to be a mom — times two!

The country singer, 42, is expecting identical twins with her wife Lauren Blitzer-Wright. The couple announced the news Wednesday on Howard Bragman‘s YouTube show Gwissues.

“We’re excited to be parents and we hope we don’t mess it up too badly!” Wright told Bragman. The twins are due in July but “with identical twins they typically have to be delivered a month early,” she added.

“We’re anticipating I’ll be as big as a … bus or an A-frame house by around June,” said Wright, who shows off her tiny baby bump in the video.

Wright met her future wife, 31, just two weeks after coming out in May 2010, and the couple tied the knot in an August 2011 homespun ceremony in Connecticut. Now they’re eager to embark on the “adventure,” as Blitzer-Wright puts it, of motherhood.

“When gay couples have babies it’s logistically a little different than when straight people have babies as we all know,” Wright told Bragman, adding that she had been suffering morning sickness in the evenings.

“We feel like God blessed us with twins,” she added. “We feel our entire relationship has been blessed. We feel lucky and ready to take on the challenges.”

— Michelle Tauber with reporting by JD Heyman

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Cate on

Congratulations to them! Praying for a safe, uncomplicated pregnancy for mom and babies. on

identical twins have to be delivered early? What the hell does that mean? As opposed to fraternal, or as opposed to a singleton or triplets or? I don’t get it.

Hannah on

Unless she was misquoted, she is misinformed.

Samantha on

Twins in general come early. A normal pregnancy expectancy is 40 weeks.. with twins its 38.

Add in that she will more then likely have a c-section, which are typically done 7-14 days advance it seems (should only be 10 or less but ppl stretch it out. And poof up to 4 weeks early.

*also the fact is even with natural birth twins seem to come early *

anonymous on

Twins usually aren’t carried to full term. And that is the way I took it not specifically identical twins. Just twins in general.

Madame on

It is likely she’s carrying MoNo twins. MoMo twins are twins that share everything. They are at a higher risk of Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome, and accidental umbilical strangulation in utero.

rachel on

Twins in general, on average less than 30% of twin pregnancies go past 36 wks. With identicals that may be even lowee due to the risk of twin to twin transfusion and other complications limited to identical twins sharing a placenta (it is possible to have identical twins with separate sacs and placentas which carries just the normal twin complications, but when they share a sac and possibly a placenta there are additional risks) I wish them the best for a safe and healthy pregnancy. My non identical twins were 38 wks by scheduled c section, since they were not positioned for natural delivery

Melanie on

The two ladies look like they could also be twins.

Isabel on

Congratulations to the two! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

OutWithCompetitiveMamas on

Wonderful news! Blessings to the happy family.

His jewel on


Andrea on

As a mom of identical twins myself all I can say is brace yourself! lol. You will experience joy like none other and you will experience exhaustion like nothing you’ve ever felt before. It is so rewarding though. 🙂 Also, relish in the moment when they are first born. If there’s anything I could go back to it’s the moment I heard two of my babies cry for the first time. I cannot even explain it. It’s magical.

Suzanne on

Congratulations — I’m happy for your family!!

Hannah on

I hope she educates herself a little before her twins come. It is 100% incorrect that identical twins need to be delivered a month early!

GWA on

God “blessed” you? Really….I believe the words you are looking for is the procedure took. Like it or not God say’s being a homosexual is a SIN just as is stealing or lying is….or any other sin for that matter. I am NOT bashing these 2 women and hate no one but really? If anything God is not pleased you are not in a marriage ordained by him and bringing children into this world. It shall be as in the days of Noah and everyone called him a crack pot until the ark door closed. Yes, I do consider myself to be in excellent company.

Hannah on

God is love. These women love each other, are married, and are in a monogamous, committed relationship. You don’t get to decide, based on the contents of a book written by men, that their marriage is any less ordained than any other. The Bible is not the literal word of God, it is an attempt by man to control the masses.

Frieda on

You better hope you’re right Hannah. Lol.

John on

God is Love but just because you love somebody doesn’t mean you condone what they are doing. Real love is truth not accepting everything that people do as ok since you “love” them. And the Bible is Gods word if you trace the history of it it is the oldest and most accurate book in the world.

Jessie on

“bash bash bash bash” “I’m not bashing …”

Lol ok, cray cray. Don’t speak for God. You aren’t Him.

Anonymous on

How do you look yourself in the mirror each day GWA?

anonymous on

FYI – “God” never said anything about being gay. On either end of the spectrum. Leviticus did. He was a man, not a god and he also said you are condemned to hell for wearing mixed fabrics, eating pork, for women to cut their hair or to associate with women whilst on their periods. So unless you subscribe to all of his words, you cant expect to be taken seriously. Not a knock on religion. Its just common sense. Those words are hard to interpret any way other than they were written. Maybe educate yourself before spewing hate towards people you dont know.

Frieda on

Not even close.

RAL on

Maybe you should educate yourself. Leviticus isn’t a person. Have you read the book, or any book of the bible? Don’t correct others until you know what you are talking about.

Frieda on

GWA – Exactly this.

anonymous on

you sound like a fanatical nut case

Weirdiskate on

Jesus loves all, you should try and remember he let all follow Him, and only He can judge at the end, so try not judging people, that’s a SIN too!

Frieda on


ebethsb on

If God is so unhappy why doesn’t he do something about it? Why did he make her rich and successful and happy?

Anonymous on

@GWA You’re the crackpot. It’s 2013 you idiot! Get a modern day education, and live with it. All I can hope is that you’re either in the ‘older’ generation or belong to a cult. In that case, I’ll ask who let you have access to the Internet.

Jen on

If they’d had a “procedure,” they would be having fraternal twins – not identical. And you claim to not hate, but I certainly don’t hear much love in your post.

Diane on

Oh you Christians. When are you guys gonna realize that gay people (and other sinners) don’t care what you say? I’m pretty sure that the bible says you shouldn’t JUDGE others! Do you really think Chely said to her partner “maybe we shouldn’t do this. That person from AOL had a point!” Please!

Cindy on

I’ve read the bible verse that discusses sin and then fires off a list of sins…it DOES state “men with men,” but right after the comma, it says “men with women.” Basically, sex is a sin, so unless you truly are WITHOUT sin: MIND YOURS!

I am so happy to see that People wrote this article with a progressive and not judgmental tone. Her babies are a blessing because God has the ultimate say so, even in a procedure. If you can’t believe that, then you can’t believe in God. & if you can’t believe in God, then you can’t condemn sin.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Awesome news.

Anonymous on

these ladies are gross!

Anonymous on

I think she just meant to say twins typically need to be delivered about a month early which is completely normal. Doesn’t really take a genuis to figure out that’s what she meant.

Karma on

awwwwwwww GWA. You need Jesus–the real Jesus. Not the bigoted being you have cooked up in your head.

Guest on

I’ve never heard of these people, but congrats on the coming additions to your family!

Alli on

I’m curious how they know that they are identical twins vs fraternal? I am a twin and so is my mother and it still amazes me how many people don’t know about twins. Are they assuming that because they are both the same sex that they are identical? Or did they actually test their DNA which would be invasive to find out? Just curious. You would not believe how many people ask me if my twin brother and I are identical twins.

God hates haters on

Seriously Alli? Have you not heard of ultrasounds? It’s very easy to see if the babies are in one sac or two. One sac means one egg that divided to make identical twins. Two sacs means two eggs. They can tell that just a few weeks into the pregnancy and if she is due in July she is already at least 3 months and possibly into her second trimester. Not rocket science here!

Sarah on

Being a nurse I would guess she had an amnio because of her age. They are recommended for women over 35. So yes a DNA test.

sugarbritches23 on

Maybe she meant twins don’t always make it to a full term delivery….? That’s all I could imagine she meant by her comment!

kim on

I have NEVER heard of identical twins having to be delivered early. I am an identical twin and my mother carried us to a full 40 weeks which is incredibly rare but her body carried us just fine. We were over 7 lbs a piece 🙂 we are 40 now so back then there was not a huge urgent rush to deliver twins early but I have no idea what this woman is talking about.

