Holly Madison Is Ready to Get Daughter’s Nursery Started

01/17/2013 at 01:00 PM ET

Holly Madison Is Ready to Get Daughter's Nursery Started

As usual, Holly Madison was all smiles on Wednesday. But don’t let her look deceive you — due in seven weeks, the former E! star is feeling a bit petulant.

Though she’s been preparing for the arrival of her daughter, Madison tells PEOPLE at the grand opening of Andrea’s at the Wynn in Las Vegas that she’s “stressing out because I’m supposed to be moving.”

“I need to get the nursery together, so I’m getting really impatient,” she explains.

“It’s going to be Alice In Wonderland-themed and I’m painting all these big murals so you feel like Alice when you walk in — all the tall flowers and all the caterpillar leaves. It’s going to take days to do it.”

Following a dispute about her doghouse with her current homeowners association, Madison, 33, is hoping to be settled in her new home sooner rather than later.

“I’m so antsy to get it done because I feel like the baby is going to come before I get a chance to get in there,” she says. “I’m supposed to be due the first week of March but she’s just going to come whenever she wants to come, so I don’t pay attention to that. I’m ready anytime.”

Luckily, the pregnancy has been smooth sailing overall, and Madison only craves fruit juices.

“I’m eating healthier than I normally would,” she notes. “I’ve been really lucky and feeling good. No problems.”

— Mark Gray

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Willa on

Despite everything, I find myself rooting for her. I think she will actually be a good mom. It’s also really refreshing to see a celebrity be okay with natural delivery, rather than a planned c-section.

happy on

She looks gorgeous…radiant.

guest on

planned c section? not every c section is planned. I had a c section and it was the last thing was planned..thats just stupid

Willa on

Obviously not every c-section is planned but a large majority of celebrities plan their births out and DO have planned c-sections. Theres nothing wrong with an elective c-section, it’s just refreshing to see a celebrity say the baby will come when its ready, rather than on their schedule.

Teena on

And she’s famous…why? Oh yeah, she was a Playboy Bunny. Wow. *sarcasm off*


She is just Hugh Hefner’s ex play toy! What else has she done to be famous and put on this article! Good grief!

qmanda on

Ok,, not to be a bitch, but when the dutchess was hospitalized with her HG, holly Madison said she too was hospitalized for it, so how has the pregnancy been smooth sailing and overall great? Morning sickness is horrible, I can’t imagine HG.

Steph on

Petulant? That’s not too flattering a word to use. It’s pretty funny though.

abby on

Why is she on the news? Has she done anything worthwhile? I must have missed it! oh, yeah, she’s been a tramp for some years, I almost forgot about that…

Joy on

I am happy for Holly. Babies are blessings!!

Maggie on

Wow, can’t people take off the boxing gloves. Just be happy for a woman who is happy to be pregnant…waiting eagerly for her first born.

Jenny! on

I love Holly, she is a really sweet, loyal lady. Some of u girls need to get ur attitude fixed up, quit being so snotty.

I know she is going to be a great mom because she loves disney themes of all kinds and she is always positive, smiling… she’s great, and she gives to others a lot, they don’t talk about it but she’s really giving.

Alicia on

You are all a bunch of haters. Holly has and continues to have a better career then you. Stop worrying about how she has gotten paid and worry about yourself. At least she doesn’t ask for government handouts. Congrats to her and her new family.

Guest on

I’m happy for her – I think she will be good mom. She made it obvious many times she wanted to be a mom. Wish her the best.

rachael on

She is simply stunning! Curious to see what this baby looks like, she’s ready to be a Mom!

yasemina on

Holly, this is the prettiest you’ve ever looked. Gone is the bright platinum white hair and Playboy mansion immaturity. You need to hang onto this softer and sweeter look after your daughter is born, Holly. I also find myself rooting for Holly, she’s the only one of Hef’s exes that I find even slightly tolerable. I hope that God smiles down on her and keeps her baby daddy out of prison.

Ann on

Hoping all goes well for Holly and her baby girl. She is going to be a great mother. All she wanted was to be married and have kids. Prob most little girls dream of this. Im glad her dreams are coming true. She looks amazing….love her hair color!!

BrittanyB on

Good for Holly, she’s going to be a great mom! It’s sad that some of you have to continuously insult her instead of being happy for her in this special time in her life. If you don’t like her, that’s fine, just don’t click on the article and certainly don’t go to the effort of making a comment if it’s just mean-spirited.

Anonymous on

qmanda- Holly didn’t say her pregnancy has been smooth saying, the author of the article did (if it had been Holly, it would been in quotes). All she said is that she has been “really lucky and feeling good”, which very well could be true even with HG.

For example, she most likely meant she’s feeling good NOW, and I take the “lucky” part to mean that she feels lucky that her HG wasn’t worse (obviously it was pretty mild, as she was hospitilized for only a day or two and seemed to be back to her old self pretty much immeditely afterwards).

