Shakira and Gerard Piqué Welcome Son Milan

01/22/2013 at 06:05 PM ET

Shakira, Gerard Piqué Welcome Son
Jaume Laiguana

It’s a boy for Shakira and Gerard Piqué.

“We are happy to announce the birth of Milan Piqué Mebarak, son of Shakira Mebarak and Gerard Piqué, born Jan. 22nd at 9:36 p.m. in Barcelona, Spain,” the couple announced on Shakira’s website.

“The name Milan (pronounced MEE-lahn), means dear, loving and gracious in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, eager and laborious; and in Sanskrit, unification. Just like his father, baby Milan became a member of FC Barcelona at birth.”

Milan weighed  6 lbs., 6 oz., and the hospital says that both mother and child are in excellent health.

Earlier in the day, the singer-songwriter had requested good thoughts from fans as her son’s delivery approached. “I’d like to ask you all to accompany me in your prayers on this very important day of my life,” Shakira, 35, Tweeted.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer and her beau, central defender for FC Barcelona, announced the pregnancy in September and the sex of the baby in October. Earlier this month, Piqué, 25, and Shakira celebrated their baby shower, with all proceeds benefitting UNICEF.

— Sarah Michaud

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Brooke on

I absolutely LOVE the name Milan….So cute.

Anonymous on

Congrats 🙂

Emily on

Congrats to them! And btw, awesome that they donated to UNICEF.

Margo on

Congrats to Shakira and Gerard!!!!

Milan is an adorable name, and I’m sure he’s an adorable baby!!!!

Anonymous on

I bet that baby is beautiful! Love, Love Shakira!

tambam on

Congrats! Can’t wait to see him…I know he is so cute!

MW on


angelina on

Congratulations for u an the baby:)

shak on

congratulation to the couple!!

lana on

that is my daughter’s name! love it

Jester on


Krickett on

much love and respect to Shakira n her new family! congrats!!!! beautiful parents beautiful baby!!!

revolvingdorknob on

Nice name (I hope no one brings up Disney). No prayers, but happy for them, he’s a tiny guy but then his mom is smallish too.

Anonymous on

I think you are getting the name Milan confused with Mulan the Disney character lol

Lisa on

Congrats to Shakira and Gerard! After her last pregnancy pictures I was surprised to hear the little man was only 6 pounds 6 ounces but she is a small woman! Congrats!

Anonymous on


Farah on

Congrat to mom and son

Beach Mom on


estarsmag on

mee-lahn! what a footballing name; he’s sure gonna be greater than his dad…congrats, shak-piq!!

Amber on

Felicitaciones a Shakira y Gerald con su bebe!

Meghan on

Congrats guys!

Jennifer on

Congrats !:)

Kat on

Milan. I love it. Better than Bronx and Egypt.

Maria on

Congrats beautiful Latin Queen! God bless your little prince Milan!

Athena on


Maria on

I love Shakira, but I’m disappointed that she decided to have a child out of wedlock. She’s of Catholic faith and she’s a very religious/spiritual human-being, but the thought of her not being married is irresponsible!

Religion should be banned on

Oh be quiet you judgmental fool. All you Catholics and Christians claim to be so tolerant and you’re really just idiotic humans with nothing better to do than judge another. Go read your man written bible and move to a country by your pitiful selves!!

yay! on

Well said! Christian nuts! Congrats shakira and such a lovely couple to be charitable with their pics rather than being opportunists. 🙂

Sharon on

You can disagree, but theres no reason to be so rude and insulting. People have a right to their opinion. Maria was just stating hers. Just because you dont believe in any kind of religion doesnt mean everyone else is the same way. Yes it is 2013 and many children are born out of wedlock, but theres no need to bash someone who doesnt agree with it.

Sharon on

*congrats to the happy couple by the way. Im sure he is one gorgeous baby, and i love the name! 😉

Soon to be mommy! on

What a great name! We had actually been thinking about the same name for our baby boy (due in four weeks), since we are Indian and as mentioned in the article, it’s a beautiful Sanskrit name. Glad we didn’t or everyone would have thought we were copying her!!

Diana on

Congrats shaki! I LOVE YOU and wish you, Gerard and the baby the best!