God hates haters on

Kim, you must not work in the medical field. Identical twins HAVE to be delivered early if they are experiencing twin to twin transfer or if they are experiencing other issues related to two babies sharing one embryonic sac. They can get entangled with each others umbilical cords or even have adverse effects on the amount of fluid available. This doesn’t happen with all identical twin pregnancies but is more common than you would think. Just wanted to educate you so you don’t have to say you NEVER heard of this before.

AD on

It’s sad that these children will not have a father. Even if they have father figures in their extended families, children NEED dads (contrary to what our liberal and immoral society thinks) and it’s a fact that a child without one is disadvantaged.

Eva on

My kids are growing up with a dad who sees them just one day a week, and isn’t much of a father figure when he IS with them. However, they are in no way disadvantaged by that, because they have a mother who does everything that their supposedly indispensable father doesn’t, and then some. These babies will have everything they need to be happy, healthy, KIND individuals, and it won’t make a bit of difference that they will be getting it from two mommies instead of a mommy and a daddy.

rachel on

No more disadvantaged than the multitudes who had a father who was useless as a parent and/or human being, and still turned out fine despite it

Bree on

Congrats to the whole family!!

It is possible that for whatever reason she will have to deliver early. It is also really common for twins to come up to 8 weeks early.

Cannot wait to see pictures, I am sure they are going to be a couple cuties!!

marie on

Congrats – and happy to see positive comments for a change on People! A lot of twins (mine included) were born at 36 weeks vs. 40, so maybe that’s what she meant. I remember being worried that we’d have to deliver earlier than 40 weeks and my doctor said delivering twins at 36 weeks is basically full term (for twin delivery) – and anytime you can carry them over that (ultimately to 40 wks) is a real bonus.

Kim on’re ‘not bashing’ and ‘hate no one’? Yeah honey, keep telling yourself that. I’m sure God is real impressed with you judging others…….

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Noneya on

You cannot tell if twins are identical for 100% certainty until they are born and a DNA test has been done. I was told I was carrying identicals (due to one placenta) but we later found out that they have different blood types. Placentas can fuse in early pregnancy. Also, as long as both babies are growing well, there is no reason to take them a month earlier than expected– though the average twin pregnancy is 36 weeks, so she’s likely to go into labor before “full term.” She should educate herself on that before making a statement.

Noneya on

You cannot tell for certain if you’re having identical twins until they are born. A DNA test has to be done on the babies, because placentas can fuse in early pregnancy to make it look like there is only 1.

twinmom on

Hmm, I wish someone told my 8 pound, full term, identical twin babies they had to be delivered a month early. Kind of funny. Wish them all the best though. Many, many, many joys and tears to come.

greenerskincare on

the life of any a blessing..regardless of whom they arrive may not agree…with how they live or who they love.. I actually don’t….but I hope Chely delivers healthy babies.. I hope she remains healthy during her pregnancy and well. Christians cant forget that the greatest commandment is to LOVE…

ignoranceisbliss on

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure she was referring to the fact that TWINS are normally delivered early. It doesn’t have to do with the fact that they are identical. Considering 85% of twins are born at least 2 weeks before their “due” date then that statement would be accurate.

Hea on

Congrats to them! I wish them all the best.

GWA – Ease up a bit. Love is love and it’s a beautiful thing for two people to share. A loving God would know that and from what I hear, God supposedly loves all his children regardless. You are free to believe what you wish, as am I and I do not believe in a God. I believe in love and respect for our fellow men and women.

Meep on

I love reading hateful remarks from people who claim to be Jesus/God loving people. Do you not realize that not everyone needs some stupid book or an imaginary being to live their lives the way they want? They are not hurting anyone, they are not causing anyone harm, yet you sit there and judge them for wanting to be happy and have a family. You read something in a book and it makes you think you have the right to sit there and hatefully speak about people you don’t even know. Religious people wonder why more and more people out there refuse to tolerate religion or religious people… well, this is why. Every religious person I’ve met (save a few) have been nothing more than judgmental jerks who think they have a platform to talk down to others.

Congrats to the new parents who I am sure will make great parents to their kids, despite all the negative feedback they are clearly going to run into.

La La La on

Some of you need to remember what your mothers hopefully taught you: If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all.

Straight on

There nasty!!!! Two more dikes having kids who have know clue cause identical twins don’t have to come a month early

God hates haters on

Coming from someone who has no clue how to spell “no clue!” Lol! Classic!

MrMonkee on

Actually Hannah, doctors recommend a women who has identical twins, who both share one placenta, to deliver at 36 weeks. And this coming from my significant other who happens to be a pediatrician.

jenna on

I think it is the ladies on here who are misinformed. I had 2 sets of identical twins. They are much higher risk then fraternal as majority of the time they share vessels and a placenta. Most docs won’t let an identical twin pregnancy go beyond 37/36 weeks from the risk of acute TTTS syndromS. It is not rare for a doc to take identicals a month early especially if TTTS is found early on. Ours were born 34 weeks and 5 days. Came home 2 days later. Sure twins are born everyday after 38 weeks but its a huge risk. Read up and educate yourselves ladies

Liz on

Give her a break! She’s excited and misspoke. I believe Chely just meant that twins often come early, identical or fraternal. And as the mother of twins, I know that to be true. 37 weeks is considered full-term for twins, but mine were delivered at 34 weeks. Mazel tov to Chely and Lauren.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! Being a parent of twins is crazy (especially early on) but also very fun! I think she was either misquoted or the comment she made was poor wording. In general there is a higher risk of premature birth for multiples, that’s well documented. I have twins, had a perfectly healthy pregnancy but did go into labor at 35 weeks. I know that more and more twin pregnancies in particular are making it to full term (37 weeks) so hopefully their’s will too. But I wouldn’t say she was misinformed, unless she truly does think identical twins are more often premature. I haven’t seen anything that says the babies being identical vs. fraternal plays into it, just the fact that there are multiple babies which can lead to more complications causing premature birth. There are some different pregnancy complications that can arise in identical babies than fraternal though and those would also contribute to premature birth. Either way, she will find, she has a lot to learn over the next few months and still nothing will really prepare them for the moment when they actually come home. Plan for your plans to be thrown out the window, that’s what I found out! Good luck!

Anonymous on

I think that is just wrong…just sayin.

Brooke on

YEAH!!! Love her…she is so in love with Lauren, they will make fantastic mommies!

Merm on

It’s odd that at 42, she is the one carrying the twins…..her wife is only 31.

Brooke on

LOL @ GWA…..Tell me more about Noah. And every species of animal in the world on a boat and how it applies to these woman, who love each other having babies.


Sherry on

So very happy for them both!!! Praying for a NO complication birth and very healthy babies!!!

Chloe on

Fabulous!! Congrats to them!!

denise on

congratulations!!!!!! best of luck

amy on

Congratulations to you both! Personal happiness is what makes life worth living …those who get their preaching on are clearly struggling an internal battle with god themselves.

Beth on

Never heard of these people but congrats!

Beth on

at, its based on the size of the womans hips. Since she appears to be petite she more than likely cannot have anything except a C section. Yes I’ have identical twins.

Angela on

Folks dont know why her twins may need to be delivered a month early. My identicles had to be delivered a month early as they shared a placenta and there was concern with it deteriorating. This was discussed and planned early in the pregnancy so folks who say this is inaccurate … maybe there are circumstances that were not discussed in this interview. Keep an open mind folks! 🙂

Ruthie on

I thinks she means, with twins, she could go early! Yay! for her having babies! I remember when she came out! I’m so happy for her and her wife.

Dot Walley on

I also agree with the one post about God not blessing these 2 homosexual with twins.God does not like this sin and it is sin.He hates sin and so do I as for that matter.What a shame that God gets blamed for so much.One day it is going to so bad for all these that condone such as this.

mommy2eandl on

Congrats to the happy couple. What a wonderful time for you both. Hoping you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery!

guest on


dee on

how do two women have a kid together? I bet there was a man involved. This is not beautiful, it’s sick.

john on

I don’t like this atrocity or have to agree with it…why do we have to accept perversion and now they’re having babies. God help us all.

