Motherhood Has Made Rachel Zoe Less ‘Dramatic’

01/18/2013 at 11:00 AM ET

Motherhood Has Made Rachel Zoe Less 'Dramatic'
JB Lacroix/WireImage

Rachel Zoe finds that motherhood puts her on a much more even keel.

The fashion maven — who just landed the role as chief stylist of online footwear retailer ShoeDazzle — says she no longer sweats the small stuff since giving birth to son Skyler Morrison 22 months ago.

“I think the first thing that happens when you become a mom is you really don’t get that dramatic about things that don’t matter,” Zoe, 41, told PEOPLE on Wednesday.

Case in point: Getting messy is no longer a concern for the stylist, who simply wears “more black because I tend to get things spilled on me all the time. I need my clothes to be more durable and a little less precious.”

Adds Zoe, “I usually keep a backup something in the trunk of my car. I also think the beauty of being a designer is that I have my collection in my office and I have my collection in my home, so I tend to do a lot of quick changes and carry around baby wipes.”

As for expanding her family with husband Rodger Berman, Zoe says, “I’m so happy with where I am right now. Who knows? I never say never to anything. Who knows what life will bring? We’ll see.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Lisa T on

Can someone please hold down Skeletor and feed her a sandwich?

Morgan on

Being this skinny makes her look alot older than she is.

Tara on

It’s amazing if some of those women would gain 10-15 lbs, they wouldn’t have to use so much Botox!

mary on

LOL that kids face in this picture is priceless! As if he is saying ‘get me the hell out of this outfit’!

Tara on

I love Rachel, but if you only style coat hangers there is not much of a challenge in that. Tell her to style Kat Dennings, or Christina Hendricks, then maybe. And I wish her husband would get a haircut that keeps his hair out of his eyes! On the plus side Skylar should be a baby model!

happy on

I like her but she dresses that boy like a sissy. Hopefully next time she has a girl. I think that is more her element.

gabriella on

“She dresses that boy like a sissy.” What generation/planet are you on? I didn’t think anyone used that demeaning word any more., usually aimed at boys deemed somehow unmasculine. He’s not even 2 yet! Would you rather he be in camos and scruffy? Personally, with the exception of the dopey hat, I think he looks cute. It looks as though they were at a restaurant or some affair, so he was dressed up. A girl is more her element? What nonsense.

akri on

what a beautiful little boy! she’s my age and I look 10 yrs younger than her..she should gain a little weight..and when is her show coming back??

KRS on

Why do some women think it’s OK to make rude comments about another woman’s weight if they feel she’s too thin? I think we all know we shouldn’t mock someone for being overweight…why is it different if she’s super-slim or underweight? It doesn’t happen so much now (ahem, 40 with 2 kids) but I used to always be considered underweight even though I ate everything in sight and always hated the comments about my body being “skinny” …just as much as I would if someone was calling me fat or curvy or whatever.

Vickie on

Sorry, dear, but you just can’t say that being called “skinny” in this culture is the same as being called “fat”. One is emulated while the other is considered utterly unwanted.

Amanda on

Sorry, dear, but the overweight in this country certainly use the term skinny in a derrogatory manner and many of these women are as well. If you don’t want people to judge those who are bigger it would be wise to not make excuses for judging those who are smaller.I find the comments on this post as disgusting as the ones on the Jessica Simpson posts. Everyone needs to stop worrying about everyone elses bodies and worry more about their own.

thegirlthatiwanttobe on

I totally agree with Rachel. Having my daughter has made me less dramatic about things that don’t really matter.

Joules on

Of course having kids made her less dramatic, having someone poop on you and no one else to clean up will do that to a person.

K on

She dresses her poor son in such prissy outfits; by the time he is 16 he is going to hate her and all of his baby pictures.

K on


It would be one thing if she just couldn’t keep weight on. However, she is on record previously as saying that she skips meals and eats very few calories to stay the way that she is, and she also refuses to dress clients who aren’t as thin as she is. I would say those things make her more than fair game.

