Jessica Simpson: Second Pregnancy Was a Shock, Much Different Than First

01/16/2013 at 08:00 AM ET

Jessica Simpson: Second Pregnancy Was a Shock
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Jessica Simpson says she was channeling a certain curvaceous reality star when she posted a bikini bump self-portrait on Twitter during her Christmas holiday in Hawaii.

“I felt really hot, and I thought I deserved a Kim Kardashian moment, you know? I was really feeling it, like, ‘Oh, my bump looks cute. I’m going to share that,'” the Fashion Star mentor quipped during an appearance on Tuesday’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

But Simpson, 32, says her second pregnancy has been anything but a feel-good time. She’s been nauseated and not having the same sort of cravings as when she was expecting daughter Maxwell Drew, who’s now 8 months old and beginning to crawl.

“I’ve been really, really sick so I can’t wait to actually be able to crave something like I did in my first pregnancy,” the singer and actress explains. “I’m due in the summer so I still have a ways to go — hopefully I start feeling better.”

That morning sickness may be a good thing for the Weight Watchers spokeswoman. Simpson says she gained “a lot more” than her doctors recommended the first go-round, but this time she hopes to eat healthier and not go too crazy.

“I didn’t really make any healthy, good decisions,” she says of her first pregnancy. “The last time I ate everything in sight. I was really happy to be pregnant and I just didn’t even step on the scale. I was the person who turned around and said, ‘Just don’t tell me, I’m having fun.'”

“I guess I just didn’t realize you could gain that much weight that quickly,” Simpson explains. “I had fun doing it but once I had Maxwell I realized that it all wasn’t water weight and I had to really work hard. In four months I lost over 50 pounds.”

The second pregnancy, she added, was not planned and surprised both her and fiancé Eric Johnson, whom she joked was “really proud” that it happened all over again so quickly.

“Apparently it was a part of God’s plan for my life,” Simpson says with a laugh. “I was extremely shocked. I was shocked because I was going through a lot of hormonal changes trying to get back to the old, vibrant Jessica. And you know, it was kind of like a one-night stand. And it happened … all over again!”

Her much-anticipated wedding, she says, just keeps getting pushed back.

“We’ve had two different wedding dates, but he keeps knocking me up,” Simpson wisecracks. “I’m doing it very backwards, I know! I’ll just keep my legs crossed this time.”

— Andrea Billups

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Courtney on

She looks great! I had horrid morning sickness and cramping the first 4 months in my first pregnancy. My second pregnancy was heaven. Love her leopard print dress.

Amy on

If nothing else, her honesty is refreshing. All the best to your family.

maggiemai on

Love her. She is so funny! Love her sense of humor!

Linds on

I’m not a fan, but at least she is making fun of herself.

Ditir on

Oh that’s a classy statement . Joking or not, be a lady Jessica.

Anna on

Oh grow up Ditir. Who are you to judge?

clipsofcouture on

How is it shocking? No birth control = possible pregnancy. This girl is SUCH an idiot.

Japan's on

Omg.. She’s hilarious!! Good for u Jessica don’t worry about what others think. ur a modern day Lucy..

Anna on


5thof11 on

And “Lucy” is a character on a show which would be an accurate comparrison since its unbelievable Jessicas is such an embarrassment. I can judge if i wish because she puts it out there. What happened to the straight virginal christian that advertised abstainence before nick but now she “cant keep her legs shut”?? How embarrassing.

poohtattoo on

She DID wait until marriage, which is now dissolved. So every grown person should be abstinent even though he/she is in a committed monogamous relationship? Should she be using birth control, yes…but it’s not as if she’s sleeping around with every man she meets. Sex is part of EVERY healthy ADULT relationship and she seems less idiotic than her reality show days. Cut the chick some slack jeez.

Danielle on

Jessie looks great, and having a sister/brother to Maxy is a great idea, it’s too much pressure for an only child in life….Congrats in your new plan of having another one, and eventually settle with Eric…..he is the right person for you and your children.

Aimee on

Too much pressure Danielle? What does this even MEAN?

Marge on

Danielle, your comment made me laugh with your nicknames as if you know her. No one calls her “Jessie” nor her daughter Maxy.

heather on

jessica is so real and adorable!! luv her!!

Anonymous on

congratulations to Jess, Eric & Maxwell.. wish you all the very best…

Sharon on

I love her, she’s so funny! Honesty is the best! People need to quit judging her and worry about the own lives. Celebrities r not our children’s role models parents r the role models so quit using celebrities. They live there lives like anyone one if us just in the spotlight more. She’s a great person who has her life on track and priorities straight.

Alisha on

She looks beautiful! Congrats to her and her family, everything happens for a reason 🙂 Love her honesty

Megan on

Not much of a fan, but I really like her outlook right now. She’s at least joking with herself.

Amy on

Love her!!! She looks great!!!! I wish her, Eric and baby Maxwell the best! I can’t wait to see the new little one!! 🙂

mindy on

She may claim that she’s sick and can barely eat, but for someone who is due in the summer, 6 months away, still in her first trimester, she looks like she’s packed a decent amount on already. I hope she does eat more healthfully this pregnancy and the yoyo weight gain/loss cycle doesn’t affect her too badly.

jsp81355 on

Jessica, the comments you have made about yourself in this article make you sound like tart. Have a little more respect for yourself and learn to keep private things private.

Anna on

You obviously took the time to read this, jsp. Someone who’s not a fan why read or comment? Who cares she’s a normal person.

jsp81355 on

The comments that Jessica Simpson makes about herself make her sound like a tart. Jessica, get a grip. Have a little more self-respect and learn to keep private matters private. And the bit about having your Kim Kardashian moment – don’t even go there. You are much too much of a lady to ever compare yourself to her or anything she does.

heather on

She does look great!! wish more celebrities would be as honest as jessica. she is so cute..

Anonymous on

I love her!! She is so refreshing.

Pam on

She’s way too much of an airhead to even be mildly entertaining. I’d rather watch paint dry.

nay on

I know I’m a little late on posting but the people calling her an air head our saying she’s dumb….why don’t you look up what her iq is and check it what her gpa was in school. She’s actually quite smart. Only acted dumb for the cameras

mary on

Having unprotected sex should have the same warning as if you have or find a gun. Every gun should be treated as if it has a bullet in it! Every person having sex should have knowledge that unprotected can lead to babies!