DaddyCatALSO on

AD, Emmsy; Yes, I agree that a stable mother father in hom couple is best for child rearing. But how many children these days have it? These babies might suffer on an absolute scale, but not by comparison to other children their age, and that’s the best any society can do.

GMA: Noah was not a prophet preaching repentance; he was an eccentric builidng an escape for his family alone. Probably nobody else even knew what he was doing. Genesis practically says as much.

Anonymous on

I thought country music didnt have lesbians…………….remember KD Lang?

Amy on

Allie-I am a twin and I also have twins. With ultrasounds now days your doc can pretty much tell you during your first sonogram whether you are having identical or fraternal twins depending on how many sacs your babies are in…just thought I would answer your questions.

Also, to answer the early delivery questions, at about 38 weeks (so my specialist says) the placenta (especially if there’s only one) can stop doing it’s job to it’s full potential and therefore the babies don’t get the nutrients or oxygen that they would earlier on in pregnancy. That’s why they say it’s a good idea to deliver twins (especially identical’s who share a placenta) about 2 weeks early…but not necessarily a month. My girls were delivered at 37 1/2 weeks, but I went into labor on my own.

Allison on

I see coming out did not boost her non-career. When will she come out again and say she isn’t gay? Anything for attention.

Jennifer on


I am me on

I am a religious Christian but it is not my place to judge as long as they are not harming another living being. Live and let live. If it is wrong, then let their maker decide on judgement day. Until then, it is none of my business. I wish other so-called “religious” folks would act the same.

Reclamation Design on

To all the people questioning how they could know they were identical twins– let’s examine from a medical perspective. Chely is of advanced maternal age at 42. It is not out of the question that this was IVF. One embryo was implanted and split into two. Most fertility clinics use a procedure on women of advanced maternal age called “assisted hatching”. Assisted hatching increases your chances of one egg splitting by something like 40%. So yes— you can very well know if you have identical twins in some circumstances.

Lisa on

bivouacrack – Identical twins share a placenta. Fraternal twins don’t. That’s what makes it different from a single birth.

Tina on

“I don’t like the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You’re not scared. You’re just an asshole.”

Nothing but love to Chely&Lauren and the babies 🙂

kelticshocker on

Congrats to those lovely ladies. God has blessed them!

John and Dee, expecting a baby is never sick. It is a blessing from God. Their love is from God and you cannot dispute that, the Bible doesn’t not speak against marriages with same sex partners. It speaks against lust, not a marriage based in love.

Brittney on

How does she know they’re identical?

Dee on

The bigotry and hatred that is alive and well in these comments is astounding! And interesting that only the parts of the bible that fuel your homophobias are all you seem to remember-nothing about love and caring and kindness. My bible must be a misprint. Shame on all of you who have nothing but vileness to spew.

Kookie on

Wife my foot. Partner or a union. But don’t insult marriage which is for a man and woman only.

Maggie May on

Sometimes identical twins develop in the same amniotic sac and share a placenta, they are called Monoamniotic-Monochorionic, or Mono-Mono, twins. Delivery is always via c-section and always early as there is a much higher chance of their umbilical cords becoming intertwined. This is not an issue with fraternal twins or identical twins that are not monoamniotic.

Brennan on

@ Alli Identical twins are always in same sac and share a placenta… Fraternal twins are usually separate with their own placentas… I am an identical twin.

God Help Us on

Two women “married” and “having” children together.

God help us all, including the ones who think being a Christian and standing on the Word of God amounts to “hate”.

The devil is a liar.

Elle on

Identical twins do not have to be delivered early. I’m an identical twin who arrived five days late on her own volition. My sister and I had healthy birth weights, hit all the markers, and excelled academically, despite the lack of elbow room. It drives me up the wall to hear people say, “I’m having identical twins, so I’m giving birth a month early.” There is a reason that pregnancies are 40 weeks long, and yanking a kid, two kids, out early just because they’re identical twins is never a good idea. Babies need all the time they can manage in the womb because that’s where the development happens. If the babies want to come early on their own, there’ll be no stopping that, but, ladies, if your doctor starts telling you in the 12th week that that you should plan to give birth a month early just because you’re having twins, it might be time to get a new doctor.

That being said, I’m happy for Chely and Lauren as they move into this new phase of their lives.

Anonymous on

whoa, howd that happen? 2 women making making a baby…didnt think it was possible. disgusting!

Rick on

If she is having the twins, wouldn’t that make her the wife?

Gina on

God had nothing to do with blessing you…

JusttheTruth on

Let’s be clear here, Chely and this woman are not having babies. Chely and some sperm donor are having babies. Chely and her friend, are just going to shack up and pretend to be mommies. Please call it what it is and nothing more.

JusttheTruth on

Please tell this story the way it really is. Chely and some sperm donor are having a baby. Chely and her friend are going to shack up and pretend to both be mommies. Do not try to make it something it is not.

Josie on

I wouldn’t say that “about to be a mom” is quite accurate; the due date is six months away, or nearly. They posted a video? Well, I like that the twins are not identified as male or female, but maybe the article should have identified just which person is which in that photo (and which surname will the kids have, the hyphenated one, or the one Wright is keeping?). Twins scare me

Mary on

For those wondering how they know the twins are identical, if the babies are sharing the same placenta or same sac, that would guarantee that they are identical. However this doesn’t always happen with all identical twins.

Me on

Finally!! Someone who has a clue about zygosity!! I’m so over reading all these posts from people who *think* they know about it. There are 3 types of twins, Mo/Di (1 placenta 2 amniotic sacs) & Mo/Mo (1 placenta 1 amniotic sac) which are always identical & Di/Di (2 placentas 2 amniotic sacs) which CAN be identical OR fraternal.

Corrie on

To all the ignorant bigots who are commenting on this post, you should be ASHAMED of yourself. It’s not your place to judge. It’s God’s. A lot of you, by the way you’re acting and the words you’re saying, seem to think that you *are* God. Like someone else said, no wonder so many people are intolerant of people who call themselves Christians when they have bigots and closeminded hypocrites such as yourselves being the most outspoken.

Chely has gone through *so* much to get where she is right now. I am incredibly happy for her and for her wife. Here’s hoping for happy, healthy babies!

I just got done taking a sociology class last semester, and there is very little difference between children brought up in a two parent home with a mom and a dad than there is with kids of a lesbian couple, or even two gay men like Elton & David. So, with that being said, put that in your hat and smoke it.

g man on

The new normal. I do not recognize this country anymore.

Skyknight320 on

Completely disgusting.

Lisa on

Typical…celebrities ‘buying’ babies. Here’s an idea…do it the way God intended. Get married and reproduce naturally and quit f*****g with mother nature.

fafafa on

As if straight household was a recipe for a happy child hood. Please! GO take care of your children and shut up.

Cate on

Twins sometimes *do* have to be delivered early due to placental insufficiency. In other words, the placenta is not able to continue to support two babies beyond a certain point and the babies stop growing properly. If there are no issues, they don’t need to be delivered early; they can go to 40 weeks.

lifeasahouse on

There are several different kinds of twins- 2 babies with 2 sacs and 2 placentas, 2 babies with one sac and 1 placenta, and all the options in between. Identical twins can be identified in utero id they are sharing a sac or a placenta. Often times these kinds of twins are much higher risk and need to be delivered early because the placenta could be running our or the babies cords could tangle, etc. Whatever the case, congrats to the loving parents.

lifeasahouse on

BTW, which of us has not sinned? Are all sins not created equal.

Arleen Blackstone on

Why must this trash be constantly be thrown in our faces! God weeps!

Jenn on

I have 4 1/2 month Identical boys (Mono-di). They are truly the best thing to ever happen to me. Identical, but very much their own person. Mine are actually good boys- they have been sleeping through the night since 3 months and rarely are upset at the same time- VERY manageable to care for unlike the warnings i’d hear when pregnant. They are both VERY happy babies. Full term for twins is considered 37 weeks. Mine were delivered at 33 weeks 4 days because my water broke- but they were very healthy- only 8 days in the NICU.

