Uma Thurman: Why My Daughter Has Five Names

01/17/2013 at 09:00 AM ET

What’s in a name? Apparently every last one on Uma Thurman‘s list of favorites!

After the actress and her boyfriend Arpad Busson revealed they had decided on Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence for their baby girl born in July, it was Thurman’s 14-year-old daughter Maya who found reason in their multitude of monikers.

“[Maya] came up with the best excuse, [which] was that I probably wouldn’t get to have any more children, so I just put every name that I liked into [Luna’s],” the Playing for Keeps star, 42, said during a Monday appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Joking that there is a bit of logic behind their “crazy” choice — “The last part makes sense, right?” she says of Luna’s surname —  Thurman admits she and Busson couldn’t compromise.

“We couldn’t quite agree on the name,” she shares. “We call her Luna, so she’s lucky that way.”

Uma Thurman: Why My Daughter Has Five Names
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

And, in the long run Thurman and Fallon agree that the “full Catholic” 6-month-old will have no problems brainstorming baby names for her future family.

“The rest she can just name her own children all these interesting names,” quips the proud mama. “Proper Catholic, observant!”

— Anya Leon

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Abby on

Five names is four too many!

Reesca on

Can anybody actually pronounce any of those names? Did she not think of her daughter who one day will have to learn to spell all of that? Just ridiculous.

anonymous on

I can pronounce ALL of her names. It’s their child…they’re allowed to give her as many names as they desire.

Noetje on

Having 4 middle names is not that strange in Europe. I’ve seen plenty of people with that many names or even more… And I like the name Rosalind. It’s pretty.

Steph on

Less is more, they really needed to edit. Out of those choices, which are all nice except for Arkadina, I would have gone with Rosalie Atalune “Luna”. A lovely name.

Jamie on

It’s not the amount of names that bothers me, it’s that they don’t even call her by any of them! It’s like, “I’m going to name my child Jessica but call her Mary.” WHY???

maria on

Strange. Why not just go w/ Rosa or Rose for shorter version. Did they choose Luna for lunatic mother’s names?

Lexi on

She has so many names and yet they got Luna out of that how?

Nathalie on

….Luna came from ‘Altalune’ or luna alta from a high moon as in the sky….. 🙂

Emily on

It’s not the fact that she has 5 names, but the fact that the name they call her (Luna) isn’t even the first name on that list! “Altalune” is the 4th one! My goodness.

guest on

If they just call her Luna then why didn’t they just name her that.

Ann on

I think Luna is a shorter version of the Altalune part of the name.

Anonymous on

This is the top story? LOL. How about “why know one cares what Uma Thurman named her kid or why?”

amit on

Jamie – your comment made me laugh… and I agree completely.

Tara on

Well at least she can start her own law firm! (silver lining)

Angelfish33 on

What’s all this “good Catholic” talk? Like having a baby with a man with whom she isn’t married??? So 2-faced. Don’t get me wrong, I love Uma Thurman, but why do the stars think they are so special?

NM on

That’s just stupid. She didn’t do it for her daughter, she did it for herself. Now, that child has to go through life filling out a very long name on all of her legal documents. I’ll bet Uma didn’t think of that.

NM on

@Angelfish33-you must not be a Catholic, therefor you have no idea how grave a sin it is, to have sex before marriage. It’s a very, very grave sin.

brandy on

i have an 11 letter italian last name and when i ws younger i remember my dad telling someone who had said that it must have been hard to learn to spell it that it was not any harder for me to learn to spell my name as it was for you to learn yours… so stop worrying about how hard it will be for this baby girl.. her name will be normal for her just as your simple name is normal for you.

MollyF on

I don’t see the big deal. I have two middle names and use only one of them. It’s not your choice or say what they call her. I love it when people who don’t know them judge celebrities for their choice of their, repeat THEIR, choices.

anna on

Just name the flipping kid Luna if that’s what you call her. Rosalind is the only one anybody living here will be able to pronounce anyways. What a pain. I get a headache just looking at her whole name.

ellie on

……and why I don’t care why your child has been saddled with 5 names.

Pogue Mahone on

If she was a “proper Catholic” then she’d be married before she had a baby!

Shawna on

Legally speaking, the government only recognizes 3 names; first, first middle, and last. On job applications, tax forms and such the little girl only has to claim Rosalind A. ( or Rosalind Arusha) Busson. All the extra middle names are just a show for mommy. No one is going to call her by all those names. As for her nickname… Lots of people use a variant of 1 of their given names or even a name that their initials spell out. She could go by RAB. lol

American Mom on

Not true at all. Each of my three children have five names plus their surname, and it is entirely legal! I even consulted my attorney before naming the first to be certain there would be attempt to stop me from doing so or any difficulty regarding their various documents, and there has never been an issue (my oldest is now in his teens and has a passport, etc.). So don’t believe that for a moment.

stan on


jlev3 on

what an idiot! and what’s with the proper catholic crap? last time i checked if you were catholic proper you were married before you had kids. i don’t care but don’t give us this lip service as to why you named your kid 5 different names and can’t even manage to use one of them.

