Samantha Brown Welcomes Twins Ellis James and Elizabeth Mae

01/22/2013 at 03:30 PM ET

It’s a boy and a girl for Samantha Brown.

The Travel Channel host and husband Kevin O’Leary welcomed a son, Ellis James, and a daughter, Elizabeth Mae, on Thursday, Jan. 17 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Ellis weighed in at 6 lbs., 10 oz. and is 19.25 inches long, while Elizabeth weighed in at 5 lbs., 12 oz. and is 19 inches long.

“We are so happy with the birth of our beautiful twins,” Brown, 43, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I will be going back on the road as soon as we can, so baby passports here we come!”

Brown’s newest special, Trip of a Lifetime 2013, premieres Sunday, Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. on the Travel Channel. She and O’Leary were married in Maryland in October 2006.

Samantha Brown Welcomes Twins Ellis James and Elizabeth Mae
Courtesy Brown-O’Leary Family

— Sarah Michaud

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Anonymous on

What a beautiful picture! Congrats!

Kim on

awww adorable picture!! She’s just glowing as a brand new mommy–times 2!! I’ve always loved Samantha Brown and her travel adventures and I can’t wait to see her latest one!! Congrats to the whole family and Happy Birthday to Ellis and Elizabeth!! 🙂

Setting the record Straight on

Samantha, congratulations on the birth of your twins. Wow, what wonderful news to you and your husband to have two healthy children. Yes, get those passports so that they can see the world with you.

Beautifulblurr on

As a Mother of 8 month old twins, she just THINKS she’s going to be traveling again very soon. She’ll soon find out the life with twins is very very busy with just raising them. Unless she’s having Nannies travel with them, I see her sitting home for a while.

Beth on

What cuties. I love how newborns looks like little old men. Congratulations to the new parents!

margieo on

Yes! I called my son “Benjamin Button”. Little old men, indeed!

derft on

Love her!!!

Brie on

So happy for the family. I love the names. I cant wait to see her back on TV. 🙂

Erin on

I will gladly take over her job while she is on maternity leave! 🙂

laura on

I love Samantha! Best wishes to you and your family!

bette on

Congrats to her and her little globetrotters!

Twinmommy on

Beautifulblurr-totally agree…my twins will be 2 this summer and we have traveled once, down from quarterly trips, and it was a nightmare!

LynnD14 on

She looks great for someone who just gave birth to twins. I looked like I had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, and I just gave birth to one baby.

Tracy on

Congrats! They are beautiful!!! I love Samantha Brown. She has the best job in the world!

Ann on

Congrats Samantha!! So happy for you!!!

fanofboardwalkempire on

What a lovely new family! Congratulations to Samantha and her husband!

jones on

For people nitpicking her comment she said “as soon as I can” and obviously she will have help when she travels. I really like the names and she did well because those are very healthy sized twins!

Abbie on

Love her and I am so happy for the family. Elizabeth and Ellis are beautiful! Congrats!!!

ling ling on

Wow, TWINS!!! So wonderful, may they get the travel bug just like their MOMMY!!

Eileen on

My mother’s name was Elizabeth Mae…spelled exactly the same way. I always thought it was a beautiful name. Congratulations!!!

gramma2twins on

When you have as much money as Kevin O’Leary, you can hire a gaggle of nannies to travel with you. They are worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

gramma2twins on


Momof3 on

ADORE her! What a lovely family…

Davis on

I love her and all of the shows that she has done for the Travel Channel. So happy for her! Congratulations Sam!

Melanie on

Gramma, I’m pretty sure you have the wrong Kevin O’Leary. Her husband is not the guy on Shark Tank.

Beautiful babies – congratulations Samantha.

Jo on

I wish I had her job. 🙂

SMiaVS on

Do a little searching on the internet before claiming it’s impossible to travel the world with infants. In many ways it’s actually easier. You can wear them and they fly for free. There are plenty of blogs dedicated to families who homeschool so they can see the world with their kids. They don’t have the kind of money this couple does, but they make it work.