Mila on

I love the name , it is similar to my baby girls name *Milana… Congratulations

Bee on

What is “FC Barcelona”?

Mayan on

It’s a football ( Soccer) club. Very famous world wide and pays this guy millions!!! Congrats Shakira ❤

George William Gockel on

Congratulations Shakira.

Guest on

Why does baby have her last name and not his?

gmcl on

Ir’s her second last name. In latin amerocan countries they usually use two names and thye ALWAYS use two last names: father’s and mother’s

Mayan on

It does have his last name.. Pique is the last name… And Mebarak is the second last name. Wich is very common in Latin America.

librababe on

Milan is really cute. I’m surprised, I thought they were naming him Biel…lol, regardless, I’m sure he’s adorable! Congratulations!

Maria on

Dear Guest,

Hyphenated last names. Gerald (Shakira’s boyfriend) last name is Pique, while Shakira’s last name is Merabak.

Milan is Colombian, Spaniard, and Lebanse!

Tiffany on

Glad that I am married and my kids and I have my husband’s last name.

Marina on

I am married also and don’t have my husband’s last name.. Sorry I love mine and it’s my Dad’s last name! Plus in some culture Women don’t change their last name just because they get married! And our children have both last names.

Guest on

Good for you. Did you want a cookie for your irrelevant contribution to the article? In Latin culture it is extremely common and sometimes customary for the child to have both parents last names. I’m sure she looks at you and feels such a great sense of envy. Gee ya sure got her there Tiffany!

c826 on

Tiffany, it’s the norm in Latin America to have names of both parents. My father is Colombian and my Mother is Irish and before I got married I used both last names. If you were to go to Colombia, people would wonder why your children only have one last name. Each culture is different and it makes you sound quite ignorant for making such comments because she doesn’t make the same choices you do.

Laura on

Tiffany, last names in our culture is not a matter of being married and Women don’t change their surnames when they get married. Children whether they are born in wedlock or not, they are entitled to have both last names, father’s is placed first and mother’s second. So, please don’t try to be offensive with that comment. I do have my husband’s name because it is the culture here but my kids in Colombia have both last names and we are proud that they didn’t have to abandon one legacy to accept the other.

colombiana on

@ Bee: FC means ZFutbol Club

@Guest: Pique is the Father’s last name. Mebarak is Shakira last name. I dont know why you say the baby doesn’t have his dad last name

Le on

Not only in Latin America, but also in Spain it is law to have it like that (and it has absolutely nothing to do with whether they are married or not).

The child always gets both names.

tm on

@Maria – seriously? this is not the place for that.
@Bee – lol is that a joke? it’s a soccer team…
I too love the name, congrats! But why is her name last? Just wondering.

Tasha on

@ guest…In Spain it is customary for a child to have both their maternal & paternal parents surname, and the mothers name goes on the end. My best friend recently moved to Madrid & married a native, her children will follow tradition as well 🙂

Cris on

In Spanish culture the child is given both parents last names however the mothers maiden name comes after the fathers last name

memyselfandi on

I was hoping for a little Rafa, but this guy’s hot too. She’s awesome – happiness to their beautiful family.

Anonymous on

That’s my father’s name and my son’s middle name. Very powerful

Agnibesh Hait on


Jayda on

I love the name! But holy smokes did anyone else notice the baby was only born like 20 minutes ago?

Neeko on

Spain is a couple hours ahead of us…

Lilyanna on

Many blessings to the new parents! Love his name and the meanings behind it.

Jayda – The baby was born 9:36pm in Barcelona, Spain. That’s almost 7 hours ago.

Lucy on

Don’t understand the stupid comment about you being married and having your husband’s last name… I am married in a church and don’t. Doesn’t mean any less or anything more than her or her child’s name. Our culture doesn’t change last names because we are a matriarcal culture. The kids carry the man’s last name but ours also and we keep ours intact. I wouldn’t change my last name for anyone but respect whoever does. Doesn’t mean I love my husband any less just a cultural tradition that Shakira and some choose to keep.