Bivouscrack- they have to be delivered early when Identical because they share a placenta and with multiples, if they share one, it tends to start deteriorating faster than a singleton pregnancy. Fraternal are typically early too- but not as early as identicals as they do not share a placenta. Twins in general have more risk as the room runs out faster and their umbilical cords an tangle or become wrapped around a vital area such as their neck.

Alli- Fraternal twins are a result of hyper ovulation- the mother dropping more than one egg and is considered hereditary. Fraternals usually have separate sacs and separate placentas and you can see that in an ultrasound. Identicals are NOT hereditary- and typically share the placenta and a sac. However, mine just shared a placenta and had their own sacs. Rarely a twin that was considered identical (usually due to a placenta that fused- but my doctor who has practiced for 30 years has never seen it) in the womb turns out to be fraternal by looks/DNA once they are born. But with IVF I believe they can tell more precisely that it is identical…

Anyway congrats! Twins are awesome! And who are you people to judge? They aren’t affecting you or your admission to heaven- so if they seem ungodly to you, keep it to yourself.

Pat dennis on

This so sick and makes me want to puke like the other person said. A Blessing from God. Delude yourself, into thinking what you want.

Anonymous on

If she was using IVF they would know the babies were identical if they used one egg. Also when I was pg we found out they were identical at 5 months. Of course it wasn’t 100% until after they were born and tested.

As for twins coming early nowadays it’s not as often. Though full term is 37 weeks. But of all my gf’s who had twins we all went 39-40 weeks. So unless there are complications she should make it full term or longer.

Realist on

Congrats !!! Oh, wait a minute, how did that happen ? Is one of the a hermaphrodite ?

anna on

Why not just let the twins come when they come? Mother nature has been doing it right for how many years now? The closer to 40 weeks the better. You should be hoping they don’t come a month early.

Ellarae on

Congratulations! I’m a twin and can’t imagine not having grown up that way… my sister was always there. I would advise (since they’re identical) not dressing them the same (which will be tempting); they will need to have their own identities and will most likely have completely different personalities. Good luck and yes, sleep while you can!!

Michelle Vye on

I think that media is making a big deal out of homosexuality.Gays and lesbians have been around for thousands of years..Nothing new!!Whatever goes in people’s bedrooms, is nobody business…The only thing I do not agree is children been brought up by homosexuals/lesbians..This is not right for the kids.which one do they call “father” , or “Mother”? Those children are mocked by their friends(as you know children sometimes can be very cruel among each other) and I do really believe that those couples should not have any kids.I do not care how much they will spoil them, love them.etc…something will be always disturbing for the child. mentally and spiritually. those couples want too much..They should think about this child first, not about themselves. One day the child will ask”Who is my real father?…What are they going to answer? you are telling me.etc.etc..I am a straight person and I have nothing against homosexuals/lesbians. if they are happy it is what counts..but , please do not mix children in this!Sooner or later they will be very confused and hurt..Michelle

God hates haters on

I never mocked anyone that was different from me while I was growing up. Of course, I was raised by a wonderful mother who took us to church every week and taught us that everyone is special in their own way. Those that are different are made that way by god for a reason only he knows. We are not the ones to judge. We are here to love and nurture each other. We need to teach our children this. Children who bully have been taught intolerance and hate at home. Saying you think these children will be bullied means you must think other people’s (heterosexual parents) children have been raised incorrectly. So who is more deserving of children? No one is perfect and no one raises the perfect child. Being raised in a loving and tolerant home is the best we can offer children. Peace, love and happiness to all!

jim on

I always thought she was pretty sharp and now she’s going to be a daddy.

Steph on

Noneya- considering that she is 42 years old, she probably had IVF. I’ve had IVF, so I know a bit about twins. If she had only one embryo and somehow ended up with twins, then the embryo split. Then she’d know for SURE that they are identical.

If the twins are in the same sac, if they have one placenta, if they have twin to twin transfusion syndrome….they are identical:)

In cases/families, where they are not hurting us or anyone else, why don’t we reserve our negative judgements? Worry about gun control and bad healthcare instead;)

Anonymous on

Congrats! I’ve loved Chely’s music for years & after reading her autobiography I have much more respect for her. Much happiness to both of you…..big hugs 🙂

Mr Collier on

Their Relationship won;t Last & She can’t be that good of a Singer as I have never heard of her

God hates haters on

Advanced maternal age usually leads to more genetic abnormalities but a woman in her early 40’s should be able to carry the twins just fine if she is healthy. Just wondering if they used the egg of her younger partner and she is the carrier. It’s not common but I have heard of this with lesbian couples so that they can each be involved in the motherhood experience. Not saying that not being genetically related to the babies makes you any less of a parent. Just wondering if they did this? Hope for a great outcome and very healthy babies to them both! Congrats!

pj on

No shame here!

TV on

There’s three sets of twins in my family and only one set was actually delivered a month early. The other two sets made it to 38 and 39 weeks gestation. Making a statement that twins typically have to be delivered a month early is ludicrous because you’re making it seem like the mother has no other choice. Expectant mothers always have a choice to deny their OB into making them go through induction or C-Section just because of fears for malpractice.

johnny on

Somethings missing here ,oh yeah,,,the other half of humanity a male,,,, God made marriage and said the man and woman “They shall be one flesh” What part of this do you people not get?

Susan on

Actually GWA, God (Jesus) says nothing about homosexuality. Other people in the Bible do. I’m thrilled for Chely and Lauren! God DID bless you and I pray that you have an easy pregnancy and delivery.

Anonymous on

Without medical intervention this would never have happened.

There is a reason why God made men and women different.

Just unnatural, strange and not what was intended.

Hattie on

Wonder if they know who the Daddy is?Ex boyfriend John Rich said to Cheley once ” you’re not gay, are you “?

Gossipgal on

They didn’t manage that without a man, no matter how much they wish it weren’t so.

meghan on

Honestly, I’d rather be raised by two dads or two moms than any of the allegedly moral people on this site.

leon on

Infidelity? Does the man who knocked her up have to pay child support?

leon on

Infidelity? Does the guy who knocked her up have to pay child support?

1leahpatra on

GWA : Regarding your comments. Do you believe God sanctions hatred? Your words are judgemental. Do you believe that god created all of us? If you do than it seems to me to you are disrespecting God by denying “his” (as you refer to God), creations.

Josh on

Congrats to the expecting couple! May no one’s judgement rain on your joy!

DLW on

Whose going to be called Daddy? I see two very confused children that should not be born! They should sue these two morons for child abuse when they are old enough!

Bridget on

I’d rather read about this than Kim kartrashian and her abomination.

Sharon on

I literally just laughed out loud! You are exactly right, though!

donna on

how do they know that the twins are going to be identical? i didn’t think ultrasounds were that accurate

CloudyInSunnyCA on

I don’t know where to begin. Congrates to the beautiful couple to start. Next, how dare ANYONE call homosexuality a sin. This is not a choice…and if you think it is, when did YOU CHOOSE to be straight? And, since it’s not a choice, therefore they are not sinning, nor do they need to be forgiven. If that were the case, then I am a sinner simply because I have blue eyes: my point is it’s not a choice either.

I thank God that we are finally coming to understand THAT WE ARE ALL EQUAL in God’s eyes and BY LAW, which is really all that matters.

Thank you President Obama for saying: Our journey is not complete until our Gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else UNDER THE LAW, for if we are truly created equal then the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.

Amber on

Congratulations! I wish them all the best with their twins! Being a twin myself, I can totally relate! Good luck for them!

Danielle on

As a mommy of identical twins….what fun!!!!

Depending on the doctor full term for twins can be 36 weeks…which is a month early. I delivered mine at 32.5 due to Pre-eclapmsia and HELP symdrome

Carolyn on

Please do NOT say God gave you those twins.. yes he created them and creates all babies inside their moms womb.. but your behavior as lesbians is a blaspheme to God.. He loves each person but does not like the sin. Those babies God has a right to take them on to heaven. They should not live in confusion. God created all men equal.. only in judgement … not gender.

Eva on

God doesn’t “take babies to heaven” to punish their parents for their “sins”-may He have mercy on YOUR soul for saying something so completely foul about two innocent children!

Berry on

If wife is 31 year old and she is not pregnant, so daddy is pregnant at 42. Look like there are a lots of sick people here. Congratulations to all of them, just don’t forget to take a pil every day.