She’s obviously a very seasoned traveler; I’d wager she’d handle it better than most of the naysayers would….

ks on

Wrong Kevin O’Leary gramma2twins.

Ana on

Awwww, what a beautiful photo!! Congrats!

Anonymous on

LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!! She always makes me laugh. Congratulations to her and her hubby on the birth of their beautiful babies!!!!

TJ on

Wonderful picture! Met Samantha in Atlanta while she was filming a show there-the NICEST lady! Truly a class act, so happy to see this story!

shidley on

I really like this gal…. she makes me want to experience new things and seems to really, genuinely enjoy sharing her adventures. I also like her respectful nature towards the people who’s countries she is a guest of. Unlike Anthony Bourdain, who I sadly think, can be an a$$ at times.

Anonymous on

First off congrats, love her shows and glad to see her twins arrived safely, beautiful names! We have twins and traveled with them starting at 7 months and with the right preparation it went fine. Totally do-able. We certainly aren’t globetrotters but take several trips a year. Though plane trips when they were 18 months were the hardest because they want to walk not sit. Our’s turn 7 next week and while it’s much easier now, I am glad we didn’t shy away from it just because we had two infants at once. My kids love traveling and are always excited about our next adventure!

Diane on

Congratulations to Samantha Brown on her babies! My brother and his wife traveled to many foreign countries when the kids were very young – and they don’t have help (except when visiting family). She obviously will need to have someone travel with her to watch the kids while she works.

Chloe on

Big congrats to Samantha and her husband on their two babies! i am a mother of twins and while its sometimes hard (and tiring), seeing them play together is just the cutest. Samantha you look so happy and beautiful!

Deb on

Ohhh so Gorgeous! I like watching Sam’s travels.
Congratulations on your bundles of joy! 🙂

Nmadubueze Nwude on

Congrats on your new bouncing babies, they are really a blessing from God, and we all are part of it.

Beth on

Beautiful ~ such inspiration, as I hope to be a mom next year when I’m 43 ♥

bkable on

Lets just note, as many have already mistaken, this is not Kevin O’Leary from Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank! I personally got confused by this lol

But congratulations on the babies, they’re beautiful and i love the names 🙂

Jules on

Congrats Samantha!! She is from a small town just 2 miles from me and I’ve watched her career with added interest! Her specials on cruises are among my favorites! I’ve never seen her happier!

gma22littleguys on

I just love her! I wish her and her husband much love and happiness with their little ones.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to the whole family! Love the names. And I don’t know a lot about twins, but those seem like great birth weights for two little ones!

dsfg on

I like both names. They are normal but not overused. I’m not a big fan of matching names for twins, though. Lots of twins in my family and they all hated growing up with matching names!

Ruthie on

Awww!! I love her!! Congrats to them!! Love the babies names!

Nan on

Congrats Sam and best wishes. Love your show and cannot wait to see you on Travel again. Your Cousin Kelly gave us the great news and love the picture of you and the twins. Best of Luck.

Willa on

What fabulous names! Very classic. I’m currently pregnant with my second son and I really like the name Ellis — I think it will go well with my other son’s name, Rudy.

Kim on

Congrats….LOVE the picture…so natural….so glad to read happy stories and positive news!!!!

kd on

As a mother of twins, she’ll do just fine traveling with them.

amanda on

what a great pic ! congrats samantha ! what wonderful news for you and your hubby ! love your shows ! have a safe and wonderful recovery !

guest on

I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a new mommy holding her precious newborn (or in this case newborns!). Congratulations and may you enjoy your new adventure!

Amyk on

Congratulations, Sam is awesome and love this picture

Brooke on

Always thought she had the greatest job ever…..Like both of the names for her babies.

ava on

I didn’t know Samantha Brown was married to “Mr. Wonderful” LOL That’s cool. Congrats on your precious little babies! Love you both.

scarlett on

Moms and kids are all different and you just may be able to get to traveling baby style soon. I took my 11 month old and 4 year old to 8 countries in 3 weeks…a good time had by ALL. It is what you make it. Happy travels with babies in tow!