Anonymous on

You respect them by calling them ‘stupid’ Lucy? Yea makes sense *sarcasm*

Lucy on

I call te comment made stupid because it is. Posting here that you are glad you are married and that u and the kids have your husband’s last name is stupid. Good for you for making that choice but that doesn’t mean anything to anyone. She is not married (that we know of) and their child still have his last name as do mine but we are of a culture that doesnt choose to change our names for anyone. It’s a choice based on a strong culture and even a law in different countries such as ours.

Miche on

The baby was born in Spain, which is 7-10 hours ahead of the US. Not 20 minutes ago.

Jessica on

Congrats on your bundle of joy, hope he brings lots of joy to your lives, and more music to come

Ivy on

To guest who asked “why does the baby have her last name and not his?” If you re-read above the baby does in fact have the father, Gerard Pique, last name. And though Shakira is only half latin it’s tradtional in latin countries and other non-american to give your child both father and mothers name. Which her son Milan Piqué Mebarak has. Shakira herself shares both her parents names.

Zahid on

Congratulations to Shakira & Pique.

pinkrockstar on

That’s the name i have kept in thought since i was a teenager to name if i have a daughter! I’m Italian and would honor my heritage to Milan,Italy 🙂 I, actually never thought of the name for a boy but either way works 🙂 If i do have a daughter she will be Milan Chiara…..the middle name is in honor of my grandmother.

Megan on

It is truly amazing what the human body goes through to grow a child and also to become a child.

kc on

Congrats on your baby boy! Shakira and Gerard!!

Honestly I don’t understand the people who say they are “disappointed” when reading about a couple who are expecting/have a child outside of marriage. The reason you are hearing about this news at all is because the woman went ahead with the pregnancy. I applaud any woman who makes that choice over ending the life of her innocent child anyday.



Bobbi on

Congrat! Love the name, I am sure he his beautiful!

junaid on

“Congratulation” to both of you

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them! One thing I’m curious about, although:: Why does the baby get an automatic membership to a football club just for being born? Is this a tradition in Spain?

anna on

He’s a tiny little Guy. Love the name….congrats!!

rana on

many many congratulation to both of you.take care of you & also your baby

olive on

@Anonymous– i think because Gerard himself is like 3rd generation Barca. So they made a joke that the new baby is already inducted in FIFA.

Someone said this was her second pregnancy? She was pregnant before? When?

Anonymous on

Maria- You don’t know that Shakira “chose” to become an unwed mother. For all we know, this pregnancy was an “oops” and she Gerad decided to do the smart thing and not rush to tie the knot just because they were having a baby (rarely does that end well!). And as religious and spirtual as Shakira seems to be, abortion may very well not be an option for her!

Doris on

congratulations I know you will make a good mum

spaniard on


It doesn’t matter they are not married, even if they were Shakira would keep her surname. In Spain we don’t change our surnames after getting married. And as people has explained we give our children both surnames.

Arman on

Congrats to Shakira and Gerard ! Milan is an adorable name, and I’m sure he’s an adorable baby.

whatartcreativeproductions on

Congratulations to all of them. Hope they are all fine.

Only why going the route of a planned cesarian (if it´s true) if it´s not for medical reasons? She took away a very important, irreplaceable experience from her and her son.

Julia on

Wow, I’m really surprised! Here in Slovakia (central Europe) is this name a very common. Congrats!

leni on

Hehe it’s funny that he has a Slavic name. Milan is a very common name in the Czech Republic and it’s nice to hear international people starting to use Slavic names because there are lots of lovely ones.

AnnaMCarrie on

I love both of them, I love the name and it is good news all around :))
(Ancient Roman is called Latin, but it is still a cool name:))

zulaikha on

Coolest news for the day.. congratz 🙂
love to Milan 🙂

Najmul on

We are waiting a upcoming Greatest Footballer

Wish to best luck this baby

Anonymous on

wow congrt

Anonymous on

@Bee 🙂 you’re not being serious are you? FC Barcelona are one of if not the most famous football club in the world right now. You’re not serious that you’ve never heard of them are you?