On a side note, She is funny, and very honest.

kimmer on

She seems to be having fun with it and she is honest.

Drea on

I do think all of this is kind of funny coming from someone who used to preach about saving yourself until you are married and she is now on kid 2 out of wedlock. I’m not judging by any means, just funny how people change. Oh, and she looks great!!

Moni on

Well she saved herself for Nick, and divorced him so now she has to stop having sex before her 2nd marriage….. Come on people she is in her 30’s and a mother already, you act like she’s commiting a sin by making love to her fiance. At least the kids have the same daddy….gotta give her credit were its due!!!

LizzyM on

“Surprise” pregnancies happen to “smart” people as well, so give her a break. I am a professional with two post graduate degrees, and my second pregnancy was a “surprise” just as my first turned 1. It can happen, even if you are using birth control. It happened to me while going off a progesterone only birth control pill.

nozona on

is it because she’s honest that people tear her down? i like her, she stays true to who she is.

Nick on

Exactly! She’s honest! I love her and if people want to say her honesty makes her look stupid, then who’s the real idiot?

Cappy84 on

Jessica is honest, refreshing, and just a total goofball. Love her!

boohoobytch on

…she should try channeling a Jessica moment instead…oh, wait she meant a “TMI” moment – I get it now…she looks cute, I wish her the best.

Cherlyn Templeton on

God has nothing to do with what is going on in Jessica Simpson’s life. She, along with others, need to leave Him out of their adulterous lifestyles.

Anna on

Are you serious Cherlyn??? God has a plan for everyone.

Aimee on

How is she adulterous Cherlyn? Neither of them are married. She’s cheating on no one. Get a grip.

Meghan on

Cherlyn, how does having two children with her fiancé make her lifestyle “adulterous”?! People need to get a grip. She WAS a virgin, then she married her first husband. That didn’t work out (like about half the marriages out there). So she shouldn’t have sex again til she gets married again? That’s a bit ridiculous.

And the other poster who said that celebs are not our kids role models is absolutely correct. I did not have a daughter so that I could abdicate all responsibility of raising her to the television and magazines. I am my child’s first and most important role model, and it is up to me to install values and show the difference between right and wrong, NOT any celebrity. Live and let live, do not judge lest ye be judged, stones and glass houses, etc etc.

Moni on

Oh please spare us Cherlyn…. she is engaged to the father of both babies for goodness sake!! You act like she is sleeping around town or something, maybe she took an antibiotic and got pregnant… do you know if there is more to the whole story… I think not so don’t be so judgemental cheeeezzz…..

Melanie on

Has she not figured out what causes babies yet? I could understand if she had difficulty getting pregnant the first time but to have to “surprises” in such a short period of time? That is just irresponsible. She is supposed to be a role model and she can’t seem to keep from getting pregnant long enough to get married. And this girl started out as a Christian artist. What is wrong with this picture?

Jay on

She is so big again early on. Unless she is due earlier than the summer. Wow, never seen someone so big that early!!

kristin on

You usually do get bigger faster with second pregnancy. Why does everyone feel need to be so judgemental as if you all are perfect. Get a grip. If she wasn’t a celebrity no one would be able to judge her. And to all the proclaimed Christians out there I thought you weren’t suppose to judge. So get off her back about having sex before marriage its 2013 not 1940.

kke on

I love Jessica because she is REAL! And all the money don’t change that. I wish her the Best!

larki on

I HATE it when women say they were KNOCKED UP….that is such a degrading description no matter who says it, but to me, it sounds even worse when women say it and they are talking about THEMSELVES!! Cringe!!!!

Amaryllis on

Time for a tubal ligation after this one.

Tricia on

I wonder what happened to her “Christian values”? Before she married Nick Lachey she wouldn’t have sex before marriage because it was against her values. But having two children out of wedlock now is okay? I don’t get it. I’m not opposed to children out of wedlock, just to hypocrites.

Aimee on

People and values change, Tricia. That simple. It’s not like she is still preaching abstinence and doing it. She’s not a hypocrite if she’s changed her mind on what’s appropriate for herself at 30 years old.

Meghan on

To the person who thinks she was breastfeeding and thought she couldn’t get pregnant…. I’m thinking she probably was not still consistently breastfeeding, if at all. She was working out alot, which very often affects milk supply and can also trigger ovulation to start again. I’m betting those things (if she hadn’t already stopped nursing) already caused her daughter to self wean. Of course, that’s not always the case, but very often is….

kitty62862 on

She cracks me up, she really does! Best wishes to the whole family.

Anonymous on

She is tacky I wish her all the best with her second pregnancy though

Rosy on

Kinda refreshing that she gave up on pleasing everyone on the planet. And she doesn’t need to either…

Angie on

I just love her! She seems so down to earth and real, despite being famous and having a billion dollar clothing line. I wish her and her family the very best! 🙂

Lizette on

Whatever makes her happy 🙂 She looks great ! Jessica you are a great person and I love your honesty.

marney on

Wasn’t this th girl that had to stay a virgin until she got married? Now she is saying she should keep her legs closed because she keeps getting pregnant? Wow!!! Classy.

Joanne on

Jessica did everything right the first time, waited till marriage to have sex & that marriage ended in disaster. And now she has 2 blessings with a man she loves, so let her be 🙂 i love Jessica!!

Meg on

Someone who’s as stupid as she is shouldn’t even be allowed to breed. What an idiot she is.

ella on

all you judgemental people in here makes me laugh. So what if she is not married? she is in a commited relationship, and apparently they have sex. That´s not weird, or strange or dumb. It´s normal.

And fyi, birth control does not work every time. My sister-in-law was on birth control when she got pregnant with all her kids.

donna on

Plus, being pregnant means you can keep eating without the guilt. Have another cookie, Jess.

Jamie on

This girl is so tacky and not the least bit entertaining. You’d think after the first one she would have figured out where babies come from.

rlb237 on

Legs closed AND mouth shut, please.

courtney on

I agree rlb…..please do this jessica!

hbomb1225 on

I think she is adorable. Shes not the smartest (or doesnt think before she talks), but I actually really like that about her. So many other celebs say things that seem as if they are coached by their PR team (which I understand), but I enjoy the fact that she just says whatever comes to mind. I like that she can be honest, and not take herself too seriously.

courtney on

I agree with several of these comments, jessica is a hypercrite, in the sense that she had wonderful, admirable Christian views, and she just tossed them aside! And the term knocked up is disgusting,she shouldn’t disrespect her own self by using it!