Carolyn on

God hates the sin. NOT THE SINNER. People he loves.. He hates that we choose to sin. Read Revelation. Tribulation is coming because we do not honor his commandments and believe that he shed his blood for our sins…

J. Anderson on

I never heard of these people and I do listen to country music! Best of luck with the baby. Disagree with two people of the same sex having a child. Our country has such liberal, crazy thinking that most think everything goes. Not so!

Anonymous on

This is sad for the babies involved against their will.

Beach Mom on

Congratulations! Beautiful family!

Kopasedic on

Identical twins are generally born 4 weeks early do to the fact that both babies are sharing a placenta and it tends to “die” sooner then that of a singleton or fraternal… they can tell if a baby is identical or fraternal in the womb because identical share a placenta and fraternal do not…. the can tell in a ultrasound … and before anyone cries fowl on me i am a mother to identical twin girls and this is what the drs and the specialists told me…. they told me at 13 weeks they were identical and they were right (blood work was done to verify)

ultrarad on

Awesome! Inspiring! What a blessing! Praise God, the Creator of all life! Someone just beat me to that point! God tells us in Jeremiah that He created us as magnificent creations in His image. One who believes that any baby is “a victim” or lacking in any way should reexamine what God says. All are born with sin and fall short of God’s glory. Salvation is not “achieved” but a gift of grace by a loving God. No one is without sin and even if you do believe that homosexuality is a sin, you cannot logically accept the Gospel as truly Good News unless you know that we all need God. “If anyone has ears, let him hear…” God is good and the author of all things good. There is no good without Him. Praying for you Chely and Lauren. Fight the good fight! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Alayna on

Identical twins? How can you tell they’re going to be identical before they are born? Wow technology has really changed…Congrats though!

CloudyInSunnyCA on

I am appalled by the bigotry…how can anyone deny two people who love each other to have a family? This is not new. They are not the first, nor will they be the last same sex couple to have children. Get used to it, get a life…And don’t you DARE SAY THAT GOD IS AGAINST this union and this family. The God that I pray to is loving. Your hate will be “his” decision when it matters…be afraid, be very afraid…your hate will be judged and take you to hell…I pray that God helps you understand love.

Those who believe a family should be traditional, a mother and a father, now that doesn’t always happen, does it? Divorce or having a child out of wedlock, are these against the law? No. There are children who are abused by their parents and that is against the law. A child doesn’t need a traditional family. A child needs love, respect, compassion and security.

YES GOD BLESSED THIS FAMILY! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy, and may their children only know love.

Sharon on

Congratulations to them! They seem like a great couple. To all the haters, please stop and find something better to do with yourselves. Babies are a blessing, and the fact that they will be loved beyond words by these women is what matters. I am sure God would rather a loving gay couple who gives their children a wonderful life instead of a straight couple who abuses them. There are way too many other things wrong in the world today to worry about, not the fact that 2 women are having children.

greer on

Sorry, but God does not bless homosexuality and all it’s behavior. I feel so sorry for these two women actually believing that God will bless them or their life styles…it is nothing but a sin and a lie. Sad how weak and compliant liberal society nowadays passes this off as acceptable, it is anything but. I pray for these two women to one day wake up from their spell and realize what God really had in store for them and their lives…and thats was definitely not to live a make-believe life of woman and woman, instead of natural man and woman. Sorry People, but it is the truth!

Anonymous on

God made Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve!!

CloudyInSunnyCA on

I cannot wait until our president repeals DOMA and makes same sex MARRIAGE legal in our country…and, just watch, he will…and you know what? If you don’t like it…THEN DON’T DO IT…It is not against God (your hatred and bigotry is though) but, that does not matter…Our country is not based on the bible, any bible, it is based on our constition which says we are all equal. So, basically…screw your bible…screw YOUR god…IT DOES NOT MATTER. Now, my God is a loving God and believes that we are all loved and deserve love and happiness.

Momma of Triplets on

I’m a mother of fraternal triplets and I interact with many other triplet mothers, many who had IVF and only TRANSFERRED 2 embryos. With the use of ICSI (male factor infertility, sperm injected directly into the egg) and assisted hatching for older women (35+) doctors are starting to see more identical twinning. You can tell the difference between indentical and fraternal as early as 6 weeks. Some of you posting here are completely oblivious when it comes to multiples. I went 33 weeks with my triplets but the average is 32. It’s 30 for quads, 36 for twins and 40 for singletons. Google is your friend.

Congrats to the lovely couple. I’m sure they’re children will do fine in life without a father. Not to knock anyone but there sure are a lot of single parents out there and the FATHER is usually the absent one.

G. Edward on

First of all, Chely Wright is NOT expecting twins “with her wife”, L. B.-W., because women do not have wives. She is expecting twins with whatever man provided sperm for his children with her that he may never get to see, much less be a father to. The poor children will be emotionally conflicted and damaged by being subjected to the homosexual (a.k.a. lesbian) relationship of these two perverse females. God’s blessing IS NOT upon this mess, but rather His wrath is! Homosexuality is condemned by The Word of God period! Of course, the so-called “LBGT community” will mock this in their delusional arrogance. Further, Ms. Chely’s music career is headed way south unless there are a lot of twisted dollars (like queer welfare) to prop her up.

Anonymous on

that’s really abig sin whatever they wili never look normal or self-confident, for sure alot of main important things in the normal life missing the religion the society the nature of huminity needs mom and dad that not right

edm on

They are identical if there is only one placenta!

GodisLove on

I am very happy for these two seemingly wonderful human beings. I was raised by a verbally abusive man, who cheated on my mother in front of me, and was an Episcopal minister for 40 years, and had an ivy league doctorate to his name. He should have been a wonderful father, but he was not and I paid the emotional price of that, as did my mother. According to many of those posting here, I had the best advantage in life because I had God-Fearing heterosexual parents. Well, I am hear to testify, that I would have been more blessed to be the child of the two women above, than I was with my own father. I love my father despite his limitations, but I know I am right. Genitalia has nothing to do with the capacity to teach young men and women to love and respect themselves and others. These children will have father figures, like I did, in grandfathers, uncles, and godfather’s, and they may have a better childhood, than some of us, who are raised in an heterosexual household. I believe the bible is taken out of context, or not put into context at all. Jesus only taught love and acceptance. Yes, he was a practicing Jew, but what he took from the Torah, was not a message of hate and condemnation, he took a message of love and understanding. The one time Jesus became angry when the money changers at the table where trading money in a sacred place, because of how offensive it was to bring the greed and inequality of money to his Father’s house. He did not become angry when he met lepers, prostitutes, or adulterers. He showed only compassion and love, this was in direct objection to some of the Jewish rules or ideals that would have been taught. He died on that cross, to purify our hearts, to cleanse us of the emotions and actions that bring us further away from God, such as greed, judgement, cruelty. His last action was not one of anger or hate. It was of love, and of unity, for he died of us all, black or white, poor or rich. Jesus understood love more than any of us ever will. I choose to live my life in love. I may not know what in the bible is of man, and what is of God, but I choose to believe that Jesus wanted me to love, and to give, and that will bring me closer to him. I urge any of you, who are condemning these two people who are going to raise these children before they are even born, to ask yourself, if that is the best use of the breath God has given you.These children are coming into the world, they will be loved. Do you want to love them or pity them? You cannot do both.

Armande on

Can’t help but notice that the misguided people commenting in the name of God generally do so anonymously. ..

Chely will make an awesome mother because she is an awesome person who has found the right partner [spouse] to bring up children.

These children will no doubt be happy etc. That is all that matters despite the naysayers. It is more than unfortunate that these same people use their precious time and energy to criticize others’ right to true happiness. It is sad indeed to speak so negatively of others without complete knowledge or personal experience.

BIG CONGRATS to Chely and Lauren!!

tracy on

They know they are identical because they most likely transferred one embryo . they know that one embry split . also because i have ivf experience , i will bet that one egg came from the one not pregnant because she is so much younger .

tracy on

i bet the older one is carrying the younger ones embryo . they only transferred one embryo – this is how they know they are identical.Chely being 42 i bet it wasnt her egg. for ivf over 40 they usually transfer 2-4 embryos since the odds are so much lower that even one would take in that age bracket. The younger one donated her egg essentially to her partner.