Anyway, massive congrats to the family. To all you weird people worried about the damnation that is having a baby out of wedlock: welcome to the 21st century, we have things like electricity, computers, and, oh yeah, different beliefs. To some people having a baby out of wedlock is totally irrelevant, thus it is not ‘a shame’ that this baby was born out of wedlock, it is maybe just a choice you wouldn’t have made. Grow up and realise that not everyone is a religious nut.

All the best to the lovely family.

Anonymous on

congratulations, all the best

Tanya on

My childhood friend’s name is Milan:) Congrats to Gerard & Shakira!

Zulqurnain on

Congrats Many many Happiness Return,

Zulqurnain on

Love Shakira ConGrats

parwiz on


kenan on

Congrats…^_^ …his birthday is like mine …:D..

itsallgoodnroanoke on

This is so wonderful. This picture is so gracious, beautiful, and black/white good choice! I love it! Beyonce’ now this is a pregnancy! Yours was paid for!

ella on

Awesome name, this boy is going to be too cute!

Mia on


Whoop di do – they had a baby ‘out of wedlock’ – marriage isn’t the be all and end all of a good relationship…just look at Kim Kardashian..she made a mockery of marriage.

As for the surname – it’s Spanish tradition to have the fathers surname before the mothers surname…

Barbora on

Slovakia and Czech republic is full of name Milan, also my father is Milan and grandfather is also Milan and I know other 5 Milans 😀
But I wish them just the best, they look so happy together 🙂

KeepingItReal on

My father’s name is Milan! I love it!

susan on

Why does this child not have his father’s last name?!?! That tells me right there no marriage plans for the parents- disgusting!

Lucy on

Are people really this ethnocentric and ignorant still in 2013? Google or study different traditions and cultures. This child has his father’s last names and his mother’s also because in our culture we think the mother that carries the child and cares for the baby has rights too!

Anonymous on

congrets both of u..<3

Danielle on

Congrats to the parents and blessings from God to the baby boy. now get marry and make the union legal, for your son’s sake, no one wants to be without a father.

boohoobytch on

Congratulations to them!

mary lou on

Baby has her last name????


If you love the father of your child so much,you should be responsible and be married to him. What is it with the child having the fathers last name as his middle name and the mothers last name as the babies last name. Sounds ridiculous. A child should carry the last name of his father not his mother! Women these days want to be the man and the woman in the relationship,it doesn’t benefit the child at all just brings up alot of questions for when they get older!

Lucy on

My parents were married and I am also. I have both last names and my children also. Its a cultural thing and it should make sense since I carried the kids you know!

Schmerp on

I love that there was THOUGHT put into Milan’s name. And I love that his arrival is synonymous with generosity and compassion with the proceeds from his shower being given to Unicef. This is celebrity handled responsibly.

Congrats to everyone!

Tammy on

In the Latin Culture, it is common for children to have the Mother’s last name instead of the Father’s. Since both Parents are of Latin Heritage, they are following along the lines of their culture.

colleen fitzgerald on

congratulations to you both, a lovely thing you did with you baby shower, god bless the 3 of you. x x

Georgia on

This maybe an American website, but neither of these two people are American. They are following their traditions and the traditions of the country their son is going to grow up in.

eljo mathew on


Lili on

Congratulations !!! Why all the hate? At least Milan will grow up with 2 loving parents who can afford to feed him:)

Ayla on

Please, learn to read. It has been stated several times before: the baby DOES NOT have his last name as middle name. In Spain, people have TWO LAST NAMES: the father’s and the mother’s, commonly in that order. In fact, middle names are not as common as in other countries. So when someone refers to the kid by using only ONE last name, it will be his father’s, so calm the frak down. And you know what, even if it wasn’t like that, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, you ignorant lot.

Alana on

Very happy for them! Sure she will be a great mom.

Milan on

It is a great name and Serbian at that! 🙂

Md Rofiqul islam on

I love Shakira, but I’m disappointed that she decided to have a child out of wedlock. She’s of Catholic faith and she’s a very religious/spiritual human-being, but the thought of her not being married is irresponsible!

j on

Congrats to both Shakira and Pique on their new baby Milan. Read through every comment on here. Apparently people didn’t read the article closely as the baby’s fathers last name is Pique and the baby obviously has both his mothers and fathers last name. As multiple people have reiterated and people seem to forget, they are not American and their traditions are different than ours. Maria is now reposting as Md Rofiqul islam, get a grip.