Connie on

I like her but I’d love to see her with not such bleached hair color. It makes her look older than she really is, in my opinion.

sassafrass on

Please, for the love of God, do not try to aspire to anything Kim Kardashian. The world needs a lot less moments inspired by her.

Anonymous on

If her next baby is a boy, will she give that baby a girls name?

shena on

some of you people are just rude! its her second marriage values change as you get older and mature but apparently you have not. i think she looks great since she hadn’t lost all of the baby weight from maxwell. Don’t be rude and derogatory to someone who is so happy about another little person being brought into their life.

valeskas on

I know, what she goes through, when I had my daughter, I was sick for months, throwing up all the time and where ever I went. But at the end, I had a beautiful little daughter and that makes you forget all the pain and all the throwing up. She is the light of my life.

monkey on

Someone is seriously suggesting a tubal for a woman in her early 30’s who’s only pregnant with her second??!!

She does sound crass here, but I guess that’s her thing.

Courtney on

Looks like the Holy virgins are at it again. Her comment is a playful one, would love to know how many of you have gotten pregnant gracefully.

jenny on

it’s so strange to not be a fan of any of a celebrities work, but to be a fan of them personally. jessica is someone i would like to hang out with!

Kaelyn on

I love her! She’s so funny!!!!

Courtney on

Looks like there is another courtney on here…….

L.A. on

Don’t worry about your weight, Jessica . . . You already had a huge wedding . . . Just do right by your children and if you love their father, MARRY HIM NOW!!!

Karin on

Can it be? An honest celebrity!!!! How refreshingly real!!!

LPW on

So, if you don’t use birth control, you can just blame God for the inevitable pregnancy? Hmmm……………….

Susan on

It seems morning sickness is the new “thing”. Jessica, not many are paying too much attention to you now. You’re being trumped by Kimye and the Princess. I’ll bet that stings a bit. And please, we don’t need details of your conception. Have a little class. And you may be eating better, but you still look like you find the pop tart box every now and then!

kira on

she hasn’t changed…poor kids!

lizzy on

Loved the article.. I liked that she was honest … I don’t know understand why people don’t like her.. still trying to figure that one out.

pixie on

I like her attitude. Good for her!

pep on

was not planned ?Hello thats what happens when you have sex and use no protection she says such dumb stuff sometimes ..

Dee on


I don’t understand why you continue to delay marriage. It makes no sense to keep designating wedding dates and not following through while continuing to make babies. As you stated, you have already started backwards, why is it so important to have a major production of a wedding, especially since you’ve had the wedding fairytale before. You say that you’re about mentoring women and girls to have healthy self-esteem, etc. but at the moment you sound pretty much like a hypocrite.

Erica on

Jessica usually gets on my nerves, but I found this interview to be refreshing and funny.

Jerz on

Not sure she has 2 brain cells to rub together.

mg on

She looks so pretty. Happy for her!

Brittany on

I don’t care what ppl say..she may not be on birth control but geting pregnant that soon after her first pregnancy can be a shock. She still looks good. Don’t worry about the weight Jessica it’ll all come off just have fun. Your a good person and congratulations.

Sharon on

I have to say she is a totally different from waiting to have sex until marriage, and now she has 2 children without being married, it is funny. I do like her, she is a very sweet person. I wish her and her family all of the best.

dancer92136 on

I think she looked great, and sorry she is honestly very funny. She says what she wants.

joan on

Ok Jessica, when a man a woman love each other, the sperm enters the vagina when a man ejaculates. Then conception occurs. It only takes a little amount for this to happen. Perhaps you were extremely drunk and didn’t even notice where your boyfriend/fiance/hanger on put his stuff. So, don’t act shocked about this pregnancy.

Just gross. on

I find it extremely annoying whenever someone says that they are “shocked” when they find out that they are pregnant. Unless you used a bad condom, how can you be “shocked”? No protection = pregnancy. Duh!

gagirl on

People who claim to be shocked at these “surprise” pregnancies are so utterly stupid it’s not even funny. NEWSFLASH: you will get pregnant if you don’t use birth control. She does nothing to change her perception of being a moron. First, she didn’t realize that you could gain that much weight so quickly. Then she suddenly realized that all the weight she’d gained wasn’t water. Seriously?!?! I can’t with this kind of stupidity.

And where the hell is Ken Paves when you need him? That bottle blonde is NOT the look!!!

““I didn’t really make any healthy, good decisions,” —Way to nourish your kid, Jessica.

Rachel on

I knew there would be jealous bitter women commenting here, I am glad the majority of the comments are kind! Its amazing the intense intense jealousy some women feel over Jessica Simpson..its very sad. If you were happy with yourselves you would feel no need to constantly trash a woman you dont even know.. please seek help for your insecurities, its obvious and disturbing.

SMH on

I find it rather hypocritical of JS to be a conservative and a supporter of Mitt Romney; yet her lifestyle is the polar-opposite of what conservatives deem ‘good values’; marriage first, then kids. Funny how people make excuses for–and jokes about themselves yet thumb their nose at other people in similar situations.

Erica on

She does seem genuinely positive. I like her because she didn’t wind up a drug head like most of them and she is a huge business woman. I have to wonder, if she has lost 50 lbs, how much did she put on in the first place…she looks like she is at least 50 overweight now. Her face for one thing is really round, and her chest is humongous, goes clear up to her neck..

I’m not picking on her, I like her, I just think that some stars use pregnancy as a way to gain weight and not be so ridiculed, in their own minds. Excuses creates drama, drama creates pictures and articles, which in turn gives them huge business in that industry. Her guy must be a pretty great man..let’s face it , most of those guys would be after every pretty size 2 model out there but he seems to be sticking with her and loving her. That is what we aren’t used to seeing..she is probably pretty nice to be around, not like she is better than anyone else, but living life as she pleases.

Go Jessica…be happy, keep your man and be a good mom.

