Malia and Sasha Obama’s Chic Inauguration Style

01/22/2013 at 12:00 PM ET

Purple was the Obama girls’s hue of choice for this year’s inaugural festivities. During Monday’s event, Malia, 14, bundled up in J.Crew‘s Double Cloth Lady Day Coat in fresh plum, a burgundy circle scarf and navy leather gloves, while Sasha, 11, wore a Kate Spade lavender wool coat with a matching scarf and gloves.

And while solemnly watching their father President Barack Obama get sworn in Sunday, Malia and little sister Sasha donned an H&M purple sleeveless pleated shift and the Plenty by Tracy Reese Mariposa lace dress in plum, respectively.

Malia and Sasha Obama's Chic Inauguration Style
Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP; Larry Downing/DPA/Zuma

Although they were the picture of refinement (their mom is Michelle Obama!) for the latter part of the weekend, the first daughters had a little more fun with fashion at the 2013 Kids Inaugural Concert for military kids Friday night.

While on stage to present the evening’s performers (Katy PerryUsher, Nick Cannon and more) with their mother — who was sporting new bangs — both girls opted for a cool sweater and circle mini skirt mix paired with boots.

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Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

Malia and Sasha Obama's Chic Inauguration Style
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Joyful on

Can always tell when fashion pros help make decisions! The Girls are cute and they were forced into wearing certain clothes! When Mom and Dad have their way this is how you get dressed! But I am so glad they love their Mom and Pop and went with it and lived to fight another day! Proud of these girls and they will have many days ahead to look the way they want to!

Ashley on

Oh Peeeeee Ukkkkkkke So embarrassing that they represent the First Family 😦 When I think of the class we once had in the White House and how this compares……wow. No words.

Lisa on

Would you rather they be dressed like some drunken former first daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush? Both Obama girls are pretty and classy!

Jennifer on

Ashley– If you are so embarrassed of the first family, consider moving away to another country. Most of us true Americans in this democracy practice what is called RESPECT for the office of President of the United States and the person in that position who this county and the majority of its citizens VOTED into the prestigious office. I’m sorry you’re too racist to look beyond the simple name of the WHITE house and deem to insult even the children that inhabit those walls for a second term. But sadly you do exhibit the downside of democracy and freedom of speech, even those who spew venom and ignorance have the same rights as those who are educated and truly practice class and grace when speaking about strangers.

Shira on

Ashley, funny how you use the word class in your comment.

lola on

amen jennifer! these girls are precious. love this family, love their style!

jessicad on

They look adorable! Beautiful girls. 🙂

Cammy on

Ashley, why do I think you voted for Romney/Ryan? And by “class” in the White House, are you really saying the class was because it was a “white” house….”no words” indeed….

mary on

These girls are so gosh darn cute! I LOVE the way they dress.

Abbie on

Well said Jennifer!

Leigh on

I don’t like the outfits. I’m not trying to insult, I just don’t like the outfits. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. This just looks over-thought and underwhelming. Plus Michelle looks like she’s expecting a baby.

Erika on

Ashley- By class, do you mean the fact that the Bush girls regularly got into fights with their Secret Service personnel and were always in bars drinking underage?? Or the fact that their father has admitted to addiction problems? I just wanted to make sure I understood to whom you were referring when you said that these sweet, innocent girls are a bad representation. You’re obviously delusional.

Jen DC on

Such cute girls – although I struggle to call “cute” two young women who are already taller than I am!

@Ashley: I’m struggling to recall all this “class” in the White House. The Bush twins were notorious during their father’s first administration for underage drinking and and public drunkeness, the use of fake IDs, skipping out on their security details, sticking out their tongues at the camera (although I don’t actually blame them for this)… But *that’s* class? Even one of the Gore girls was busted for underage drinking… The classiest Presidential child of the last 20 years has been, IMO, Chelsea Clinton. She handled an awkward adolescence quietly; weathered her parents’ marriage problems in the spotlight like a freakin’ pro – better than many adult children would have handled a divorce! No scandals, arrests or anything else out of that one. And I see the same in the Obama girls: Upstanding, well-behaved and cognizant that even though their father’s job has made an impact on their lives, they seem able to put aside whatever personal grievances they have about it and put forward a united front.

torgster on

Ashley I’m not going to bash you, because I can’t even comprehend what it is you are trying to convey here. What is wrong with the girls outfits, that you find embarassing and low class? And who are you referring to from the past? Seriously.

mg on

what class is that Ashley? oh, right, Shrub and his daughters that used fake IDs to get into bars. Yeah, that’s it. Really missing that.

lin on

What a complete disaster. Should not our first lady and children dress appropriately? I think they must shop at bargain stores. Their style of dress is still going downhill.

Catca on


Exactly what is wrong with the girls and why are they not “classy” in your opinion? They get into no trouble and are getting great grades at school, dress beautifully, and Malia in particular is exhibiting a great deal of poise. What class did you once have in the White House. Former President George W. Bush’s daughters? The ones who were regularly making the news for drunken escapades in college (which mind you is perfectly normal behavior for girls their age and both girls are beautiful poised women) The point is that Sasha and Malia haven’t been in the news for stepping even 1 toe out of line yet you call them embarrassing. The only way they could possibly be conceived as embarrassing is if you are racist Ashley.

Brooklyn on

Love all of Malia’s outfits! Especially the one in the last picture!

Jennifer on

They are always so fashion-forward, elegant and I love the colors. Gorgeous family.

SAR on

Malia sure is her mother’s daughter! She looks just like Michelle.

Dorothy Farris on

I dont think Ashley was being racist when she said she didnt like the clothes. They are yukie. We all have a right to our taste in clothes.

Marie on

The girls looked so cute. During the official swearing in, they looked very unimpressed or just bored which was funny. I think this family always looks great, the girls are beautiful. Michelle looked fantastic Monday, hair and clothes and I am not nor will I ever be an Obama supporter. But I disagree on politics only, but like the family.

Catca on

@Dorothy Farris,

I’d agree with you if Ashley actually said she didn’t like the clothes the girls were wearing. You’re right, everyone is entitled to their own tastes in fashion. But that’s not what Ashley said. She said it was “embarrassing that they represent the First Family.” There is no reference to what the girls are wearing in that statement but rather an attack against the girls themselves.

Anonymous on

Lovely family, sweet girls. I wish we had the obama’s running our country.

Ashley, if you want to you can come over here and take David Cameron back to your country to be your leader. he’s reeeeaaally conservative. I have a feeling you’d like that.

Just My Opinion on

@Joyful, how do you know what they were forced to wear? Maybe they had a serveral outfits to choose from, and they pick those.

Teena on

I’m not the biggest fan of these dresses, but the girls are soooooo cute and pretty 😀 Love the Obamas 😀

El Pie on

Ashley, unfortunately, is what is and will always be wrong with sore losers. She obviously wanted someone else to win and now is taking her disappointment out on those beautiful girls. Thankfully, everyone knows sour grapes when they see it in print. She sounds like an idiot.

valentina on


saraherees on

I love their coats for the outdoor celebration but the other outfits aren’t my cup of tea. However, I generally think that the girls are appropriately dressed both for their ages and whatever events they’re attending. They are young with their own style and I think their parents do a good job of letting them express their own preferences while making sure their clothes are suitable for the event at hand. I don’t think it ‘s necessary for the girls to wear ultra conservative/classic styles but am glad that they aren’t showing up in low cut, skimpy or overly tight outfits either.