Agatha on

I have four, but I’m the last in both my parents families. I have both mu grandmothers, mom and an old friend of the family. She is 99 now :).

Izzy on

I have two first names, a middle name, and a last name. It’s a lot of it you think about it but how often do one really fill out legal documents. I only write my first and last name the rest of the time. It will become “normal” to this kid to have all that, just like it became normal to me. No big deal.

Linda on

I think they are beautiful names!

kim on

those are 5 of the most horrible names ive ever heard of. actually, i didnt even know 3 of those WERE names!!! poor kid…

Joules on

If they settled on just calling her Luna then why not just give her one name – LUNA!

Beth on

So she has 5 names and they call her Luna?

Lindsey on

She gave her kid 5 names because she wanted to. Who cares!

How is it your problem?

Katrina on

Reesca, Florence. You can pronounce Florence.

valeskas on

That poor baby, when she goes to school, she will be teased. My children have both each only one name.

American Mom on

Each of my three children have five names plus their surname and they love it and have never been teased- in fact it is the opposite. Other kids think it is very neat about them. Granted, we chose very traditional, religious names and for those reasons so they aren’t in any way odd, but my children feel special and they are happy about their names. It’s only a recent and American custom to limit yourself to a first and middle name & it doesn’t make you crazy not to.

Aimee on

I think the name is fine. I have two middle names and it was not hard for me to learn how to spell them.

Dee on

“Proper Catholic, observant!” What does this have to do with her or anything about her life?

bec215 on

Aside from the fact it’s indulgent and self-centered to give a child such a name, what does it say about their ability to compromise? Doesn’t bode well for their relash, does it?

Then again, Thurman isn’t exactly known for her flexibility and laid-back demeanor so… not a surprise.

robin on

most celebrities shouldn’t talk.

Lilley on

Poor kid!!! That’s way too many names!!

Jessica on

I like all the names, all of my kids have 4 names and two last names. My first two daughters their first 3 names are named after family, mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers. Their 4th name is their name that we call them by. My last daughter is 4 names that we liked and couldn’t decide on. So she is Phoebe Abbey Mary Elizabeth… I like the many names it also runs in the family as I have multiple names as does my sister, and dad.

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

Every comment on this post annoys me a billion times more than any stranger’s children’s name ever could. Why are people so snarky and critical about things they could just as easily be positive about?

American Mom on

Thank you! The idea that people should judge a total stranger about something like this is absurd! Such is our culture today, sadly.

Brooklyn on

OK, so they couldn’t decide on a name…but yet they call her Luna so isn’t that deciding on a name?

lola on

if she’s ‘full catholic’ why aren’t they married? i’m ‘full catholic’ and did things the normal catholic way…marriage then kids.

Courtney on

Five names and you still call her by a nickname? Where’s the sense in that?

sharlotte on

I think her names are beautiful and unsual. my daughter has 7 names, 5 are for family members and one is her own special name. for centuries people have named their children to honor their ancestors. The child will decide which name they are partial to and want to be known as by the time they are 12 years old. Critics….Mind your own business!

Emily on

If you can’t agree/compromise on the name of your baby, good luck with your relationship.

To Julie@Willow, “annoys me a billion times more”. Extreme exaggeration hurts your overall message. Keep it simple and you’ll be respected.

Wendy on

Only in hollywood. A bunch of wackjobs.

Anonymous on

oh my gosh!why did she do that to her daughter????does she seriously think that she is gonna like all of those ugly weird names when she grows up??she is going to be SO embarassed!!!!i think luna is for lunatic mother!!sad…

Wendy on

Only in hollywood. What a wackadoodle.

kimmylouwho on

sounds like mom and dad are goofy. They had to have all of those weird names and yet they don’t call her any of them! and that little girl will have a difficult time learning how to spell her excessive names when she starts school!

Kehaulani on

To each their own – who really “cares” anyway!

bee on

They can’t compromise on a name so they just shove a bunch in there all together? That doesn’t sound self-centered on anyone’s part..

kgfrbc on

My 9 year old daughter just said “That’s dumb, just name her Luna!” Jamie, that was funny!

Amanda on

Why didn’t they just name her Luna then? So dumb.

rupertina on

Uma didn’t use to be a Catholic, I hope she isn’t one now. And her boyfriend has too many kids (oops, so does she).

Creature on

So Catholic that she didn’t get married BEFORE the baby! Ugh!

Mallory and Lee on

My son has two middle names, and people think I’m wacky!

Anonymous on

I want to punch her

Carrie on

I just feel bad for when her daughter gets to the age when she has to fill out forms with personal info….

Red on

I think they gave her five names because they wanted to, because she’s theirs, and they because they can. Period. Not a fan? Don’t do it when you have your own kids. Easy.

