Baby Boy on the Way for Kara DioGuardi

01/16/2013 at 08:15 PM ET

Baby Boy on the Way for Kara DioGuardi
Cindy Ord/Getty

Kara DioGuardi is going to be a mom!

The Grammy-nominated songwriter, who also served as a judge on American Idol‘s eighth and ninth seasons, confirms to PEOPLE exclusively that she and husband Mike McCuddy will welcome their first child via gestational surrogate in the coming weeks.

“We are eagerly awaiting the healthy and happy birth of our son Greyson James Carroll McCuddy,” DioGuardi, 42, tells PEOPLE.

After years of struggling with fertility issues and multiple failed IVF attempts, the couple, who wed in 2009, decided to explore other paths to parenthood — including adoption and surrogacy.

In the end, says DioGuardi, “We made a personal decision to try with a surrogate. I asked someone we knew, a friend. And on the first try, it worked.”

“We’re praying for our surrogate, that she gets through this and that it’s as easy on her as it can possibly be, because she’s been a gem throughout the whole process,” says the songwriter and music publisher.

“I’ve got two people on my mind: her and the baby. She’s given us this incredible gift.”

— Marisa Laudadio

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Kylia on

Congrats for her! I have always loved her ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa on

Congratulations – that is great news for her!

Mary on

Happy for her, like the name too.

rebeckah on

“We made a personal decision” — as opposed to an impersonal one?

The name is nice but oh it is SO creepy to name a person who doesn’t yet exist. Ick.

anna on

Yeah it is totally creepy to choose a name for your kid. Didn’t you troll on another board saying the same thing? I think that’s kinda creepy.

troll on

No, you are the troll anna. And yes, it is creepy to name an unborn child. One who isn’t even being carried by the, eh, mother. Selfish woman.

4foodani on

Um…the baby does exist – in the womb of the surrogate.

Jada on

Would u rather the child remain nameless????

Erin on

Odd you don’t find the irony here. Not naming your child would be pretty impersonal. People name their unborn children as a way to bond and prepare.

Ol on

I have to say I agree. Why not just say “son” and wait to announce full name at time of birth. Kind of weird.

Sharon on

Most people I know pick a name for their child before he/she is born. Idiot.

Megan on

I am ecstatic for her. She is a huge inspiration to all women out there and I am so happy that she will be passing along her goodness to a son! She is my idol!

Denise on

best wishes

Latrice on

congrats to her and her husband I like the name Greyson James

Julie on

Congratulations Kara and Mike!

Aly on

Of course the baby exists! What kind of statement is that??? Happy for Kara and her husband!

Tiffany on

Rebeckah- I am pretty sure most people have their child’s name picked out before he/she is born. You obviously don’t have any kids.

Anonymous on

We have 4 kids and none were named before they were born. Nor were my nephews.

rebeckah on

Forgive my previous post. I’m a worthless bitch sometimes.

Cindy on

Don’t care for her at all, never could but I will say congrats to her with the upcoming arrival of her child, it is an amazing blessing. And to rebeckah, you must be stunned, it is extremely normal from the time you find out, to pick names out for both sexes..grow up please.

Willa on

Congratulations to them. However, I find it really odd when people announce the baby’s name before they are born. I understanding picking names out, but naming the child before it is born just seems like bad luck to me.

sad on

congrats to the couple.


Congratulation!!! You will be a great mom!!

drmp on

congrats to her..though its the first time I heard of a mom going public with the name of her baby before arrival.

Mandy on

Pretty normal to name your kids before they are born.

Hello on

I had the full name of my both daughters picked long before they were born. I just didn’t announce on magazines since nobody knows me (of course, only friends and family). That’s nothing wrong with that and if Kara is announcing the baby’s name is because she is so excited about his upcoming arrival. Be nice people, it’s not that difficult!!!

