Shakira Celebrates Baby Shower – and Bares Her Bump

01/16/2013 at 12:45 PM ET

Shakira Celebrates Baby Shower
Jaume Laiguana

With their baby boy set to arrive any day now, Shakira and Gerard Piqué shared a sexy and shirtless black and white maternity portrait with fans — and asked for their help.

“We’d like to celebrate the imminent birth of our first child with all of you,” the singer and upcoming Voice judge, 35, writes on her social media accounts.

Working with UNICEF, a charity Shakira has been a global ambassador for since 2003, the couple requests donations from $5-110 rather than gifts for their son.

The minimum amount buys a mosquito net to protect a child from malaria, while the maximum purchases a peanut-based paste that can save a malnourished child.

“To celebrate the arrival of our first child, we hope that, in his name, other less privileged children in the world can have their basic needs covered through gifts and donations,” the couple write.

“Thank you for sharing this unforgettable moment with us.”

“Every expectant parent around the world shares all the same hopes and dreams for their children that we do,” adds Shakira. “Yet many don’t share the same opportunities. Together we know we can change that.”

The baby shower site also features additional photos from a December maternity shoot by Jaume Laiguana. Fans who donate to the cause will receive a personalized thank you from Shakira and Piqué.

Shakira Celebrates Baby Shower
Jaume Laiguana

— Sarah Michaud

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Jenn on

Those are probably the prettiest pregnancy pics I’ve ever seen. Breathtaking!

BabygirlDanni on

I concur! Absolutely gorgeous!

kim on

love it! beautiful

gini on

Wow, she is stunning! love her!

Giovanka on

íTe ves bellísima, Shakira! Que Dios los bendiga & suerte con el parto.

keilanisma on

she looks beautiful!

HL on

Holy Crap that will be one beautiful baby!

Anna on

Good job Shakira! I wish more celebs would follow in her footsteps.

Melissa on

Good for her for being so selfless. About time celebs used their fame for good instead of getting millions of dollars for photo’s of their newborns.

Nicole A. on

My sentiments exactly Melissa!

Tiffany on

How inspirational!

dina on

Lovely, looks so preaty and perfect.

MEG on

Great singer! Decent looking! but that “boy” she is with?

SHE is TOO OLD for him!! DOnt see it lasting!

Nikki on

I’m sure it’s not for you to decide if he is too young for her or not!!! I think they’re beautiful together! I don’t know WHY people wanna post negative comments on such a beautiful event for this couple. Jealous Much?

faedesang on

Too old MEG? Since when is 35 old?? I’m 35 and I’m not an old lady thank you very much! Lol

BabygirlDanni on

Wow really!!! Maybe you should look at the wikipedia and calculate her birth year

Losa on

Her belly is huge but her breasts are really small. Weird. I thought that pregnancy changes the breast size and the boobs get bigger.

Nicole S on

If only that were true! I have gone up 5 cups during my pregnancy and my best friend only one cup during hers. We are both having boys four weeks apart. Every pregnancy is different.

Heather A on

Mine didn’t get bigger with either of my pregnancies. That was when I knew I was destined to have small breast forever(haha). Guess everybody is different.

Jaybee on

Once her milk comes in they’ll be huge

BlueSkidoo on

She looks amazing, as always. Beautiful portrait, beautiful couple, and her belly makes me completely envious.

Anonymous on

Te amo shaky God bless yaa!

Tara on

admirable gesture. wish other parents shared the same sentiment upon having children rather than being to selfish and focused on their own experience.

RKF on

Gorgeous, classy photos. I’m also very impressed with them asking for donations to UNICEF, instead of gifts. It says volumes about them as people.

Andrea on

Too bad she didnt change up her hair style but other then that pretty pics!

T in Texas on

Beautiful . And a great idea since they have plenty of money . Instead of gifts , give to a charity . Absolutely wonderful !

lovely123 on

They wording of the article make it seem as if they got married.

Lyzz on


donna on

nothing sexy about a pregnant woman. lol.

boohoobytch on

pretty girl

Amaryllis on

Ick. Don’t understand why people think the world wants to see their naked bloated belly when they’re pregnant.

Jojo on

It isn’t a “bloated” belly. It is a vessel that is growing a new life. I suppose it’s all in perception and attitude.

Jennifer on

that is one beautiful pregnant woman!

shelle on

Stunning photographs, I think these are the most tasteful pregnancy photo’s I’ve seen in a long time, would love to have pictures like this when I have a baby!

Anonymous on


Nikita on

To Amaryllis:

The title of the article had the statement: “Bares Her Bump!”

Aren’t you the genius for clicking on the link and actually LOOKING at the picture. Good lord. If it is so disgusting to you I have some common sense to impart. DON’T LOOK DUM DUM! DUH!