Shelley on

This girl is a total idiot. She gives blondes a bad rap!!

Kami on

Seriously she’s due in summer? She looks very pregnant for someone that is getting sick a lot and making better eating choices. Her belly shot from twitter made her look like she was more than halfway there – those must have been some good spanx in those WW commericals

Jennifer on

Ummmm….pretty sure that when your having unprotected sex and not on birth control your going to get pregnant. So not sure how it is a surprise or your shocked your pregnant. She acts like she is the virgin mary. It really is annoying when celebrities are suddenly shocked when they become pregnant. Its not rocket science you idiots.

Anonymous on

She felt she ‘deserved’ a kk moment. I had no idea she hated herself. Hmm, learn something everyday.

Nikita on

Omg people need to lighten up and stop judging. She looks great and is refreshingly honest. There are way too many negative and nasty people on this planet. This is half our problem. Try to pull up an ounce of

a. A sense of humor
b. Good things to say instead of bad
Not that hard folks!

June Park on

Saying morning sickness is good is really unacceptable. She can gain/lose whatever and still be a valid person. SMH at People. Glad I cancelled my subscription. You are too shallow.

Meg on

Who’s the real idiots, Nick? People like you who glorify and praise lowlifes like her for being lowlifes. Our society has no class or brains anymore, and it’s pathetic.

Eleanor on

She’s due in summer and she’s whale size right now!!… and I saw Duchess Kate pencil thin last week, due around the same time. What’s wrong with these two pictures??

Denise S. on

It’s a lot harder to wait for marriage to have sex when you have already been married. Men assume you aren’t a virgin anymore and have no reason to wait for sex. Women fall into this same trap.

Anonymous on

She looks very nice! Pregnancy is hard on the body~good she realizes that this time around.

Swer on

LOVE HER! She’s very relatable.

Kat on

Can’t she spare us the public what she put us through last time? Why does she have to be photographed or quoted every other day talking about her pregnancies?

Talk about overexposure, I wish she’d take Reese and Drew route. Just shut up, we know she’s preg excited whatever…

Anonymous on

I wish these negative people would stop worrying about this beautiful successful woman and her choices. She said this wasn’t planned. Babies are blessings and miracles. I say have as many children as you want and can afford to take care of. At least your tax money doesn’t have to pay to raise her children.

Amber on

How irresponsible to say that morning sickness “may be a good thing!” To suggest that her being sick to keep her pregnancy weight gain in check is ridiculous! Shame on you People! Morning sickness is awful. I’m so tired of everyone commenting on weight gain during pregnancy. You gain weight, you lose it after the baby is born. Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different. The LAST thing a woman should be worrying about during pregnancy is if she’s too fat. A healthy pregnancy and baby is all that matters.

Big Fan on

You know, I love Jess, she’s beautiful, talented, successful, and smart. But she sounds trashy in this interview. My God, have some class!

Erin on

She’s a hoot! Love her sense of humor and glad she can laugh at herself and not take life so seriously! That is exactly how it should be!

Lisa on

This wedding will be round two for you (if it happens at all), Jessica, so go see the judge already and get it done. You’re just gross making the wedding wait while you keep popping out lil bastard babies! This is NOT “God’s plan for you”, dummy! Too bad you didn’t figure out the “keeping your legs crossed” part before now!

Anonymous on

I usually don’t care for her at all, but today I find her so refreshing and endearing- love her tongue in cheek sense of humor!

Caitlin on

She can’t wait to have a craving like her first pregnancy?!? Like butter on butter, with a side of margarine and slutty brownies to finish off the meal…

Mandy on

I wish she would stop saying she never got on a scale when she was pregnant. I had to everytime I went to the doctor & they told me how much weight I had gained. I do hope she eats more healthy for the baby’s sake.

Tara on

I love her honesty! She may be dippy but I love that she is who she is and doesn’t try to hide it. For all you haters out there, she makes a lot of money for being her and selling her name. Who is stupid now? lol

Noodles on

so @ clipsofcouture

lots of nursing moms can’t use birth control because you need to have your first period to start it and nursing can push back the start of your period by somethings up to a year. However, it can come back at anytime and you won’t know until it happens, unfortunately, ovulation takes place two weeks before you get this surprise, could happen any time period. Based on this, is this the first time it’s happened? Definitely not! Make her an idiot for not knowing when he period would start back up, nope, not on an IQ test. Make you a troll for attempting to figure out the details of her sex life for a baby she can very well afford, from the comforts of your moms basement? You bet!

larsen on

If they are having sex I don’t understand why they were shocked to be pregnant, two unplanned pregnancies in a row may indicate lack of birth control?? are they aware how babies are made?

Lisa on

Noodles, it’s nice to know that you are in the know where Jessica’s periods, or lack of them, are concerned. Please, she admitted she took a risk with what she called “a one night stand”. And I’m pretty sure a CONDOM would have been safe for her, as a “nursing mother”.

jenny on

I know shes trying to be funny, but it sounds so crass. You’re a mommy now, conversations like that are funny at home with your family, but not in the public eye. I mean what if her children google her name one day and see “famous quotes by Jessica Simpson : Next time I will keep my legs crossed”. really

guest on

she looks good, she definitely looks better when she is not so skinny. But I wish she could get her hair to a normal color..

Anonymous on

She’s adorable.

Maggie on

Goodness ..didn’t realize Jessica could be so crude.

Maggie on

all the comments about her being refreshing…come on people it is not refreshing to have a low opinion of yourself and speak publicly about your sex life.

Lisa on

I really liked the interview with Jessica. And I do like the picture of her with her baby bump. But she says she is due in the summer….. I mean I believe her but she looked about 5 months pregnant… I mean all women are different I was just guessing she was due earlier… maybe late June (which is summer)

Alex on

What i like about her is that she’s not all like “i’m a super celebrity and i’m skinny and being pregnant is oh so wonderfull and i feel sorry for all of you who are pregnant non-celebrities, your pregnancies must really wreck your bodies. Bu-uh!”. Plus, she doesn’t take herself too seriously! she’s happy and she doesn’t seem to care what others think. I say good for her!

rocky mountain girl on

poor girl….. her boobs are bigger than her belly!

heather on

she is weird. she thinks that morning sickness will prevent her from gaining weight, and that’s a good thing, but she said she can’t wait for the cravings, which led her to the excessive weight gain the first time around? well, which is it?

truth comes out now though. it wasn’t water weight like she claimed her doctor said. no kidding, everyone could have told you that!