Tara on

it makes sense that people who choose to find out the gender of the baby before birth, probably can’t wait until it’s born to pick a name either, but actually making a public announcement of the name before the baby is born is just plain tacky.

Meep on

I always find it highly amusing what some people find ‘creepy’ or ‘strange’ or even ‘stupid’ when it comes to what other people do regarding their lives. Naming a child before it’s born is not that strange and even telling people what the name is seems totally normal to most people… then again… people on this site seem to search hard to find ANYTHING to speak negatively about. Sheesh…

Anonymous on

Tara- First of all, the announcement was about the pregnancy. She just offered the name along with it. Second of all, how is it tacky? It’s just a name, after all!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Jennifer on

Congrats to the mommy to be, daddy to be and the whole DioGuardi and McCuddy families. My wish for you is that Greyson is happy and healthy. Oh no Rebeckah and others that agreed with her about naming the baby before it’s born or in her words “creepy to name a person who doesn’t yet exist. Ick” I said his name oh my! It is very common to have a baby named before it’s birth. Oh and Rebeckah, Greyson does exist or do you think it’s just fluids or air the surrogate is carrying and when she gives birth those fluids magically turn into a baby. There is nothing wrong with having a name picked out and even calling the baby by it’s name before it’s born. Some people even read and sing to the baby have it listen to music all before it’s born. I know a lot of parents to be that have a name picked out and they tell family and friends and even say the name and talk to the baby. The only “creepy and ick” thing was your comment.

kristy on


Qaiser Khan on

good news…

Lisa on

I could not believe you were so rude and obnoxious on American Idol. I’m glad you have gone away.

Addison on

congratulations Kara & her husband ๐Ÿ™‚ i named all 3 of my kids before they were born, i didnt know the sex but i had full names picked out before they were born. currently expecting number 4 and we know this baby is a girl and have her name chosen already. a sweet family name is chosen, as all of my children have family names (Isabelle, Zachary, Oliver & the baby im currently expecting will be Adelaide Grace.) so yes, it is completely normal.
some people choose to, some dont, their choice, who is anypne else tp judge.

donna on

i am sure her age plays a large part in her fertility issues…the older women get the more often they find it hard to conceive on their own…i dont know who this person is but congrats anyway…:)

sparkykid on

I had the name of may daughter and son picked out before they were born. I also had my wedding planned down to the last detail before I was married. Of course, I am still waiting for a husband and the babies, but, I am ready!

Colby on

Whats up w/ four names. They are all nice, but I never understand the need for four names.

Deb on

Kara said something on Idol I have never forgotten and sums up why the music industry is so horrible (glad for Dele haha) “Some songs are meant for radio and NOT live!!” Congrats girl!

Anonymous on

I have been going through failed IVF cycles..I wish I had the money for surrogacy. IVF is covered via insurance.

mg on

how nice to be able to buy a baby that way. the avg joe with fertility issues just has to deal with it.

Red on

Wow. Envy much mg? on

Congrats to the parents. I’m currently pregnant (carrying my best friends child). The fact that their friend agreed to carry their child is a huge blessing. I’m hopeful that the birth goes fast and is easy for her. Enjoy your new baby boy when he arrives and I would suggest getting the friend a special gift for caring your Son as my friend got me special bracelt to thank me since I did it free of charge. Good luck

fromheretomotherhood on

I saw the headline and at first I thought, oh great another celeb in her 40’s who is going to make it look like getting pregnant is so easy. I am sorry that Kara had to experience the heartache of infertility, but I am truly appreciative of her candid remarks. I am set to start IVF myself, at only 29, and it’s such a roller coaster of emotions. Best of luck to Kara and her surrogate.

Cristina on

Congrats to the baby girl! I have to agree with the others though about naming a baby before it is born. I had my little girl last summer and we didn’t decide on a name until after she was born…we had it picked out already but IMO opinion I find it very silly when I hear someone talk about their 16 week old baby in the womb as “Jake.”