Carmen on

She might not be that young but she knows what she wants not like the younger women who jump from man to man.

Anonymous on

She is lovely and she makes motherhood inviting and exiting

Kim on

Wow, if possible, I think she’s even more beautiful pregnant! Absolutely stunning photos!

George William Gockel on

Woiw Shakira.

kristy on

I’m with Jenn on this one. :’)

Necole on

This is how a real pregnancy belly looks *ahem* Beyonce.

heather on

Is it? I’m sure these are touched up.

Anonymous on

Amaryllis on January 16th, 2013
In response to:
Ick. Don’t understand why people think the world wants to see their naked bloated belly when they’re pregnant.

You clicked on the page to view it, so i am going to say that you wanted to see it. And by the way…there is nothing BLOATED about that belly… Congrats to the parents to be. With their kindness and generosity, hopefully this child will not turn out like some of the negative people that post on this site.

dancer92136 on

Beautiful…sweet memories…

barb on

beautiful, tasteful photos…all the best for their new gift arriving soon

xavier eduard p on

shakira very hottttttttttttttttttttt

Nancy on

What an awesome thing to do. I always thought all those celebrities who have a baby shower, and get all these expensive gifts that they can buy themselves, was a bit over the top. I hope many more celebrity moms follow her lead.

lauren on


Sheri on


Melissa on

She is, hands down, the MOST beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen! Stunning pictures!

Tina on

Beautiful pictures.

Lis on

While I’m not a fan of bare belly photo (even though I think pregnant bellies are absolutely 100% beautiful and we should capture it bare, I just am very modest and think it’s for private eyes to see)…I think that the second photo of her in the white dress might be the MOST GORGEOUS PREGNANCY PHOTO EVER. Wow.

And what a great thing she is doing for babies in need! Can’t wait for her little man to arrive…no doubt he will be darling. 🙂

Jenn on

That is the most beautiful maternity dress I have ever seen, you can tell it was made for her… Other celebs should take notice. Most of them just wear a flowy dress that doesn’t hug the bump.

beatriz on

shakira my role model….u look gorgeous

Anonymous on

Both are fucking sexy. The baby will be adorable.

Cody on

She looks absolutely stunning and so happy. It’s good to see someone with such class! Congrats to you both!

Denise on

It’s a great idea 🙂 And the photos are really cool!!!

Jenn on

She is gorgeous and that baby is going to be too! Congrats to them! I love how she is taking donations for UNICEF instead of accepting baby gifts. I’m sure she is able to provide just fine for that baby. Other celebs should follow suite! And I had twins and my boobs did not get big until AFTER pregnancy

Melisa on

Wow….those pictures are stunning….very well done and in impecable taste. Congrats to them.

Paula on

@Meg, of course there is always one Debbie Downer on a postive post like this. It doesn’t matter if these celebs do good or bad, they still get crapped on by ignorant people. Who gives a crap about the age difference? They surely don’t as they are having a baby together very soon. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just shut up hoe!

me on

Stunning!!! The only thing I find a little odd is how his hand is not actually on her back. It looks like it is just suspended in mid air ???

Tara on

Good catch….that is a huge photoshopping error! You can tell by the shadowing!

pixie on

Love the second one. The first one, though, I don’t really get. This trend of couples pulling their clothes off for maternity pics….that “Awkward Maternity Photos” web site is flooded with them. Awkward sounds about right.

Tara on

I’m still a fan of her black hair, but those pics are beautiful! Congrats to her!

Anonymous on

Photoshop at its’ finest. Look at his hand kind of suspended in the air. That is where his hand was actually placed on her back before it was photoshopped out. Then in the bottom you can tell the back is photoshopped out to make her look smaller in the back because it is such a weird shape. Still pretty pics.

Robyn on

I’m confused she announces her pregnancy then denies it and now post maternity pics…. I give up on this girl!

dina on

I love Shakira. She has such positive energy!

Congrats to her and her hubby. 🙂

Cipper on

don’t say how beautiful she looks or how beautiful their kid will be (how do you know anyway?) – DONATE! I just have, and we don’t have much either but my kids don’t starve.

Anonymous on

Absolutely beautiful! 😉 Congrats and good luck to both of you! XO

kay on

they actually share the same birthday, Feb 2nd….she will be 36, he will be 26…..a beautiful couple, with generous hearts!

Michaela on

She is breathtaking! What lovely pictures!

May God bless your family!

Breanna on

BEAUTIFUL. Much more pleasing to the eye than naked pregnancy photos.

K on

What is with these insecure women who feel they have to be sexy while pregnant? Its kind of ridiculous. How about you be maternal, happy, glowing…why do you have to show how sexy you are? So stupid.

Grace2 on

What a wonderful, refreshing article. Hope they raise a ton of money and that other celebrities follow their example. And she looks beautiful.