Gigi on

God’s plan for you wasn’t to have two out of wedlock children!!! IDIOT!!!

just me on

100% agree with you Gigi!

Phylura on

My.,my how times are a-changing. Used to, ‘good’ girls would be living a very low profile if they were pg and not married. I wonder what her preacher dad thinks about having bastard grandchildren? Oh I get it – it’s OK, because she is a celebrity and it’s now 2013. But seriously, why the wait? If she and her “fiance” have agreed to marry, why not now? Doesn’t take long to walk down to the courthouse to get a license. Oh, I suppose she wants to be all trim again for her wedding gown, and the two babies can be all dressed up for the photo op. PUKE.

amanda on

I love Jessica!! She is so REAL!! She just is who she is!! Funny happy lady

kim on

haters will always hate. they are the ones who go thru life lonely and miserable. although i cant say im a jessica ”fan”, i find her humor and personality refreshing, in a world full of violence and hatred. we are talking about a couple who love one another and have a family together. they are ecstatic to be blessed with another baby. if you dont have anything nice to say, then keep your comments to yourself, debbie downers.

bldsacrifice on

Duh!!! Let me see. If I don’t take any form of birth control especially soon after having a baby where the egg’s are out of control I won’t get pregnant!

Kate on

Classy, she is not. Some things you keep to yourself, Jess. Every time she opens her mouth I have less and less respect for her.

Erin on

I never understood “it was not planned”. any time someone has sex, and protection in any manner was not used, you are DOING NOTHING TO NOT PLAN A PREGNANCY!!!

Christina on

Hmmmm…whatever happened to her good “traditional values”. Didn’t she wait to be intimate with Nick until after they were married? Baby number 2 out of wedlock way to go!

Ami on

I love her sense of humor 🙂

Mimi on

she looks gorgeous but her hair is 50 shades too light and her tan 50 shades too dark.

Ings5kids on

She is what she always has been…trailer park trash. For her to say it was a surprise means she was not on birth control. If she were she would have said so. She looks like she is 6 months pregnant so for all of you saying she looks great…ummmm nope. Not when she supposedly lost 50 of the 80 pounds she gained with her first and was getting paid for it. I am due July 4th and do not look like a cow and I too have been VERY sick. She needs to go away.

Anonymous on

summer must be MAY…….

just me on

Jessica’s life is revolved around what Nick Lachey does. When Nick and Vanessa got engaged, the next week she was saying she was engaged. When Nick announced their wedding date, she goes and gets pregnant. When Nick announces Vanessa’s pregnant, the next day she’s naked on the cover of a magazine. When Vanessa gives birth to their baby, Jessica goes and gets pregnant again. She is obviously very jealous of Nick and Vanessa and has been ever since they divorced. At least Nick and Vanessa were married and actually in love before they had their baby and not having children out of wedlock. Good grief! Love Nick and Vanessa and their baby is incredibly so cute.

Courtney Rose on

If the rumor is true, Jessica and Vanessa were friends at one point.Jessica went to vanessa for emotional support right before her divorce.Vanessa encouraged Jessica she could do better,and to leave Nick.Jessica took her advice-only to see Vanessa dating Nick soon after.I don’t care who it happens to-EVERYONE would be hurt.If Jessica is jealous its because of people like some of the posters here,comparing her to Nick and Vanessa ALL the time.

lovely123 on

Too bad they are not committed enough to get married. She does look good.

None of your fuk!ng business on

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, It might be a good thing that she experienced morning sickness, are you fkng retarded?? It’s never a good thing you fkng sorry a$$ magazine.

Jessica on

What’s next Jessica? “I didn’t know I could get pregnant with kid number 3, 4, 5 & 6?????”

Jessica is nothing but trailer trash and nobody in their right mind would be jealous of this foolish woman.

How’s the premarital sex working out for you Jessica?

And for people who say Eric and Jessica are in love and committed to each other. NO, they are not committed it each other. IF they were, they would get married already.

I give it two more years, before he splits and she moves on to the next one she claims is “The One”.

Thursday on

I have always loved Jessica.But how ironic that she went from no sex before marriage.To now having two babies out of wedlock.

Kate on

I don’t understand how one can be “surprised” at all by a pregnancy when you are obviously using no protection. Duh!

Teena on

Honestly? She’s not my favorite and I don’t consider her very bright (based on her reality shows), BUT: She’s all natural, she doesn’t pretend to be something or someone she’s not AND she’s funny. Her statements in this article were pretty cute.

I wish her all the best, a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby 🙂 I always had a soft spot for people who can joke about their weaknesses. Go, Jessica, and don’t let the haters bring you down.

Sweet on

Why do women say they are shocked when they get pregnant after not being on birth control and having unprotected you know what. Lame. If you wanted to get pregnant just say it!

Red on

Please leave God out of this…I sincerely doubt that this is his plan for anyone…

Hayley on

Wow, she’s just the most AWESOME celeb ever! I know I can’t wait to start my day until i read about our Jessica. Like, how she learned to put a roll of paper towel on the dispenser, opened the mail without cutting herself (blade AWAY from your body, Jess), or figured out which corner of the foil Pop Tart packet to tear off. She’s endlessly fascinating and I’m on 24-hour baby watch now, cancel my vacation!!!

Dany on

Beautiful – Funny – Doesn’t take herself too seriously – and REALISTIC!!!

Luv Ya, Girl!!! Do w/e makes you and your lil Family Smile – Eff all these Haters!!!

Deb on

I’m guessing she is due in early June. She looks like she is about 4-5 months along. Congratulations to her and Eric!

Heather on

Ugh. She makes me want to hit my head off the wall. Bless you Jessica, I’m sure there are many great things about you but you come off being a complete moron sometimes.

Messiejessy on

I agree with LizzyM. Just because she ended up becoming pregnant without planning it does not make her stupid. I was on the pill for 10 years before my husband and I “tried” for our first, which actually happened instantly.