Red Skye on

Congrats! It’s a nice name so when is the wedding.Great couple.

corie on

When i read some of the judgemental comments made on these blogs i always wonder if those who write them only allow to pass judgement out loud online or if they are like this in their lifes as well. If so, I would imagine it goes like that :

At a doctor’s waiting room…
-Oh you have a new baby, how sweet!
-Yes, our first born, we are over the moon !
-Over the moon ?! What a stupid expression to use to describe something every woman experiences in her life. Do you think you’re the only one who ever gave birth !?
-Well I hope you’re married and not one of those women who lives in sin and wonders why our country is going to hell !
-Lady, I think you’re crazy.
-Nope. I’m married and did not have my children out of wedlock, therefore, I’m right.
-Well, anyways.. I hope this kid has a nice NORMAL name, no crazy spelling and certainly not multiple middle names. That would be horrible. and.. of course, he better have his father’s last name, otherwise, you are clearly out of your mind and a sinner ! Also.. lady, excuse me what are you doing ?!!
-I’m feeding my child, you lunatic !
-From a bottle ?! That’s it, I’m calling social services, you are clearly unfit to parent ! The bible is very clear about all of this !

a on

Haha Ur right! That’s how it goes! People are just so judgemental. They think the way they do things is the “better” way or “right” way.

Bridget on

Shakira is very short. I am very short as well and my doc said I have a small pelvis. My 1st born was 5 lbs 7.3 oz and only 17 in. 2nd was 6 lbs 5.2 oz, 3rd, 6 lbs 7.8 oz and my son was 6 lbs 14 oz the last 3 were all 17 1/2 inches. Short people make small babies. As long as they’re healthy, is all that matters! Congratulations Shakira! I don’t feel so bad liking a guy 10 years younger then me now. LOL! 🙂

Anonymous on


MariaP on

Congrats to both of them.

I didn’t expect that name considering that is quite common in Balkan countries in Europe.

I thought they’ll give him some Latin name. Anyway I love and a lot of relatives have the same name

Diana on

Ha Ha Corie – So true.. unfortunately some people actually say things like this out loud.

julianna on

So happy for them! I love Shakira and she seems so happy with Gerard!

@Guest: Gerard is Spanish, Shakira is Colombian. In Spain and several other Spanish-speaking countries, the father’s last name is the child’s middle name, while the maternal name comes last.

Noman khan on


suman on

Congratulations to Shakira.i like this name Milan.beautiful shakira

sumansree on

nice baby

George William Gockel on

I’ll be patient to meet you Shakira.

Noman on


aaryan jain on


Anonymous on

Corie- That’s hilarious!

Sam on

That is not how the Sanskrit “Milan” is pronounced.

designeramit on

God Bless You Shakira ! 🙂

Anonymous on


mohsin ali on

cangratulation shakira.

Gretchen on

I personally love the fact that the baby was given both the Mother’s and the Father’s last names. Why is the father’s last name more important than the mother’s anyway? Very outdated traditiion if you ask me.

Anonymous on

Between the two parents,who is the head of the family? I dn’t think the issue is outdated

anish on

congrets dear shakira…..

Michelle on


anish rai on

congrets dear shakira n welcom milan

Satyana on

The name is very common in the area of Slavic nations, especially in ex-Yugoslavian countries. Here is kind of an oldfashioned name, but as I said, still very common. Nice of her to give a name which is related to many cultures.

Lucy on

The child was born in spain of a colombian mother and a spaniard father. Why would they follow american traditions again? I have two last names and everyone born in my country has two by law father’s first then mother’s and we give our father’s to our children along with their father’s surname. It’s a law and tradition and frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way especially after having my daughters and knowing that I carried them and love them so why should they only have their father’s last name?

farah on

congrats on your baby boy. cute name all the best.

Sanjay Dash on


ameet on


shahid on

Congrats to Shakira

ahmed on


Anonymous on

congrats shakira…

Anonymous on

congrats an nice name…bt its milan mom and dad choice to name the child…. sp wats d big deal abt it???