Cammy on

Wow. She’s a young looking 43…. I thought more of a 36 or so…but the joy of child birth can do that!

Renee Adams on

Congratulations!!!! Goodness she looks peppy & cute even after LABOR!

Cammy on

Please be careful when or if you google Kevin O’Leary! It’s not the guy whose picture on Google images is posted everywhere! Better to click on the link in pink “Married in Maryland” to see who/what her husband is!

Annia on

Congratulations, Sam! I miss you on the Travel network though.

Beach Mom on

Yay! Such happy news! Gorgeous!!

J on

Congrats! I loved her cameo on the No Reservations Christmas Special a few years ago.

J on

Hey Beautifulblurr, just because you let yourself get stuck at home doesn’t mean others do too.

Anonymous on

Didn’t even know she was preggers. Congrats to her and her family.

Karen M. on

Love her! Congrats to the family and God bless.

Marie on


Anonymous on

She has the BEST job in the world. Congratulations! Happy & safe travels when you all do.

Curly Fry on

I love her! Congrats to her and her husband. What a lovely picture.

Manuela on

Congratulations Samantha! Your babies are beautiful!

Michelle on

Love her shows. Debunks the myth that American’s are disrespectful when travelling. Also that they don’t all wear sneakers, white socks, fanny pack and shorts everywhere they go!!

Elle on

Congratulations! BTW, Gramma2twins, her husband is NOT that Kevin O’Leary. Always check your facts before making backhanded compliments.

Catherine McLeod on

CONGRATULATIONS twice!!! You have given me hours and hours of entertainment, humor and information over the years.

Enjoy motherhood to the fullest (quick, b4 they are teens (lol).

Hope you and your husband and twins have a wonderful life.

liarlairpantsonfire on

for those of you saying she won’t be able to travel, you never know. i have twins and another 2 years later. there was very little going on but carring for the kids the first few years. but i had a friend in our twin group who had 2 sets of twins and never missed anything. she woud show up at church with the twins perfectly groomed in matching outfits, and she would be looking perfect. never had any help. at a birthday party at their house (which looked like something out of better homes and gardens, btw) i commented to the husband that their family cetainly made it look easy. his comment, “whats hard”? they had easy, compliant children. lucky for me my singleton is easy. if all mine were like her i would likely see having kids very differently. anyway, all kids are different. we shall see how samantha manages….
congrats and enjoy!

Paula on

Congrats !!! Wonderful news……Love your show!! ENJOY !! ❤

Manon on

Samantha always makes me smile when I’ve seen her on the TRAVEL network- wondered where she’s been !! Congrats!

Carrie M on

I had no idea she was pregnant! Where have I been? Anywho, congrats to the lovely Samantha and her gorgeous babies!

Carrow on

Yay for Samantha!!!! I love that women and I’ve been watching her shows since I was 19 (29 now), so I feel like I know her. From being single to engaged to married and now a mom. I am so happy for her and her husband.

julieplifestyle on

So precious! I have watched your show for years Samantha! Now you get to experience some baby joy! A whole new adventure! Congratulations!

Angie on

Looking at this picture brightens up my gloomy day! Congrates, Samantha! Love you!

Chrissy on

I always liked her show. Congratulations to her. And I like the babies names!

Lisa on

Definitely IVF babies.. or at the minimum, fertililty drugs. Twins at 43, that explains it.

Anonymous on

Kresta- Exactly! Also, a women in their 40s have a much greater chance of concieving (naturally, that is!) twins than younger women (due to the fact that older women produce more of a hormone called FSH- follicle stimulating hormone. As it’s name suggest, it stimulates the ovaries to release eggs. Hence, the more of it that a woman produces, the more likely her ovaries are to release two eggs instead of just one.).

So it’s entirely possible that Samantha’s babies were concieved 100 percent naturally! And even if they weren’t, so what?! I don’t get why people seem to get so upset at the thought of a couple getting a little assistance in the procreation department!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Kells on

Congrats to them! She has always seemed like a genuinely nice person!

