Chris Pratt Enjoying ‘Firsts’ All Over Again with Son Jack

01/22/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Chris Pratt is feeling practically reborn himself since welcoming son Jack last August.

“There’s not that much left that really excites you … where you’re like, ‘Wow. I can’t believe that,’ ” the Zero Dark Thirty star explains says of being a sometimes jaded public figure in an interview airing Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Jack changed all that. “To see a baby get that excited by everything because everything is a first … I’m reliving all the firsts all over again. The first time he recognizes the first laugh or me. Or the first taste of something sweet,” says Pratt.

“Everything is a brand-new experience. The first time they realize that the sound they’re hearing is the thing that they’re seeing.”

Chris Pratt Enjoying 'Firsts' All Over Again with Son Jack
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Pratt, 33, and wife Anna Faris aren’t above having a little fun with Jack’s innocence, however. They recently fed him a lemon, just to see how he would react — a video of which the Parks and Recreation star shows to Ellen during the interview.

“He doesn’t know if he likes it or not,” DeGeneres notes.

— Tim Nudd

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Melissa on

For some reason when ever there is a video in the article lately i can’t watch it, it has no volume no matter how loud i turn it up.

Sophia on

I love Chris Pratt and Anna Faris (and Ellen). Congrats again for the baby!

jrzygrl on

OMG what a couple of idiots! That’s child abuse. Someone should give them some books on parenting.

holly on

Child abuse? You’re an idiot. First off, you have no clue how underdeveloped an infants taste buds are. Secondly, there are parents who beat, starve, and molest their children, giving a child a lemon is hardly abuse. How about learning about how many parents sell their children into sexually slavery then judge these people over giving their son a sour fruit to taste?

Nichole on

You are what’s wrong with this country!! Child abuse over a dang lemon?! You are such an idiot. I am embarrassed for you right now.

Sandy on

Yeah, I know! Feeding kids fruit is totally child abuse!

Brooke on

I used to love to give my nieces & nephews lemons when they were babies….Mean Shmean…..I had to clean their diapers, they need to make me laugh!

Sunny on

That’s terrible. How do you think he’s gonna react , you idiots! Next thing ya know they’ll be giving him sips of beer just to see how he reacts.

Sandy on

Lemons. A gateway drug.

Ummmmmm...... on

jrzygrl get over yourself. My 4 year old nephew happens to love lemons and limes and has since he was a baby when we gave him one to suck on. He eats them like oranges. Congrats Chris & Anna!

klutzy_girl on

Jrzygrl, that is not child abuse. Learn the definition before you accuse someone of it.

And Sunny, lets be real. I am sure they won’t feed their infant baby beer.

As usual the comment section is full of holier than thou morons.

Anonymous on

Child abuse really? It’s a fruit, not poison!!!

jessicad on

The way he talked about experiencing the firsts with his son was so sweet and genuine, he seems like a great dad and he’s really funny. I remember getting excited like that when my daughter would first do something new, it’s amazing.

You guys have to be joking about child abuse, it’s a freaking fruit for crying out loud. Please call CPS and report these horrible human beings for giving their son fruit, forget the fact that children all over are actually being beaten and starved, these people had the nerve to give their son a piece of FRUIT, the horror!!!

Bree on

How is giving a baby some lemon child abuse?!?!?! And how on earth were they suppose to know how he would react!!

If this is child abuse than my mom, grandmother and I all need to be locked up!! My grandmother gave my mom and aunt lemons at a young age, my mom did the same with me and I do the same with my daughter. None of us reacted badly, we all love lemons. My husband and I keep some in the fridge to chew on when her mouth hurts from teething and anytime we go out she steals them from our water.

There is also a HUGE difference between giving your child a piece of lemon and a SIP of beer and the fact that @sunny automatically made that keep kind of makes me question their thinking process and ability to make proper decisions!!

Anyway, Jack is a total cutie pie and it is awesome seeing him at home and doing so well after being born so prematurely. Love Chris and Anna and can’t wait to see pictures of Jack as he grows 🙂

Willa on

Children need to be introduced to a variety of different foods at a early age so perents know Allergies and can give tjeir child Variety at meal times.
thats not Child Abuse for goodness sakes. if anything its good perenting!

Robin on

That baby is cute! Baby Jack looks just like his mother.

anna on

He’s a hot daddy !

Laine Atcheson on

I love Chris Pratt. They seem like awesome parents, and Jack is so adorable!

CCex on

My baby loved lemon and would snatch them off glasses and plates to eat.

sparkykid on

What a couple of dumba$$es! Maybe someone should feed them a few Ex Lax brownies just before they get on a 10 hour flight just to “see what happens”.

Isabel on

If you think that’s child abuse, you lead a sheltered life. Feel free to speak to someone who works for CPS and they’ll laugh in your face.

Daisy on

it is not mean to give a baby lemon, there’s nothing unpleasant about it, it’s just another new taste – my father used to give us little sips of lemon juice when we were toddlers to help medicine go down (you definitely swallow!) and we both grew up to LOVE lemon juice and all things sour! ditto spicy foods – be more adventurous and yr children will appreciate all different tastes and spices as they grow up.

Anonymous on

I concur with the majority. I didn’t realize that feeding your child fruit was a crime! Just because adults don’t always like sour tastes doesn’t mean that babies don’t. For example, I’ve known plenty of pint-size pickle lovers! 🙂