I also wonder if it was HG at all to begin with, since it seems odd that it would hit so late in the pregnancy. Maybe her doctors eventually concluded that it was something else (like a stomach virus).

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

No problems? Smooth sailing? Didn’t she (or her handler) claim she had HG like the Duchess? Or was that claim merely for a little press coverage? For the person who said “at least she’s not asking for government handouts,” no she is not. She did it the old-fashioned way…she found a rich boyfriend, scratch that, fiancé (the never-ending Hollyweird “term” for a significant other who won’t marry you) to fund her lifestyle. (Bet you thought I was going to say “got a job”; she did, however, it was for prostituting and pimping herself out as Hef’s Energizer Bunny, then for peeps at Peepshow…classy.) Still, I wonder if the fiancé will be serving time for his white collar crimes, or if he will be out in time to see the baby born. That could put a serious ??? on where she will be living, and if she can afford that mural painter for the Alice in Wonderland theme.

CCEx on

Up until she got pregnant she was headlining a show in Las Vegas, and she’s had two reality shows.

Marky on

Willa, really? Here we go with the “all celebrities want to have a c-section, and they are all afraid to have a baby vaginally” stuff again. Most of the celebs do have vaginal deliveries, though some end up with c-sections, just like all the rest of us. Nothing in this article about either type delivery, anyway. It’s slightly irritating when she makes the statement that the baby is due in March, but “I’m ready any time”! Really? Babies born 6 weeks early sometimes have difficulties (sometimes not), but often they do, so why be excited about an early delivery? One of our children was born 6 weeks early and even at 5 lbs, ended up in Early childhood home programs, and had difficulties with co-ordination, etc. No intellectual effects, but plenty of physical. Just easier on baby to stay in until full term…..

Teena on

@Jenny! “I know she is going to be a great mom because she loves disney themes of all kinds”

LOL…this has to be the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever read.

Hea on

Holly is a sweet and kind person whom I’ve never seen judging people she doesn’t know which is obviously more than we can say for Teena, abby and BRENDA here. Such class, ladies. Such class.

Hea on

Marky – I read “I’m ready anytime” as her saying she’s prepared for her baby’s arrival. Not that she’s excited about the possibility of having a premature baby.

Jane on

Please, someone tell her to work on her posture. We know she is pregnant, but that exaggerated stance is going to ruin her back.

Teena on

Hea: Oh, c’mon. I never judged her as a person. I jusged her status as celebrity.

Ashley on

I love Holly! Her daughter will be gorgeous, I’m very happy for her.

Jenny! on

LOL @ teena i say something like that because if it’s a girl… lil girls LOVES disney princesses and if Holly is a big fan of disney well i think it all adds up to being a very sweet mommy daughter relationship. As we can tell reading ur comments, people think ur an ugly person inside, i can’t see u on the outside thank god. and hopefully ur not a mother. My mom was big on disney and i grew up loving all thoes movies nothing “ridiculous” about showing ur child a fairy tale.

Sandy on

not to be mean but Alice in Wonderland was scary- I hope those huge flowers and other over sized stuff painted on the walls doesn’t scare the baby!

Teena on

Jenny!: I grew up with Disney, too. So what? It doesn’t necessarily make you a good mom to provide your child with Disney movies and Disney related products. That statement is just silly. And of course nothing is wrong with showing your child a fairy tale movie, BUT, know what, it’s even better to read a book to your kid or invent stories. waaaaaay better than the big consumerism machine that’s called Disney, which nowadays mainly produces movies to sell their toys and other products.

I never said Holly is going to be a bad mother or anything. Stop insulting me. She was a playboy bunny, no denying that. She might be a great mom, but I’d be freaked to tell my child about a sexed-up, money-grubbing past like that.

Anonymous on

MarthaMaryetc.- And how do you know her fiance won’t marry her? Yes, there are plenty of celebs who have long engagements and don’t get married, but there are also plenty who do! We have no way of knowing which category Holly is going to fall into!

And I don’t see what’s so bad or weird about her fiance supporting her fiancially. Having the husband or partner work while the woman stayed home was the norm for years, and many families still operate this way.

lovely123 on

Jenny, “lil girls LOVES disney princesses”, just make sure your “lil girls” now how to take care of themselves.

Hea on

Teena – Okay, good. I thought you were trying to degrade her by being sarcastic.

Anonymous on

Teena- And who says that people who show their kids “fairytale” movies don’t also read to them or tell them stories? My parents did both, and the former actually often lead to the latter…because my dad would tell me stories based on whatever fairytale movie I happen to be into at the moment! 🙂

Vera on

Wow Women are just so catty!! They sit behind their computer screens writing hateful comments probably hate their lives, full of jealousy in seeing another woman happy lol Women just love to criticize other women!! I will probably get catty comments too lol u women really need to do better things with ur time!!