That'sAMouthFull on

And then you add Thurman Busson to the end of all those names… will that even fit on a legal document or other forms?

Marcia on

It’s their choice. I don’t see why she has to defend it.

Anonymous on

I really don’t see how indecision is a good reason for giving your child a ridiculous number of names. They will need to learn them and be able to spell them in Kindergarten….Clearly they like Atalune best or they wouldn’t be calling her Luna. Couldn’t they have just stuck with that?

Leah on

Having a child out of very Catholic of her..NOT!

Guest on

Come here RAAAF!

jbuntu on

They should have nicknamed her Haiku — 17 syllables including a last name of either Thurman or Busson.

Angie on

5 names and you don’t use any of them. So why not just name her Luna?

Anonymous on

Okay, all those of you Catholics complaining about her talking about being a “proper” catholic…You may have wanted until after marriage to have kids, but did you wait until marriage to have sex? If not, guess what? You aren’t a “proper” Catholic either!

Anyway, as for her daughter’s names, I’m sure she’ll do just fine with them (and for those of you nit-picking on most of them being “odd” sounding, the three “A” names clearly honor Arpad’s heritage! I fail to see how that’s a bad thing!).

My grandmother and her siblings all had/have (a couple are still living, the rest aren’t) two middle names each, and none of them ever had a bit of trouble! They also, incidentally, each used only their first middle name on forms and such (except for my grandmother, who adopted her maiden name as her middle name upon getting married).

I’m guessing Luna will probably do the same thing! 🙂

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

Uma has spent YEARS talking about her “enlightened” family and guru-like father and how she was raised in a combination New Age/Buddhist lifestyle and now she’s a proper Catholic? She doesn’t know who the h3ll she is, that’s the problem. And Arpad is not a “proper Catholic,” having impregnated another unwed supermodel (twice) and left her to impregnate Uma. I’m so sick to freaking death of this Hollyweird bulls#1t. They just make this crap up as they go along, depending on whether their meds are working that day or not. Now this child is stuck with an atrocious name from a self-absorbed mother who apparently cannot decide on anything! She should have stayed broken up with Arpad when he cheated on her (with yet another string of women) and called it a day. Barf.

Mojca on

Luna means MOON in Slovenian language. Very trendy name.

Ella on

On most documents, the child will be Rosalind Arusha Thurman-Busson and will likely be called Luna Thurman-Busson at school etc. So no big deal.

CCG on


Mary Mums on

I love Uma, but if they’re so “Catholic” I wish she and Arpad had gotten married first before having baby Luna. Hollywood is doing nothing for family values these days. At any rate, be healthy and happy Darling Luna.

Layla on

I don’t get why people on here think that they should have a say on the number of names parents give their children. Or on how difficult the names are to pronounce. Perhaps you need a phonics refresher. There are different cultures reflected in her names, which I think is lovely. As to them calling her Luna- ever heard of a nickname? Americans are notorious for them. Please open your minds. You sound very ignorant in your posts attacking a mom on the name choice for her child just because it is different from what you are used to.

Layla on

The wonderful thing about being the mom is that you get to name your child whatever you want and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. I dare anyone to tell me what I should name my child based on what they like! The nerve of some people!!

kmc on

Ever heard of in-laws? They tell their children all the time what to name their children.

Layla on

Did it occur to any of you that her choicenof names and the number of them may be the norm in other cultures? Americans are not the only people in the world. I guess a name like Apple would make more sense to you people.

kmc on

No, Apple is a ridiculous name for a child.

NotUncommon on

Having multiple middle names is common in most places, minus the US. For the people who are talking about how she will have to spell all that one day, we ALL had to learn how to spell our names! Some people have unusually long surnames, but those can’t be shortened. At least they are calling her Luna, which I’m pretty sure is easy enough for everyone. Why does someone else’s name bother people so much? Uma looks elated, as she should be.

Kate on

Worst. Name. Ever. Poor kid.

Anonymous on

kmc- Yes, but that doesn’t mean they should!

Mariana on

Couldn’t they just have named her ‘Luna’, then? Oh come on

Alexa on

It’s like Uma’s name of the character she played in The Producers… Ulla Inka Hanson Benson Yanson Tallen Hallen Swadon Swanson. (And that was just her first name) Haha!

ella on

I´m not going to lie, I don´t understand why she gave the baby 5 names, and then call her something completely different… “Hi, my name is Jenny, but everyone calls me Sue” wtf…

And also, if she wanted to use all those names on her kids she should´ve given a cuple more to her other daughter, OR have more children. Multiple names doesn´t bother me, but 5 names, one nickname and one last name (or is it Thurman-Busson maybe??) . I love the name Luna, so that´s what I am naming my daughter, and we are going to call her Luna. She´s going to be lucky that way..

Jim on

I quite agree on the name Luna. It’s a weird name for a girl. But all four middle names is not that strange in Europe.