Amanda on

Ok, I don’t get this either. I had fraternal twins in July 2007~one of the hottest summers on record~and carried them to 37 weeks and 5 days and did not have a C-section. I don’t understand why people freak out so much when it comes to twins? Obviously, there are more risks but if you just take it easy the pregnancy can be very easy.

Debbe on

I am especially happy to hear this news because it just shows that sometimes, for some, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. She went through a lot struggling about coming out to parents who did not understand how people could be gay. But once she was true to herself, and came out, her parents came around (According to her interviews) and right after, she finds the love of her life. If I were her dad, I would be happy because right now in the world, if she had been straight, it would be extremely hard to find a GOOD GOOD HONEST MAN, at least I am having that problem and so are many of the women I know, and his daughter well, she found a good woman, good for her…light showed up for her, Congratulations!

joan on

@AD – there is not proof that a man is needed to raise a baby. And there is no proof that kids raised by gay parents are more troubled that straight parents. people raise kids alone all the time and kids survive just fine.

melissa on

Congrats Chely and Lauren!!

Anonymous on

Leviticus is NOT a person. That book of the Bible means “related to” the Levites, the priestly tribe of the Israelites.

AllglorytoGod on

The scripture is the Word of God.All scripture is God-breathed and its useful for teaching rebuking,correction and training for righteousness.God used man to write down some words.Others came directly for Him,(Jesus) 2Tim 3:16-Rebuking is not judging.Its to show others in error in hopes they will repent…Not to hate.Actually to love.If you knew something that would save someone,why wouldn’t ya tell them?Thats what Jesus teaches.Ok…I can list many scripture about how God dislikes homosexuality.1Cor.Homosexual will not inherit the kingdom.God is love because he sent His only Son to die for us.Anyone who repents,stops living for Satan and for the glory of God believing Jesus is God…you will be inherit eternal life.But homosexuals that are living a homosexual marriages in all reality embrace sin.Satan us the great deceiver.Just because God loves everyone doesn’t mean we could sleep with anyone we like.I love my dog prolly more than some ppl,but I wouldn’t think of marrying her.Just how wrong does that sound?Here the thing…I never knew who God was,understood the true meaning of scripture if God’s Holy Spirit wasn’t in my heart.And nobody else does either.

At the end of the day homosexual marriage is wrong…its sin.Period.What Christian should do is pray.Pray for the lost.Ones in darkness.Homosexuals,unbelievers etc etc…Just pray.I cant save them but Gid can.I hope these 2 women come to there sense soon.I don’t want see anyone live in eternal darkness…hell.God Bless

heatherodonnell80209 on

When I was pregnant with identical twins, my doctor said he typically induces by 38 weeks because of the increased risks associated with the shared placenta (twin to twin transfusion, etc). I ended up losing both babies at 20 weeks, though.

AllglorytoGod on

@godislove–You think it’s profitable not to rebuke ppl who disobey God.You said you want to become closer to him.Evangelize His truth is obdience.If you love them it your job to help others come to God.After all Christians are ambassadors for God.When Jesus met the Samarian women at Jacobs well what did he say to her?Jesus knew she was a sinner,prostitute.Despite that He said His water is the fountain of eternal life.He said believe in me,women,the time is coming when you will worship the Father.You ppl don’t know what your worshipping.She said I know the messiah and Jesus said I am He.It connected…spirit & truth.She knew what her duty was now.Go to town spread to Gospel as she did.The last thing Jesus said to her.Go….AND SIN NO MORE!This is what God want us to do.These women need more than just,”we love you”.They need to hear the truth…the gospel truth.Its not criticizing…It true love..Agape Love.

Ali on

Just to be clear on facts. By the laws of nature hence God, the sperm donor and the rightful female participant are going to be the true birth parents of the twins and not the homosexual ones.

Myaself on

It’s like Chely saw her partner and said “She looks like me. I’ll have sex with that.” Kinda narcissistic.

Anonymous on

I’m amused that most (not all but most) of the crazy religious zealots making comments can’t write proper English. So the question begs, if this is so wrong, do you NOW condone abortion, is it NOW okay to “kill” since YOU deem this situation to be wrong?? Freaking idiotic morons… I do appreciate “I AM ME”s” comment, thank you for being the voice of reason. I feel the same way you feel. I wasn’t put on this planet to judge anyone, Lord knows, I’m too far from perfect to do that.

Jen DC on

(a) All you Leviticus-siting Biblical “scholars”: I hate to break the news to you, but you actually have no idea what the Bible is actually saying. Unless you’re reading one of the originals in Aramaic, you’re reading a multiply-translated VERSION (which is says on the cover, in gold script) that you have no guarantee that the book actually said what you are now reading.

(b) It’s curious to me that there is all this uproar about men/men and women/women relationships, but no Christian ever mentions the horror that took place after God destroyed Sodom (the city whose sin was not, in fact, homosexuality if the list provided in the Bible is to be believed). Lot’s daughters performed incest and God, apparently, didn’t blink an eye. Now, I’m NOT AND AM NOWHERE NEAR equating incest to homosexuality; I’m making a comparison between books of the Bible and the hypocrisy of judgmental Christians in bearing down on parts of their holy book while completely ignoring others.

(c) “Marriage” is a determination of the state, not of religion. Regardless of how you feel about gays marrying, if these two have satisfied the statutory requirements of where they live, they are, in fact, married and wives to each other.

(d) To the people mocking IVF: So… should no one struggling with infertility be able to avail themselves of the treatment? You guys act like the only people who ever use the technology are people you like. And it’s really interesting to me because my perception is that you’d LET people you like, of whose lives you approve, to use the technology, but would deny others if given the chance. This is why we live in a democratic republic: tyranny in whatever guise – including the guise of a “loving religion” – must be struggled against and the minority given every opportunity to save themselves.

I wish these two the joys of their babies and their marriage. No one should have to live life hiding away who they are or whom they love.

AllglorytoGod on

@TLL–We didnt pick out homosexuality.They did.That’s the subject.Sin is sin.No other way around it.If God wanted same sex relation children would be born both ways.I agree they’re other sin.But the fact is homosexualality in the eyes of God is wrong.

lone ranger on

how uninspireing , these people, should keep thier business to themselves.

Ayjay on

Poor Kid have no chance to ever know God….

Ayjay on

They will never be able to annihilate men, God’ s creation — Poor kids have no chance…..

Charli on

I don’t get why identical twins have to be delivered early.

kat on

Yuck, sad what this country has come to but you can’t continue denounce the truth.

TiGi on

truth…devil is a liar…this woman is more than misinformed about twins, she is lost about life altogether..her & her ‘wife’…what kind of world are we living in? this is disgusting!

Sandy on

just don’t get it

Justsaying on

Every baby is a blessing and a precious gift. Be not mistaken God loves all of His children but as someone already stated He hates sin. Loves the sinner hates the sin. As Christians we are expected to share God’s word with our brothers and sisters. One of the greatest commandments is to “love you neighbor as you love yourself” and to me that means sharing the truth and goodness of God, so that none may be left behind. Its hypocritical to say you live by God’s word and not care about your neighbor. That being said, I wish her a safe and happy pregnancy and delivery and much joy and blessings!!

Carolyn on

For all those hate spewers out there, you might want to remind yourself that it was a ‘Christian’ who created the Holocaust. Hitler judged the Jews to be unfit sinners and look what happened there. God does NOT condone hatred for any reason. We are all imperfect sinners but he shed his blood because he loved us anyway.

So hate if you must, just don’t hide behind the bible to do it.

Think about it on

If their way of becoming parents is “not natural” then is it fair to say all babies conceived by IVF, surrogacy, Clomid or other medical help making babies not REAL? My Clomid/IVF/surrogacy baby is just as real as an unassisted pregnancy. The point is, all these babies were wanted by their parents. Why should any method or partnership to have children be more boastful and accepted? Not that it matters, but I am a straight married mother with friends in various parenting relationship roles. None are seen as less of a parent to me.