Nikita on

I’m very happy that mother hood has calmed this woman down…my God she was really high strung. I guess it made her better at her job, but she will live longer not sweating the small stuff! Go Rachel!!!

Erin J. on

I love her but I wish she’d eat a hamburger…or two!

happy on

Well, she does dress him like a sissy. He is adorable and she is beautiful..not hating. But wow, next it will be a pink shirt and a bow in his hair. People ARE ENTITLED TO AN OPINION THAT IS THEIR OWN, NOT YOURS GABRIELLA!

Nikita on

It would be one thing if she just couldn’t keep weight on. However, she is on record previously as saying that she skips meals and eats very few calories to stay the way that she is, and she also refuses to dress clients who aren’t as thin as she is. I would say those things make her more than fair game.”

Had to quote this person to correct them. One of her clients is Liv Tyler. So, the statement that she “refuses to dress clients who aren’t as thin as she is” is pure bollocks.

oranges on

Good to see yet again ‘de-nial’ isn’t just a river in Eygpt.

Marie on

Skyler is usually happy and smiling all the time, but his frown in this picture is hilarious!

Anna on

Why on earth do all of them look so glum? The poor baby looks so grumpy… Hmm…. in fact, I don’t recall any happy looking pics of these three…. Maybe like Posh said, fashion stole their smile?

bec215 on

She definitely seems calmer and happier since Sklyer. I applaud her ambition and drive, and also her honesty with her husband about her ambivalence about having to slow down her career after having a baby. I wish other celebs, like Jennifer Aniston, would go on record that she wanted children but realized she wasn’t ready to make a major life change so decided to not have any. Making a thoughtful decision about whether to have a child should be celebrated…

KRS on

Vickie, I imagine your comment was for me. I’m saying body shaming is uncool, period. You seem to think it’s OK for skinny but not fat? Why is Skeletor fine, but not Fatso?

BTW, I agree with you about our society being way more accepting of thin/slim/fit than overweight/obese….but seriously, insulting someone about their body is just lower than low.

SHA on

Too bad motherhood hasn’t made her want to be healthy. She’s abnormally thin.

Manomer on

Oh my gosh…there are millions of baby pictures from the 80’s of kids in sailor outfits….it happens people. The kid will turn out JUST fine. He may look back and say what were you thinking Mom…but he is going to be FINE. So silly.

Beach Mom on

Gorgeous, all of them!

KiKi on

The child is beautiful but he looks way more healthy than his mom. And, another thing, ShoeDazzle? Isn’t that a Kim Kardashian company? Pfft, if that’s the case, I wouldn’t be bragging about it.

Nanci on

I am sorry but this is an ugly family. The kid looks like such a little sissy. I like boys to look like boys!

Nanci on

I am sorry but this is an ugly family! They constantly wear stupid hats & the little boy looks like such a tricked out sissy. Whatever happened to little boys looking like little boys?

Lisa on

One look at that family and it screams drama, neurotic, anorexic, narcissistic, dysfunctional mess!

Anonymous on

Nikita- Jennifer Garner is (or at least was during her pregnancy with Samuel) one of Rachel’s clients as well, so I’m with you! 🙂

Anyway, I’m not usually one to say that a celeb looks “too skinny” (after all, people can LOOK underweight but not actually BE underweight), but Rachel looks frightening! Please, seek some help for your son’s sake!

D.L. on

The little boy does NOT look happy! Neither does she.

K on


You’re right, Liv Tyler *is* one of her clients. But SHE is your definition of full-figured?

Wow, you’d think I was a cow, then. The fact remains that Rachel Zoe has admitted going through extreme measures to maintain her low weight and does NOT dress plus-sized clients. Therefore, I still don’t think we should have to tiptoe around the issue.

K on


Pregnant is not the same as PLUS-SIZED, and Jennifer Garner is NOT plus-sized!

God, do you people even know what a plus size is?! Do you all live in freaky California where anything over a 0 is full-figured or something?!

M on

I feel you, little buddy. I wouldn’t be happy in that ridiculous outfit either! 🙂