When I finished breast feeding with my baby, I hopped right back on the pill to hold off until we are ready for our next. Well, just last month actually, I felt a little funny, dizzy at times, was about 3-4 days late for my period somehow and NEVER missed a pill. I too thought for a brief second there that I may had somehow ended up pregnant. Thankfully it didn’t happen as we’re not quite ready just yet, but if it had, it wouldn’t have been because I was either stupid or irresponsible.

People on this blog that are stating the contrary sound like idiots! It happens sometimes whether you’re ready for it or not. At least she is with the man she loves, who seems to be on board for this course in their life, and they are welcoming these children in to a happy and healthy home. Good for them!

Arden on

“I feel hot”, “im knocked up again- surprise! so I still cant get married”, “maybe I should just close my legs” Tee Hee! So funny and REAL! I wish Kate Middleton could punch her.

KiKi on

I appreciate that she has done well in business but could she come across any more ignorant? Why should her unemployed fiance marry her? He’s obviously reaping all the rewards of marriage without it?!

Millie on

I love her honest she has always been good or bad!

gramma2twins on

LOL……..I think it’s funny when people say they were surprised by a pregnancy. If you don’t want to have a baby, then do something to keep from getting pregnant. There are so many different types of anti-birth devices out there, including abstaining. If you don’t do something about not getting pregnant, then it’s pretty sure you will end up that way. Takes a lot of intelligence to figure that one out.

Bebe on

How was it so shocking? If both of them were not using protection it is pretty obvious what the outcome could be… Don’t you think?


Won’t it be funny when he just walks out on her? Because he can, you know. What’s keeping him from moving far, far away? Not like he has to support the children, she certainly doesn’t need his money.

Jessica on

Eric is just waiting to get married to her so he can get half of her fortune. Smart man. Jessica is SO damn stupid she does not realize this guy is only after her moolah.

More kids he has with her, more money he gets from her when they either split up or divorce (if they get married).

Amy on

So glad she has a sense of humor about things…especially with such negative comments from bystanders ALL.THE.TIME! I love she and Eric and happy for them. She looks great!

Lyndsey on

Her hair is so over. Get rid of all the bleached blonde look. It’s starting to make her look old and haggard.

Beautifulblurr on

It’s so annoying when people say “Oh, it’s what God wanted” when they slip up pregnant. No, it’s not rocket science, girl + boy + sex – protection = baby! God has nothing to do with your irresponsible decisions.

happy on

A person knows if they use birth control or not…DUH, she gets dumber and dumber. And I don’t care to hear from the idiots who will say it’s not full proof. Ok, but it’s 99.9% full proof if “taken properly.” So BS on those of you who claim 00.1% that it happened. NO, she didn’t use birth control PERIOD! She’s a moron.

Wendy on

I sooo love her! I love that she is not afraid to say anything! It’s very refreshing! She is absolutely glowing and she looks so beautiful! Love her and Eric! 🙂

texaschickeee on

She is not known for being smart. The fact is a lot of women get pregnant fast due to hormones. Smart ones use birth control. Sadly, these two kids have an idiot for a mother and a non committed Father. He still has not even put a ring on it. SO she really is throwing her money away.

Guest on

Any other celebrity saying “I’ll just keep my legs crossed…” would be SO tacky but for some reason she’s just charmingly real.

J on

Congratulations goes out to Jessica and family!

I have seen some comments about how she is showing so much already and only in her first trimester… this is her second child which means she will show quicker, but also Jessica is short and has a small torso – the baby has no where to go but out… the same thing happened to me in my pregnancy, i was showing right away (and I only gained 30lbs – it isn’t an indication on how much she has gained).. give her a break and start focusing on your own lives and not the lives of others.

meghan on

i totally get it, it can be quite a shock when unprotected sex leads to a pregnancy! *head smack*

happy on

Save the bleech for the laundry! Geez, you look like Kim Zolciak.

Alex Genie on

She looks amazing!!

Rhonda on

I hope the morning sickness goes away soon, Jessica. I had it my entire pregnancy and it’s no fun, but in the end it’s worth every minute of sickness. Take care of yourself and your baby girl and don’t pay attention to what negative people have to say. It’s your life!!

Nancy on

She does say what’s on her mind in an honest and real way. I gotta guess that it’s “God’s Plan” that she can’t find the time to get married?

K.B. on

The woman’s a dolt.

Doreen on

Please!! Shocked that you’re pregnant again? Don’t give us that. lol You played, you PAYED the price. 🙂 Oh, and YES, she’s committing sinful acts by having sexual relations w/him before she’s married!

Claudia on

Her second baby she looks beautiful and happy lets her to be happy and be happy with her!!

Brooklyn on

Would love to watch the clip, but I guess NBC isn’t Canada friendly. Says can’t be viewed in my location.

Jennifer Longworth on

Please, she needs to sue her doctor if she’s saying they never told her she was gaining a dangerous amount of weight. That Weight Watchers paycheck must have been pretty big for her to risk her own life and that of her baby in such a reckless way. It’s hilarious that she’s always being praised for her honesty when every word that comes out of her mouth is a carefully crafted lie.

Anonymous on

A way to prevent it is called Birth Control.

Anonymous on

She’s cute, but silly. Glad she’s happy. That’s all that’s important.

Anonymous on

Funny how she was so against premarital sex the first time around and now she’s having two children before she even marries the second guy. How does that work?

Jennifer on

I can’t help but love her. 😉

shidley on

The pill must’ve fallen out. Bummer when that happens.

Julia on

To everyone who keeps saying she’s an idiot…stop! This girl has a succesful business and more money than any one of us will see in a lifetime! She’s funny, she’s real, and she just doesn’t care. More people should be like that. Who care how and why she got pregnant. Congratulations to her and her family! 🙂

Angel on

Looking good Jessica! your doing everything right this time around! Keep up the great job and much happiness to you & your family! Kudos Girl! 🙂

Marg on

morning sickness even thoug it feels awful is a good thing. i was told by my drs that it means your baby is developing the way it should be. my first pregnancy i had none and ended up having a miscarriage. i also had two pregnancies close together, after years of trying so good for her. hopefully she discusses birth control options with her drs so she isnt pregnant every year. enjoy it it goes by so fast

Ashleigh Jones on

any i the only one who feels like she might have dyed her hair?

sandy on

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica……you look beautiful and you are going to have great fun with the two babies being close in age. Enjoy, eat, laugh, and take care of yourself, your husband and Maxwell. It is all going to be great in the end. Hope the kids get your happy smile.