Anonymous on

Thats not right.

MaddoxsMom on

People please…leave them alone!!! Didn’t anyone teach you that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all!!!! My son has a friend with 2 moms and he is 14 now and he says he has never felt ackward or uncomfortable nor has he ever been bullied about having 2 moms. Coming from parents who are gay, lesbian or transgender doesn’t not mean that they are going to scarred for life. I know plenty of kids who come from a 2 parent married catholic/christian home and they turned out all screwed up. The boy I mentioned in the beginning of my comment with the 2 moms is the number one child, academically in his class, he is a star baseball and football player and he even volunteers. My point is just because you come from what is deemed by religious fanatics as a “proper household”, one that God himself would approve of, doesn’t mean your life will be perfect or you will a good person. Live and let live….if you are all so worried about what God thinks or about what is in the bible….maybe you should all be concerned about priests, the men that represent God in our community, who go around molesting small, innocent, vulnerable children….worry about what their actions and what it effecct it will have on those children for the rest of their lives instead of worry about 2 married women having identical twins!!!!!

Anonymous on

She was referring to the fact that monozygotice/monoamniotic identical twins share a placenta and a amniotic sac. They are at increased risk of tangling in their umbilical cords and are at a higher risk of death in the last month of pregnancy due to the extreme lack of room in one amniotic sac. I work in a high risk neonatal intensive care unit and this is a common practice.

Mac on

I’m an identical twin myself and I was born week LATE perfectly healthy. This “they typically have to be delivered a month early” is not 100% correct. But this is the day and age of planned C-Sections.

Bobbie on

CONGRATS!! you 2 are going to have the time of your life!! I Just watched her show about chyle coming out, very touching! love your music too by the way! I have a gay son and I knew from an early age that he was going to be gay, I love and support my son !! What makes him happy makes me happy!! keep strong and keep your head held high! I always have been a fan and will remain a huge fan!!!

TLL on

Jesus said, “Do not put any gods before me…Love God with all your heart…Love one another as you would love yourself.” Homosexuality is in the bible in 5 places; grouped with other sins like adultery. Adultery is in the bible 22 times. Paul writes about homosexuality (and other sins) but it does not say Jesus says prior to. Look at where adultery is mentioned and many times it is prefaced “Jesus said…” There are many sins in the world, but everyone wants to pick out homosexuality. Why don’t we focus on adultery–because that would affect many, many, many more of the world. The bottom line is God puts people in our lives, He blesses all people, He loves all people. God has created all people and all are His children. It is our responsibility to love all as we would love ourselves and God. Let’s stop picking and choosing what sins to get upset about and do what Jesus said, “Do not put any gods above me…Love God with all your heart…Love one another as you would love yourself.”

Bug on

It’s not really that big of a deal, but I wonder why Chely at 42 years old is the pregnant one, instead of her wife, who is only 31? I hope they have happy, healthy babies.

J on

this nation is followng the path set in antiquity by the Romans, Greeks, and others… once the government allows the society to fall into ‘abnormal’ segments and tells the people that its ‘ok, accept and dont judge’ – that is when it all starts to fall apart. Normal = vast majority in nature… Can someone tell me what the % of animals in nature are lesbian??? Get it???? Abnormal, downfall, the end…

Ellie Beaulieu on

Congrat’s Ladie’s, wishing you all the best and enjoy motherhood, it’s truly a blessing.

J on

Normal = vast majority of examples in nature
Abnormal = anything else

Get it???? This country is sinking fast, just like the Romans and Greeks from antiquity… guess people/countries never learn. I’m so sick of the lack of moral conscience anymore, pathetic…

Carolyn on

J, I hate to burst your bubble, but I had a flock of male Mallard ducks on the pond out back of my house and they ‘mated’ with each other all the time. And then there was that penguin
‘couple’ in the German zoo who adopted an abandoned egg and raised the chick together…Well you get the point.

J on

Carolyn, try awnsering the question next time, not just giving your isolated examples… what is the % in nature of gay animals??? If you cant properly awnser then pls hold off with your womanly wisdom/examples and try sticking to facts… Its people like you that are causing our collapse to begin with…

Lucky22 on

They are two SICK WOMEN…. They are not expecting twins the one that pregant is cause no two women can have kids… Only a MAN an a WOMAN can have kids….. GOD didnt creat two women to have kids so they need to get there heads right…

TiGi on

carolyn you are as strange and lost as these two women…i feel sorry for you as well…

J on

Being that nobody – even Carolyn – can answer the question, I will provide the FACTS. Gay behavior in animals is recognized approx 5% of the time or less… even with ‘miss know it alls’ examples of Mallard ducks – which have the highest observed % of gay behavior (only AFTER mating with a female) – the amount is only 10%… As far as I know, 5-10% is still a VAST MINORITY, and therefore = ABNORMAL,

Doesnt take a genius to understand… end of discussion…

RB on

“When gay couples have babies it’s logistically a little different than when straight people have babies as we all know,”

It’s VERY different…..

jim on


Cindy on

I hope all will be well.

Anonymous on

Stop Drop & Roll will not work for where these two will spend eternity if they don’t repent!

CloudyInSunnyCA on

This is the new normal…and it does not matter how you interpret your bible because your bible has nothing to do with it. If it is against your religion…don’t do it. Do not attend a wedding or give a gift for a baby. But those of us who are honored to be included plan on celebrating!

As President Obama says “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated equally under the law, for if we are truly created equal then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.”

I sincerely believe these two have been blessed to find each other and their love will create a happy, loving family. Shame on you if you feel this is unnatural. There is nothing unnatural about love especially to those who belive in Jesus and God. What is unnatural is hatred…and using your narrow views as an excuse for hatred.

ValPal on

Let’s stop pretending that this is normal!

CloudyInSunnyCA on

I’m confused. How can homosexuality be a sin? It’s not a choice. If it were, wouldn’t that mean as some point you sat there and thought “hmmmmm, do I want to be with men or women?” Why should they be forgiven? You forgive an action, not who you are.

CloudyInSunnyCA on

Regarding slavery…I believe that’s against the law…(thank you A. Lincoln.)

Exodus 21:7 – “When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she shall not go free as male slaves do.”

Leviticus 25:44 – “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.” (Oh, I guess we can get them from Canada or Mexico…but it is outlawed here.)

What? No Bacon? No Football? Now that’s an abomination.

Leviticus 11:7-8 – “and the pig, which does indeed have hoofs and is cloven-footed, but does not chew the cud and is therefore unclean for you. Their flesh you shall not eat, and their dead bodies you shall not touch; they are unclean for you.”

Oh, no…birth control…baaaaad. But sleeping with your brother’s wife….not so bad.

Genesis 38:9-10 – “Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so when he went in to his brother’s wife, he wasted his seed on the ground in order not to give offspring to his brother. But what he did was displeasing in the sight of the Lord; so He took his life.”

And this must be why they call it “the curse”…but only until evening.

Lev 15:19-24 – “When a woman has her regular flow of blood, the impurity of her monthly period will last seven days, and anyone who touches her will be unclean till evening. Anything she lies on during her period will be unclean, and anything she sits on will be unclean. Whoever touches her bed must wash his clothes and bathe with water, and he will be unclean till evening. Whoever touches anything she sits on must wash his clothes and bathe with water, and he will be unclean till evening. Whether it is the bed or anything she was sitting on, when anyone touches it, he will be unclean till evening. If a man lies with her and her monthly flow touches him, he will be unclean for seven days; any bed he lies on will be unclean.”

I do believe in this one…I mean, at least one day a week with no Walmart?

Exodus 35:2 – “On six days work may be done, but the seventh day shall be sacred to you as the Sabbath of complete rest to the Lord. Anyone who does work on that day shall be put to death.”

I do believe in this one…I mean, at least one day a week with no Walmart?

Exodus 35:2 – “On six days work may be done, but the seventh day shall be sacred to you as the Sabbath of complete rest to the Lord. Anyone who does work on that day shall be put to death.”

And here’s just a few of those not welcome in your church…

Deuteronomy 23:1 – “A man whose testicles are crushed or whose penis is cut off may never join the assembly of the Lord.”