Greysmomma on

Congrats to her! My 1 year old is named Greyson, so I think she has great taste. ๐Ÿ™‚

Inspiring Words on

I have to say I agree. Why not just say โ€œsonโ€ and wait to announce full name at time of birth. Kind of weird.

Kate on

I wish I could afford another IVF cycle and/or surrogacy. And no, insurance does not always cover fertility! There are states that require it, like MA and NJ however, several states do not have this requirement and infertility is even worst when your insurance won’t pay for anything. Anyways, good luck to Kara and her husband and congrats!

amazed on

Oh wow. All you people arguing on here obviously have too much time on your hands. What does it matter to any of you if Kara has named her son prior to birth? And calling someone who has suffered through infertility “selfish” for choosing surrogacy is an ultimate low. Congrats to Kara and her husband.


Oh how nice. Eye roll. Wish I could afford to have someone carry my baby for 9 months.

Mechelle on

Rebeckah, don’t be hard on yourself, I think your thought came out wrong. I’m agreeing with Willa. It’s not the fact that she has a name, it’s just weird to announce it, almost like a bad omen. But to each his own, I congratulate them both! It’s a blessing and it’s a great thing if you have a surrogate that is your friend to do something like that for you.

Joan on

Don’t these people have their own babies?

Sharon on

She has FERTILITY ISSUES Joan!!!! Oh. My. God.

cary on

It is not “creepy” to name a baby who doesn’t exist – it does exist – it’s got a heartbeat. You’re creepy for saying that and the spelling of your name is creepy too.

Alison on

Um, my kids’ names were picked out AND annouced to my family when I was 4 months pregnant. WHO CARES? It’s 100% normal!

Karen on

I agree, what is the big deal about her announcing the name of her baby? Evidently a lot of you people have never had infertility issues. Until you walk in those shoes you don’t know what she and her husband has been through physically and emotionally. You are just assuming because they never filled the newspapers and rag magazines with it. I applaud them for keeping their personal lives personal.

Marky on

Eyeroll, (and anyone else on this thread who is critical of this couple using surrogacy) you are beyond being a b$%^h, and normally I am the one calling for civility! What on earth is going on in your head? She clearly has endured infertility and cannot carry a child; you are claiming you’s like to be able to “afford” someone to carry your baby–do you know what it’s like to be told you will not be able to carry a baby for yourself and you spouse, because your body has somehow failed you so thoroughly that no matter what treatment you’ve had, you can’t do what you’ve always been told would be easy?? What a cruel, hateful, loser you are! No one would do surrogacy if they could carry their own child. Fortunately, Kara had a friend who was willing to do this great gift for them, and that deserves congratulations and celebration for them, not eyerolling and snotty comments. Some of you are so mean nd cruel, it makes me wonder what the H you are even doing on here, other than trying to cause pain! Aaaggghhhh! I feel so frustrated that women are this hateful to another woman who has probably gone through hell to try to have a child, and adoption isn’t always the easiest thing to do, either; and I know–I have adopted twice, and neither were newborns.

Sharon on

I could not have said it better myself. I do not understand what is wrong with people. She has fertility issues and wanted a child. So she is supposed to go without something she longs for just because she cant carry him for 9 months?! She couldn’t care less what negative people think, and personally, neither would I. I cannot believe how cruel and heartless some people are. Also, back off on the fact that she shared the name….obviously she is excited and couldnt wait to share the news. Some people reveal the name before the child is born. Its not uncommon.

Anonymous on

Marky- It could be that Eyeroll DOES know what it feels like to be told she can’t carry a baby, and is angry that she can’t afford to do what Kara is doing. That being said, if she’s that bitter and upset, she should probably consider therapy rather than yelling and screaming on message boards!

cargogirl on


Pam on

Congratulations!!! So happy for Kara and her husband. Going through infertility is such a sad and difficult time in your life. So wonderful to hear this happy news. Enjoy your precious baby boy!!!