Shannon on

My theory is she does not like working out and dieting so a 2nd pregnancy is a good way to get out of it. Plus after blowing up like a cow why drop all of the weight only to turn around and have to do it all over again later?

Yomama on

She’s already big as a cow and has a looooonnnnggg way to go!

ro on

just get married what the big deal

Anonymous on

I love her!

N on

For Simpson to say “he just kept knocking me up” is so tacky. And it’s a little late to “keep her legs crossed.”.

Sail on

Agree! She is really beauty I like her hair color first time I saw her

K on

She has full access to any birth control she wants. Why would it be shocking unless they had a bc mishap?

Melody on

I’ve never heard her interviewed, but Jessica sounds like a really genuinely funny lady! She’s not afraid to poke fun at herself and she shows she is capable of making mistakes too!

This line just cracked me up: “I’m doing it very backwards, I know! I’ll just keep my legs crossed this time.”

Congratulations on your second pregnancy, Jessica! All the best!

Melody on

@Tricia – Have you ever changed your mind before?

People change their minds all the time. It doesn’t necessarily make them hypocrites.

Jessica was married. It didn’t work out.

Surely that might change her perspective if nothing else did.

mego on

I can Relate i gained a lot of weight in my first pregnancy ..just like Jessica she is an inspiration to many woman who have gained wight during pregnancy. I think she looks great Even Being pregnant again…Congrats

Mandy on

I have to giggle at all you haters who have such strong opinions about Jessica being married first before having more kids! Hello? The divorce rate is at what now…60% or something? That means 60% of marriages end in divorce these days anyway! LOL Marriage has truly lost it’s meaning in the past few decades. Let’s say she DID get married first? Who cares? She’s got a 60% chance of being a divorced, single mom one day anyway! If 2 people truly love each other and are committed to only each other, getting a marriage certificate means NOTHING anymore! Gay, Straight, Christian, Muslim, Black, White…It’s a friggin piece of paper! A stupid piece of paper that means NOTHING anymore! There ARE couples who make verbal commitments to one another and end up having a longer lasting relationship than people “rushing” to the alter because “it’s the right thing to do according to public opinion”! I know MORE couples who never signed that stupid paper that are well into their 2nd, 3rd, 4th decade of being committed to each other and almost ALL the weddings I have been to in the last 10 years…ALL but one ended up in divorce. Get with the times. It’s a piece of paper! Real true commitment goes WAY deeper and is more personal than signing a stupid piece of paper these days! Good for Jessica. Let’s just hope they don’t become the “60%” one day

Trivia girl on

Funny, no one says anything against Nicole Richie, who was on drugs not long before getting “knocked up”, and also had a child out of wedlock…why is it ok for her, but not Jessica? Leave her alone…..

Cat on

It’s nice to see she learned something from not eating well in her first pregnancy and she is trying to take better care of herself and her baby this time around.

Best of luck to her and her growing family.

Damn Gina! on

I love when people say they are shocked when they end up pregnant. You didn’t know why causes pregnancy?! LOL

Pamela on

This woman is as dumb as a box of rocks! One could make the comparison with she and KK.What exactly is Jessica famous for?? A really bad voice?

Bet Nick Lachey is glad to be rid of her!!

sookie on

Ever heard of BIRTH CONTROL?

Betsy on

It is a shame that Jessica takes her promiscuity so lightly, specifically referring to her comment of keeping her legs crossed. When you become pregnant after pre-marital sex, especially twice, I don’t think God and your plans are as in sinc as you think.

congrats on

at last, the juicy dirt comes out: she got pregnant NATURALLY this time and didn’t have to do the IVF or IUI ordeal. congrats! now that you are beng so open, you are actually annoying me LESS! thank you for your honesty!

4mom on

Not everyone who breastfeeds is so “stupid” as to think they can’t get pregnant. I was breastfeeding my third child when I got pregnant with my fourth. We were using birth control but my hormones were out of whack and what should have been a “safe” time turned out not to be. So my babies were 14 months apart and it is wonderful and not the end of the world. She isn’t stupid and she doesn’t sound like a “tart”, who uses that word anyway? She is a person just like the rest of us and trying to explain to all the people who talk bad about her what happened. Give the girl a break and be happy for her! It is her life and if she is happy and the kids aren’t in imminent danger then shut up and leave her alone!

Mama K on

I think a lot of people should take a goof look in the mirror, no ones life is perfect! Good for Jessica and her growing family! Who are we to judge what is right frokm wrong! I am a Mother of 2 and 1 on the way, my first came before marriage, I have been with my Husband for 15 years and we have only been married for a few months! He is the father of all 3! Oldest was planned and my second was a “Surprise” not an accident! I love all my children equally, and I’m certain that “God” does as well! Get with the times people! The way Jessica is doing it is the “New Norm!

Kay on

I hate her hair. Really, no one has such a hair color naturally, which makes her look totally unnatural. It screams “look at me”, which is her mantra. I just cannot figure out why people like her or her “clothing line.” I wish she would fade away. Sorry, her ditsy personality has run its course.

Julesy on

The more she talks, the dumber she sounds. I don’t care how high her IQ is. Her common sense = 0.

Katrina on

Interesting sense of humor. Raunchy, but interesting.

esymmons on

Don’t worry, Jessica, you are nothing like Kim Kardashian. And we are thankful.

B.J. (the girl) on

Oh boy. Her jokes aren’t funny nor are they flattering. You have realized where babies come from at this point, haven’t you, Jessica…?

Emily on

Three points:

1) This article never said anything about whether or not Jessica was using any form of birth control including condoms.

2) This article never gave a date for this photo. Who knows when this photograph was taken.

3) Her marriage to Nick ended with heartbreak for both parties and Jessica did everything ‘morally’ correct. So, perhaps this time she’s trying a different approach to this relationship and upcoming marriage.

For you conservative folks the ‘moral’ of the my post is this: Never judge something or someone UNTIL you know ALL of the facts.