On a funny side note, my second child was born while her show played (quick birth). lol

Beth on

Congrats to the new mom but why do people have to give their twins matchy names??

Dean on

Good for her.

Marsha on

Congratulations. One of each, how wonderful is that?

They are beautiful babies.

pass the liver on

Hurry back we miss you!!!! my husband more…but hurry

Anonymous on

If you go to the link about her getting married, you can see where the babies’ name got their name inspiration – her mother. Mom is Elsie Mae Brown – thus Ellis for the boy and Mae for the girl. Sweet.

loveface on

@Christina you are a troll- why does someone like you even bother to write something when all you can do is be negative- in today’s day and time 43 is not that old and so what if they were or were not conceived naturally- does that make any difference to the fact that she had two healthy babies? It’s a picture taken in the hospital she just had her kids – so what is she is not wearing a top. You see far less of her than you would some Kardashian who is upright and walking out in public. Grow up and stop being so bitter scorned at other people who have obviously made a better way in life than you have.

Kris on

Congrats to the new mom and dad ! Enjoy !

Jen on

Twins rule! God bless their family.

Sandy on

Just wait until she finds out how differently traveling is gonna be with twins!! Good luck with that! 🙂 Beautiful babies.

nic on

Beautifulblurr, I had twins then two more in the next two years, we travel often. My son had been in 8 states before he was a year old. Trust me they have never seen a nanny… kids are portable. You just take care of them somewhere else! You have more to bring for sure but caring for them in California is the same as caring for them in Calcutta.

poppykai on

Congratulations to Samantha on her beautiful twins! She looks very proud to be a mother so I am sure those babies will be well loved. As for her age, does it really matter if she is a few years past her thirties? As long as she is healthy and in a good position to love and care for these babies, I don’t see the problem. I also don’t see why it would matter if she used IVF. These are her “natural” children either way and she is no less of a mother. I have never seen her show but I am sure, like any of us who have been on a 13 hour flight with babies, she will find out it isn’t as easy as it seems. She will pick up tricks though to make it bearable (or she will hire a nanny). Travelling with my children has been some of the most agonizing as well as the most fun times of my life. I wish her nothing but the best.

Cindy on

I am glad she and the twins are happy and healthy.

Mom Of Twins on

@Beautifulblurr As a mother of twins myself, now 12 yrs old. I traveled with my twins when they were 3 months old, via minivan to North Carolina and haven’t stopped. I hope Samantha don’t allow the fact that she is now a mother of twins, sidetrack her travel plans at all. She’ll have much more help than I did. GO FOR IT SAM!

Sharon on

Aaaw i love Samantha…she seems so sweet! Beautiful picture and beautiful babies! Love the normal names!! Congratulations!

Hattie on

Aww,I miss her show on my stupid Time Warner cable!!!! They moved her show to Digital cable ( which we will be forced to change to some day ).Doesn’t Samantha have a older daughter?So much for this article not mentioning it.

LucyMarie on

Ms Brown, you make this homebody want to try traveling. Your smiles on the show always seemed so real and sincere, but nothing compared to the smile you are wearing in this photo. May you continue to blessed! I do hope to see you traveling again soon!!

samcactus101 on

Awww wow~ Such a beautiful pic, they’re precious and adorable! Congratulations! ❤ ❤

leeann on

CONGRATULATIONS To The O’Leary’s on their fisrt son and first daughter all on the same day !!!

Samantha looks absolutely beautiful holding those gorgeous newborn babies !

To Samantha, Kevin, Elizabeth and Ellis………..May you all have much love, health and happiness throughout your many years! May life be a thrill and a treat as each day goes by and may that love you have only grow with time. Enjoy every moment of every day as time moves so quickly, but never forget to take time just for “Mommy and Daddy” too.

Lots of love, luck and happiness always !!!!!!!

lovely123 on

If you are pregnant when you are older, you must know people will think what they want to think. The other night I saw a lady pregnant, she was telling the cashier she was 49. It was going to be her first. Her husband must have been at least 54.