Deuteronomy 23:2 – “No one of illegitimate birth shall enter the assembly of the Lord; none of his descendants, even to the tenth generation, shall enter the assembly of the Lord.” Are you sure you’re great great great great great great great great grandparents were married?

Whew…and I’m so glad I don‘t have money to spend on clothes or good jewelry…but my daughter looks so cute with those braids…I shall pray for her.

Timothy 2:9 – “I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments.”

Uh oh…here’s a big one…Divorce. The Bible is very clear on this one: There is no divorcing ever. You just can’t do it. Because when you marry someone, according to Mark 10:8, you “are no longer two, but one flesh.” And, Mark 10:9 reads, “What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”

Mark gets even more in depth about it a few verses later, in Mark 10:11-12, “And He said to them, ‘Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her; and if she herself divorces her husband and marries another man, she is committing adultery.’” I know some.

THIS IS JUST A START! Read your bible much?

Christina on

I’m so happy for them Congrats you two are going to be great parents I have faith in you

reality on

Society supports this modern Gay progress of family making. The child suffers the impact of degenerate parents without real mother/father upbringing.

The child’s biological father is still someone else while these 2 women adopt his/her identity. What a sad case for the child who will always be a ‘miscellaneous’ identity due to being created by intervention and not the natural ways of God.

Amy on

Congratulations! Bless them all. So happy for them!

Anonymous on

So happy for them! So sorry for all the victims of religion following their various ‘Pied Pipers.’

Kairy on

If only ONE egg was implanted and there are twins then for sure yes they are identical with no need for a DNA test. How am I the only one to figure this out?

kara on

god DID NOT “bless them” with twins..god states in the bible that marriage is between one man and one woman…..the nerve she has to say that…

TLL on

In response to AllglorytoGod. Let’s remember the three most important commands Jesus gave to the world: “Love no other God, Love God with all your heart, and Love one another.” That is the condensed version. Again, homosexuality is picked out because if this was a marriage between a divorced woman and man–NOBODY would say ANYTHING. Look what Jesus says about who commits adultery. Look at what Paul–a man–says about homosexuality. Again in the five locations homosexuality is written it is also grouped with other sins. Now if you read all the verses before and after it is clear that Paul is referring to all the behaviors of the people at the time–who had NO regard or love for God. I will mention it again, adultery is in the bible 22 times and prefaced with “Jesus said…” I only mention adultery, because 50% of the marriages in the US end in divorce and 42% of those re-marry. But people don’t find this controversial and it happens all the time. I know God loves me. I believe 100% Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I know Jesus endured the pain of my sins. I also know God loves me and is with me in everything I do. I know He has blessed my relationship with my girlfriend. We are welcome at church and praise Jesus just like other Christians. Leave people alone about this and “Love no other God, Love God with all your heart, and Love one another.”

AllglorytoGod on

No,I cant leave it alone.The fact that I’d say anything at all IS all the love I have for Christ .I think you’ve missed my point.If Christians say nothing all that wouldn’t be obedient.Where call to evangelize to sinner who are lost and say it with love and boldness.That’s biblical.Did Christ leave alone the Samarian prostitute at Jacobs well.No,he went out of His way,through danger to tell her the error she was living.Then told her sin no more.Christ is our model.You cannot live in sin…embrace sin and expect God to forgive you.Every Christian I know should and does feel horrible when they sin.Ya cant just say Im saved by grace through faith and live anyway you please.2Cor5:17–Therefore,if anyone is in Christ,he is a new creation.The old self has passed away,behold,new things have come.Romans 6:4–We are therefore buried with Him through baptism into death in order that just as Christ was raised from the dead through the Father,we too my live a new live.1Cor 6:11.All Im doing is what Christ calls me to do.Share Christ love for homosexuals,and all sinners alike and trying to keep them from a horrific judgment.

We are offered the empowering Spirit of God to help us turn from our sins.Coming out if drug addiction,that was me,clean 7 years :).Homosexuality,prostitution pornography and other sins isnt always easy,but God will provide a way.Christians are to “love” into the kingdom,those who desire repentance and live by His natural plan.I never knew how to love anyone,til I love Christ first.

AllglorytoGod on

TLL–Although I don’t know you.I’ll still pray for you.:)

Mike on

They can do what they want while on earth. St. Peter sorts them out in the end.

ava on

All the ignorant, hateful comments are sickening. I am thrilled for this sweet couple and wish them all the best

Sharon on

Congratulations to the two of you – you are a beautiful couple and im sure you will have beautiful children and make the perfect family. Best wishes

Anonymous on

Well put “God hates haters”:
God hates haters on January 23rd, 2013

I never mocked anyone that was different from me while I was growing up. Of course, I was raised by a wonderful mother who took us to church every week and taught us that everyone is special in their own way. Those that are different are made that way by god for a reason only he knows. We are not the ones to judge. We are here to love and nurture each other. We need to teach our children this. Children who bully have been taught intolerance and hate at home. Saying you think these children will be bullied means you must think other people’s (heterosexual parents) children have been raised incorrectly. So who is more deserving of children? No one is perfect and no one raises the perfect child. Being raised in a loving and tolerant home is the best we can offer children. Peace, love and happiness to all!

Anonymous on


God hates haters on January 23rd, 2013

I never mocked anyone that was different from me while I was growing up. Of course, I was raised by a wonderful mother who took us to church every week and taught us that everyone is special in their own way. Those that are different are made that way by god for a reason only he knows. We are not the ones to judge. We are here to love and nurture each other. We need to teach our children this. Children who bully have been taught intolerance and hate at home. Saying you think these children will be bullied means you must think other people’s (heterosexual parents) children have been raised incorrectly. So who is more deserving of children? No one is perfect and no one raises the perfect child. Being raised in a loving and tolerant home is the best we can offer children. Peace, love and happiness to all!

Very Well Put 🙂

sad on

I am trying to understand , I have t say no matter what these two are sick and should get spade

Cate on

I’m a Christian, and those of you spewing hatred need to stop doing so. Each person has his or her own opinions and the right to express them, but you are giving those of us who are TRUE Christians a terrible name. You yourselves will have much to answer for at the end of your lives.

guark on

It is just possible that they had only one embryo implanted and it split into two creating identicals. Doctors don’t even like to try invitro with a woman’s eggs after 40. The eggs are just not very good quality. They need a donor’s eggs.

Sandi on

Good for them. I wish them a long and happy life together.

sgtmian on

why would you even come here and spout hate? your god is going to send you to hell for that. your hate almost cost chely her life, you think he’s just going to let that slide? you think you can bully people to death and unhappiness your entire life and he won’t make you pay for it?

these people feel the exact same love you feel towards your signifigant others, and they deserve to be happy. your god made these women, and he loves them. he loves their children. he approves of their love because he IS love. god doesn’t make mistakes, remember?

i’ll leave you with the words of epicurius:

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?”

Fabulous on

AD… You are a STUPID AZZ IDIOT for thinking kids with outa father is DISADVANTAGED… My husband died when my boys were 11 years old and the other was 17MONTHS old… Which is almost 6 years ago now… My children attend private schools, hang with friends, live in a loving one and have PLENTY of ADVANTAGES… My now 17 year old is applying to NYU, USC (Southern Cal), and several other prestigious schools… He has traveled abroad to China and is very well respected in in school, church and the community as well as my 7 year old… SO WATCH YOUR MOUTH … Because you know not what you speak of!!!!

Sun on

Congrats to the family. Look like July is very popular month for due date for babies everywhere

cleo on

The best to you both. To you haters get over yourselves.

Rhonda Anderson on

I was blessed with identical twins. My due date was the exact date that they were brought into the world. So, I’m confused with this month in advance talk.

Ilovemydoggies on

This is not meant to be glib, or insulting or anything but a simple statement of fact. In order to be identical, twins must be from a single sperm and a single egg. I would imagine that Ms. Wright used in vitro fertilization, so I don’t see how it is possible that she could be expecting IDENTICAL twins. Another stellar job of reporting, PEOPLE! But I do congratulate the two beautiful Moms-to-be on their double blessing!!