Johanna on

Get a life she is not only pregnant girl on the world it sucks everytime they want to show their life ant then suddenly all they want is privacy

Maria on

Love the picture with the dress. Very classy.

kate on

Well all know what big pregnant bellies look like enough now please

Roswi on

Well done Shakira. Finally a tasteful beautiful image of an expecting lady. It is so refreshing to see someone leave their clothes ON. Shakira you are one classy thoughtful lady.

Anonymous on

She’s 35!? Wow I thought she was in her 20s! She looks crazy good and such a cute bump.

Jenny! on

Really beautiful pics!! I don’t think a woman should hide thoes baby bumps, it’s such a beautiful moment and a short one too. She is such a sweet lady.

Libra on

She looks like a latina Beyonce

guest on

Isn’t it amazing the things a female body can do!!!! Shakira is a beautiful woman inside & out! To ask for donations to help other children? I think that is beautiful!

Lady on

No only are they a beautiful couple, but these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! No doubt their son will be a handsome little guy =)

Cat on

Beautiful pictures of a glowing and beautiful Mom to be. I understand her wanting to show her curves. She has every right to be proud of her beauty – especially now. And if you want to make snarky comments about pregnant tummies please take them elsewhere. I’m pregnant and even when I wasn’t I find that sort of talk offensive. We are not BLOATED because we ate too much. There is a whole other person in there.

Lisa T on

Beautiful and tasteful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Tammy on

She is such a beauty.

Bebe on

Love the pictures! they are so amazing and best of all they are different than what other celebs have come up with. It’s always the same old naked pose. This is a nice change of pace. Thanks for sharing Shakira. And wow! huge belly! Congrats 😉

Milli on

Beautiful pictures!

Finally celebrities who youths can look up to and admire them for using their new bundle of joy to selflessly help those in need!

Chi on

I agree with Jenn. She’s GORGEOUS. I wish I could’ve looked half that good when I was pregnant! Rock on mama!

Mia on

Gorgeous, absolutely stunning!

Jakira Colon on

I believe what Shakira and Gerard Pique are doing is very kind. The idea of having a virtual shower is unique! I have never heard of any other celebrities which give such a genuine way to give to the more needing. Instead of receiving and keeping gifts for their first baby, they prefer to help others. They asked for donations for others which many people would not do. Shakira working with Unicef has been a woman who has kept with her word about helping others since 2003. She deserves all the good in her life with Gerard and their baby boy.

Anonymous on

Gerard does NOT look like a 25 year old in this picture. I swear he’s looks like a combo of Paul Walker and a Hemsworth…lol.

Veronica on

I donated! Excellent idea!

dolzina on

Beautiful pictures and Beautiful idea!!!! God Bless them….

Aud on

LIke! Wow, her tummy is getting big! 🙂

Addison on

Wow, I love her. Why can’t all famous people do this instead of just hoarding more ridiculous material items they can afford themselves!

julianna on

Those pictures are gorgeous! The second one is so classy and elegant! Early congratulations to Shak and Piqué on the nearing birth of their baby!

Susan on

Nice gesture. Good pictures. I actually like the one with the gown on. Sometimes covering up a bit is nice.

ellie on

so not surprised 🙂 she’s been building and funding schools in colombia and advocating for universal access to education all over latin america for like 18 years now. way to go shak, you’re awesome ❤

nowitall on

Good for her, what a nice gesture. I really like Shakira as a performer. It’s nice to see that she’s equally generous as she is talented. Wish More Celebs would stand behind a good cause and be genuine about it. Congrat!! Best Wishes!!

judy on

baby looks breech…I hope he flips

B.J. (the girl) on

Good for her, I have great respect for her work with UNICEF.

Just Me on

Beautiful pictures!

ellie on

she’s such an an awesome person. also, this is the kind of song by shakira i wish other people knew about:

Megan on


sat on


Anonymous on


NickyAngel on

Never mind Shakira, I could look at Gerard Piqué all day long (lol)

Nannyto1 on


Ann on

They are beautiful and very generous….lucky baby!!!!

jsp81355 on

She is a gorgeous woman – especially when she’s pregnant. I wish her a happy and healthy baby.

Brooke on

She is lucky that her breasts are small and humble, so you don’t confuse them with mountains. 😉

Greetings on

Look at that! Pregnancy Pics with her clothes on!

Amanda K on

I really like the pics and their request to donate to unicef is just awesome! My boobs didn’t get very big until milk came in and I have only gone from B to C cup. Everyone is different. I wish her well!

Calibeach on

My goodness what a beautiful woman! I love both pics, but the one with the satin gown is beyond gorgeous!

Jen on

Beautiful couple! Wishing all the good things for them. For those who don’t care for how a pregnant woman looks, the problem is with you, not the beautiful pregnant women.

Julie on


What a beautiful gesture!