Anonymous on

Proud TwinMom- Some women wait until their 40s to have kids because they aren’t fortunate enough to find the right man to have them with until then. Others wait because they want to have a career first.

That being said, I DO see your point.

Anonymous on

bec215- I get what you’re saying, but some women DO concieve easily in their 40s (in fact, some have such an easy time concieving that they do it without meaning to, if you get my drift! ;)). If this is the case for a female celeb, what’s she supposed to do? Lie and say she had a difficult time just so she can “educate” people?

LuvBigCity on

Awesome! Those are some lucky kiddos. They will see so much, I loved watching her show, she was so well informed of her travels.

amy on

How sweet,one of each! And I love the nice names.

Anonymous on

Congratulations. my twin boy and girl will be 9 in March. I think it’s great she wants to get back at it soon..but after a few weeks she may change her mind, I was a zombie for the first year as mine never slept. 15 min naps during the day, and were up two times a night and up for the day by 6. I admire her but it’s more work than you think. First six hour night was when they were 7 months old panicked me as I had not had that much sleep in months lol All the Best, greatest gift my husband and I were ever given.

lisaisalefty on

Oh how wonderful. I’ve often wondered over the years if she had a husband and family. I’ve watched many of her shows over the 16 or 17 years. She has a job to envy and now a family to travel with. So fun. Congratulations to Samantha and Kevin.

James3 on

So happy for her!! Can’t wait to see her back in a bikini! Samantha Brown is the bikini icon of our generation. Who else comes close?

Susan Albert on

Congrats to Samantha and her husband. Love the names.

RJ on

@Gramma2twins…wrong Kevin O’leary

leslie on

i just have always loved samantha -she has a sassy fun sense of humor -those babies are very lucky.

Laurie Mann on

Excellent! Been a big fan of Samantha’s in the past and will have to check on her new show. And soon – “Traveling with Kids” ;-> Congrats to Sam and her husband.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to you and your husband on your beautiful babies! Love your shows on the Travel channel.

Donna on


Kay on

How lucky she is! They are adorable. Love you, Samantha and your travel tips!

Danielle on

I missed Samantha on Saturdays Glove Trekker she was always so nice , going to so many parts of the world, I hope the babies will be traveling when they grow up.God bless.

Anonymous on


sookie on

Good sizes. Congrats!

nanciellen poulos on

samantha & kevin congrats to your beautiful twins.

samantha, I’m a big fan of your travel shows & you.

Me on

Congratulations to Elli Mae and Elli J.’s parents!

Stella on

All the best …

Pam Rogers on

Oh what a beautiful smile….”twice” as pretty since the birth of your gorgeous babies!! Congratulations, Sam & Kevin…what a blessing for your whole family! Love their names, too. Now I know why I haven’t seen you on Travel Channel, you’ve been busy…LOL Hope to see you and your new family soon…take care, and enjoy.

Lisa on


Joan on

My daughter took her first flight at 3 months and had her passport at 7 months. She’s now 4 and has been to 6 countries. As American expats living in Singapore, we have the opportunity to travel frequently. My daughter LOVES it! I think that Samantha and Kevin will have no problems traveling with the twins. It can be done 🙂

Richard Antia on

Congratulation Samantha !!! We love you.We miss you on tv.

Maureen on

Congratulations Samantha & Kevin! We have watched you for years! If you ever retire, my husband wants your job!

Miranda on

Wow, 43 is old to be having babies. Bit since hers were probably IVF, at least the docs were able to reduce the risk of the problems typically associated with children born from older women.

Karen on

I remember when Miss Lena read her fortune in New Orleans (Sam Brown’s Great Weekends) and told her she was going to have twins!! Samantha kind of laughed it off but Miss Lena was right. She has twins!! Congrats Sam!!

Amy Spivey on

Just watched a 2010 episode of Great Weekends when she was in New Orleans and the Palm reader told her she was going to have twins!!! WHOA!!!!!!! VERY COOL!!!



Sharon on

Congratulations, so deserving! Love watching Samantha Brown! The best ever, fun, relatable, and so interesting…