Thank you

j on

First off everyone is entitled to there own opinions. With that being said I cannot believe the hate and negative comments. If you don’t like her get over it. I am sure Jessica is laughing at your expense.if she reads these at all. Negativity and name calling is just another form of bullying, what kind of role models are people being. In my opinions babies are blessings. She obviously wants her baby and can provide for it. She’s in a monogamous relationship . I say congratulations and best wishes.

justtoknowthatyourealive on

“That morning sickness may be a good thing”

This article must have been written by someone who’s never been pregnant!

AmandaC on

She does look beautiful, but, why don’t they just run off and get married if they actually want to get married. Does she really need the white gown dream wedding, again, she already has 1 kid and pregnant again so just do it 🙂

Lyoness on

Not a huge JS fan but I like that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She had the ‘fairytale’ wedding/marriage and it didn’t work out. She’s 30, moved on and happy with her life. When was moving on a bad thing? Calm down people. She and her fiance are happily caring for their children without any assistance from anyone. I think people are just projecting.

And to the people complaining about her weight. Seriously?! She’s pregnant by a football player. Don’t you remember how big her first child was?

Feliciena on

Lots of women have gotten married while they were pregnant so I don’t why she uses that for an excuse.

jenny on

omg!! so happy for jessica… she is so gorgeous adorable and funny!!

NM on

What she needs to do now, is MARRY the father of her children. If she’s good enough to sleep with, she’s good enough to marry! They’ve been engaged for a while now, why not make it lega? And, I’m NOT talking about a piece of paper!

NM on

@J-They are called, OPINIONS! If you don’t like them, take your own advise, and don’t read them!

NM on

@Lizzy M-What does having two post graduate degrees and being a professional have anything to do with getting pregnant? I’m a mom too and don’t have any degrees and am not a professional. I think you just needed a place to shove your degrees down people’s throats. I’m not impressed! Pregnancy doesn’t care if you’re a professional or if you have degrees! Seriously???

Summer on

@ NM – Lizzy mentioned her degrees because everyone is saying only stupid people get pregnant unexpectedly, which isn’t true. You have to be fairly smart to have a couple post-graduate degrees. She wasn’t shoving it down anyone’s throat, just saying that it happens to smart people, too.

People like you are so insecure about having never gone to college that you have to put down others that have because you don’t realize the commitment and time it takes to get them.

D.L. on

She looks really good now. I think it’s cool that she’s having two so close together in age.

Me on

“he keeps knocking me up,” “I’ll just keep my legs crossed this time.”

If she were poor, not considered “beautiful” and a minority, she would be vilified for those statements. Everyone would be would be calling her a s l u t.

hellooperator on

What talent does she have besides flashing her boobs? She can’t sing and has other people who make and sell her clothing. She only focuses on her looks. Get over yourself and show your girls that you have talent and class.

Anonymous on

I love this girl…she says what is on her mind and keeps it real…yes sometimes we don’t agree with it and it may be too much information but she stays true to who she is. I wish her well with the new baby.

Anonymous on

How can a pregnacy be a chock?? If you are having sex without anykind of protection, heeeello!

Lauren on

In addition to a healthy diet, I hope that is chemical free hair dye or peroxide or whatever she uses, Good grief its almost white!

me on

THAT’S CUTE…”We’ve had two different wedding dates and he just keeps knocking me up!” she says, “Guess i’ll just cross my legs next time.”

TB on

To all of those calling her an idiot and stupid did you not hear her product line made close to a BILLION dollars last year?! Yep she’s real dumb!!! ~LOL

Ann on

Guess she found the first one under the cabbage patch……but at least she is laughing at herself…..

Amanda K on

I like that she’s honest about not making smart eating choices her first pregnancy. I can relate to that. I was huge, but thankfully the weight came off fast after having my son. I can’t imagine getting pregnant so quickly after one but she seems very happy! Good for her!

rachael on

Keeps knocking me up? At 32, one would think she’d know what birth control is… very tacky!

MarthaMaryVeronicaValerieAnnAbigail on

I guess fame/money trumps those values she supposedly once held so dear. For the person who said God has a plan for everyone, you are right. But, it’s up to us to either follow His plan…or not. If we mess up, we can’t go blaming God or calling it “His plan” if we are blatantly disobeying His very clear directions. That is such hypocrisy and sacrilege.

mona on

I just want to say that I can’t believe how cruel people can be. So many judgmental people!!! First of all, how do you know she wasn’t on birth control of some sort? She didn’t say she wasn’t. And someone made the comment that they feel sorry for her kids? Wow!!!! You don’t know what kind of mother she is. And to the people that are making comments about her not being married to the father of her kids yet, well, do you think you’re being any better by judging her and saying very ugly comments about her on this page? If you don’t like her, then don’t watch her!!! Nobody made you.

I think Jessica is adorable and real. And I love the way she puts humor into everything in her life. I wish her all the luck in the world!!!

Ann Ony on

What I wish interviewers would ask is what is with all her hypocrisy. She was into her no sex before marriage crap and how she wa sproud to be a virgin before she get married.

She is technically unmarried but is obviously having sex. What gives? What a total hypocrite!

Heather on

Not only is pregnancy likely to happen when no birth control is used, it’s even more likely to happen if she’s recently given birth because she’s more fertile. It’s amazing how ignorant women can be when it comes their reproductive system!

uallrmorons on

To all those saying JS is a hypocrite because she was once a big proponent of virginity before marriage. People change and evolve over time. It happens. I don’t have all the same opinions I did when I was 20, thankfully.

Also. What is it with coming on to’s comment section about a celebrity pregnancy and spouting off moralities? Let’s get one thing clear: none of your effing business, mmmmk? It doesn’t affect your life whether or not she marries the father of her children or if she once was a big virgin. Again, let me reiterate: none. of. your. business. I recommend going to get real lives, ones that involve cooking food, spending time with loves ones, reading a book, whatever… real life events instead of wasting precious time on a useless subject on a useless website. That being said, I am going to go take my own advice and get stated on my day. Godspeed, humanity, godspeed.

Kristy on

Keep it classy, Jessica….or not.

Stephanie on

Last time I checked, Jessica is a self made multi-millionaire engaged to a Yale educated professional football player. What have you haters done with your lives???

Winwright on

Just a another phony christian. Who cares??

Winwright on

Please don’t hold her out as an example to all the little Texas quasi christian girls like her. Total hypocrite.